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Organically Grown Palm Oil

Organically Grown Palm Oil
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Thursday, March 29, 2007

I am being sarcastic, and a smart A…

The Palm Oil is not pure and clean looking it is real, real life, real oil and made in a natural and organic way.

This is a photo I took in the market of Kpalime; the woman is selling palm tree oil, squeezed from this small little nut like thing. It is not the coconut, it is something that hangs down, not clear myself and there is nobody here in the organic natural and authentic world that cares to explain in English. I think I could get a very good Mina language explanation.

They do need and want to use the oil though, they are practical and use what they need, not making all the political correct decisions.

I see yams or cassava mostly being cooked in oil, there is also the Gateau I eat in the morning. They deep-fry them over a wood flame while I wait.

I like the Gateau or the round, what I think is corn, with some sugar inside dough thing, deep fried, and sold like a round donut hole, but is not a donut hole. Hmmm.. I have a photo.

Yes, the cheap food, I eat in the morning, one of these costs 25 Franc and one dollar is 500 Francs. I like them, and I have a small chat Chantelle, not Chantilly Lace, but Chantelle is my new friend, I think her mother makes them. Chantelle is married, has a baby by the name of Rose, and is nice, speak no English, small French, however we do communicate.

I am doing this mostly to EAT in the world now, IF I can see them cooking it, I will eat it, if they are not cooking it in front of me, I do not eat it, my solution to eating healthy.

I see many a chicken here looking like it is being cooked, and I want to see how long it has been on the burner, or is it from yesterday. I truly believe restaurants of the planet, take foods that did not sell yesterday, or the day before and just keep putting them out to sell. Not so bad when you know they have a fridge, sense of what is safe, and has the basic idea understood. NOT!

I trust my mom for this, and after that, I do not trust anyone, the world is about making a buck and the world will sell me anything they can get away from and I do not care if a 5 star hotel or the street vender. I am getting vigilant, cook it in front of me, and I will eat it.

Organically grown, a great marketing plan, a semi-good idea that goes astray, turns into a way to sell food at very high prices and who can say, was it really organically grown. The foods I see grown naturally grown are very ugly, I eat them daily, and the bananas are difficult to buy.

Is the world really ready for the ugly truth, would they eat meat, if they had to kill the chicken. The normal world will kill the chicken, we are sanitized and three levels away from life, the real world is a little too real for most people anymore to understand and appreciate.

I would wretch the necks a couple of chickens, if I thought they had some meat on them bones. They got some of the skinniest chickens and range fed chickens, marathon-running chickens on the planet here. The meat is like eating leather, a great place to make a large chicken farm.

Organically Grown Palm Oil

WIFI Annoys Me

WIFI Annoys Me
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Thursday, March 29, 2007

WIFI is a way to give a few users access to one internet connection point, serves as a LAN - Local Area Network, another toy and a nice toy in certain instances, but not a tool, not a sledge hammer, a small Childs hammer.

I am sending 25 U.S. Dollars to my friend Craig of from my account.

Hobo pays up.

There was an offer made, and I think technically he won the offer.

FROM Craig’s site:

WIFI is like Fools Gold to me a Traveler. Looks like Gold, but is not what I need and want, not all that glitters is gold.

Quote from Craig:

Amazon River Wi-Fi
Several weeks ago my buddy Andy left a comment that he'd give me US$25 if I found Wi-Fi access on my boat trip up the Amazon. Well, look what I came across...

Then later Craig says,

Quote from Craig:
- I could connect, but couldn't use the Internet, as the signal required authentication that I didn't possess.-

WIFI she does not give it up! The goal is an internet connection, not WIFI, this is just a a ways to a means.

WIFI is like a big excuse, I will meet you and they do not show up, I will call you and they never call. It is a big promise, which never gives results.

When I do not need a connection, when I am in a location where high speed internet access is everywhere, there I find a WIFI connection. A WIFI is a good Local Area Network a great way to allow a few people to connect to the same internet connection.

