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Togoville First Topless Woman

Togoville First Topless Woman
Togoville Togo
Thursday, September 6, 2006

Yesterday I saw my first women ever just walking down the street with her breast bare flapping in the wind… Hehehe

I went a small distance north away from the Ocean, my theory is the farther inland the more primitive the cultures will become, or in a city versus countryside way, the farther from the city, the more primitive they become.

I have seen many breast, mostly to do with breastfeeding a baby, however the world is becoming more modest.

This may not be correct, they may become fashion conscious, a girl wishes to be modern and fashionable, the less modern, the less fashion conscious. The more practical they become, in a completely practical society, women would not wear clothes when they are too hot.

I think maybe the women I saw was tired of pulling her dress down to feed the baby, and just left it down by the waist. This is not a pretty site, or an alluring thing, not fashionably pretty, done by older women.

On the practical side, a girl will take off her clothes to wash; I saw this in Guatemala near Tikal. I have seen many times, nothing new.

In India it is possible to see a man stop, pull his trouser down and defecate or go number two anywhere, not normal, in Africa sometimes. India many times, but a primitive culture.

I have a movie function to my Sony Digital Camera, I think a 360 or rotated photo of the market here would be interesting. A good movie needs a theme, and demonstrations, hard to push people into being my selfish wants, a camera operator is needed, and then I could push people around or make them feel famous, lead them anywhere I wanted to lead. This is how CNN does it, they just lead the witness.

Togoville First Topless Woman

Africa Vodou or Vodun Voodoo

Africa Vodou or Vodun Voodoo
Togoville Togo
Thursday, September 7, 2006

I think I am involved in some Tourism made to order, faked authenticity Voodoo search.

I just finished reading more than I wanted to know about Voodoo or Vodou as is probably accurate spelling, and who maybe Marivous is closer, as it changes language also.

Togo is in a Tourism Depression; the amount of tourist may be decreasing yearly and not decreasing. Mostly likely, because of mass media knowledge of violence, reading the history is about a year-by-year account of coups being attempted. Not a stable government, held together because of business and maybe the French, again protecting business.

Whatever, I really do not care about military coups; they are highly over-rated by the TV, CNN and BBC. I have been to Iraq, East Timor, Ecuador during times of big change, or coups maybe.


I should go and see if the guide says, Voodoo and even clarifies, however my seven-year-old Lonely Planet West Africa makes TogoVille sound like the center of Voodoo for the planet, I suspect it may be in Haiti, however not important.

I walked through the Wednesday market, and not one person approached me to buy or try to sell me Fetishes of Vodou items. No made to order, lets sell the White Man, mystical crap that he will pay too much for… no sellers, so me no looker.

Culture is obvious, I can search out Vodou, however to me a Vodou culture would be obvious, culture is woven and overlaid on the day-to-day living habits.

No White Man here, no market, and no buyers, the need to pack up the toys to sell disappears. However, still no attempts to get me to buy Voodoo, accurately said as Vodou. Although no one here seems to know the word, I will push harder, but this is sinful thing in the eyes of the Christian here, I am not sure a good thing to bring up. Like saying to my mother,
- Have you go some Devil worshipping things on you? -

There is and extremely beautiful Catholic Church here, I think it is Catholic, whatever; it is Christian, with an open air tiered or sloping towards the water pew or area for sermons. The setting is placid, snuggled in tall trees, with plenty of shade, clean, and clean, more clean than normal for Africa, although Africa is a very clean place compared to many Asian or Indian places; I suppose South and Central America also. The reason is not high concentrations of people, and not much normal garbage. The foods are not in paper or plastic as much as other places.

I do not know, I think they are cleaner people. India is the dirtiest by far, champion, maybe Chinese next, hard to do this down the line, because of specific areas of world are very dirty.

The encyclopedia says the old Kingdom of Dahomey, a local something in Nigeria, Benin and Togo.

This map is maybe a hint of where I can move to find the more Indigenous religions, or more or less superstitious religions of the primitive tribal and more gathering of food people. Exploration and learning about these cultures is time-consuming and in tribal areas maybe superstitiously dangerous. A superstitious people kill you because of the spread of gossip, to travel in superstitious area a person must respect, listen and obey their instincts. If they think people are talking about them, they probably are…

Note, I walk anywhere on the planet and people talk about me, however the operative thing are they talking in a gossip, negative way?

