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Talk of Danger

Talk of Danger
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Sunday, March 25, 2007

The leaders of Iran appear to be lining up to be shot.
- Time to make a move. -

I try to imagine traveling the planet with the idiot notion that I can talk my way out of danger, or discuss, be diplomatic, or in someway we can share and talk over our problems and I would be safe.

I need violence, I am violent, I can and will be violent, extremely violent if needed, I am ready to be violent.

Yes, I can talk my way out of 99.5 percent of situations.

I am laughing at Iran, there are people on the planet that believe they are always safe, that somehow they cannot be touched. That a big hummer, a gun, a weapon, they will be always safe. This is nuts, the leaders of Iran are in harms way up to their ears, they are volunteering to die, they are begging for it. It is hard to believe the majority the people of Iran are in agreement.

The United Nations seems to be in agreement that Iran is going off the deep end.

Yes, 99.5 percent of the time, I am able to avoid danger.

The safety is in knowing and believing I need to be violent, accepting that violence is needed on the planet. I have no choice, I can be non-violent all I want, the other people on the planet are randomly violent.

They go after the non-violent people, the soft and easy targets, not after me, because I know, I can be hurt, I am afraid, I remember, I am not invincible, it is possible to kill me.

Oh well, fun and games, I think Africa is easier and safer for women, the men here, truly believe that women are less than them, and why would they listen, therefore not a threat.

Talk of Danger

Togo What Are You Doing

Togo What Are You Doing
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Sunday, March 25, 2007

I am lacking in a French phrase, word, or words of explanation, I wish to say to people I meet,
- I am a tourist.-

Je suis un touriste.

Masculine of Feminine Touriste
Feminine touristique

I was having a conversation with a highly educated man from Togo last night in English; strangely, he says his name is Joe. Ok, Joe has traveled a lot, for more strange reasons lived in Libya for two years. He is living in the same hotel as me, with his wife and son for a week while they visit his wives parents and family. She is originally from Kpalime, and he is from Lome.

This situation is different, as normally they would be staying at the home of the family. There are few reasons for hotels in cities, and it is not tourism. First is for traveling sales people to spend the night while they sell products to the city, second for a person traveling a long distance from city to city going to visit family, the third is to visit in laws in the city. As I said, they usually they stay with the family. I am sure there are other reasons. These reasons are why I can trust there is a way to live in most places. Just because there is no hotel, does not mean there is no lodging.

Joe speak English very well, he asked,
- What work are you doing in Togo? -

I say,
I am not working.
I am a tourist.

This is in English.
Then I repeat in French to be double sure, because I get the quizzical look, saying, I do no understand.

This goes on for about five minutes, I know better than to be stupid and just repeat the word tourist. I say it many times, in many combinations of words. I understand language is abstract, it is a few feelings, a few ideas, and a group of thoughts mixed up that somehow explains what a person wants or does, not that an explanation is normally given, but wants are expressed often.

I have said, I am visiting the countries of Africa and start on a list, I will go to Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, etc

- Je visite le Togo, le Bénin, le Nigéria, le Cameroun, le Gabon, le Congo. -

I hoped a long list of countries will give them the conceptual meanings of what I am doing.

I sometime resort to saying, I wish to learn about Africa or curious.
- Je suis curieux. -

I learn Africa.
- J'apprends l'Afrique. =

I want to know Africa.
- Je connais l'Afrique. =

When a person says, to another person in another country, culture or language, or they wish to say,
- I traveled to Benin. -

It is not good in my opinion to say,
- I traveled to Benin. -

I just need to say,
- I know Benin. -

People here will ask,
- Do you know Togo? -

If I say,
- I do not know Togo.-
This means, I have not traveled around Togo and therefore I do not know Togo.

Yesterday, I went to the Sunday market, which also is on Monday, I believe, a lot more interesting than the normal city market. I went two times; the first was early in the day. On the second trip, a family snagged me and some girl by the name of Diana asked to accompany me, I thought to myself.
- Well, I suppose if you the whole village gossiping about you, then that is your choice. -

Ok, so this Togo girl walks to the Market with me, and we roam around, this is difficult to do. I had made the mistake of saying I was going to go eat a Pineapple with my new friend.