This is not the future of Wireless Internet Connection. I think the end will land around a Satellite Connection or a Cell Tower connection, not a router set up.

WIFI is a great suggestion that does not work as a way of providing internet to the whole planet, it is just a fancy way to replace an Ethernet wire, and if you want to give me access in a hotel. PLEASE wire the hotel with Ethernet and do not give me WIFI, unless you are putting the transmitter in MY room.

Annoying and annoying, you never call, you never write, promises, promise and I just sit here waiting, dreams that never come true.

I wish I had never heard your name WIFI.

WIFI Annoys Me

Where is the French W

Where is the French W
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I have now two friends with a W in their names, and I am lost on how to pronounce their names.

I did a search of 1139 words in my computer, that I can listen to the words being pronounced, I found one word, sandWich.

le sandWich au jambon

However, two of my friends have a W in their names.

Mawuli a Man.
Awel a Female, maybe I spelled wrong.

Learning a language to me could be very easy if they just stopped pretending I can learn by context, or by associations and just say to me.
- Andy this is a lot of work, you need to sit down and remember these 3000 words, rules, and you will have a good start. -

Instead, there is a never-ending search through all the pages, the books, the documentations about French.

Everyday, I have to search through all the French materials I have searching for a rule, reason, explanation how to pronounce, or whatever pops up question.

I truthfully believe languages are easy, I think the teachers and books are difficult. This is my second language I am really going after to learn, and I speak a little of many other languages, not a newbie at this communication game.

I am a worker, not a game player, I just want to get to work, get it over with and talk French. I do not enjoy all the work I must do to collect the rules of French into one location, they have been speaking this language for a while, and teaching.

The website has been great; it goes in detail and hardly misses a point. My computer program, although good for learning words and how to pronounce the one word, does not teach any grammar, rules, or rules of pronunciation; I will learn the 1139 word they way they say them and can repeat like a smart monkey

When I see a sign along the side the road, I cannot phonetically sound out the word because of the computer program. The rules in do help, and are good.

I guess, I am irritated at was I think of as dysfunctional thinking, this is it, I am angry, that I am forced to behave dysfunctional. I am forced to study and read dysfunctional explanations.

They violate the rule of enmeshment, they overlap, intertwine, and combine ideas never giving me a direct single concept to learn, they give me choices of interpretations, I can read their explanations and never be sure, it does not function.

I am a horrible person to learn French, I cannot hear the intonations, a person must repeat the word 5 times, and then two minute later I will forget how to say. I must write it down, read, write, repeat 20 times minimal or I forget, however once I remember the rules, I do not forget because I have worked very hard to remember.

The books seem written by a person that did not want to burden the student with all the minute details, just saying, oh they will figure them out and we do, or we will continually mispronounce for the rest of our lives. We do not figure them out, and 90 percent of their students did not learn, or want to learn, and they did not really want to teach.

I remember this guy Jack from Canada in Mexico, he lived there for 20 years and could not pronounce the word Mujer, in fact, he demolished most words, yet he would say he studied the language.

This is what happens when there is no correction and the bad habits become impossible to stop, you write as I write, your grammar is like my grammar, all the rules are violated, and because the person truly believes, they are saying, writing and communicating in the language well, they cannot not stop their bad habits.

Teaching me French grammar is impossible in a way, I do not know English grammar, hard to explain and adjective, when I am never sure what an adjective is, or how to construct a sentence.

I get frustrated when the spell checker says… Sentence Fragment… I think, that is nice, why, how do I fix, come on please, help me to learn, I want to know what I did wrong. Great, now I know I have a sentence fragment, so what?

I am guessing, yet I believe there are about 3000 rules of any language, you could just make a big list of 3000 rules, examples of word, how to pronounce in a row, then say, learn them all and you are ok. Then you need to go and use the language, practice, and slowly learn the sound, the style and the common way of talking.

