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Blogging is My Business

Blogging is My Business
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Monday, April 2, 2007

I really do not care much about what I blog, I write about what I am thinking at the moment. To read my blog for relevancy and usability seem silly at best.

IF you are going to go travel for over two years.
Extremely Valuable and applies to maybe 1 in 500,000 people.

If you are in the office, and planning a trip to Togo right now, then very good.

If you are curious…

If you are planning a trip to South America, then go read my blog post or newsletters about that time period and forget reading the daily blogs about Togo.

This is a business, always has been, always will be, I make web pages, I blog to make money. I had one goal with I started to make web pages.

I wanted to earn enough money to travel and work anywhere on the planet, to be a Hobo that goes from place to place and find small jobs.

Extremely few readers, reads the whole newspaper. They read the sections they like and ignore the others. This is how to read a blog, it the topics and the reader wants, continue, if not interesting, click away and be done.

I want to receive blogs my email box, if I am going to read, I want to read, I am not interested in RSS, as I have a hard time using it, and it does not force me to read. I read by temptation. I have and will continue to put manuals and difficult journals, and boring, but I need to read information in the rest room. I read a little of what I do not really want to read.

RSS to me is this, I am saying I am interested in everything, but focus on nothing.

If I want to read something, I make myself react to it, I force it to cross my path daily, then I learn.

But making one post for me, is about business. I make each post to have it show up in a search engine, the person finds, a reader interested in blogging will find this one. I then hope so they do not get annoyed, they click on the NEW feature now offers.

Thank you - Labels - they at the bottom of all post online, not offline, and a reader can stay on topic better by reading the labels and get their I need information fix, MTV, too fast for life people, not my friends, just came to read and take and leave.

My best friends have insatiable curiosity about anything, talk about trees, they talk, talk about solar, they talk, talk about politics they talk, the subject is not as important as curiosity. They are probably still reading to this point… Hehehe

The bottom line is this, the more pages a person makes on different topics, the more money they can make on the internet with the new contextual ads. The more unique, obsolete, and unknown the topic, the more money they can make. To talk about Shakira will not make you money as everyone is talking about Shakira, to talk about Togo will make me money, I will be continually in the to 10 searches for Togo because the planet does not know Togo exist, and is not a prime time subject.

I recommend blogging as a source to fund a person who wishes to travel forever. However, they need to make about five posts per day minimum for about 2 years to make any money. Every post is one subject and one them, they need to follow very strict SEO rules and pretty much ignore the other webmasters, if a person say Flash, this mean the do not know.

I like to blog, fun, easy, and my online diary, talk about what I want, the readers help me, they give me ideas and recommendations, I make some friends, I make enemies.

The way to know how popular a blog is, count the number of hate mails, if you do not get hate mail, not many people are reading and probably you spend your whole time sucking up to people, being a person who says what you think they want to hear, and not your log of you life.

Blogging is My Business

Andy the Happy Traveler

Andy the Happy Traveler
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Monday, April 2, 2007

This is how it works.

I travel to a places, I get curious, I read about it on Encarta, maybe I read a little in the Roughguide Guidebook, or Lonely Planet when I have that one, I am using Roughguide for West Africa, seems to be better than Lonely Planet.

What is making me happy is this, I have the ability to go and look at something new, afterwards I go back to my room curious. I read about what I seen in my Encarta Encyclopedia; it gives me great insight, knowledge, background and great maps. If I am finished, and my curiosity has been quenched, I stop. IF not, I read as much as I can, then I go to the internet to finish my reading. The GPRS in my room allow this, not internet in the internet café, to remember, go to the Internet café is too time consuming to remember. I now can return to my room, and in my room I can research and learn.

This added benefit of GPRS has made my travels more rewarding and I am now spending more time learning, and less time just having questions.

Google Earth does NOT work, take too long to load, is not on the machines in internet cafes, then the maps are good when I do not need a map, such as the USA, and a disappointment when I do need a map. I get angry because I spent all this time, money and work to find a Google earth and download and no map of value.

IF a person is in the Internet Café and they are using Google Earth in the internet café in West Africa, every map you look at will probably cost about 50 cents USA.

Now, I can do this, I go to a link, I - SAVE AS - to the computer and I have to read offline.

I am happy because Encarta can tell me about Togo, gives me maps, tells me a lot, but cannot go into detail about a small idea. Wiki has these obsessed to collect information people and they do this, they collect, organize, and tell me, I open, save as, and I can read, when the GPRS is bad, or when the I leave the internet Café.

My guess is I could get high-speed internet access about 10 percent of the time on the planet in my room. I can get high speed a lot, if I would pay 100-150 US per night to stay in the 5 Star Hotels, but that is not travel.

I am happy, I read, and read, or someone sends me a link, I sometimes can go and look and see what he or she are talking about. Normally when a person sends me a link, they have to be a great friend, or I do not look, I have to trust them and they for some reason are in tuned or empathizing with what I am interested to do. Sending random, I am in love with pages is nice, but not so helpful.

Planning, I am now planning all my countries around the extraordinarily fast expansion of GPRS. I think I can go to only countries in Africa that have GPRS and wait until the other offer. There is no way I will travel faster then they expand. In addition, Africa has about 52 countries to wait in…

I find I do not like 24/7 High-Speed internet in my room, it like an addiction. With this supers slow GPRS, I can find information, but it is not addictive, I am more than willing to stop, as it is slow. I do not look at videos, that is what a TV is for.

