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Togo Travel Stories, Page 5

Marabout Does Not Work on Me

Marabout Does Not Work on Me
Lome, Togo West Africa
Monday, August 13, 2007

Marabout n'a pas effet sur moi.

Marabout does not have effect on me.

For what it is worth, a Togolese friend said this to me the other night, sort of an afterthought for her. Marabout is something related to Voodoo, however not Voodoo, more or less powers of Sorcery and Magic, or the dark side.

I think I maybe should feel comforted or relaxed a relief to know that the dark side of Africa does not work on me. The person said it with such clarity, more or less,

- Andy, this magic does not work on you, and you know that. -

I was intrigued, not so interested in my status, because she was right, it does not work on me. I wanted to know who the powers of Africa works on, more or less she says all the African people, then said if a white person goes…

I am going to interpret this less literal so it may make sense.

If you accept the temptation go towards the Marabout, and then it will work on you. More or less the more you pay attention the more it works.

I suppose many a person has their children come home from Africa, or India and other places talking too much. As for me, I know and I have been told.

Marabout n'a pas effet sur moi.
Marabout does not have effect on me.


Contrary to how you would interpret my words, I do believe what you give power to does have power over you, real or unreal. Nevertheless, for me, I am free and clear.

Marabout Does Not Work on Me

Pas un Amusement

Pas un Amusement
Lome, Togo West Africa
Sunday, August 12, 2007

September 10, 2007 is a proposed election of someone or something in Togo, Africa. This is not a Presidential Election, so hopefully will be peaceful.

A Togolese girl was explaining why and what happened in the something called a Presidential Election in 2005. I was making light of and smiling,
She blast me,
“Pas un Amusement.”

“This is not a joke.”

Togo people are fearless, they are never serious, they are too lazy to get up to come and beg, the do it sitting down.

Pas Probleme,
No problem could be their national motto.

I have asked many people, what they think and they always say,
“No problem.”
“Pas probleme

This is not a joke, she says, and then says savagery. Savagery is a perspective, if you are on the safe side, then no problem if you are on the wrong side than a problem.

Si je suis jaloux de toi, je profite de l'élection pour te pour faire le mal, pour voler, blesser, ou brûler votre maison.

If I am jealous of you, I benefit from the election you to make the evil, to steal, wound, or burn your house.

La raison n'est jamais correcte.

The reason is never correct.

Pas un Amusement

Traveling Across Africa

Traveling Across Africa
Lome, Togo West Africa
Sunday, August 12, 2007

I think I need to say to myself, I am traveling across Africa, I will leave on Wednesday to Ghana, then continue West.

I sold my Motorcycle, I am leaving Togo. I think I have learned more about Togo, West Africa in the last few months than I wanted to know. I am here in Africa to enjoy life, nothing more.

I person should leave a country before they can explain why it is best, worst, and why never to visit.

Traveling Across Africa

The Outside World

The Outside World
Lome, Togo West Africa
Saturday, August 11, 2007

- Through travel I first became aware of the outside world; it was through travel that I found my own introspective way into becoming a part of it. -
------- Eudora Welty

Introspection takes work, it is easier to get angry, kick the dog, get in a fight with all my girlfriends, or better yet go find a new one.

Happiness Formula
- Do more things in a day that makes you happy, than things that make you sad. -

The formula is easy to understand, difficult to remember.

I know I am an endorphin addict. I need my rush. How I will get the rush, I can be a good boy or a bad boy; I am sure my body does not care, however with introspection, I can make the choice and go learn about the outside world.

We live our lives on a small precipice, we dream of escaping, we sit and plan our escape, then we continue to sit on the small the small ledge, and if we were honest, we do not want to fall off. The modern buzzword is to say, think outside the box, the problem is this, outside the box is dangerous, because this so-called box is on the precipice, and if we leave the box we can fall into the outside world.

I have prodded and provoked people to try to see the outside world, to accept they are not aware of the outside world. People hear what they want to hear and disregard the rest, we see the inside wall of the box and think we are looking at the box.

I am delusion, and I am very clear, I am sure I am somewhere close to the edge of the planet, I can see the Dragons. There is nothing insane about West Africa or the outside world, the problem is all the rules of my culture I find are of no value, I am aware of the outside world.

“C'est l'Afrique” or “Bienvenue l’Afrique”

The happiness formula is easy to understand, difficult to remember.

For me to be happy, I need to learn, solve many problems, meet new interesting people, read a good book watch a good movie, surf on the internet, flirt with a couple of girls and travel to the most dangerous country I can find.

I am not doing any of these things, so I become frustrated and aware of the outside world.

I watch normal African people act normal in Africa in the outside world, I think I am bored.

The Outside World

Is Togo to Senegal by the Coast Possible

Is Togo to Senegal by the Coast Possible
Lome, Togo West Africa
Friday, August 10, 2007

I have a proposed new route to travel. I am up to my ears in frustration here in Togo, time to do what I am good at; I am good at leaving…

I study the map between here in Senegal, I do not see a coastal road for Sierra Leone and Liberia.

