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Africa Travel Budget

Africa Travel Budget
Lome, Togo West Africa
Thursday, March 8, 2007

I live on a backpackers budget, I fortunately earn enough from the website to live on a tourist budget when needed.

These phrases or terms mean little because what a person needs to live on is their personal budget.

There are four major parts to a budget.
1. Rooms
2. Transportation
3. Daily cost of food, taxis, beer, internet and purchases of supplies.
4. Souvenirs which does not apply to me, I cannot buy souvenirs because I do not go home for 10-20 months sometimes. I am a traveler, not a tourist.

I can live in these regions easily for these amounts always staying in the backpacker type of accommodations, Living in a dorm bed only in Europe where the cost or outrageously expensive, all other location a private room. In Thailand I can live in a four star room compared to the rest of the world.

1. Southeast Asia - 10 Dollars per day.
2. Mexico - 15 Dollars per day.
3. South America - 10 Dollars per day.
4. Brazil - 15 Dollars per day
5. USA and Canada - 50 Dollars per day.
6. Caribbean - 75 Dollars per day
7. Europe - 50-75 Dollars per day
8. Middle East - I am guessing at about 20 Dollars per day.
9. West Africa - 20 Dollars per day.
10. India for 5-10 Dollars per day.

A person who wishes to use their credit card should add 20 dollars per day to the cost.

A person who drinks beer should add 10-20 dollars per day to their cost.

Now, a person may get extremely anal about these budgets, most will plan a budget, then add double to the cost of travel by using their credit area and really not having any restraint or budget. My guess is 95 percent of travelers have a budget like one of these.

When I run out of money I go home.
I spend my parents money until I go home.
I put all the extra cost on the credit card and no restraint.
I live in a resort, then add the extra cost to a credit card.

99 percent of traveler do not go home early, because they somehow use credit from parents or bank to travel until they are finished. Tourist know when they are going home.

They have said to someone, I am traveling for this long and I will go to these countries. They return when they accomplish this or after a big love affair and abort all their plans. An around the world ticket is a budget for a small maybe 2 percent crowd.

After all these considerations, obsessions, the reality of a budget is something of a joke. If I only have 5 dollars, I can only spend 5 dollars. If I have 10 dollars I can only spend 10 dollars. If I have unlimited line of credit I can spend an unlimited line of credit.

People are for the most part unrestrained gluttons and must work for someone 8 hours per day for 5 days per week because otherwise they would spend the whole day, of every day spending money. They go shopping on the weekends and spend money or shop till they drop.

I think this is the reason people get fat, they just eat what they want. Then according to the continent and the genetics they get as fat as the genetics dictates and in accordance with the required walking. Europe requires a lot of walking, therefore some persons are thin. The USA requires zero walking so people become Fat. Asians are genetically thin by nature, takes work to get fat. Africans seem to be genetically fat, and get fat unless they have small amounts of money. I do not think they need to walk a lot. I am not sure Europeans can afford to eat.

But this is the how to stay thin, by not having a lot of money, then it become easy to stay thin and not get fat.

The same is true for a travel budget, however this can apply in the home country also. If you do not have money, then you do not spend it. In the USA, I would go to the bank and get 100 US dollars in ones. I would put ten of them in my pocket, and live on the 10 per day. If I would put a 20 in my pocket, I would spend the 20.

How do I budget, truthfully I do not have a problem with budgeting money. I have a severe ability to say no to spending, maybe I am cheap, no I am not cheap, I am massively logical and common sense orientated, and nobody can induce me to spend money when I do not wish to spend money. I make the choice completely, I do not bend to pressure from peers, friends and even the woman trying to convince me it is good for me to spend money on her.

Last year my guesstimate of daily budget was more than I wished, I did not save money. The simple solution is to slow down on airplane flights and pay attention to daily cost. I really do not need to budget or pay much attention, because I by nature live within a budget or limit. I am not gluttonous with money.