When we arrive at the market, the girl goes instantly into buying a pineapple mode. I say, I want to buy a pineapple from my friend, she cannot relate to this, finally after many moves from different chubby ladies the girls seems to ask, where is the girl he purchased pineapples before at, and where did she go?

They all seem to know; I purchased the pineapple from the one girl, and said, she went home. Now, it is highly possible they are lying, this is not my first time to look for a repeat sale in a market. I cannot find the girl.

(I think the reason the girls wanted to accompany me, was to have me buy for her. I got off with a Coconut, Pineapple and some Tomatoes.)

I want to be a tourist, I want to look at things, and I want to be curious. This only happens because I just walk this way and that way, and the girl has no choice, she follows with me or I will leave her. She keeps wanting to know, what I want, I say, I am curious, I want to know the market, I am just looking, on and on and on.

She cannot relate, you go to the market to buy something, what do want to buy. I am tempted to say, I want to buy Pizza with lot of cheese and pepperoni and be a smart A…

All of this is about the question.
- What are you doing in Togo? -
(Africa is too big, I must limit or qualify to one country.)

There are about three or four easy answers.

1. Say, what I am doing in French, and not pay attention to their eyes, their actions, the look on their faces, and not care if they understand the answer and ignore them. I would say, about 80 percent of all tourist or travelers this is their method, mainly because when people talk, they do not listen, they just talk to do something or to hear themselves talk. Talking is because we want to be selfish and we go to the market to buy something, the only reason to listen is to be selfish and to find out if the other person can help, this is not ME.

2. I am working, or I am on a project. They do understand this, the reason is because people come and give them things or help them. They want, therefore when someone gives, they like this. They are 99 percent sure they are suffering and life is hard, and that someone should give them help or aid.

3. I live here. This strangely is a good answer, I can live in Kpalime or Togo and do NOTHING, and this is semi normal. To live in a place is ok.

Joe wanted to know my work.

4. I suppose I could say, I buy drums, leather or something way overpriced and nothing of value to export. The cost of items in Africa is about double the same items of Asia, there is not much I have seen that a person could export and it would be feasible. I do think there is about 50-70 percent of the land, sitting empty, and you could grow many foods and sell again to the same people.

I do not get on the subject of business in Africa, because this just leads into them wanting money and on the economic side of life, this is the wrong place to have discussions. I am learning that a person can learn a lot about languages here in Africa, they appear to be able to learn language at hyper speed.

I suspect the majority of tourist, volunteers, or crazies, just lie, or shine them on, and truthfully could give a Rats A.. if they understood. There is this entrenched belief with people that Africans are stupid, even the African people enforce it.

I truly believe anyone can learn, prosper and thrive anywhere on the planet; I do not need to give anyone anything, but a sense of pride in themselves.

I learned lesson in Thailand, Thai people are annoying, they continually ask either in Thai or English
By Nai Kalp?
Where you go?

No answer works, except.
Bye Tio.

It means more or less, I wander around, sort of like who gives a S, I am just walking and it is not important. The Thai people here, Bye Tio and stop asking questions.

There must be a way to say the truth here in Africa, I am a tourist. The problem arises because most tourists go to see a specific thing, then return to their jobs, or ignore them. I think the majority just ignores them, and I am not good at ignoring people, I am getting good at not understanding the word Cadeau, L’agent, or any words leading to give me something idea.

A person wanted to teach me the word for Money in the local Mina language; I almost got up and ran away. The last thing I want to know is when they are saying money in the Mina language, presently it is easy to ignore, and I do not recognize the word. Life was better before, I knew what Cadeau meant or the world gift in French.

Last night a girl said, something about a headache, this translates to I want to have sex with you, you give me money, and I will be happy. Amazing system some days, Joe and everyone was being extremely obnoxious, pushy and shoving, too helpful with this girl. I kept trying to say, I do not know this girl, I do not remember this girl, and I think she is very young. Nothing works, a girl offers a man should accept. They thought she was free, I was positive she wanted something.

The situation is this, the people want to make me happy, they are extremely helpful, and they are trying to think on how to help me. They want to know what I am doing so they can help me, I must NEED something, and maybe I need a person to help, because I am an ONG-NGO that needs to give to feel something.

Maybe I am here to invest, maybe I am here to bonk the girls, maybe I am here to live, and they wish to help me to be happy. They came down and asked me to come up top, and watch the Togo soccer match, I refused, as I am not going to even be curious about football, or I will need to leave the city as everyone will want to talk about soccer with me. Togo won, 2-1 over Sierra Leone.

