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Trinidad Chaguaramas Priority Sail Checklist

Trinidad Chaguaramas Priority Sail Checklist
Friday February 3, 2006, 8:20 AM

We have made a Chaguaramas priority checklist, more or less what we feel is land priorities and hung on the toilet door, maybe we should call it the - head - because we are on a boat. The boat the Odessa is in maybe a three on a clean condition on a scale of 1-10 as 10 being the best. It is maybe an eight on overall preparedness to sail condition. We have done what is necessary to sail safely, however I would say there is long list of small jobs that could muck us down in a quagmire of maybe we should do this, maybe we should do that.

We want to splash the boat today, however I am looking at a 30 percent chance as there are many small things that Bill the Captain can use to spin the wheels, and maybe I can adjust the thoughts. We can stop the wind in our sails by focusing on small inconsequential problems.

I had a sailboat on Lake Wawasee in the state of Indiana for three to four years; I believe that many sailors love to work on their boats, more than they actually focus on priorities. This boat has been on the land or hard as they say here in Chaguaramas for over a month, therefore it could be possible it is in a - sit-around-go-to-bar-work-all-day-status -. I am hoping we splash today and not muddle, Craig and I are both focusing on this and trying to keep the boat on priorities and not mucking about.

It will be interesting and entertaining to see what happens when you take a lot of over 50-75 year old persons and let them wonder around in the Caribbean with boats. It feels that the Caribbean is a very easy sailing area and the majority of sailors must feel safe.

We are going to sail from Chaguaramas Harbor near Port of Spain to Grenada, this is about 100 miles and about 15 hours by boat, I believe this will be maybe the longest sail of the stretch of land for the next 12 country Islands. Therefore, it will be just a day-tripper type world of sailing and meandering north, relatively safe because if the boat sank we either could be rescued by the large number of boats on the same route or maybe just gets in a life raft and float. This is a by choice sail, that mean in my terms, we can choose the weather. We have to only choose a two to three day window of good weather and take off; we will arrive before any drastic changes.


Everyday at 8:00 AM they have a - NET - most all the boat turn on the radio and learn of weather and basically do introductions and trade or sell off extra items. In addition, the group can help persons to solve person problem from finding dentist to finding a bilge pump or person to work on the boats. Interesting to hear the formal nature and control, the whole process has a format or protocol on how to speak, announce, or reply.

Trinidad Permission to Come Aboard

Trinidad Permission to Come Aboard

Thursday February 2, 2006, 4:51 AM

I am in the Chaguaramas Harbor and inside the boat yard called - Powerboats -, there must be about 4-5 major areas here, they are all within the Chaguaramas Park, or land owned or ran by the government of the country of Trinidad and Tobago.

I am on the boat by the name of - Odessa- Captain name of Bill.

This is a map of the lower part of the Caribbean and the Island Country of Trinidad and Tobago. I have hitched a more or less free ride on a 65-foot MacGregor sailboat with a Canadian Captain by the name of Bill. Craig has opted to come along, so presently there are four of us on the boat and I think we have room to add a few women crew, if we can find any? Life is good, my guess is Bill likes to have some company and this boat is long and fast, however anyway you do it, there is many small things and many small spaces.

We will travel north hopefully on Sunday or Monday for the Island Country of Grenada, it is about a 14-hour boat trip and about 90-120 mile north of Chaguaramas. There are maybe different types of miles, kilometers or distances for the Ocean; I think it will be measured in Nautical miles.

6076 Nautical versus 5,280 Feet in land mile

Nautical Mile, since 1959, an internationally agreed-on standard equaling the average length of one minute of arc on a great circle of the earth, or 1852 m (6076 ft).

MILE - mile imperial unit of linear measure;
1 statute mile = 1.60934 Killometer/5,280 Feet
1 international nautical mile = 1.852 Kilometer/6,076 Feet (2)

It seems roughly about 250 feet longer for a nautical mile, I will learn more about navigation on the boat, however I am understand this to be referencing longitude and latitudes.

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This is a map of Trinidad with the explanation more or less, where the Harbor of Chaguaramas is located. It is about a 15-minute ride in a Maxi-van from the Ferry of the Port of Spain, the cost is 5 TT or about one-dollars USA, we paid 30 for a taxi for two person to come here, however I think it was too much. It is a very easy trip here in a max-van, this is just a normal van size bus, and a combi maybe called in many places.

Closer map of the Chaguaramas Harbor, this area is protected from the Hurricanes better, therefore I believe presently many boats harbor here for this reason, plus there are many facilities for repair, the cost must be cheaper also. My guess there are sort of jump points for boat, they start from various locations after a longer jaunt. Maybe they leave from Colon Panama for Cartagena Colombia, then off from Cartagena to Venezuela or Trinidad and Tobago. To crew or jump on a boat a person needs it appears to get on a very large boat and to find the jump-start points. This is a natural jump off point from Venezuela and you can take a Ferry from Venezuela to Trinidad very easily.