I found a way to pronounce the French Alphabet on the internet.

Now, if I can find some words with a W in the word, so I can figure out why there is no W’s to be found, and why my friends say their names the way they say them. I want to deal with W, I want to learn all the way the W is used, how not to use, when to use, how to pronounce, I know they could do this, one letter, and all the rules, then A, B, C, etc.

Note, my new friends speak Mina as their first language, maybe they speak French, maybe the do not. Mawuli speak French worst than me, so who know why he spells his name the way he does. The other girl, this mother of 2, single, and selling peanuts and - Divers - I think this means Miscellaneous, I wrote Isabelle to learn, not in the dictionary, but on every sign I see.

The mother, strangely, out of the blue, on a back street, way off in the yonder speaks perfect French, I can talk and understand her easily, but when she spelled out her name, I was lost. I will try again tomorrow; she gave me a Cadeau, a gift of peanuts. I about dropped out of my chair, a gift, someone is giving me a gift, after having about 30 people per day ask you for a gift, the idea of receiving one seems radical, out of this world, there seems to be such a one way street, how could a person offer me a gift.

There are special stars in the sky, I must be sure to keep my eyes open.

I hope after I am good at French, I never tell anyone how easy it is to learn a language; it is just a lot of work, no more, no less. Unless you are a natural and that is not really the same.

Anybody can learn a language, that is easy to see, most people speak one language, there own.

Where is the French W

Togo Hotel Camping

Togo Hotel Camping
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I forgot about electrical problems, Kpalime, Togo has a small problem with the electricity going off, yet nothing close to Nepal or Lome, Togo. I am reconsidering the possibility that in Lome, the Auberge MyDiana maybe had a different type of electrical problem, I think the house was on a residential power set up and required a commercial account. Not, that the city should give preferential treatment to business accounts, but I think the Galion Hotel had less problem, they had about the same amount of electrical problems as Kpalime, but nothing close to the MyDiana Auberge, but no way to check, I would have to go over and say, hey do you have electricity every time one hotel went off, go visit the other.

Because the owner would not pay the residential set up, the city shuts them off more or allowed worst service.

Camping - When I camp, I do not have electricity always.

When I camp, I go the woods, and I accept that I do not have electricity and I deal with it. There is a lot of camping available in West Africa, the guidebooks are continually pointing where a person can camp, I am not sure, this may be because of about 90 percent of travelers through Africa seem to be in cars or SUV - four wheel drives.

When I camp, I plan on not having electricity, and then am happy when I do. This is what I am thinking about hotel camping. I do plan on having electricity in a hotel, it would be better to plan on not, and being happy because I do.

I do not try to camp, I only camp because I have no choice, and I do camp or live outside under the stars sometimes. I would think in reality I am better prepared to camp, then the person who plan to camp. There is an idea that a true backpacker is ready to camp, is living in a self contained backpack, ready to live anywhere. Cooking, sleeping, rain, mosquitoes and is ready for bear.

Togo Hotel Camping

Togo Iron Metalworking

Togo Iron Metalworking
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sometimes I am just not thinking, and maybe my brain is cooking, however I really should have paid more attention.

This man has created a bellows; no it is not a bellows, as I do research on this Iron works I am learning as I go. This is going to take work to figure out all this information about what he is doing. I understand, and know, but I am not sure I know all the words to type it into this computer.

This man is working iron, by super heating the metal over a fire. There is a bicycle rim. Nope, not a bike rim, I think he just made some type of metal hoop with a groove in it, and then either is using a bike chain or a something that has enough bite for the big sprocket to the right to gear up the smaller sprocket and make it spin very fast. To the right in front of the clay box furnace is a fan.