I went out last night, walked about 200 meters in the pitch dark, some boys said,
- Money, give me money. -

The West Africa motto or slogan on life…

They said it in a very negative way and threatening, I needed to look directly at them and I said,
- Money -

I did the Alpha Male strut and looked hard in the very dark direction of five male idiots. There were two whiskey doors, or whiskey quick shops, they mix alcohol in something while you wait. Sometimes with a funnel, very fun to watch and the quick way to get drunk.

They could see I was looking at them by the way my head was pointed, they needed stood down. Africa has many bullies.

Berlin Germany in the park had some bullies, police stop bullies, gangs are bullies.

A bully or gang is unpredictable; groups of people drinking are extremely dangerous, although the guidebook tells you how to find danger on a city-by-city basis. Religions are bullies; many types of social classes can be dangerous.

aggressive person: an aggressive person who intimidates or mistreats weaker people (2)
The definition says the solution, you must be stronger, not always possible, if not stronger the ability to recognize bullies and not enter into their temptation zone.

Americans are uniquely unprepared to deal with bullies as this type of person does not have or is not celebrated. British people on the other hand can and understand bullies; they take the P I S S, a very bully thing to do, designed to make a weak person look stupid.

All of Europe is in a class system mode that Americas are almost oblivious to and in denial, who wants to say or think, your society and culture is behind ours.

France is in an extreme class mode here in West Africa and annoyingly hard for me to watch, see and feel. Class systems though can keep bullies down, as the bully’s desire is to be upper class, and the upper class is the bully in some cultures.

Example, I can say, come here to a girl in Togo and she will come to me, I have never done it, I am positive it will work. Thomas my German friend was explaining how or why the other night. Of course the uglier you are, the less it will work.

Nevertheless, money will make them hop also, or greed.

Vodou of the search for Voodoo, seems like a too tourist thing for me, I will though go into primitive places to see what culture, religions and customs really exist, and not faked authenticity sold to tourist.

Africa Vodou or Vodun Voodoo

Africa All My Screws Lose

Africa All My Screws Lose
Lome Togo
Thursday, September 5, 2006

My computer is fixed; one screw in the hard drive was missing and causes a weak connection.

I surely have all my screws lose…

I go the blue screen on my laptop, the kiss of death… I have learned that this means on my laptop and I feel probably most laptop one of the electrical connections is bad.

I have had to now reseat the RAM and the entire plug in type module type jobbies multiple times. It will fix the blue screen on my Presario hp Pavilion zt3000 computer. Maybe a Compaq but all a mess to me now.

I remove all the little covers take the small baby out and put back in the problem is the screwdrivers and the head get bad easy.

Today, I learned, most of the screws in the box were loose, the casing or whatnot were loose, this has not happened since Bolivia and the vibration of driving on a road cut out of rock vibrated the bus so bad any screwed part or nut and bolt I owned came apart.

I need my computer screwed together good again or I am screwed… Hehehee,

I just reinserted a screw that was gone from the hard drive, it pulled it in a centimeter or fraction of and inch, maybe 1/16 th of an inch, on a computer this amount of space could be the death.

My guess is about 80 percent of all what is called hard drive crash, is really just loose connections. I keep going into electrical shops and looking for some type of spray that would increase connectivity of connections or clean them for nothing else.

It behooves a person who is selling computer to tell you, your computer is bad, you need a new computer. Never take advice from someone who can make money by giving you bad advice.

I am trying now to get it to freeze; I hope I fixed the annoying problem.

My Grandfather, one of my Mentors, used to say,
- There are no mechanics anymore, there are just part changers, they will continual to change parts until they change the one that broke accidentally. -

I like to upgrade this to algorithms; all of life is a sequential step by step, or chain of events. Causal Determinism

- :belief that everything is caused: the doctrine or belief that everything, including every human act, is caused by something and that there is no real free will. -

Everything before caused and all is determined by prior events. A somewhat twist on the nature / nurture discussion.

A mechanic sees that this causes this, and that causes that, they are able to isolate the problem. I presently am finding more problems with hardware, and very few problems with software.

I am quite sure in the past I had a simple electrical connection problem and decide the computer was junk after listening to the advice of many so-called experts.

For me computer fixing is annoying, the prior knowledge, the list of parts, the numbers of parts is too high, and only with a very boring, the computer is not that complicate, however technical staff like to make it seem more complicated. They do not think I causal relations, they keep offering things to fix or change, therefore what my grandfather says is true, not mechanics, only parts changers. Presently, I will access a computer hardware technician the same a mechanic. I am awesomely mechanical, and only hire a mechanic because I am bored with it, plus a very dirty job. The new cars need a computer expert.