I am gluttonous, genetically guaranteed, and a binge eater, I can gain weight at a drop of coin. This is where I budget daily, when with other person they are enablers and complicate the issue.

Africa is easy to not eat, the cost of food is 2 time more than the USA and about the same as Europe. I do not like to eat the local foods, therefore I am sunk, I cannot gain weight here in Africa because my natural budgeting personality refuses to buy western foods that are extremely bad values. I have lived in the Galien Hotel two times here in Lome, Togo and never once eaten a dinner there. The Peace Corps sort of reserve a table for 8-10 in the corner every night and eat and drink their meals there every night. The place is full of old French smokers and drinkers and NGO or ONG paid to work project persons. I guess really there is no volunteers in Togo as they are all paid including the Peace Corps persons.

The longer I stay in a specific location, the more I find cheap local foods that I like, and the more I start to eat. I have a problem with the Fanyogo frozen Yogurt here, and can eat 5 per day at 100 CFA or 20 Cents per pop US. I want to cut weight, I have taken them off list of foods for scavenging until I am down to weight.

The bottom line on dieting is I do not put food in my mouth.
The bottom line on a travel budget is I do put money in my pocket.

I take 10,000 CFA out daily, that is my simple budget.

This is 10,000 CFA, the currency and money of many West African Countries, including Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast, Niger, and Burkina Faso and I am not sure what others. I have no idea why Ghana wishes to use their money, surrounded by intelligence.

I keep all my money locked up in the bag during the day, sometimes I lock up the bag and put the money in a different location…. Hehehe
- Hiding in plain sight -

However, the way I budget is this, I removed daily the money I see as fit to spend daily. I then go and pay for my Hotel room, I have the remainder to live on in this day. To check my budget, I count the money my pocket. A budget is about one day, not a whole trip, the summation of all the days is the whole budget.

I go to the bank and extract money from my ATM debit card when I am down to about 100 USA in CFA money. I also carry about 300 to 1000 USA in 100 Dollar bills, and maybe 100 to 300 Euros and other assorted could not dump currencies. In Africa I am carrying 1000 US Dollars and I am glad nobody knows this, I tell no one.

One big budget cost is to go with an African person to any restaurant or bar, they will order anything they wish and expect I pay for the whole group. If they come over and sit with me, they will also expect this, if I am walking with them, they will also expect this. Any time I get near an African person they somehow normally want money. A great way to separate though the good from the bad, if they do not want money, they are good.

Note, I have a Western Union safety measure, I can go to any internet café and send money to myself with no special knowledge. If I was robbed, I would instantly send money to myself, then go to the internet and send money to myself, then cancel any card stolen. This should be set up and ready to go.

But in addiction logic and dysfunctional undersstanding of life, I know that a budget is not what people wish to live in, or have, they really wish and will take any excuse to not have a budget, or a real working budget. A person can only spend what they have, the normal budget of a person is to spend their paycheck, and wait for pay day to come.

If I put 10,000 CFA in my pocket daily, extra money will accumulate and be saved then allots itself for the days where I need strangely more money. The big way to cut cost for me it to get cheaper rooms, my goal on this trip to Africa is for 3000 CFA rooms, I need to speak good French to find them. I spend 2 hours per day studying, this is the budget.

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American Flag Scarf

American Flag Scarf
Lome, Togo West Africa

A man just walked into the internet cafe, he has a regular size bigger flag of the USA that he has wrapped around his neck like a flag.

Never believe this crap when someone says they do not like the USA, Europe has a P e n ... problem - Envy, Canada the same.

The other 200 countries are in love with the USA, I could not imagine whering a flag around my neck here, the girls would follow me home, and the Europeans would go into a frenzy. That reminds me, I need to put my flags on my bags.... why not invite...

American Flag Scarf

Blog by SMS or Cell Text Message

Blog by SMS or Cell Text Message
Lome, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I purchased a SIM card with Togocel here in Lome, Togo, the card cost 2500 CFA or about 5 US dollars, and I guess I have a credit of 2500 CFA to make calls, so a very good deal.