What type of fan? I do not know the name, but this one is metal and works by having a spiral type of system. More or less the same as a hand hair dryer used to dry hair, except this one is made of metal so it will not melt. He is cranking the larger sprocket, and stoking the fire by more or less supplying massive amounts of oxygen because the forced air on the flame, thereby increasing the temperature of the flame enough to heat the iron piece until red-hot. He will then take some metal thongs and put the piece of iron on the anvil and hit it fast and hard to shape in this instance into a hand help plow, mattocks or tool we do not have in the USA. The more or less plow field with it, not plow, they use it like a hoe and pull at the ground until they turn the ground over.

To the left of the anvil is a piece of flat iron that shows marks of shaping, this is the only think I truly focused on, just to check what he was making. I suppose I understood the other apparatuses and did not focus, mainly because it is not a complicated set up, straightforward and easy to make if you understand the whys.

However, my brain is heated, I knew I was going to explain this, and to explain, it would have been better to look at all the pieces closer and try to think of their names.

I enjoy this type of tourism most, cost nothing and to me is the most authentic and valuable type of tourism. I enjoy learning how people live and work. I looked up some of the words up in the Encyclopedia and it focused on Art. This is tools, real life, art is secondary to tools, and the world keeps making art first in line, they buy the art and call it culture, I meet this person and think this is culture. I was disappoint as there was little discussion of tool making.

There was also another thing going when I took this photo, not everyone appreciates a white guy just coming up and taking a photo. This person was great, however the arms on an ironworker are not to be ignored, even in the USA.

I am going to stroll up there and take another look, very close to my hotel and just across from the Saturday - Tuesday market or diagonally across. Look for a sign with a man showing something on it…. Hehehe

I got offered a job working high steel, turned it down, I was working concrete at the time, concrete workers are crazy, and Iron workers are more…

I think the man is using number 8 one-half inch rebar, I think, been a long time to shape into tools. It is the bar that a person puts in concrete to reinforce, the standard size, do all.

I need to come up with a good name for tourism where a person goes and learns how a person works and lives, focusing on the work part.

Togo Iron Metalworking

West Africa Cheap Hotels

West Africa Cheap Hotels
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, March 27, 2007
I got wind of another cheap Auberge or Hotel here in Kpalime, Togo so I went up the hill near the big Saturday - Tuesday market. I looked first at the market, drank an ice cold Citron - Lemonade and went searching for an Auberge, I find the word Auberge here means cheaper and hotel means more money.
I look around, I did not see anything, then I seen some grass type umbrella tops for tables. That looks like a restaurant inside them there wall. It as right on the corner, directly across from a very funny and strange sign with a drawing of a man doing something…not for prime time discussion.
Ok, I went over, yes, there is an Auberge there; I went, found the entrance, and got the tour. Quite a nice places in a way, quiet, lots of shade, and sitting areas, the rooms were 2000 for shared and 2500 CFA for private, sparse, and bare, but really pretty good for 4 or 5 U.S. Dollars and very close to the Gare or Van Depot for transportation and the big market is just across the street.
Boom Boom Hotel
Buvette Bar Hotel
Love Hotel
I have many names for this type of hotel or Auberge as they say here. A man and girl want to find a room, they go to a place and drink, then quietly slip away or not so quietly slip into an ultra cheap room.
As best, I can tell, since there are almost zero traveling salespeople, no tourist, and this city has very little need for tourist hotels. I would say, boom boom is the call of the day in West Africa.
I was having this moral dilemma; do I recommend a person go live in a Love Hotel, a.k.a. boom boom hotel? What about a girl, traveling alone?
The bottom line is nobody wants to be harassed by anybody, so I guess, yes, I would recommend the Cheap Boom Hotels, not the expensive Boom Boom Hotels, as both are drinking and like I said again and again.
West Africa Cheap Hotels
I am not harassed here by poor people, the bigger danger is the totally decked out, in the Africa Pants suit, up and down, looking like a big flower. This is the person to me that is dangerous, there is an elitist, you must listen to me attitude and they are thinking they are King, sometimes Queens.
I walked into this very thrifty and rather nice hotel across from the Saturday Market place, a man shake my hand, and everyone says hello.
Often the poorer the person is in the world, the better their manners, I think of John Steinbeck and the book Cannery Row, were they sinners or saints?
I am going to continue to search for the cheap hotel, I think I have it figured out, although getting a Moto or Taxi to take me to cheap hotel is not what the knob white people do here, so they just cannot believe me when I say,
- Take me to a 2000 CFA Auberge. -
They will still take me to the most expensive hotel they can find, almost no matter what I say, I have to look outside the expensive hotels until they are done, before they finally say, ok. I know of one.