I guarantee if I had taken the computer to a computer expert, they would have said, your hard drive is crashing. I am not sure I understand this term, I think it mean the spin cycle stops working right, or a huge magnetic force corrupted something.

Africa All My Screws Lose

Andy in Ouidah Benin

Andy in Ouidah Benin
Ouidah Benin
September 10 2006 Sunday

I am fine and good in Ouidah Benin. I have left the country of Togo and now in the country of Benin. Internet is by satellite and the computers are slow. I will post many photos and daily post I think when I reach Cotonou Benin. Possible here however just arrived and seems too slow.

Andy in Ouidah Benin

Newsletter Lome Togo Africa Backpack Safety

Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Lome Togo Africa Backpack Safety
201 September 6, 2006
TIP: The Pacsafe Exomesh Security System
written by Craig of
GPS: Global Positioning Satellite Longitude - Latitude
06 Degrees 07.128 North / 001 Degrees 12.605 East
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 9
1260 People received this by email today
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Indiana Gratitude in Africa

Indiana Gratitude in Africa
Lome Togo

I was born in small town Indiana, to two Sunday goes to church, Mother and Father, daughter of a barber, and son of a farmer, who moved up the social ladder and worked in Factories. All the Children of the Factory family went to college and now the children of the children will move on and up in the world.

I never saw a black person up close until about age 15. My parents one time argued with my Grandfather and we did not talk for six months with my Grandfather because he used the word,
- Nigger. -

My parents, Mother and Father, in an easy world, in a place of no diversity, in a town with only one rich family, demanded equality among all humans, all are equal in the eyes of many. Except for doctors, lawyers and rich people, although they are equal now because my sisters married an attorney, and my sister is married to an extremely well paid man.

All are God fearing, and try to do their best daily, what a wonderful world.

I heard a story last night, by a German man, who imports Palm Oil from Malaysia to Africa; he has been in and around Africa for years. He is German, more equally minded, I feel then the French, really of farmer stock that made up the Midwest USA, I am the same culture as this man.

He looked at me, and said,
- You must not think badly of these people. -

It never crossed my mind to think badly, however he is experienced, he knows with more time, I may think the whole place is for sale. I had a taste in Niger last year; I needed to buy my friendship back from a man who went with me to Zermou by motorcycle.
I would call this a quid pro quo country with a bonus wanted, and the ability to ask for unlimited favors.

Quid Pro Quo:

1. something done in exchange: something given or done in exchange for something else

2. returning of favor: the giving of something in return for something else, often in a spirit of cooperation.

[Mid-16th century. From Latin , literally “something for something.”]

I realize a great writer, must read many books, one every two days or there is almost no hope, maybe every three days. Until they have been subjected and start to own and internalize the concepts.

Roy M Cohn, attorney with McCarthy, worked with Donald Trump and others, was an influence peddler…

I do a favor for you, and you do a favor for me.

However, in a more advance level a person does a favor, and ever calls in the favor to much later. When associate with possible corruption or problems like in the Godfather of the Mafia, to repay the favor can be ten times the value of the original favor.

The obliging of a person, or the making a markers on a person, is all about control, manipulation and maneuvering people.

There is not a moment that goes by; there is not a minute, conversation, situation, something that happens in my life where I am not fully aware. I am trying to control them or they are trying to control me and in the wonderful world, a person is obvious, this is the cost of services, here is how you pay if you wish a service.

I get many a blank flat stare in Africa, the world, are you not going to give me money. The problem is a person is trying to oblige me; they try to give me a service I do not want, and then extort money by trying to confuse me until I feel guilty. It is very quick and complicated, angry, push and shove situation.

Annoying to my family as love is given without conditions; I do not owe my parents something for loving and caring for me; however I did not live in the families of the rest of the world. It is almost total quid pro quo, not a lot of giving, just something for something.

I see children where the parents have no limits, the children learn they can ask for unlimited amounts and the parent because of affairs, guilt, knowing they are bad people, just have too much money, will give unlimited, and the children ask unlimited. Thereby making a child that believes they have the right to ask for unlimited it the person will give.

Many cultures, especially hanging around the taxi stand outside a five Star hotel are people that could look you in the eye like a psychopath and ask you for 10-20 times the fair price with zero remorse.

I can only ask what I feel is fair without remorse, on the other hand some try to give too much in the hope of gaining advantage.

The world is for sale, which is true, people work for money. They must, should and it is normal, but the fair for fair economics is not intact in the world. I truly feel that France has entered into what maybe I would call usury type relations with the Francophone countries of Africa.