Last night I tried about 5 combinations of numbers to text a message to the United Kingdome or England, whereby some telephone number is suppose to convert a text message to an email.

I am sort of excited, Andrew Boy Genius of India has made it work, therefore there is hope for me. I text messaged a Togo girl and she text me back. It works inside the country of Togo.

NOW!!! The annoying part, I need to discover the correct combination of numbers to get out of Togo. If I find a Peace Corps Volunteer, I am sure they will know how to call, I am not sure they would use the cheap text message because this is not the fashion in the USA.

I have not seen many Brits in Togo, they all go to Ghana where they can speak English. French go to French places, and English go to English places, and Spanish go to Spanish places.

More about not leaving your country, then about going to another country. People do not go where life is difficult or they may learn something. Togo is easier than Ghana though, Ghana copies the violent black gang music of the USA, and Togo copies the less violent music of France.

I am going to the countryside, up country, where they do not copy the MTV music world. I need to blog, so the world does not get worried. I seem to have two options. GPRS with Togocel or Text Message or SMS with Togocel.

I hope to get both working today, there is hope. GPRS is better, however as of now, I sat and asked the price per kilobyte for transfer in the Togocel office. Nobody knows, it is either 5 Francs, or .05 Francs or .005 Francs, and I can only WISH or dream of .0005 Francs.

I asked, do you have a page or sheet of prices?
- Non -

Buying a pig in a poke, they will sell it, but they could not tell me how much it cost. I think I will soon learn and can tell someone, if this exist and the NGO’s are still using Satellites in Togo, they are throwing money up in the air, unless the cost is very high.

I had made a decision, I think the GPRS is better than Satellite on the planet for many reasons, unless on a boat.

HOPE, I hope a text message blog post will arrive on this blog soon, what a headache. Frustrations and pushing to make life happen, forcing the play, making it happen. A person can not be beaten that never quits.

None of the test worked, I think I need some special numbers to exit the country, the + sign does not work.

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Blog by SMS or Cell Text Message

Electric Voltage Fluctuations

Electric Voltage Fluctuations
Lome, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I move from a Hotel with one of them 3-4 foot diameter ceiling fans to a room with a small swaying or rotating type fan you place on a table or nightstand. I think I like the on the nightstand type better because I can point it away from my eyes. The fan here is running 24 hours per day, 7 days per week or the heat is extreme inside the room.

I keep remember the Middle East, where they go and sleep on the roof, this is a good solution.

A rotating or fan that moves back and forth make a noise, slow and fast, and whoosh and whoosh, a steady changing of the sound drone. I sat the fan on a stand, it is blowing about at my belly button and down away from my eyes. This is a great country to sleep naked as only by exposing all the skin on my body to the air from the fan can I not perspire and make the bed wet.

The fan is not moving.
The sound is going up and down.
Aaagh, the amount of electricity is increasing and decreasing.

The light bulb is doing the same.

That little black box in the cord of my laptop computer converts 220 and 110 to something like 19 volts. It works anywhere in the world without an inverter or toys not needed. I sort of think of it as a surge protector also, then hope the electrify is also being cleansed and regulated by going through the battery.

When I am very afraid of the electrify, I charge the computer, and use only when on battery.

The up and down electricity I believe or think is horrible for my black box in the cord of the laptop of the computer. This box can get extremely hot, I think I will hang it up in front of the fan to keep it cool.

I had one burn up in Peru, the same plug was being used to heat my room with a Hot Plate. I was lucky, a man in Peru rewired the thing for three dollars. To replace this box is difficult here in Africa, to replace the transformer box in line of the lap top computer cord is a very difficult item to find in funky, we-do-not-allow-imports-easy country.

I am sure, someone will say, buy a voltage regulator. Back to the same problem, things are big, I need small.