My curiosity about the planet is being quenched better with a spontaneous extra ability to have my questions answered with GPRS internet access. I do not become an addict to the internet.

Andy the Happy Traveler

I Follow My Travel Rules

I Follow My Travel Rules
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Sunday, April 1, 2007

I have a cell phone, it is a Quad Band V555 Motorola, it has Bluetooth that allows me to create a wireless connection between the phone and the computer.

I make very few phone calls with the phone, in fact, I almost never make a phone call, I find making phone call in most countries annoying and a waste of time. The phone call will cost X and the taxi will cost the same X, why call when I can go visit. Impossible to talk French or Mina over a phone, guaranteed to cause confusion.

I follow the rules.

I have a rule in my head about electrical wires, extension cords, power source of any cables that have to do with electronic equipment.

The rule is something fuzzy like this:
- I shall not be able to accidentally trip, pull, move or hook on the wire and pull the electronic device. -

Part two of rule:
- The computer, cell phone, fan, battery charger, shall not sit high and in a location where it can be pull off and fall on the concrete floor. -

A computer is hard for me to fix or replace.
A cell phone would be confusing to replace, but easy to do.
Battery chargers are very difficult to replace here in Africa, and a good one I think is hard to find that uses both 220-110 currents. (I use the Sony ones that come with he cameras)

One good jerk on the cord and these devices can be trash.

If I trip over the cord to my computer and it is sitting on the table, I can pull the computer off, it falls on the concrete floor and it is trashed.

If I am charging the cell phone and it fall off the table, ledge or anything and land on the floor it is trash.

With this is mind, I often sit my computer on the floor or in the middle of the bed. The floor is dangerous also, I could step on it, or I can spill liquid into the computer.

Coming out of the shower is a problem, drinking any type of sodas, liquid, juices are a problem. I would venture to think, that maybe beer is the number one reason for destruction of laptop computers, then maybe dropping them.

It would be an interesting statistic to discover and hard to know what is the truth. There are truths that people refuse to admit easy.

How did you break you computer?
- It just broke, I did not do anything? -

Do you know there is sticky fluid in the computer?
Did you drink soda or beer around your computer?

- I am very careful, I never drank anything near my computer. -

The spilling of drinks or the dropping of a computer on the floor are accidents, however for some reason a person associates dropping something with being stupid.

If a person bumps me and I drop the computer, maybe I can say they are clumsy and stupid. But for me to just slip, drop my computer, somehow a person says to themselves,
- I should not have slipped, I am stupid. -

Ridiculous and silly logic, and guaranteed this person will drop their computer.

I plan on getting bumped.
I plan on the fact that I will trip over wires in my room.
I know I will spill coffee.
I know I will accidentally give a hard jerk on the cell phone charging wire.

OK, the bottom line is this, for me to connect to the internet, I need to place my cell phone in the window of the room. I put in an the ledge of the window. I also need to keep it plugged into the electricity because when on the internet, the cell phone uses more electricity than the charger is charging, it consumes more energy than I can push or cause enter into the phone.

There are variables, and the best place for my cell phone to sit is in the middle of the bed. It will not fall out. However, the best connection is when the cell phone is just outside the window of the room.

I almost pulled the cell phone down from the ledge, it almost fell on the floor. I almost broke my cell phone a couple of minutes ago, this is the problem. Rules are not meant to be broken, they are meant to be respected. I have a cord open that I can jerk and pull the cell phone to the floor. This violates both the No Trip Rule and the No Fall Rule.

I suppose I now have a third rule,

When a potentially costly problem almost happens, or whenever I do something that cost a lot of money, for example rent a room that is 20 dollars per night. Or in this situation, almost pull the cell phone onto the floor. I take a timeout.

I do a focus session, focusing on possible ways of solving the problem, I do not ignore, or hope this solves itself, I start to have a severe case of cognitive dissonance. I pose the question to myself, and then start to drive myself crazy until I solve the problem.

The answer here lies somehow in typing the wires higher and in somehow putting the cell phone in a bag that can be tired to the window. Window just are not good places for cell phones, nothing is good to grip onto and the additional problem, people walking by can see the phone and try to steal.

I know of four people who have had their cell phone stolen here in Africa, all Togo people, but it happens daily here. I do not like to have my cell phone sitting in the window.

Really the solution here is not as important as a well-define problem, I know me, I will solve the problem. Or my curious little brain will do just what it is doing, it will obsess, drive me crazy, sit around and say, how, how can I, what can I do, what is the solution. I will think, dwell and come up with ways to solve this problem.

I have this problem with the cost of Hotel rooms in West Africa. I have told myself, I am not paying more than 10 dollars per night rooms in some of the poorest countries on the planet. It just does not make sense, that the poorest countries on the planet have the most expensive rooms, something is dreadfully wrong. I believe there are always cheap rooms, the people of Togo, and West Africa do move from place to place, they need to sleep also, and I know the average person making 1-2 dollar per day cannot pay 20 dollars per night to stay in an Auberge or Hotel.