1. lending at exorbitant interest: the lending of money at an exorbitant rate of interest
2. exorbitant interest: an exorbitant rate of interest.

A loan shark know he has you between a rock and a hard spot, you need to save this, you will pay 10 time the interest to save the short term day problem. A very cruel and viscous circle. I saw a loan shark working in Hampi, India, every day they came and took.

Use a person.
So in colloquial terms to use a person is close, I have found, I really do not understand, however the world believes it I can get away with it, then what is the problem.

To socialize a country, a culture to a level where they are like good ole small town Indiana, where they have plenty of money, and just are sitting around looking for a way to get involved. Maybe work on the volunteer fire department, or is the rage now, to be medic. They all want to help out, gives them something to do, they feel good and all is great. The rewards are immense.

Now the same person comes to Africa and destroys the place, making beggars in their love of people.

But the economics of the world change from culture to culture, however the idea of getting away with it, and the maybe unbridled, no limits to how much they are willing to ask is possible in many people. Fair for fair is not common, however if you can treat a person fairly, who is trying to treat you unfairly, to the time when they know you will never opt to hurt them, even though you have unlimited opportunity, then you have a person who will be loyal beyond reason.

There is no place in my world for a person who asks, like many a taxi driver for usury levels of money. I see this person as evil.

I do know not know where I came from, how I happened. I have felt guilt all my life, because I have failed to live up to my own standards. I have received favors, I am trying to return, not with bonus, but a little more than I was given. I have now lived maybe 10 years where I just was a good boy everyday with 99 percent of the people I live near. Then 1 percent gave me more than was fair, never asking for it back.

The state is getting clean, I was chatting with Andrew on pay, I said, I think pay should be about 25 percent more than this person can get for doing the same job easily. This means, I wish to pay a person for a job 25 percent more than they could get easily from anyone else if they offered to work. Of course, 80 percent of people need to be forced to pay in developing nation and abuse by employers is rampant. Nevertheless, a person who pays in an underdeveloped nation, 80 percent of the planet can get many workers rather easy. That does not mean the boss does not abuse the people and pay 25 percent lower than normal because he pays easily he can get workers who do not like to fight for pay.

If I feel a person is trying to work me, play me, in any way get more than fair amounts, they are instantly fired. This in the USA and in most of the world is about 9 out of 10 people. The person that survives or the one then takes and opportunity and gets fired. About one in 50 may be up to my standards of honesty. It is an annoyingly high level of expectation of people. I want them to treat me just as I treat them; it becomes so relaxing to not sit around squabbling over pay and money. What an insane thing to fight over, I have 20,000 too much money to feed myself; I have 20,000 more than I need to eat.

I am grateful to my Mother and Father for teaching me to treat people fair, do not take advantage. To Buster S, for way more than I can every have even and idea of how to pay back. To people who knew, who gave, when I had nothing, who know it is not up the ladder you give to, it is down the ladder, those with less who you give to.

The economics of the planet are fun, interesting and downright strange to a boy from Indiana who believes in fair favors in return for fair favors and why would I ask money for something that was ridiculously easy to give like advice.

I am my Mothers and Fathers boy, man, damn, I am getting old, maybe I should grow up, nah, no good reason to feel old.

I learned last night, the persons here will give you something if you pay, the price is up to me, but there is always a price. Do not receive or take any type of favor without knowing you are supposed to pay. The smallest gesture is thought of as being of value. Sadly, this means a richer person can get a person to dance, twirl, and so many things at their whim. Come here, yes you, I want and I know you will give, the person does not feel they have an choices or options, their whole family is expecting them to do whatever the any person would want for money. The family will give a girl to a man for money, the family expects the girls to come back and give them the money. This family love abuse is rampant on the planet, the Mother and Father expecting their sons and daughters to return and give them their paycheck. My Mother and Father talk many times of a family where the Mother and Father expect 35 years old sons to give them their paychecks right in small town Indiana, this is not a new idea.

It is a simple life; give a little more than fair to all persons, not ever extreme, you create beggars and W H O R E S for money, a very cruel creation. Expect quid pro quo, something for something, and then be generous. Remove anyone that asks for more than fair from you from your life.

The hard part is to learn what is fair; this is the job of a guidebook to tell you what is fair to pay taxis, hotels, people, what is my guide, how much for this, so I can be reasonable. Note most tourist love the power of being a rich man in a poor world, it is abuse or love of abuse, not tourism.