What am I doing in Africa? What am I doing in Togo?

I tried to explain to Joe, I like people; I like to learn about Ewe, Mina, Dindi, Huasa, etc.

The bottom line is this, people understand what they know how to do, or what they also do, not what they have never done.

Sometimes, I offer a bone on the blog, I put up more than normal amounts of photos about food, because everyone in the world knows how to eat. Then there are the children, everyone can relate to children. I know this, I know what people understand, and I know what they can relate too.

However, out on a limb, way off in the bush, under the stomp is something I know nothing about, and I am sure many people do not know about. I can take a photo of the Eiffel Towers in France, and go figure about 10 Million other people have the photo to offer.

Curious is Africa, the Togo people are very curious about me, however, the do not see this as an activity, something to talk about, they are extremely curious, but that is not what you do. I have been training the 19-year-old boy, in the front of the Hotel, on the American art of Girl Watching. He is a slow start, I try to explain, I am going to club you if you say hello to another girl who is walking with a man.. I then told him, I do not want to do boxing.

They are like a blunt instrument, abrupt, to the point, and not diplomatic. What do you want? Then you take, really, this is easy, but not simple when I do not need anything, a few wants, but no big needs, and curiosity, how does a sense of wanting to learn work into the mind of a person.

Learning is because we are told, we go to school, and we are forced to go to school. We go to school so we can earn money. I was aware the other day; I have this whole encyclopedia on my computer. I will always have something to read, or learn, I will never run out of reading materials. I forgot, I had a lot of reading material, yet I do not see the encyclopedia as reading material, it must be a book, now I know, I have a lot of reading material with me, I am very worried about running out of English books to read, they are impossible to find here.

I am hearing the noise; the people of Africa must work all the time, because they are poor. Crap, they sit around talking 90 percent of the day, this is not true, they have an overabundance of free time, and they may think they are working, but sitting around looking at a pineapple in front of you is not too difficult.

I was thinking, and watching the Citron or Lemon Juice sales women, I make a special trip every day to her stand. She is ultra busy, she has two girls who fill up bag of water, put in a piece of ice, then the roam the area selling cold water. There is bigger than life size women that sells bean and other stuff, with a capital S. There is a back up lemon juice maker, this women is thriving, she is a go-getter from the get go, and if full of energy, no I feel sorry, I suffer with her.

How do I say, in one short sentence, I am wondering across Africa to see and learn about Africa? This is my goal now in French, maybe I can learn in the Mina language.

Yet, the art here is to have them relate to this answer and not continue with questions, until I am forced to just stop and leave, or shine them on a small bit. The easy thing to do would be to lie, and I think this is the common solution, not mine, but common. The world accepts a lie faster than the truth.

Togo What Are You Doing

All Things Good

All Things Good
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Saturday, March 24, 2007

I am ahead of schedule today as normal, I have no schedule or need to plan, at least no I-NEED this or that I-NEED that to plan, mostly just I want.

So, being ahead of schedule, on top of the world, I went for a morning walk up the hill form the Mandela Auberge. I am told there is a market today, so I set off to see who is also ahead of schedule.

First thing off, the girl across the way is cooking bread, and is bound and determined I will have the best photos possible. She also sold hot bread right out of the oven, T-Bread I think is the name, two pieces for 100 CFA, about 20 cents U.S., what a pleasure.

I work my way up the hill, slowly choosing my steps, knowing I have nothing better to do than look. The red stone, the red dirt, the color of Africa always makes me think, this color of Africa in photos gives the impression of harshness and difficulty, it really is not good representation of Africa, in the color of dirt.

I start to enter, or weave my way into the market, there are many red dirt paths to choose from, it is a normal market, like most markets on the planet. However, presently, it is delivery time, the early venders are having pineapples, bananas, plantains and various other fruits and vegetables taxied into the market. I am preoccupied with the bananas, then a girl of 18 runs by, chasing the taxi to retrieve more Pineapples, I thought it was my friend Tanz, and called out, by the time I was done, I realized, not the same girl, but both are banana sales job.

The bananas are too green, I think about 2-3 days out before eating is good, and I think they sell these wholesale, then the locals hold onto them and sell them all week long.