There must be a ration, but I think a person in the USA who earns 100 dollars per day should look for rooms that cost about 25 dollars in the USA, and on vacation for 2 weeks maybe around 100-125 per night is a good budget. A person should not go bankrupt in the name of a room.

I believe a person traveling the planet for years should have a budget of less than 10 dollars per night for rooms. If I pay more than this, I feel like I am being ripped off. There is almost no correlation between the quality of the hotel experience and the cost of the room.

I Follow My Travel Rules

Numbers of Groups of People

Numbers of Groups of People
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Saturday, March 31, 2007

There are various groups of people on the planet. I wish I could just say, this and that and define all the groups.

State, Island, Enclave, Autonomous, Protectorate, etc.

And, now money, I have realized, money is a way of grouping people.

303 Countries
Money of the planet.
Now, I am using the page to try to sift and sort of find more countries.

I see lines are drawn or really there is a coming to together of people and agreeing to the same culture of money. I was having a chat with a coder or techie, boy Genius from India. We are trying to convert local currencies to about four, or more of the major money groups on Maybe Dollars, Euros, Yen and maybe Pounds, but not yet decided, so open. I am working on a list of all the accommodations or places to sleep on the planet, around 20-40 million minimum where a tourist or traveler could sleep.

I thought, another list of countries, I am in a constant endeavor to count the number of countries on the planet, it just is not as easy as it seems. I have taken many a list, I am guessing around 311.

I work and push, shove, mix and match to collect and identify the number of countries or think in some way of a method to separate land people into groups.

SOURCES from best to worst, note the United Nations sort of only deals with its own, and to me is not very comprehensive. The languages of the world is much better as looking at separations. However what separates or brings together is business, commerce and money in the end. It seems to be the universal need, religions are in a way annoying as they cause the most arguments. When people speak the same language they come together. A problem develops from groups having different Motorcycle Gang Colors and stripes, clothes, logos and signs of memberships, and such, there are cults, ideas, and violently enforced rules of races, groups and societies.

This is serious business, and understand how or why we are the same or different may bring us closer or drive us apart. To me the solution lies in trying to all be more or less dressed and acting similar, not trying to be different but more or less blend. When a person tells me how they are better or this is better, I see this as the start of a problem, we are equal and everyone can improve.

Religions seem to cause most wars, then maybe money, fighting over who gets to collect money from people.

This is for fun and to make a webpages, however to care about the difference of people is not important, to care about why we are the same, that seems to be a solution.

BEST is this:
673 countries, territories, autonomous regions, enclaves, geographically separated island groups, and major states and provinces of the world

303 Countries
Money of the planet.
Now, I am using the page to try to sift and sort of find more countries.

Country Files (GNS) 251

268 More or Less?
CIA Factbook

6812 Languages

227 Countries
Airports 227 Countries and 7436 Airports - IATA Data

192 Countries - Very politically and money hungry organization.
United Nations

Encyclopedia Encarta a computer program

164 Countries
Travel Web Pages:
A un-named but famous Hotel site
Hotel and Travels sites are the worst source, and the least comprehensive sources of information on countries and cities.