This is the inside of the 65 Foot MacGregor Boat, not very clean, I spent about 5 hours yesterday cleaning the inside, my guess is Jakob is not very clean. His spaghetti he could the night before is still spread out all over the place; he is only 18, full of energy and about aware of the world surroundings as any 18 year old. He has been on the boat he said for about one and a half months, the boat has been here for about one month so he has been on land a lot. I believe in reality most boat are on the hook or at a harbor more than sailing, it would be unreasonable to sail constantly.

This is the 65-Foot MacGregor boat, up on jacks or supports; it is very long and narrow and supposed to be some type of racing boat. It is not wide; therefore, a little short on cabin space compared to other 65-foot boats. The keel or bottom rudder is very long and this makes it more difficult to enter some harbors.

This crane or cradle will lift the boat in a couple of days and put the boat into the water. NOTICE the height of the boat above the others, we are high in comparison to the others, we climb a steel ladder to enter the boat. Bill must pay a daily PER FOOT OF BOAT fee to have it on shore.
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Center of Backpacker Universe Port of Spain

Center of Backpacker Universe Port of Spain

There is no backpackers here, at the corners of Maraval Road and Tragarete Road inside the city of Port of Spain, Trinidad, however if you wished a room for Carnaval in Trinidad this is the center and probably the place to start. I guess the traffic is terrible during the Carnival so you need to walk, this is the area, my top pick was probably the Calypso Hotel or Guesthouse, and all are about the same, however way over priced and very bad values on the world scale or my world scale of hotels. Like living in a cage and nothing to see, maybe during Carnaval the girls would be good, I am sure the noise will be high.

Interesting sign posted on the corner, no idea why.

Bum in the more commercial area, if you stayed in one of the five star hotels or one of the uppers areas closer to the dock and not the center of the Backpackers Universe, you will see MANY bums. The all seem to be in the commercial area and closer to the Five Star types, it is better or safer feeling in the other area on the corners of Maraval and Tragarete Roads, more residential and less bum.

Prayer for Tourist

Prayer for Tourist

This was in a the Monique Inn north of the city of Port of Spain in area called - Maraval -, and a nice place, for about 75 dollars per night or more, they have a more gougy Carnaval rate as all of the Hotels seem to go for the one week get them while you can theory. Trinidad is not high on list of places to visit; it is maybe only good for Carnaval.

This is next to the prayers and a great photo, the look on the face will in many ways show you the next age bracket, now compare to the look on the face below.

This go look at something else, why are you looking at me, get out of my face, do not bother me look is common here. Culture´┐Ż

Sailing to Grenada

Sailing to Grenada

I have moved onto a boat and will sail in a 65 Foot MacGregor boat through the Caribbean north or until I mutiny.

Yesterday, I received and email from a German boy by the name of Jokob, he said the was in the Powerboats area of the Chaguaramas Sailboat holding area. The boat - The Odessa - was sailing north and was island hopping or stopping at most islands along the path. I had already purchased a ticket for 52 U.S.A. dollars, however decided this was a good opportunity and would make the onward-return ticket requirements of most countries easy.

Craig is floundering in decisions, he may go north, south, by land, by water, or both ways as the Scarecrow said in the Wizard of Oz.

I am on the boat and cleaning, a big punch out list and we hopefully can leave on Sunday or Monday for Grenada.

Port of Spain to Grenada

I fly with Liat airlines from Port of Spain to Grenada, I am not clear on the airport in Grenada, however I will leave tomorrow wednesday about 9:50 in the morning.

The biggest problem with the flights here is how to get to the Airport cheaply, it could almost cost as much for the Taxi as the Airfare. This is always missing from many explanations, this is the complicated part of entering and leaving a city. How to get from the Airport to the cheap hotel center.

Caribbean Island Hopping Airlines

Caribbean Island Hopping Airlines

I have found what seems to be a good airlines to use to hop around the Caribbean.

Liat Airlines

I can buy on the internet, each hop seems to be around 50 U.S. Dollars after all the taxes and such, now I need to find the cost of taxi or bus from the Airport to some way over priced hotel... hehehe, I am not being too hopeful on the quality of Hotel for the money in the Caribbean.

The Webpage to the map is not so good, has to load something, may not work.

MAP- Maybe it will not break...

The seem to have two pages the same:

Newsletter With 200 Photos from Trinidad

This is the newsletter I put up today on Trinidad and Tobago.

About 200 photos

Tip is how to find a Mom and Pop Hotel.

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