So, I started to look at the pineapples, the girl is encouraging me, I try to explain, I do not like to cut up the pineapple, she says she will and I am happy, although I think, the pineapple looks too new, maybe it is still hard, I like a nice soft sweet pineapple.

She cut it up, smiles, pushes, prods and laughs and shoves, she and the bread girl have made my morning all things good and happy.

The pineapple was soft, sweet, and delicious, now I need to learn to say, delicious and sticky in French. There is a good memory associated with delicious and sticky, I will remember these words.

All Things Good

Kpalime Auberge

Kpalime Auberge
Kpalime, Lome West Africa
Friday, March 23, 2007

I have made another Auberge change here in Kpalime, Togo. I am now in a Hotel for 3000 CFA or about 6 U.S. Dollar. I am still debating, I think it is much better, however, I need to wait for the night, when people from the night come out, to make sure the noise levels is ok.

There is competition between continents for the cheap backpacker, I do not think the backpacker or the continents know this, however to me there is a competition.

Yes, it is the next morning, Friday night passed and no swarms of drunks settled into the Hotel and all was good. I am about one block closer to the large noisy discotheques now; I can hear them in the distance. This Auberge is much better as a whole experience for me, not for everyone…

The young backpackers, the University Students, the Gap Girls and all the miscellaneous groups of trendy, fashionable groups of persons who say,
- I am going traveling. -

The world is competing for this group of travelers, if they had a clue that is they would know they should be competing for them. This is a competition for tourism and whole countries are clueless on how to market tourism. (First comes the young backpackers, later comes the fat tourist dollars.)

The guidebooks do not seem to see the big picture, I have a choice, and I can go to Southeast Asia, Central or South America and call it an adventure for less than 10 dollars per night for a hotel. I can many travelers or tourist comments, explain, or talk about how much fun they had and it was cheap. There is a need for a list of cheap hotels in Africa, the Rough Guide is doing twice as good as the Lonely Planet, however, I am cheap, really cheap, and I want value for my dollars.

I am in a 6-dollar Hotel, and the room is excellent, makes all of South America look like the cockroach Hotels of the planet.

The price of hotels in West Africa can be horrendous, the cost of a Tourist Fare restaurant is worst, I have sworn off going anywhere the silly white people are going, they really are ridiculous, the must be very afraid of African people to pay that much money to have bad food.

However, there is a on a shoe string path, there is a rough guide path, there is a way through West Africa I believe that could be traveling on the cheap. The big problem is the other travelers, they buy a 4-wheel drive SUV, then spend a lives saving, live like king, then try to make you think they are roughing it. It is confusing to listen to other travelers, they try to convince you need a motorcycle Helmut for Africa and in Asia, they tell you to rent a motorcycle that are extremely dangerous, here it is mildly dangerous, there is a lot less people and cars here in Africa so safer.

I just went to visit Craig’s site of and he is getting on a bus for over 36 hours in South America. Then for some reason getting in a Peugeot Station wagon with a bunch of cows for three hours is supposed to be bad. Three hours is nothing, West Africa transportation is great, get on a bus with a bunch of India people that have maybe never showered, then life is miserable or can be miserable.

I got some shower here with so much pressure it will not stay in the holder, weird, why?

I am trying to look for rooms or hotel that have screens on the windows while in Southeast Asia and South America they do not know what a screen is….?

I would like just a few more travelers here, so I can have a conversation occasionally in English. I would like to take the ONG-NGO out behind the shed and whip them until they bleed, do anything to encourage them to leave.

I am probably going to make a list of hotels that are cheap for this trip around in West Africa. If there is a problem in West Africa, the problem can be the owners or managers of hotels. When they are lazy, they are extremely lazy, they can be some of he worlds greediest, give me nothing for my money, taker on the planet. It is not the hotels that can be a problem; it is the owners of hotels. This is the problem on the whole planet, it is people.

My idea is this, I will take a photo of the managers, and I will say, this hotel is ok, if this person is not there, then all bets are off, the hotel may be a problem. I will also say, this is the price, if this price has changed then maybe not good.

Kpalime Auberge

More or less, I can say, if this person is working and the price is this, then I am recommending this Hotel, if the person and the price is missing, then Caveat Emptor.

I am hoping the guidebooks belly up to the bar.