303 Countries
Money of the planet.
Now, I am using the page to try to sift and sort of find more countries.

AFN - Afghanistan - Afghani (AFN) - 1
ALL - Albania - Lek (ALL) - 2
DZD - Algeria - Dinar (DZD) - 3
USD - America (United States) - Dollar (USD) - 4
USD - American Samoa - United States Dollar(USD) - 5
EUR - Andorra - Euro (EUR) - 6
AOA - Angola - Kwanza (AOA) - 7
XCD - Anguilla - East Caribbean Dollar (XCD) - 8
XCD - Antigua and Barbuda - East Caribbean Dollar (XCD) - 9
ARS - Argentina - Peso (ARS) - 10
AMD - Armenia - Dram (AMD) - 11
AWG - Aruba - Guilder (AWG) - 12
AUD - Ashmore and Cartier Islands - Australia Dollar (AUD) - 13
AUD - Australia - Dollar (AUD) - 14
EUR - Austria - Euro (EUR) - 15
AZM - Azerbaijan - Manat (AZM) - 16
AZN - Azerbaijan - New Manat (AZN) - 17
EUR - Azores - Euro (EUR) - 18
BSD - Bahamas - Dollar (BSD) - 19
BHD - Bahrain - Dinar (BHD) - 20
BBD - Bajan (Barbados) - Dollar (BBD) - 21
EUR - Balearic Islands - Euro (EUR) - 22
BDT - Bangladesh - Taka (BDT) - 23
BBD - Barbados - Dollar (BBD) - 24
BYR - Belarus - Ruble (BYR) - 25
EUR - Belgium - Euro (EUR) - 26
BZD - Belize - Dollar (BZD) - 27
XOF - Benin - CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF) - 28
BMD - Bermuda - Dollar (BMD) - 29
INR - Bhutan - India Rupee (INR) - 30
BTN - Bhutan - Ngultrum (BTN) - 31
BOB - Bolivia - Boliviano (BOB) - 32
ANG - Bonaire - Netherlands Antilles Guilder (ANG) - 33
BAM - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Convertible Marka (BAM) - 34
BWP - Botswana - Pula (BWP) - 35
BRL - Brazil - Real (BRL) - 36
GBP - Britain (United Kingdom) - Pound (GBP) - 37
GBP - British Indian Ocean Territory - United Kingdom Pound (GBP) - 38
USD - British Indian Ocean Territory - United States Dollar (USD) - 39
USD - British Virgin Islands - United States Dollar (USD) - 40
BND - Brunei - Dollar (BND) - 41
SGD - Brunei - Singapore Dollar (SGD) - 42
BGN - Bulgaria - Lev (BGN) - 43
XOF - Burkina Faso - CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF) - 44
MMK - Burma (Myanmar) - Kyat (MMK) - 45
BIF - Burundi - Franc (BIF) - 46
KHR - Cambodia - Riel (KHR) - 47
XAF - Cameroon - CFA Franc BEAC (XAF) - 48
CAD - Canada - Dollar (CAD) - 49
EUR - Canary Islands - Euro (EUR) - 50
CVE - Cape Verde - Escudo (CVE) - 51
KYD - Cayman Islands - Dollar (KYD) - 52
XAF - Central African Republic - CFA Franc BEAC (XAF) - 53
XAF - CFA Communauté Financière Africaine BEAC Franc (XAF) - - 54
XOF - CFA Communauté Financière Africaine BCEAO Franc (XOF) - - 55
XAF - Chad - CFA Franc BEAC (XAF) - 56
CLP - Chile - Peso (CLP) - 57
CNY - China - Yuan Renminbi (CNY) - 58
AUD - Christmas Island - Australia Dollar (AUD) - 59
AUD - Cocos (Keeling Islands - Australia Dollar (AUD) - 60
COP - Colombia - Peso (COP) - 61
XAF - Communauté Financière Africaine BEAC Franc (XAF) - - 62
XOF - Communauté Financière Africaine BCEAO Franc (XOF) - - 63
KMF - Comoros - Franc (KMF) - 64
XPF - Comptoirs Français du Pacifique Franc (XPF) - - 65
XAF - Congo/Brazzaville - CFA Franc BEAC (XAF) - 66
CDF - Congo/Kinshasa - Franc (CDF) - 67
NZD - Cook Islands - New Zealand Dollar (NZD) - 68
AUD - Coral Sea Islands - Australia Dollar (AUD) - 69
CRC - Costa Rica - Colon (CRC) - 70
XOF - Côte d'Ivoire - CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF) - 71
HRK - Croatia - Kuna (HRK) - 72
CUC - Cuba - Convertible Peso (CUC) - 73
CUP - Cuba - Peso (CUP) - 74
ANG - Curaço - Netherlands Antilles Guilder (ANG) - 75
CYP - Cyprus - Pound (CYP) - 76
CZK - Czech Republic - Koruna (CZK) - 77
DKK - Denmark - Krone (DKK) - 78
DJF - Djibouti - Franc (DJF) - 79
XCD - Dominica - East Caribbean Dollar (XCD) - 80
DOP - Dominican Republic - Peso (DOP) - 81
EUR - Dutch (Netherlands) - Euro (EUR) - 82
XCD - East Caribbean Dollar (XCD) - - 83
USD - East Timor - United States Dollar (USD) - 84
USD - Ecuador - United States Dollar (USD) - 85
EGP - Egypt - Pound (EGP) - 86
SVC - El Salvador - Colon (SVC) - 87
USD - El Salvador - United States Dollar (USD) - 88
GBP - England (United Kingdom) - Pound (GBP) - 89
XAF - Equatorial Guinea - CFA Franc BEAC (XAF) - 90
ERN - Eritrea - Nakfa (ERN) - 91
EEK - Estonia - Kroon (EEK) - 92
ETB - Ethiopia - Birr (ETB) - 93
EUR - Euro (EUR) - - 94
EUR - Europa Island - Euro (EUR) - 95
FKP - Falkland Islands - Pound (FKP) - 96
DKK - Faroe Islands - Denmark Krone (DKK) - 97