Standby Computer
Lome Togo

I am learning about the huge computer problem I have where the screen and computer freezes. I have finally, it is always noisy in the world, and the fan is going, etc, I finally have found a correlation that seems related. There is a click when you turn on a lap top computer, an audible noise, click; I think it is the hard drive shifting into spin mode.

Standby to me is a worthless, hibernation is worthless, saving a battery or the need to have the computer accessible in a moments notice should be done on a palm top, not a computer laptop. I have on multiple times, once in Bolivia, another time by Pete in the USA, tried to get the ability of my laptop to even have possible code in it to go into standby removed. Sysregit and or System Registry stuff and as internal into the computer as possible. I only know one person on the planet that has a clue, and every computer is different, he would have to use my computer for two weeks to turns of remove this specific brands software and hardware desire to standby.

What happens now is this,
- I hear a click -
About 5-10 seconds later the computer locks, no mouse, no way to get to start again, I do not know at least. It just sits there staring at me, until I hold down the shut off button.

I write this blog on a flash drive, all the action is happening on a flash, the hard drive is not being used in a large way. I think it wants to go into standby. IF I click on a heavy use program, that gives the computer a big jump in resource needs, I may be able to stop the desire to go into full hibernation. I am testing, but annoying, I am trying to adjust all the things, I put on never, but it does not every obey never; I have went to five hours now. I do not see these functions of a computer working for crap, this is my sixth laptop, this is not a function that performs even close to what they think, and it is to me a joke.

This desire to click. I am trying to open the case of he hard drive and check the connections also, but the I need a good Phillips small screwdriver and Africa is short on tools, short on many things, but always as normal jerry rigging the world, not doing it right the first time. I am not sure that exist on 80 percent of the planet, nothing like a good German world though to make things perfect.. Hehehe

Persistence is I, I will figure it out, when I lose, I buy another computer to remove the problem, time anyway and after Africa, not in Africa, if I wanted I think I could sell this at usury rates.

Oh, what is day without a few puzzles to solve, for me; I need 10 times the normal, to keep my brain from going into standby anger mode. I have nothing to do, I am bored. The new generation is easy, just turn up the music volume, nothing is working anyway, simple to keep them mesmerized as drones or lemmings.

Indiana Gratitude in Africa

200 Newsletter Send Today. at 74 Countries

Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - 200 Issue - What I have learned - Lome Togo
200 September 4, 2006
TIP: What Andy of has
felt, observed in 9-10 years of travel and 74 countries.
LOCATION: Lome, Togo - West Africa
GPS: Global Positioning Satellite Longitude - Latitude
06 Degrees 07.128 North / 001 Degrees 12.605 East
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 9
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This issue is a special blurb of my brain.
I will follow tomorrow with issue 201 with Photos of
Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana and Togo, with the news.


200 Issue of Hobo Travel Tips Newsletter

I am sitting down typing on my computer today.
I only did this one time, not a big deal.
Then I proceeded to repeat this 200 times.
Today, I have done it 200 times. A group email to my
friends that now has over 11,260 friends.

I have posted a blog over 2100 times...
The blog is different than the newsletters.

The first newsletter was written
January 2000, in Panama City, in the
country of Panama.

I am writing this from Lome, Togo,
in Western Africa.

Thank you to everyone that has joined me in
this life, there are many more to live.

This is my collection of short thoughts, my attempt
to explain how I interpret the world after 9-10 years and
over 74 countries of continuous wandering around
the planet wondering where I am,
it is how I feel today.
I know nothing... I only feel, think, and observe.

This letter is guaranteed to bore 99 percent of the
readers and hopefully do something to the 1 percent.
Assume I am lying, it will make you feel better...

I am a lucky sperm, my parents were born in the USA.
I thank the good Gods every day for my family,
my friends, my country, the USA, made me.

A question for you, is the USA the best nation?
Not important, it has many choices and opportunities.
When a person makes in in the world, they go to the USA.

I can change my stars daily, because I was born in the USA.
-- My Mother did not raise no fool.
-- I will not look a gift horse in the mouth
Andy, Hobo, a lucky sperm.

My first goal, and continual goal is to learn how
to earn enough money to travel forever, I probably
have accomplished this goal, however, I will only will
know when I die.

If I could have one wish, I would wish that today and
everyday the first person I meet, the last person I meet
in this day, the next, the last day says,

- Hello, how are you? -

Then I would say to all of them,
- Life is good. -

Hello, said by safe and peaceful people.