Never Give Up

Never Give Up
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Friday, March 23, 2007

- It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up. -
-- Babe Ruth

I found this quote, on this page:

I hope the Babe said this, and if he did not, then no problem anyway, somebody like him needs the credit.

My friend Gary said something like this to me one time, it is one of them reverse logic, look at the world from a different angle, and the solution is easy thoughts. He wrote me, and now my curiousity is going astray, was a great day, searching for quotes.

Ok, unfortunately, I learned a little about this idea because of me being an alcoholic, sometimes a person would say to me,
- Die damn it, but do not drink. -

Somewhere in the mind, over in the corner, hidden by some confusions, is a switch, flip the switch, and the world changes. Come up with one more excuse, and the world stays the same.

Never Give Up a Need For Speed a Need For Speed
Kpalime, Togo West Africa

I have a need for speed!. Something from the movie - Top Gun -

I want to log into and post my blog fast, it takes me about 5 minutes now to log in because the Togocel GPRS connection is slow, but great.

Fastest - No I-frame, no foreplay, no zippers.

Medium - The little square box breaks or does not load, need to break the zipper.

Slow - But, I want to READ English - Wearing a girdle.

Normal blogger is easy, just type in and easy to remember, and takes time to change language, change worlds, change, etc.

I have a need for speed!

Note, reads you IP, or knows where you are at, and then tells the control panel, now called dashboad what language they you may be reading. This means, I am supposed to read French here in West Africa. I am using a control panel in French, not English, new words, and new ways.

Click here to stay in English and not have to play, you also can find the link to your language, as most of the world does not speak English as first language.

Note, I am learning how to do the least amount of bandwidth use blogging, so if and when I buy a satellite internet connection, or I have to pay 10 dollars per meg for GPRS cell phone connection to the internet, etc, I can have a need for cheap. a Need For Speed

Tropical Sleeping Problems

Tropical Sleeping Problems
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Friday, March 23, 2007

I do not remember West Africa being so hot the last time I was here; I do remember Niger being very hot. I am more committed this time to Africa though, I want to travel here for a long-time, not just a brief interruption. This is it, I looked at other trips as vacations in the midst of my other vacations, and I would rationalize paying for the air conditioning purchase. This time, I am trying to optimize the use of money.

Climatisation is French for air-conditioning, AC or to have a cool room, the cost of AC has been quoted from about 2000 to 5000 more per day; this is from about 4 to 10 U.S. dollars more per day.

4 U.S. Dollars per day X 30 days in a month is 120 U.S. Dollars extra per month.

It is now 32.00 Celsius in my room or 89.60 Fahrenheit.

To remember the theory Craig pointed out to me, there is this BUNDLE of what I get for what I paid the question is 4 U.S. Dollars worth being comfortable. Then, the worst problem, is the electricity dependable enough to go into a situation whereby when the electricity goes off, I am twice as hot?

4 U.S. Dollars is a standard pay for a room in many countries, I found a room here yesterday at the Mandela hotel, for 6, and maybe I better than the room I am in presently for 4800 CF or about 10 U.S. This is a 40 percent decrease in budget cost.

In economics, utility is a measure of the relative happiness or satisfaction (gratification) gained by consuming different bundles of goods and services. Given this measure, one may speak meaningfully of increasing or decreasing utility, and thereby explain economic behavior in terms of attempts to increase one's utility. The theoretical unit of measurement for utility is the util.


I would prefer to not use AC, mainly because when I walk in and out of AC, it really affects the body hard, especially when you go from about 70 degrees Fahrenheit to about 105 degrees Fahrenheit. A good fan, blowing on my body, not in or at my eyes is good. If I am in a concrete room, with a concrete ceiling, and there is also a concrete room above me, than the room is cooler. If there is a steel roof, than hotter, if there is a wood ceiling in my room, then I know, there is an attic space and it will be hotter.

I am now thinking about this, how I can put a mosquito net on the door to my room, so I can stop the bugs from entering. My room is about twice as comfortable when I open the door as a big breeze comes in the door at night, and hard to day in the day, as maybe it is a hot breeze. The problem is the seal around the door.

Shade or no shade, concrete or no concrete, breeze or no breeze, there is a flat roof up on top of the building. In the Middle East and sometimes in India, people will go up on the roof and sleep, for sure, this would be a good option here, and however, I have not seen anyone doing this.