Up and down, whoosh or whoooosh the sounds change, I also become hotter or cooler. Amazingly bad electrify in this room, I am thinking I may have not been able to hear the difference with a ceiling fan as it work more quiet.
There seems to be neighborhood difference here, or quad areas differences. Math and mechanics is not Africa high point, so I am worried, will try to obsess on this issue, find small answers.

The one solution is to move again, which I will soon do towards the north of Togo.

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Electric Voltage Fluctuations

Computerized French

Computerized French
Lome, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I have this program on my computer called
- Before You Know It, -
that is helping me to learn French, I do not know how it compares to the other type programs on the planet, however the ability for me to move words around, compile words in an list is great. I have finally put 1129 words in one list, I then program a macro to go down the list and I listen and repeat every word. I am slowly learning to recognize all the words in the list. When I hear one of the words in passing conversations, I start to own the word, and make it my own. I am semi-immersed in French, Togo people I think speak Mina, therefore their real second language is French.

I have a program called Macro Express, I use this program constantly, it is one of my most valuable programs and helps me use the computer as tool and not only a typewriter.

For learning French it is extremely valuable, I programmed a small repetition program Macro I labeled.
- 50 times Ram into Brain. -

It repeats a word 50 times, I listen and repeat a word 50 times, I rote memory ram it into my brain. I need to create some type of synaptic memory path that is carved into my brain for some words. I have problems remembering how to pronounce a few words and need these words. The program Before You Know It does not do this repetition, it allows for a way to do it by clicking with the mouse. But, the action of clicking competes with my focus, better to only concentrate on listening and repeating and not on clicking the mouse.

I am working on a list of pronunciation rules that I can understand, I need to put them in my own words, whereby I can learn all the rules of French Pronunciation in my way of thinking.

The action of collecting the rules of pronunciation, make the list, writing the documents is educational. The more I more or less write a paper on how to pronounce sounds, letters or diphthongs the clearer it is to me how to pronounce words. I wish to be able to read a word and pronounce is close to correct.

Computerized French

Lome Togo Hotel Change

Lome Togo Hotel Change
Lome, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I have changed hotels, I left the Galion Hotel a pretty good choice for hotels because of social life and location. However, my present room is a much better value. 5000 CFA, the same as I paid at the Galion and about twice as big, better screens and it has electrical plugs in the walls. The Galion is two apartments buildings. One is older, looks nice, but is really a bad choice for living. The other one, the one I lived in last time is more modern, and the upper floors of the building the right is good if not great. Above the restaurant area induced me to decide to look for a different hotel as I felt sort of miserable.

There was a woman by the name Marie that was the main day receptionist, and I hear got married to a Swedish man and moved to Sweden, good for her. She was a sweetheart and very happy and professional, the women that took her place is blasé to the point of making it fashionable.

I feel bad as the really enjoyable and happy Elena, the cleaning girl I leave behind, she was precious, happy, and made my life great. A hotel is about people and then a room, however, I did come to visit Africa and not France, now I am living in Africa. Although a bunch of old men drinking is not France…
My new hotel has the option of turning on the Air Conditioning.

This is a first, this is first hotel I have every encountered, planned as a hotel it has installed electric meters along with the air conditioners. They can charge me for the electricity I use only, and not on a set rate, they can include or not include air conditioning, and I can leave the think running for days if I wish, and I pay.

I am told, by an equally blasé receptinish, however more attractive receptionist Marjorie that it cost 150 CFA per Kilowatt, I have no idea how long I can turn this for and cost me about 30 cents US, I guess though I can turn it on. I need to ask the not so helpful or happy staff how much to use for the night. I am guessing they will not answer clearly or with any enthusiasm.

I think culturally there is a I am too s e x y for myself thing going on and it is not cool to pay attention to people, more s e x y to ignore. I have loosened up the one no-name-known girl that works here and she is becoming a pleasure to know. I wish Elena was here. The hotel also has a kitchen and a fridge, I could have paid 6000 CFA or 4 US dollar more and had a fridge in my room. If, the hotel allows me to utilize the kitchen, this is by far one of the better prepared and designed hotels I have encountered in West Africa.