Andy Graham of
September 4, 2006
"Life is Good"

Lome, Togo West Africa

I have realized, I would have been a better person
if I had never traveled, all my illusions of the planet
would still exist.
Andy of

- Travel answers the questions you did not ask -
Andy of

85 percent of the people on the planet live in
what they call undeveloped nations.
USA, and Europe is only a small part of planet,
they are over-developed.
Ordinary is earning less than 10 dollars per day.
The USA and Europe are not ordinary.

Everybody needs water, without water we die.
100 percent guaranteed.
Hot water may double you life,
Amazing how many things die, that need to die
in hot water, disease, fungus, viruses, etc.
Hot Water, maybe the boiling water is a fountain of life,
countries who clean their bodies in cold,
wash their dishes in cold, are not as healthy.

Refuse one plastic bag per day,
I can easily refuse two.
Whey recycle, refuse first!

Vitamin Candies
Vitamin enriched foods and drinks
The easy to purchase, popular foods need
to become healthy to eat.

- Corrugated Steel Roofs, asbestos is better.
- Smog colored sidewalks
- No zoning laws areas, 90 percent of planet.

- People walk on the road, because sidewalks
are full of vendors.

People have 10 babies,
they NEED to have 10 babies.
The need one of the jerk babies to care
for them when they are old. They must
hedge their bets, they need to have 10.
No retirement or pensions is the problem.

6 Billion people on the planet 6,000,000,000
USA has 3 Million 300,000,000
300,000,000 / 6,000,000,000 = 5 percent
5 percent of the people rule 95 percent of the
planet, add in Europe and 10 percent rules
the 90 percent.

- Cell Phones
- Purified Water
- Lottery
- Bribes
- No Price Tags on Items
- Toll Roads

A person will wear a T-Shirt of someone they want to be,
they will spend their whole life copying the behaviors of this

- I think it is possible the rice paddies are causing the problem,
if there is a problem. The earth is covered with water as
ever possible piece of land in many countries grows rice.
This is more common than the destruction of the rain forest.
Actually I think is all a bunch of crap... Global Gossip is real.

- Subsistence hunters and gatherers.
- Subsistence pastoral people.. sheep, cows, goats.
They goal was to make a balance diet of foods.

Hedge your bets, better to try, I believe 100 percent
in the word God spelled wrong as Good. It has never
failed me when I work for God as Good.
I do not argue with God, I know what is good and bad.
I do good as best I can, with no excuses on why this
or why that, or exceptions to Good.

- Subsistence cell phone card sales.
- Subsistence small convenience stores.
- Subsistence water sales.
- Subsistence clothing sales
- Subsistence motorcycle taxi
- Subsistence lottery ticket sales
The world is abundantly full of business that do
not make enough money to live about poverty.

- Subsistence tourism - ONE month per year at Christmas
the business will boom, and they wait 11 months again.
Tourist destinations are trendy, there is a boom in a
location, fortunes are made. Everyone opens a business
and never stops, this goes on for years hoping it returns.
Example: Acapulco, Mexico, Lome, Togo, Dili, East Timor
Bali, Indonesia, Angeles City, Philippines

Maybe we should talk about it in 500 years, world trends
take a long time to be seen. Scientist can be very stupid.

Exist where racial and culture diversity exist.

I can be an intimate friend with a person I have
known for 5 seconds, I only need to accept it is possible.

Electromagnetic device used to convert electrical
energy into sound energy. I would like to know a
world before they had loudspeakers.
Converts sane person to insane.

Every time I enter a poor country, there are
always these rich people begging for money
for their country, while they pay nothing.
99 percent is not effective.

Tell them you love them, you will be glad you
did when they are gone.

Need fitted sheets that stay on the bed.
A 5 Star Hotel needs or lose a Star.
Check your mattress and pillow, is
it clean.

Employment agencies for NGO's and people who need to
make the resume or CV look good.

Easy to do.
Takes little to convince.
Anyone can afford.

Heroes to the clueless, with delusions of adequacy.
Some mothers did raise fools.

His way of life is destroying the black world,
and anyone that believes in Bob.
Now they are slaves to the culture of Bob.
Probably the biggest social problem on the planet
a culture of smoking dope and being lazy.

Cannot be purchased, must be stolen.

- Own a dictionary and use it regularly.
- Subscribe to a newspaper or buy daily.
- Know they are wrong
- Carry a mosquito net when traveling
- Sit on the toilet seat

- Interactivity is the miracle.
- Asynchronous is the benefit.