FJD - Fiji - Dollar (FJD) - 98
EUR - Finland - Euro (EUR) - 99
EUR - France - Euro (EUR) - 100
EUR - French Guiana - Euro (EUR) - 101
XPF - French Polynesia - Comptoirs Français du Pacifique Franc (XPF) - 102
EUR - French Polynesia - Euro (EUR) - 103
EUR - French Southern and Antarctic Lands - Euro (EUR) - 104
XAF - Gabon - CFA Franc BEAC (XAF) - 105
GMD - Gambia - Dalasi (GMD) - 106
ILS - Gaza Strip - Israel New Shekel (ILS) - 107
GEL - Georgia - Lari (GEL) - 108
EUR - Germany - Euro (EUR) - 109
GHC - Ghana - Cedi (GHC) - 110
GIP - Gibraltar - Pound (GIP) - 111
XAU - Gold Ounce (XAU) - - 112
GBP - Great Britain (United Kingdom) - Pound (GBP) - 113
EUR - Greece - Euro (EUR) - 114
DKK - Greenland - Denmark Krone (DKK) - 115
XCD - Grenada - East Caribbean Dollar (XCD) - 116
EUR - Guadeloupe - Euro (EUR) - 117
USD - Guam - United States Dollar (USD) - 118
GTQ - Guatemala - Quetzal (GTQ) - 119
GGP - Guernsey - Pound (GGP) - 120
GNF - Guinea - Franc (GNF) - 121
XOF - Guinea-Bissau - CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF) - 122
GYD - Guyana - Dollar (GYD) - 123
HTG - Haiti - Gourde (HTG) - 124
EUR - Holland (Netherlands) - Euro (EUR) - 125
EUR - Holy See (Vatican City) - Euro (EUR) - 126
HNL - Honduras - Lempira (HNL) - 127
HKD - Hong Kong - Dollar (HKD) - 128
HUF - Hungary - Forint (HUF) - 129
ISK - Iceland - Krona (ISK) - 130
INR - India - Rupee (INR) - 131
IDR - Indonesia - Rupiah (IDR) - 132
XDR - International Monetary Fund Special Drawing Right (XDR) - - 133
IRR - Iran - Rial (IRR) - 134
IQD - Iraq - Dinar (IQD) - 135
EUR - Ireland - Euro (EUR) - 136
FKP - Islas Malvinas (Falkland Islands) - Pound (FKP) - 137
IMP - Isle of Man - Pound (IMP) - 138
ILS - Israel - New Shekel (ILS) - 139
EUR - Italy - Euro (EUR) - 140
XOF - Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire) - CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF) - 141
JMD - Jamaica - Dollar (JMD) - 142
JPY - Japan - Yen (JPY) - 143
JEP - Jersey - Pound (JEP) - 144
USD - Johnson - United States Dollar (USD) - 145
JOD - Jordan - Dinar (JOD) - 146
EUR - Juan de Nova - Euro (EUR) - 147
KZT - Kazakhstan - Tenge (KZT) - 148
KES - Kenya - Shilling (KES) - 149
AUD - Kiribati - Australia Dollar (AUD) - 150
KWD - Kuwait - Dinar (KWD) - 151
KGS - Kyrgyzstan - Som (KGS) - 152
LAK - Laos - Kip (LAK) - 153
LVL - Latvia - Lat (LVL) - 154
LBP - Lebanon - Pound (LBP) - 155
LSL - Lesotho - Loti (LSL) - 156
LRD - Liberia - Dollar (LRD) - 157
LYD - Libya - Dinar (LYD) - 158
CHF - Liechtenstein - Switzerland Franc (CHF) - 159
LTL - Lithuania - Litas (LTL) - 160
EUR - Luxembourg - Euro (EUR) - 161
MOP - Macau - Pataca (MOP) - 162
MKD - Macedonia - Denar (MKD) - 163
MGA - Madagascar - Ariary (MGA) - 164
EUR - Madeira Islands - Euro (EUR) - 165
MWK - Malawi - Kwacha (MWK) - 166
MYR - Malaysia - Ringgit (MYR) - 167
MVR - Maldives - Rufiyaa (MVR) - 168
XOF - Mali - CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF) - 169
MTL - Malta - Lira (MTL) - 170
FKP - Malvinas (Falkland Islands) - Pound (FKP) - 171
USD - Marshall Islands - United States Dollar (USD) - 172
EUR - Martinique - Euro (EUR) - 173
MRO - Mauritania - Ouguiya (MRO) - 174
MUR - Mauritius - Rupee (MUR) - 175
EUR - Mayotte - Euro (EUR) - 176
MXN - Mexico - Peso (MXN) - 177
USD - Micronesia - United States Dollar (USD) - 178
USD - Midway Islands - United States Dollar (USD) - 179
MDL - Moldova - Leu (MDL) - 180
EUR - Monaco - Euro (EUR) - 181
MNT - Mongolia - Tughrik (MNT) - 182
EUR - Montenegro - Euro (EUR) - 183
XCD - Montserrat - East Caribbean Dollar (XCD) - 184
MAD - Morocco - Dirham (MAD) - 185
MZN - Mozambique - Metical (MZN) - 186
MZM - Mozambique - Metical [being phased out] (MZM) - 187
MMK - Myanmar (Burma) - Kyat (MMK) - 188
NAD - Namibia - Dollar (NAD) - 189
AUD - Nauru - Australia Dollar (AUD) - 190
HTG - Navassa - Haiti Gourde (HTG) - 191
USD - Navassa - United States Dollar (USD) - 192
NPR - Nepal - Rupee (NPR) - 193
ANG - Netherlands Antilles - Guilder (ANG) - 194
EUR - Netherlands - Euro (EUR) - 195
XPF - New Caledonia - Comptoirs Français du Pacifique Franc (XPF) - 196
NZD - New Zealand - Dollar (NZD) - 197
NIO - Nicaragua - Cordoba (NIO) - 198
XOF - Niger - CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF) - 199
NGN - Nigeria - Naira (NGN) - 200
NZD - Niue - New Zealand Dollar (NZD) - 201
AUD - Norfolk Island - Australia Dollar (AUD) - 202