Blasé though is the problem, it is not a good idea to talk or recommend hotels. I can recommend people, hard to recommend hotels, or places, or anything, I think I can recommend people. I would easily recommend the happy go lucky Elena in the Galion Hotel, the rest of the staff is there. The older owner is a good shake my hand, he-speaks-no-English guy, and the younger knows a lot and speaks English, a great place to start in Lome, however very expensive food in the restaurant.

There is this overbearing mentality that attempts to socialize me into accepting that paying way too much for typical Africa is good. Even Elena tried to say it was not expensive.

A worker here in Africa gets about 2 US dollars per day. The cost of cleaning my T-shirt is 300 CFA or bout 60 cents US. Therefore to pay to have 5 T-shirts would cost about 3 US Dollars. Elena says to me,
- No Cher, -

I try to say, explain or ask,
- Would you pay this? -

This is the incredible to believe, white man / black man difference, they incredibly to believe, hard to understand, I cannot relate do not even consider that we the white man would like to pay the same as the locals. We could actually live, drink, eat and pay the same, the black people of West Africa and Togo do live very good, I do not see them living bad, in fact the other persons in my new and present hotel probably have the same room for almost half the rate I am paying… hehehe. I did not want to fight over price, however I think it is highly possible to get rooms in Lome for 3000 CFA per night, that would be great.

A moto or motorcycle taxi cost about 200 CFA to go anywhere, this is about 40 Cents US, I can be about anywhere very fast, the location is not important. The beach although adds flavor to the city, is 99 percent ignored by the tourist, and I never see any white people on the beach. The wind is a little high for lying on the beach, although a great beach feeling city, in reality the beach does not exist as a place to go.

I am using and cleaning about 3 t-shirts per day as I am perspiring, a.k.a sweating so much as I acclimate to Africa and lose weight, that I need to clean clothes daily or stink. I know the other backpackers or tourist are sweating the same….. Heheheh, however, I have not see them do laundry.

I think I wish to get close to the Africa people more than the white people, I feel or think they smell better.

I could pay a person from Togo 2 dollars to work all day washing clothes, and at these prices make about 20 to 100 US dollars per day cleaning clothes. However, it appears people do not clean their clothes as much as me, so there really is no market. If they would wash clothes though for about 2 dollars for all my clothes, I would pay in a heartbeat.

Living on a budget is interesting, one thing cost, like laundry, therefore I do the laundry myself. Food is outlandishly expensive in any Western style restaurant, therefore I cook myself. The cost of rooms is the big budget cost of Africa in reality, I do not have to eat Western food while in Africa and am not sure why I would want to, but for sure it is not essential. Vitamins, vegetables and nutrients are essential and they are quickest and easiest to buy by cooking myself.

There is always an area or a component of a country that is expensive, the smart travel adapts and plans on how to minimize the cost of this big budget expense. Transportation in West Africa is cheap, however people buy vehicles. Food in open air markets is moderately cheap, and they eat in Western style restaurants.

Africa is full of black people, it is what makes it a great place. I do not understand the backpackers here, if there is any, the few are all cloistered inside the womb of western styled culture. They either drive a vehicle to avoid the locals or they live in white people hotels.

The way the world is visiting the culture of Africa seems to be by finding mates or women. 90 percent of the white people in Togo are men, then they find a girlfriend, this way they slowly learn about Togo. I am wanting to go for the countryside and the small villages where I can stop seeing white people in the same locations. I do no see them walking down the street, I see them driving by in an SUV.

This time in Lome, I have more energy, I feel better, I think I had some type of lower energy level because of lack of vitamins. I have walked for miles in every direction here in Lome, it is a city, not of much interest, however it is interesting, just a city though and the Mina or Ewe cultures are being cleaned of obvious ethnic features.

I am managing my budget 5 times better this time than in the past, and I am sure as my French improves, the cost of living will go down, I need to talk to ask questions and learn how to buy cheaper.