I want to live with them or like them, as normal. I did come to see Africa, not some made up un-authentic Africa.
Fun and game today and the market was fun.

Alternative Gear

Alternative Gear
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Monday, March 26, 2007

Every change of hotel has small differences, sometimes the differences are advantages and other times disadvantages. I continually try to optimize my enjoyment of life, and how I live, trying to make the best possible Travelers Nest possible.

Of late, I have been working on how to solve a problem, I try to clearly define the problem first, there is something about a well-defined problem that embedded in the problems is the answer. This idea makes no sense to me either, but it is true. The more I define the problem, the more I have an answer.

My Problem?
When one is making a nest, they gather twigs, pieces of scraps, debris, and sometimes the are lucky and find the exact size and shape twig that is ideal to make a nest. There is a bundle of need and wants, sometimes it is perceived needs and sometimes it is safety need, not necessarily rational.

I have a list of needs.
I have a list of wants.
I have a list of things that make me feel safe and secure.

I never have a full nest, with everything on the multiple lists, there is often and always something missing, especially in the want area and this is why the malls are full on the weekends.

I am trying to solve a puzzle, I wish to find the proper words to describe what I need, everyone thinks the can just go out, buy a lot of gear, purchase everything they need, and take off. I do hope nobody thinks they could possible carry everything they need.

Alternative Gear

I think the word Alternative is maybe the best word, or the word could also be substitute, the substitute teacher is a teacher, but maybe not the proper teacher, does not fulfill the students needs completely, and either does the normal teacher.

having same meaning: meaning the same, or almost the same, as another word in the same language, or being an alternative name for somebody or something

Example: I can go and buy a very fancy travel bottle, pay a lot of money sometimes; however, I will have this super duper made in China, sold in the USA with an American name bottle.

I will fall in love with this bottle, it will be with me, and it will be the replacement for my mothers… Oops, then I will put this in my mouth on the bus, I will have great pride in this bottle, then…

I will forget and leave on the bus.
A will leave in the restaurant.

The thing will freeze (In Tibet a real story) and I will think, I paid this much money for bottle so it would carry water and not leak in my bag. This is the idea.

Alternative Gear:
I discover a Coca Cola one-liter bottle is about the same… oops

I have made a list of words; I do not think many fit:

Second Choice
Identical, the same,
One and the same,

Ok, I am trying to think of what to do; I am thinking again about gear for my travelers nest, and my armor against annoyances, sometime real problems and danger.

I was thinking the other day, I would like to have a club, so I could whack a person on the head sometimes, or the alternative would just be a sock with a few stones inside, both rather dangerous.

I think I could and will talk for day, on pages of my site eventually to the alternatives ways to manage problems. If you do not have this gear, this will work.

What maybe elicited this set of ideas, the prompt was something to do with the rug outside the shower to my room in Lome. It was very white and bright, and quickly showed the dirt. There is this half-sand, half-dirt in the side streets of Lome, Togo, normal tan sand is much better, complete sand is cleaner, and does not make things look black and dirty.

When, I am in Thailand and the sand is being tracked into my room, I place a bucket of water in front of the room and step in and step out of the water, then walk into the room.

I have been asking for a towel in hotels so I have a rug.