2650 Kilometers as a Jet Flies, and would be simpler.

Is Togo to Senegal by the Coast Possible

Learning to Drive in Togo

Learning to Drive in Togo
Lome, Togo West Africa
Friday, August 10, 2007

I throw darts at the wall, and I try to explain how to learn. I one time screamed at girl,
- your mother knows nothing about marriage, she has been divorced three times, she knows how to quit. -

A teacher can only teach what they know, this seems simple, however how does a student judge whether a teacher should be a teacher, not an easy task.

There is an Auto Ecole here in Lome, or a Car School, I encourage the whole world to have Schools to teach people how to drive cars, motorcycle and trucks, and all the other forms of petrol powered weapons.

Cars are dangerous, they make AIDS simple, and malaria is a joke.

Ok, how to learn, well sadly Africa is not the place to learn how to drive a car. I am not sure, I think Belgium people are the safest drivers I have encountered, go there to learn. Do not go to Barcelona to learn Spanish, they speak Catalonia. I should not learn French in Togo… they speak Ewe or Mina.

I would like to request Belgium to send driving school teachers to Africa, it would save lives.

I was having a miserable day yesterday, and then I saw the driving school car parked in front of the school and raced home to grab my camera. I thought, I should say,
- Please do not move the car; I want to take a photo. -

The photos in sequence and captions.

I stood at a distance, trying to show the whole scene. The cars in Togo have the Frenchie way of driving, or the same as the USA, they drive on the right.

What is this Motorcycle Mirror doing in the photo, are you looking for the driving school?

Cars and Motorcycle pass quickly.

Another Motorcycle man looking for the driving school, I am sure, I want to say,
- Excuse me sir, you are driving on the wrong side of the road. -

Ok, I give up, which direction do the cars drive on this road? The car to the left is the Auto Ecolo or Car School student car, the car closest is pointed the right direction.

This is the student-training car parked in front of the school.

I am glad there are car schools in Togo, it is progress, and I do believe they will help to save lives. I would encourage and hope there are many more, as it will slowly make the country safer.

I am not trying to mock the school; I think this school is good. However, as I said, I try to explain how to learn. I would guess the teacher here is one of the better drivers in Togo, as he is trying and is about as good as it gets here in Togo.

If you want to learn something, find a proven success, then copy. Many years later when you finally figure out why the successful person does what he or she does, then try to improve.

Learning to Drive in Togo

The surest weapon is the eye

The surest weapon is the eye
Lome, Togo West Africa
Friday, August 10, 2007


I take my place at the head of the caravan. What is my weapon? A stick. Of course I have my escort. A revolver? The surest weapon is the eye. Prevision

Stop Quote

Interview with Sir Henry Stanley
Pall Mall Gazette
January 1887

British explorer Sir Henry Morton Stanley was about to set out from England to Africa on a rescue expedition when he gave this interview to the Pall Mall Gazette in January 1887. Stanley had learned that German explorer Mehmed Emin Pasha (also known as Emin Bey), an administrator in Egyptian Sudan, was cut off and surrounded by Sudanese revolutionary forces in what is now northern Uganda. Stanley discusses possible routes by which he might reach Emin and the difficulties he foresees for this expedition..

The surest weapon is the eye

Colonization of Africa

Colonization of Africa
Lome, Togo West Africa
Friday, August 10, 2007

- The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was
convincing the world he didn't exist.
... a quote from the movie

Andy, a.k.a as me, referring to French Colonization

Somehow, in Morocco on December 5, 2004 I understood what I did not understand until August of 2007. I published this quote in a newsletter.

I see Colonization as inevitable, in many ways needed, and seriously hope China succeeds the present list of Colonizers of Africa to enable Africa to enjoy the opportunities the rest of the planet enjoys.

My great great Grandfather was alive, when in Europe, from about November 1884 - February 1885, some 14 Nations met to divide up Africa, part of what is historically called the Scramble for Africa.

The Berlin West Africa Conference (November 1884-February 1885)

122 Years ago they negotiated for ownership of Africa.

There is no reason the world should apologize for Slavery, Colonization, or the taking of the natural resources from Africa. The Africans wanted to sell people, resources and anything they makes money as much as the Colonizers wanted them.

Africa does not care about the world, and the world does not care about Africa, and this is normal life. I suppose the NGOs are making a fortune selling misery that does not exist, but for the most part, Africa is sailing under her own steam.

Colonization today is wrapped in excuses, why I need this car, why I need to stay in this hotel, why I need hot water.

I have my checklist also, I have blood on my shirt, and I have a whole list of ways to avoid African people. However, the difference is I am living in the house of a great Togolese man, in the middle of an African neighborhood.

I know I am crossing a line; I am spending more times trying to circumvent Africa than I am trying to land the boat. My immersion into Africa is bobbing up and down in the water. One good wave and I will be tossed out of Africa and probably land in France, must to my disfavor.

Please stop trying to convince me you are not the devil, it is a bore.

Regular readers, I do not post the whole story.

Colonization of Africa