Lome Togo Hotel Change

80 Liter 80 Pound Backpack

80 Liter 80 Pound Backpack
Lome, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I have two 40 liter bags, one for the front and one for my back, I guesstimate they max out at about 80 pounds when loaded properly. Yesterday, I purchased rice, almost salt, and a few cans of vegetables. In India I purchased a new 220 Electric Hot Plate. I found two one pint or 500 milliliter bottle of alcohol for fuel. This stuff weighs a lot.

The weight is not a problem, the moto taxis or a car taxi cost between 40 cents US and 4 dollars on average to get from any hotel to any inter-city collective taxi departure point. It is the volume or space needed in the backpacks that is a problem. I was not able to finish the expandable part of my backpack, because of incompetence on the part of the Nepal backpack makers, therefore I missing a critical part of my back. I need an extra 20-40 liters of storage compartments now and again, not always, yet, I do need it sometimes. The can goods, the heater, the rice, for sure the 2 bottles of alcohol take up too much space for an airplane trip and would be jettisoned before I fly anywhere. I forgot, I also want to carry another 4-8 books, aaagh, there is a real need for volume.

I am trying to muse, dwell, obsess on this issue before I move out of Lome, Togo, I need a solution or I am going to be like ever other dingaling backpackers, and be carrying gear in plastic bags. I do not tie things on the outside of the bag, I do not carry plastic bags along with my backpacks. I can and am capable of tying items to the bags, both bags are made exactly for this, however I am really wanting everything all the gear inside the bags. I think I need to have a special 20 liter bag made that will become a cap or part of my bag, this is annoying, every time I think of this I get angry at the Nepal bag makers, knowing they were just slow in the head, and very under-developed emotionally to handle the project. They could copy anything, yet to create became impossibly long, this is the under-developed aspect of under-developed, right along with the lack of develop manners and caring.

I just realized, I am in Lome, a city, it would be better to go to a smaller village and do this than to stay in Lome and try to get city people to care. Village people are much more culturally able to care for something than a city person who by nature of a city become jaded, money hungry, not nurturing because of the socialization of cities.

I have a bag of sorts, a pillow of sorts, I will fasten it on the outside of the bag, it is extremely safe and compact, just not the ideal way to carry items, however better than 99 percent of the other backpackers idea of a good idea. I do not like to lose items, I do not like when I accidentally set something down and walk away and lose the item. I have both a mosquito net and a rain poncho, the rain poncho pretends it is a rock, the number one worst item in my bag probably for weight. I use this poncho and mosquito net about almost never, but when I need them, I need them.

Telltale signs of how much you need a mosquito net, the Brit guy, riding his motorcycle across West Africa for three years now, came down from Morocco to Senegal, I think went across to Mali and East to Togo. Lived one year in Senegal and one year in Ghana. He says,
- Oh yea, I forgot, I still need to buy a mosquito net. -

I mentioned the mosquito net rule, of things you need to carry, because on the one night per year when you need them, you would do about anything to have them. Ok, he is on a motorcycle, there is a perceived idea that these persons would be camping along side roads and such, GONG, not so true.

I have been thinking, what is unusual about Africa is to take public transportation across Africa, it almost makes me think a motorcycle, van or truck of some sorts would be the easy way. It is more unique to take public transport than to drive in Africa.

Here is a photo of a SUV or 4-wheel drive overland trips.

This vehicles was parked in front of the Galien Hotel in Lome, Togo for a short time, not sure why? However, I would say this is about the most prepared for bear vehicle I have seen. I hope they have a winch on the front or back somewhere? I cannot see one in the photo.

Theft and getting stuck, man this seems like a great truck to rob, it is pretty obvious they probably have money. I think about a van, but I want about a 100-200 foot cable winch so I can get unstuck about anywhere.

I am in a quandary, the vehicle owners here have for sure worked very hard to be prepared. However, if they was extremely prepared in my view, I would never have noticed the truck, thinking, just another Junker on the road. I noticed, therefore from a safety point of view a little over the edge.