Alternative to a rug is towel
Alternative to a rug is a bucket of water.
Alternative to a towel is sheet.
The substitute for a sheet is a blanket.
A substitute for a blanket is towel or hammock.
A great replacement and my first choice for a water bottle is a Coca Cola Bottle.

So, I make a list of all my needs, wants, wishes, dreams for my nest and I try to quickly at hyper speed, doing absolutely no work, try to find the things on the list.

Casual, I try to be calm and cool about this, not getting in frenzy, because the shower does not work.

I am in an extraordinary room, it is large, the water pressure is great, for reasons beyond my understanding the room is cooler than other hotels here in Kpalime, the name of the hotel is the Mandela, I do not know why the room is cooler, but it is, maybe the roof constructions is a little better or the winds.

I think everything in this room is new,

I do not think more than one person in every 15 days ever slept in this room. It looks like they took it out of mothballs and opened it up for me, this is not a busy hotel, and either were the others.

Mawuli the semi-manager-cleaner is a great kid, he is 19, young, full of energy, and not who I would pay to clean rooms, although maybe he does cleans rooms. Hard to say, I have never seen anyone here clean rooms. The Aurore Hotel had this Queen Size cleaning lady, who seem good at watching soap operas, and the Bafana Bafana, well they was the female version of Mawuli, young and lacking in supervision, although cute, and this was an advantage.

Supervision is needed to have a clean room, the management needs to check the rooms and say, do a better job. This small thing is done in about 1 in 75 hotels, I am not sure, and I think the management only goes in room when someone complains, all reactive.

I tell owners, if a person leaves after one day, this is a complaint, spoken with their feet.

All three hotel rooms have been mopped by a person who would never waste water to rinse the rag. Water is semi-precious here, there does not seem to be a shortage, but if you carried a large tub of water weighing about 30-50 pounds two street blocks on your head, you would not want to use it to rinse the mop. The hotel has running water, but I am sure Mawuli was raised or lives in a home where they carry water from a collection point to their home.

I am amiss to understand, yet the rinsing of the mop is right up there with the lack of fitted sheets on the planet. The world takes the same mop, splashes it around the floors, and calls it clean.




I am not sure, are they different, and is there a radical difference, or is one and alternative for the other, a substitute.

Mawuli just does a 19-year-old job of mopping the room, the floor is swept yet I have discovered when I walked from the shower to the bed, my feet were dirty, the sheets in the bed became dirty. They have this throw rug, a good one, not like the Aurore that felt sticky, not a rug you can wash and dry easy.

I have used the rug to mop the floor to my room and make this nest a perfectly clean room, I will leave the room cleaner than when I entered, and this is normal.

I am going to go and try to buy a rug like this, the color is maroon, I will not pretend it is clean.

Wearing a black shirt does not mean you are clean, you are hiding the dirt.

I have used this rug to mop the floor, works great, I am not going to use as a towel, maybe I can buy one of them heavy, Motel, Hotel Holiday Inn rug towels, I doubt it. I asked for a towel in Lome, then used as rug… That towel was dirty, but it was white, I am wondering, would it be clean if it were maroon.

The idea of life is maybe from Crosby, Still, Nash and Young a lyric in my brain.
- If you cannot be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.-

I do with what I do, I live with what I live, the fun is when I find a perfect twig for my nest, and I can find this same twig again and again. I do not buy gear in gear shops, sometimes I buy gear in gear shops, but normally I buy gear in Wal-Mart, I buy what I call off the shelf items, so I am not depressed when I lose them.

I can find towels everywhere on the planet, and if not there is an alternative or substitute teacher. The substitute or alternative idea needs to be on standby.

Alternative Gear

ChicaChoo Togo Drink

ChicaChoo Togo Drink
Maybe ChuckaCho
Kpalime, Togo West Africa

There appears now to be a Sunday and a Tuesday market here in Kpalime, and the normal city market every day, which is not as good, but full of the more tourist trinkets.