KPW - North Korea - Won (KPW) - 203
USD - Northern Mariana Islands - United States Dollar (USD) - 204
NOK - Norway - Krone (NOK) - 205
OMR - Oman - Rial (OMR) - 206
PKR - Pakistan - Rupee (PKR) - 207
USD - Palau - United States Dollar (USD) - 208
XPD - Palladium Ounce (XPD) - - 209
PAB - Panama - Balboa (PAB) - 210
USD - Panama - United States Dollar (USD) - 211
PGK - Papua New Guinea - Kina (PGK) - 212
CNY - Paracel Islands - China Yuan Renminbi (CNY) - 213
VND - Paracel Islands - Vietnam Dong (VND) - 214
PYG - Paraguay - Guarani (PYG) - 215
PEN - Peru - Nuevo Sol (PEN) - 216
PHP - Philippines - Peso (PHP) - 217
NZD - Pitcairn - New Zealand Dollar (NZD) - 218
XPT - Platinum Ounce (XPT) - - 219
PLN - Poland - Zloty (PLN) - 220
EUR - Portugal - Euro (EUR) - 221
USD - Puerto Rico - United States Dollar (USD) - 222
QAR - Qatar - Riyal (QAR) - 223
EUR - Réunion - Euro (EUR) - 224
RON - Romania - New Leu (RON) - 225
ROL - Romania - Leu [being phased out] (ROL) - 226
RUB - Russia - Ruble (RUB) - 227
RWF - Rwanda - Franc (RWF) - 228
ANG - Saba - Netherlands Antilles Guilder (ANG) - 229
SHP - Saint Helena - Pound (SHP) - 230
XCD - Saint Kitts and Nevis - East Caribbean Dollar (XCD) - 231
XCD - Saint Lucia - East Caribbean Dollar (XCD) - 232
EUR - Saint Pierre and Miquelon - Euro (EUR) - 233
XCD - Saint Vincent and The Grenadines - East Caribbean Dollar (XCD) - 234
EUR - Saint-Martin - Euro (EUR) - 235
WST - Samoa - Tala (WST) - 236
EUR - San Marino - Euro (EUR) - 237
STD - São Tome and Principe - Dobra (STD) - 238
SAR - Saudi Arabia - Riyal (SAR) - 239
GBP - Scotland (United Kingdom) - Pound (GBP) - 240
SPL - Seborga - Luigino (SPL) - 241
XOF - Senegal - CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF) - 242
CSD - Serbia - Dinar (CSD) - 243
SCR - Seychelles - Rupee (SCR) - 244
SLL - Sierra Leone - Leone (SLL) - 245
XAG - Silver Ounce (XAG) - - 246
SGD - Singapore - Dollar (SGD) - 247
ANG - Sint Eustatius - Netherlands Antilles Guilder (ANG) - 248
ANG - Sint Maarten - Netherlands Antilles Guilder (ANG) - 249
SKK - Slovakia - Koruna (SKK) - 250
SBD - Solomon Islands - Dollar (SBD) - 251
SOS - Somalia - Shilling (SOS) - 252
ZAR - South Africa - Rand (ZAR) - 253
GBP - South Georgia - United Kingdom Pound (GBP) - 254
KRW - South Korea - Won (KRW) - 255
GBP - South Sandwich Islands - United Kingdom Pound (GBP) - 256
EUR - Spain - Euro (EUR) - 257
LKR - Sri Lanka - Rupee (LKR) - 258
SDD - Sudan - Dinar (SDD) - 259
SRD - Suriname - Dollar (SRD) - 260
NOK - Svalbard and Jan Mayen - Norway Krone (NOK) - 261
SZL - Swaziland - Lilangeni (SZL) - 262
ZAR - Swaziland - South Africa Rand (ZAR) - 263
SEK - Sweden - Krona (SEK) - 264
CHF - Switzerland - Franc (CHF) - 265
SYP - Syria - Pound (SYP) - 266
TWD - Taiwan - New Dollar (TWD) - 267
TJS - Tajikistan - Somoni (TJS) - 268
RUB - Tajikistan - Russia Ruble (RUB) - 269
TZS - Tanzania - Shilling (TZS) - 270
THB - Thailand - Baht (THB) - 271
XOF - Togo - CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF) - 272
NZD - Tokelau - New Zealand Dollar (NZD) - 273
TOP - Tonga - Pa'anga (TOP) - 274
MDL - Transnistria - Moldova Leu (MDL) - 275
TTD - Trinidad and Tobago - Dollar (TTD) - 276
TND - Tunisia - Dinar (TND) - 277
TRY - Turkey - New Lira (TRY) - 278
TMM - Turkmenistan - Manat (TMM) - 279
USD - Turks and Caicos Islands - United States Dollar (USD) - 280
AUD - Tuvalu - Australia Dollar (AUD) - 281
TVD - Tuvalu - Dollar (TVD) - 282
UGX - Uganda - Shilling (UGX) - 283
UAH - Ukraine - Hryvna (UAH) - 284
AED - United Arab Emirates - Dirham (AED) - 285
GBP - United Kingdom - Pound (GBP) - 286
USD - United States - Dollar (USD) - 287
UYU - Uruguay - Peso (UYU) - 288
UZS - Uzbekistan - Som (UZS) - 289
VUV - Vanuatu - Vatu (VUV) - 290
EUR - Vatican City - Euro (EUR) - 291
VEB - Venezuela - Bolivar (VEB) - 292
VND - Vietnam - Dong (VND) - 293
USD - Virgin Islands - United States Dollar (USD) - 294
USD - Wake Island - United States Dollar (USD) - 295
XPF - Wallis and Futuna Islands - Comptoirs Français du Pacifique Franc (XPF) - 296
ILS - West Bank - Israel New Shekel (ILS) - 297
JOD - West Bank - Jordan Dinar (JOD) - 298
MAD - Western Sahara - Morocco Dirham (MAD) - 299
WST - Western Samoa (Samoa) - Tala (WST) - 300
YER - Yemen - Rial (YER) - 301
ZMK - Zambia - Kwacha (ZMK) - 302
ZWN - Zimbabwe - Dollar (ZWN) - 303