The difficult part about going across Africa seems to the Chad, Congo, Angola area of questionable safety.

80 Liter 80 Pound Backpack

Telltale Travel Signs

Telltale Travel Signs
Lome, Togo West Africa
Monday, March 5, 2007

clearly showing something: clearly showing or indicating something that is secret or hidden
telltale signs

There are secrets on the planet, there are thoughts and ideas that people with to hide. I read travel writers and it is obvious that many wish to hide the truth, and just give a rose colored glasses view of a country. Of course a fantasy sells better than the truth.

I want to know about people, I want to understand the cultures of the world including myself, any culture.

I look for the identifiers of how a person is, not how they want to be. Last time I was in Africa, I remember reading in the Lonely Planet Guidebook about the Hover.

The writer for one of the countries said about one hotel.
- You do not even need to Hover. -

To hover is to float of flutter above the toilet, using it somehow, however, never touching it. This tells me how the person views both Africa and other people.

About three days ago a Canadian girl was very excited about finding the perfect pair of pants to buy. She said something, like,
- I really need a second pair. -

Translated, I only have one pair of pants, and I wear them every day.

I Andy have about 6 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of long pants, 1 pair of long fishermen pants from Thailand. It is annoying to see the travelers in the exact same clothing every day, and makes me cringe. I am presently carrying about 15 pairs of underwear, and I hope they are not lost in the wash fast.

I have been changing my t-shirt two to three times per day and washing about two per day for sure as it is very hot and I pit them out fast.

Michael Crichton in his book Travels does not say it much, but he talks about it, he says he has a guide or an interpreter. He even says how something take money and planning, however he never says really says often or I cannot remember him saying in the book.
- I purchased a tour. -

However, it is pretty obvious he purchase a private tour in many of these exclusive and out of the way places a money was not a problem.

There are telltale, or identifiers that tell a tale of what is hidden or secret. Your or my intuition will pick up on them, and if you can turn on the intuition and trust your instincts, you can make a decision about who you meet.

Yesterday, here in Lome, Togo I purchased a half filled soda bottle with some extremely good semi-frozen orange juice. The cost was 50 Franc or CFA. This is about 10 cents USA, a Soda in the same store cost about 300 CFA or about 60 cents USA. In the restaurant in my hotel a cup of coffee is 500 or about one dollars something.

I purchased this extreme great drink by accident, as I saw the two children friends drinking it and thought it looked good.

A pint of Apple Juice cost about 850 CFA or about 1.50 dollars. I somehow purchased about the same amount of Fresh squeeze, and frozen juice for about 200 CFA as I drank four of the bottles.

This is a telltale sign of the true economy of Lome. The normal persons can purchase fresh squeezed orange juice for about 10 cents per glass and I am sure in the hotel here it probably cost around 1.50 dollars for a glass of orange juice.

The truth is, I can also purchase a glass of fresh squeezed and semi-frozen orange juice for 10 cents, they just think that no white man wants to share, eat, or drink what they eat or drink. It is as if nobody white has ever walked into the small store and purchase a bag or sachet of water.

The signs are there, there is a telltale sign, I do not think any white men or women walk into the small stores and order a fresh frozen glass or orange juice for 10 cents USA. It was not that easy, because you need to go knock on the gate next door to the store, say something in French and they will hand the juice out the hole. I am trying to figure out how to be black so there is no price inflation. I normally do not buy if there is a telltale hesitation on telling me the price, it means, I am going to go for the money with you.

What they say, and what they really mean.
What you hear from a person I how they want you to see or view them, what you see is who they are…

A person is mentally healthy by the number of secrets they have.

NOTE: To Sean if you are reading, if I was trying to always be happy, then I would be always lying.

Note: To the person who was commenting on getting more traffic if put in more photos, a telltale sign is I really do not care or I would put in more photos… hehehe

Signs above that I do read some emails sent to me.

Telltale Travel Signs