I have this small thermometer and compass on my camera bag, it may be an annoyance, to know the temperature in the tropics take a lot of works, and do I really want to know.

I do not know why, there just is not a thermometer to be found, clocks are getting easier to find, yet not much value, the people are not on time and do not care, so the clock is just a decoration. Gadgets and measurements always puzzle me.

I use these gadgets and calculations to measure the success of my experiments, if I leave the door open, is it cooler, or does it just feel cooler. If I measure the sound, with my new Radio Shack Sound Meter am I happier or not?

Tropical Sleeping Problems

Travel Armamentarium

Travel Armamentarium
Kpalime, Logo West Africa
Thursday, March 22, 2007

My friend Chris wrote me today about a Solar Cooker he purchased, and his dealing with a Chinese Company.

He wanted to know if I wanted to add this to my
--- Armamentarium --- in the future.

Now, that word is 50 dollar word, if I every seen one, being I am never without my dictionary, I went and looked it up, both in the Encarta Encyclopedia Computer dictionary and also the Encyclopedia side.

Armamentarium DEFINED:
:medical equipment: the complete range of equipment, medications, and techniques that a medical practitioner has at his or her disposal

[Late 19th century. < Latin, "arsenal, armory" < armare (see arm2)]

Arm2 is: DEFINED:
transitive verb provide somebody with information or tools: to provide somebody with the information or equipment needed to do something
armed myself with statistics before the meeting

Armory: DEFINED:
resources available for dealing with opponent: a range of equipment and skills available to somebody, used especially in dealing with opponents
Perspectives, life is about the perspectives you use, your point of reference, the benchmark, the starting point, and in the end empathy. Chris empathizes great, and can see the future of Andy very well. Most people have great hindsight and terrible future sight, they cannot prognosticate the future.

However, the word Gear is used normally to talk about what is carried by a traveler when then endeavor to take off traveling for a year or so, or less. However, I think the great travelers, the ones who are really planning to travel for years, get in touch with their fears. They know, they need to find how to protect themselves from problems. The opponent or opponents are unknown, and how does one arm themselves against the unknown.

They need an --- Armamentarium --- for their future.

I feel pride, when a person actually traveling for years, or actually planning on traveling for years, becomes a regular reader, writer, and friend, this means I am somehow earning the respect of a honest critic, and qualified. This person is endowed with the fears needed, the real fears, not the maybe I go on a trip fears.

Most of life is a fantasy, and best place for most people to live in, a fantasy, it is safer and easier to maintain, real life, and real people can be extremely dangerous.

99 percent of my tips, do not apply, unless you want to go PRO, however they do 100 percent apply if want to go Budget. The tips apply 100 percent if you stop the fantasy.

The normal solution for tourist is to PAY their way through a problem, then minimize it, acting like there was no problem, not admitting they really was clueless, and just donated the money, and tried to forget.

I do this, I must forget, there is not reason to sit around and dwell on how to get a Ghana Visa… I just paid 400 Dollars more to fly to Lome, Togo, then to Accra, Ghana because of the difficulty in getting a Ghana Visa. It was not just the difficulty, it was the time needed, I was not going to spend two weeks in Delhi, and you could not pay me 400 dollars to do so, yes 5 years ago, I would have accepted the 400 dollars and been very happy.

Empathy, frustration, it was not 99 percent perspiration Edison applied, it was paying the 99 percent FRUSTRATION price,

- Genius is one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration. -

Attributed to Thomas Alva Edison (1847 - 1931)
U.S. inventor. (2)

The genius is in believing the frustration will pay off.

My friend Gary said something or quoted somebody, hmm, maybe I can find it, I cannot.

Ok, the idea or the quote was this,
- A person cannot be beaten, that will not quit. -
- You cannot beat a person that never quits. -

I think people wish to accomplish something and not have any frustrations; this is why they look for tips, the want an easy way around the frustrations. The normal way is to pay for tour, buy the guide, and dollar you way through, and then say, that was easy. In reality, safety cannot be purchased, however illusions and fantasies can be bought anywhere and everywhere.

The idea here is this, a person must add many things to their war chest, most are ideas and concepts, then go and face their opponents, the unknown. Keep you eyes and feeling open, do not avoid your feelings, they are what protect you. Fear is real.

Travel Armamentarium

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