I took this photo after a lot of thinking and asking many questions. How to take a photo, were these people getting drunk, were they drunk? The brain under the influence of an alcoholic drink can be the most dangerous animal on the planet.

I have the greatest respect for the danger of drunks, they cannot be intimidated, they cannot be warned, they cannot be stopped, there is only way to deal with a drunk, that is not to deal with them. I need to avoid drunks.

Chica Choo

Something like that, I am in Frenchish country, trying spell out a word they say in the Mina language and I am writing it as I think it in English.

French? How to spell in French?
Thique Thu

This was a hard Ch like the word Chica in Spanish, like a chicken, like a chick a baby chicken. Chicka Choo. The ch was like a train, like a Choo Choo Train.

Oh well, the never ending desire to figure out what I a looking at clearly, simply and unadulterated by my culture or my thinking trying to explain in my way of thinking what another culture thinks in their way of thinking.

Is this drink an alcoholic drink and dangerous for me, Andy the Hobo…? I have an alcoholic brain, I could go crazy?

I asked in about 10 different ways, all the way from trying to say alcohol to doing a pantomime and they answered no.

Is there Alcohol in the drink?

Therefore, the answer was NO, about 10 times.

This is a mental game people play, it is funny game, it is not so funny to me, but to the average person, they like to play a fantasy game. If I wanted to drink alcohol and if I want a juicy rationalization, if I really had a desire to drink, I would believe them.

I think this drink has alcohol in it, maybe just a very minute amount, but there is about 50 people sitting around drinking it, and they do not do this with Pineapple juice.

(Some story about ducks.)

Sugar and about anything, and you have fermentation, the byproduct is alcohol, I am sure I am explaining wrong, but that is not the point.

Some old man, wanted me to give him money to buy the stuff, I said, no, as I would say no to any what could be a person who wants a drink.

Interesting cultural stuff here, how we somehow say to ourselves and convince ourselves of ideas.

- My wife is not fat. -

- These people do not work, because they have no job? -

- It is not an alcoholic drink? -

I was in Colombia and a girl told me to drink the Chicha, I did, and instantly tasted the alcohol the same as I taste the alcohol in mouthwash. I suppose I could gulp down the mouthwash and get drunk, it would give me a hell of a sugar, alcohol buzz, and really do wonder for my stomach. Life is somehow to me about my intentions and the game I play in my head, what I say is ok for me, and what I say is ok for you. I really enjoy life, and the enjoyment is the degrees of tolerance or intolerance of life.

The people of the world are tolerant beyond imagination, they look the other way, and they do about anything to not have conflict. Then there are the bullies of the planet, who provoke, ask for a fight, and sadly, someone has to give them a fight. This is where a good person has to know they are needed, they cannot just look the other way, they have to be intolerant and say no.

I had a lot of fun with the people drinking the ChicaChoo as Diana said it and ChuckaChoo as Mawulee said it, whoever says it, I am not going to drink it…

It is about probabilities, if there is a 1 in 1000 chance this is an alcoholic drink than for me, no games to be played, I do not chance it. However, suppose I did feel safe, I drink it and it turns out be alcohol, then what do I do, I stop and say, oops, some alcohol entered my mouth. For sure, that is not a big deal, I could guzzle down a whole bottle of beer if I was going to die of dehydration and I would maybe, or maybe I would die.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Everyone was having a good time, drinking the ChickaChoo, whatever you call it, they was enjoying life, and doing what people do, being people, good, bad, and a maybe.

Opinions are opinions, and a judgment is a judgment, not very much of a problem unless, it becomes important to enforce the judgment. I am not in the world changing business, I am in the Andy changing business, life is good, today was a good day.

Chivalry lies somewhere in our intentions and what we do or do not do, it so easy to say yes and go along with the group.

ChicaChoo Togo Drink