The person who thought of and invented this
type of internet advertising should be given a Nobel
Prize for something. Contextual advertising is paying
to put every book, every story, every idea, every good
and bad idea on the Internet. The collective knowledge
of ours species will be free for everyone.

Talking is more important than work.

Religions where their colors, their gang colors.
There is special clothing to be part of their gang.
They notify you they are special,
do not F * K with them. Do not be fooled.

A fancy way to extract money from the fiefs.

There are religions that should be called Cults

It is hard to destroy a rain forest, there is too much rain.
A mass of vegetation will return within days, not the same,
however -same - same, but different.

Coca Cola should insert fluoride in all
drinks for stronger teeth.
South and Central America would smile.

- 4 percent of the population will not work.
- 1 percent will work, if you take them to work, they need forced.
- 2 percent want to work, however do not know how to find work.
will never work, so relax, this is normal.

How do you define war, how many person have to be killed?
The present day wars are insults, should not be called more
than a violent police action.

Do not write me without including the price.

- New Orleans
- Locust eating all the crops
- Natural Disasters, Volcanoes.

Heard every day on CNN and BBC.
Crying wolf on a daily basis.

- Tourist Stops - Mexico Taxi
- Bali Bombs - Tsunami

Various religions of the world consider women chattel.
Personal property and as with property you are free to dispose of them.

A way to tax the poor.
I am curious how many Presidents of underdeveloped countries
own Cellular phone companies that are monopolies.
- Thailand ..

- Religion is a business
- NGO's is a business
- Missionaries is a business

I trust nobody that wants there picture on
a huge sign as I enter a city. Statues are acceptable
after they are dead.

An encouragement to lie.

- Philippine, Nepal, India, China workers going to
Singapore, Korea, Japan, Dubai.

Africa is still waiting for the boat, they feel
like the better life is on the other side of the ocean.
Slaves to their dream.

99 percent of research does nothing.
Never explained, told, or shared with the
people they studied. The implementation
of the study is the only thing important, if not
just a bunch of words on paper.

There are many people that are crazy.
Their country needs to care for them.

- Impossible as long at the United Nations ignores the fact that
the purified water companies are owned by the presidents, prime ministers
and leaders of the governments in the world.

I believe every tourist or traveler drinks the water.
It is impossible to not, unless you wash your own dishes
in extremely hot water and never eat in a restaurant.

I am living proof it will not kill you.
75 countries and counting, I drink the water.
If it taste bad, if it smells, I do not.

A hostel is best defined with a kitchen, that has a stove, with a
common room that has some people talking, just like home.

A civilized government allows people to urinate
for free.

Governments are to collect cash

I traveled with a few American and met
a few Americans while traveling
and have realized some Stereotypes
are correct.
Remember this...
Americans came from Europe, we are generally
Europeans living in the USA.

A bunch of poor countries voting to have the
rich countries give them money.

20 percent of the people thinking they are 80 percent of the planet.
Last count, 6 billion, only about 700 million live in the USA and Europe.

Anyone that says they want to stop poverty completely
is not to be trusted.

Give money to people, removing the desire to work.
The person never says, to their children,
- Once, I built a bridge, once I killed the bear,
I am very proud, they learn to say, give me money.
It is cruel beyond belief...

More important to poor countries than,
food, shelter, and clean water.
Motorcycles and Cell phones are fashion

Test of whether country is honest, my guess is around
eight countries will protect a copyright or are going to obey
a treaty.

- Containers of Germany and Spain, they
have the best systems. Of course we can mine or dig
up the waste fills of the planet, there is world of wealth buried.

You put your car on a lot, you walk around,
you can then call the owners of the car you like.
The lot give you the keys to test drive.

Smart leaders can organize an army to conquer
the world. Hitler was smart, misguided, but smart.
A suicide bomb is Darwins theory of
Natural Selection working properly.

Does CNN and BBC create crisis, so they can
sell advertising to the NGO's? I went to Niger,
there was NO famine, it was made up. A crisis
of Malnutrition yes.

I plan, plot, and design for the future, but I do not
dream of the future. Today is good, what has
tomorrow go to do with today.

Andy of
"Life is Good"


My 100 issue is published below as it was originally was
written 100 issue before the two hundredth issue.
More ideas, but already said...


100 issue of Hobo Travel Tips Newsletter

This is the one hundredth issue of this
travel newsletter. The first official issue was
sent on January 1, 2000 when I was in Panama
when the USA gave the Panama Canal to Panama.

I suppose I should try to say something
halfway profound, if that is possible. I suppose
a spontaneous profound statement is really
not possible. Those type of comments happen

My travels have taught me many things.
I am not sure what to say..........?