Numbers of Groups of People

Esther Uses Her Head

Esther Uses Her Head
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Saturday, March 31, 2007

This is Ester, I probably spelled here name wrong, nonetheless she is smart young girl, I am guessing about 15 years old, bright eyes, bright smile and my consul when needed.

She shows me how they cook bread. A few minutes ago, she called me over to the bread oven, more or less saying,
- Andy, we have hot bread, I know you like it.-

Intuitive she is, words are not needed when the brains are in correct alignment.

I am not sure how to teach, explain clearly how to find friends; I think sometimes people go looking for the worst friends or maybe they found themselves. I am not sure, friendships are natural, easy and develop without work, providing I open the door and allow those who want to be my friend to be my friend and throw out the trash that wants, takes and is a nuisance

I normally know the minute I meet a person, when not to continue, the first judgment is normally the best. If I feel, this person wants something…

Esther, she speaks great French, instructs, teaches, and pushes me to learn about Togo and the place where I lived today. I suppose it strange to people to think a I make friends with this young girls. I do not pre-judge who can be my friend, I do take my feelings into consideration and trust them.

I was walking down the road earlier this morning, I said Bonjour to a girl, and she ignores me, even though I was the only one on the lane. In some places, you expect people to ignore you, they are afraid that if they return the hello, you will never leave. I ignore on a regular basis the taxi drivers here, they are rude. I often say hello, or reply hello, and then proceed to ignore the person, looking them right in the eyes. No remorse, I can see the good from the bad, my instincts work fine.

Why would I worry about a person who ignore me, I see them as afraid of their world, not to special of person.

What is up with Africa, there are two ways to carry, one is on the head, and the other is by wrapping a cloth around the chest and carrying on the lower back. This is how they carry babies.

I keep looking and studying how the world carries items, why do I have a backpack where my shoulders hurt, seems like the whole world has the pressure on the head or chest, and the shoulders are used different. I know my backpack can be made to put pressure on my hips, but that is not what happens, ideally, it does.

I have been trying to catch one special photo, sometimes they will put one egg on their head, nothing is too big, or too small to carry.

On the other hand, I ignore young people in the USA, I am afraid of their perverted parents, they could sue me for being a good guy. This is one of the wonderful things about being outside the USA, I do not have to worry about all the attacks and paranoia. The world in the USA and outside, all the world is safe, and the world tends to find the worst to believe, the world believes a lie before they believe the truth.

Esther Uses Her Head

Traveler Denial

Traveler Denial
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Saturday, March 31, 2007

I met this Swedish girl, yesterday in the Gomido Bar, makes me appreciate the Togo women. There seems to be a propensity for the less-than-up-to-snuff-looks-wise (ugly) white people to come to Africa, however I better be careful, I fit into this category, as I am white.

This woman has traveled many countries, she was annoyingly Swedish, and there are two types, the ones that are balanced, and the ones that are snobs. A country making large weapons, probably selling them to the Islamic world and invaded by 1 million of them on their free money system and she is complaining about the USA system.

I have never eaten in the Gomido, and I suspect it is recommended in the Lonely Planet that was sitting on the table.

I made a comment about Africa being expensive, she said,
- I have no problem finding cheap rooms. -

I think she is in DENIAL.
Or her Ego Defense mechanism is kicking in.



I think his name is Oliver, a smart man, and I hope to meet again. I was discussing solar this, and solar that, and all sorts of fun things and somehow he is working with one of the exceptionally pretty white girls in Africa and I forget here name.

I was making a small comment about the Africans Men being Macho and trying to intimidate. He said,
- I have not noticed this. -

I think he is in DENIAL.
Or his Ego Defense mechanism is kicking in.

I am trying to remember, I have this Farmer Tan, it is very annoying, I laid out in Lome, trying to get one of them deep dark brown tans on my body, to look the true surfer boy image I promote and try to emulate.

Now, back to this stupid Farmer Tan. A Farmer Tan is where a person is wearing a t-shirt or some shirt all day and his or her face, mostly him get a tan on his arms and face that are very brown, yet when he takes off his shirt, (I have never taken off her farmer shirt), there is a distinct separation. The arms are very brown, the face is very brown and you can see the outline of the collar around the neck.

I have this now again, very annoying to get rid of, because I have to lay on the roof and sweat, read a book, and get thoroughly hot and bored, no beach bikinis to watch.

I do not remember, I do not remember a farmer’s tan on either the Swedish girl or Oliver the Belgium Solar worker or project worker.

It would be very difficult to walk around and see all the people of Africa and not get a farmer tan, unless you did not walk around and see all the people of Africa.

I walk way too much, I would never pay for a trek, it just seems like a stupid thing to pay for, when all I do is walk and trek around the country of Togo, unless I wanted to avoid people then I could go and look at a waterfall and a mountain.

I know a girl by the name of Joscella, she is from Bristol England and she could tell me every way in the world to travel and live cheap. She as an amazingly good traveler, probably the best I ever met, she knew everything about how to live in any type or room, any place, and cheap. With a true traveler, there is not a minute that goes by, when they are not telling you a tip, an idea or some fruit of an idea on how to travel better, this is what we do.