I like travel.
Every day is different.
It is hard to get real bored.

I am trying to think.... hmmm
What have I learned from travel?

I can work one month or two a year
in McDonald and live very nice in Guatemala
for the rest of the year and not work.
Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Laos, Cambodia
and many many more. Probably 90
percent of the planet.

By the luck of the draw I was born in
a country that earns more money
in one hour than almost 90 percent
of the world earns in 1 day.
This is the reason to travel.
Quality of life.
This means I will never have to
work hard again for the rest of my life.
I will have time.

Not really. Not enough to say its a reason
to go travel

I was born in the best of all worlds.
Safe, clean, and people that say
hello to you as you walk down the street.

My account is full.
I have enough subjects, and
conversations for the rest of my life.
I can talk a little about everything.
This knowledge and 1 dollar will get me a cup
of coffee.

I have found that almost all people are the
same. The bosses are different.

I have discovered that maybe
Australia, New Zealand, and sort of
the Scandinavian country there is NO
class system. In the rest of the world.
You have First Class seats.
Second Class and Coach.

This is the first world attitude and
way they treat people from the USA.
Seen and not heard.
A peasant rebellion.... hehehe
Wear your flag.

They are losing their culture.
A sort of
“Gone with the wind.”
They are afraid, and angry.

I suppose 90 percent of the world
feels they are second class and do
not deserve to be King. Someone
needs to tell them the jail door is open.

It is easier to make a million in
these underdeveloped countries.

This is like telling the sun not to shine.
If you want to stop globalization.
Stop watching MTV.
Stop traveling.

Send them all trash cans.
Increase the value of a beer bottle.
Make some really really large
clean air machines, or purifiers.
Or like an air conditioner, but
clean air.

Get them a retirement plan
( Care of old people )
So they do not make children
to take care of them.

Check them all for AIDS.
Just too simple to stop.

Cars and motorcycles are the
the biggest danger in the world.

Monitor and stop your own people.
Send them TV’s they will implode.
Need a second Muhammad to rewrite
the rule books.

Cameras & Guns
Shoot the corrupt people.

Another word for liars.

Work. There are lots of jobs.

Relax... Ignorance is bliss
They all want to watch sports.
Leave them alone.

Church / Camera

1. Abolish kings
2. Sit the Religious leaders down
and tell them they are not God.
3. Dictators / Kill them or early retirement.

Leave the place.
Move closer to water.

What 3 so called intellectuals will do while
playing the bongos.

Shave your head, before it goes
out of fashion.

Tax them a straight 10-5 percent sales tax.

Put them all in solitary confinement.
They will not go back.
Public shame

Move - Work - Better statistics or real ones
Take away the dole and welfare.

Talk to people that smile and laugh
and walk on the other side of the
street from the others.

They work to much.

I laugh at myself for writing this letter.
Fun and real solutions.
But I am more positive everyday that
in the whole scope of thing. I am not
that important, and in a free world.
That is good that neither of us will
become the King or Queen.

I have lot of people tell me to read more
and learn more, and all these others
deficiencies. I have found they really
want me to be more like them, and
less like me.

If I keep my picture off the webpage.
Drink a cup of coffee in the morning.
Remember to say where I am located....
(I am in Thailand on the Mekong River.)
Walk a lot.
Read for fun.
Think for fun.
Write for fun.
Try to think and say what I think.
Ignore what is politically correct.
Do more things in the day that makes
me happy, than things that make me sad.
I have a good day.

I try to remember Rod Stewarts subtle advice..
“A winks, as good as a nod, to a blind horse”
He is saying.
Wink at the girls
It works better than a nod of the head.

When was the last time you read a

“Think outside the box.”
Get out of the box silly.

Africa MRS or Marriage Degree

Africa MRS or Marriage Degree
Lome Togo

We used to say in University that that girl,
- She is working on her MRS degree. -

She only came to college to get married to a successful man. Gold digger, etc, many people are absurdly cynical about love, I am still a true believer, probably why I have never married, hehehe…

Culture Analogies or maybe culture comparison.

People are only spapshot capable of viewing subject, the internet is a miracle in its interactive nature, I could post something and many years later a person could connect and idea to a post that I would not imagine is related, however it is when you think of the layers of the cake.

Studying Cultures, probably the modern culture of a society may tell me more what Africa wants, then to observing the primitives, they are not even in the line to ask for something.

What they want, not what they need, what then want is yet to be socialized by their peers.

Africa MRS or Marriage Degree

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