This was not the Swedish girl, she did not tell me one hint on how to travel cheap, she just said,
- I have no problem finding cheap rooms? -

I judge people by their fruit, if she was telling me idea, tips, and specific examples; I would and could believe her. I am terrible, I trust people too much, I am from Indiana, and we trust people. I think she is in denial she wants to pass herself off as a cheap traveler, yet she was sitting in the Gomido buying an expensive salad, and telling me about paying 200 dollars to go on a 4-wheel tour in Benin.

Her fruit says she is full of crap, she pays a lot for rooms, and I gave an example of how to find a cheap room, the boom boom example. She gave me nothing, and is pretending, or lying or in denial.

The Ego Defense mechanism is the idea, I am very smart, I would never say or do something, I would never give an example of how I am stupid, because I must protect my ego, I must retain my self-image or I will have a problem.

Oliver the Belgium guy is maybe doing the same, he does not want to admit or accept a person tried to intimidate him. It is frightening and scary to have this big man come up to you and ask for money, you can just give and hope they go away or you can say no.

IF you admit they are frightening, then you might say to yourself, I should go home.

I say no, but I suspect that most just pay the Piper, and try to pretend it did not happen, and heaven forbid, they would ever say something bad about a country or a culture.

I will, the African men are macho, they will try to intimidate you and I think women can travel better in Africa maybe… The African men are also very or extremely sexist and would never intimidate a woman for power, for sex yes, but not for power no, they see women as powerless and something to be used.

A person intimidates a person that challenges them for power; I personally am quite used to being the Alpha Male and will take the position easily and often. Normally by brains, not brawn, but if be so, I use brawn.

I am going to try to listen for the fruit, try to find the travelers that help me to travel, try to find the people who give me gifts, not asking for gifts. I had this very nice girl give me some peanuts the other day, I will never forget this, it was nice, no agenda.

Sometimes a person will say, I had this really great taxi driver, or this restaurant was exceptional. I want to holler at them.
- HEY stupid, you paid a fortune, what do you want, they kept sucking up because you kept giving them big money. -

To test the fruit of a person, they need to have zero agenda or reason to help or give, not with a reason to give good service as part of their job.

It is very interesting to listen to people and then try to remember who I am, so I do not accidentally trust their opinions and have problems. Recommendations from a Hobo cheap person is not going to cost me or YOU a small fortune, a recommendation from a Swedish paying through the nose person will, if I followed her advice, I would have to pay my way out of danger, and not finesse my way if I followed the people in Denial advice.

Just because you think there is no danger does not mean it not dangerous, just because you think it is cheap, does not mean the next person does not think it is expensive.

A cheap room is one dollar per night in the word, 10 dollars is very expensive on the planet.

Note the Belgium guy was installing a 700 U.S. dollars Solar panel, and admitted, nobody from here could afford it, and his school was paying. I said, it does not work for good on the sustainable word idea, but keep trying, someday; somewhere someone will come up with a good idea, probably by accident, not by design.

I want to hear how a person saved money, how to spend money is easy.

Traveler Denial

A Techie with Wisdom

A Techie with Wisdom
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Thursday, March 29, 2007

The problem with the human condition is that it involves humans. Bringing that condition online, fostering it with the Wisdom of Crowds philosophy, is slowly but surely proving what philosophers have said since humans first learned to write: the anonymous mob is powerful and passionate, but no more rational than an angry swarm of bees.
--- Jason Lee Miller is a staff writer for WebProNews

Madness is rare in individuals - but in groups, parties, nations, and ages it is the rule.
– Friedrich Nietzsche.

The more people that like me, the more I worry about myself. I would know my opinions were in question, if the groups agreed.
- Andy

A Techie with Wisdom

Old School

Old School
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Friday, March 30, 2007

I was looking at an iternet page the other day and it said something was - Old School. -

That’s so Old School.
I am trying to remember the first time I heard this or read this.

As I interpret it to mean, or my understanding of this buzzword, trendy type of phrase or combination of words.

Amazing, it is in the dictionary.

Old School:
traditionalists: a group of people who adhere to traditional or old-fashioned values and practices As a disciplinarian of the old school, he was horrified at the laxity of the new regime.

- old skool
reminiscent of earlier style: reminiscent of or inspired by something from a slightly earlier period of popular culture, especially in music (slang)

They call it slang, however it sort of means what it means, this something we learned in the old school of thinking, or the old way of thinking. There is now a new school where we are learning a new way.

I remember when I was in school, there was New Math, it was a new way of learning math or something, I think I never did learn the plot, math to me was math, and it still is math, sort of 0 and 1, yes and no, 1 + 1 = 2 hard to change it.

I really cannot be bothered to listen when someone says this is New School or Old School. I - Cannot be Bothered - is a way the British say or explain, this is somewhat ridiculous, why would I pay attention.

When a person says to me, this is Old School, I think, they are saying to me, you do not know the new way of doing things, the new method, you are old, fuddy duddy. You want to do it the old fashioned way and traditional.

- You are not cool. -
- You are old fashioned. -
- You are not in. -
- You are not trendy. -

This is good.
- As a disciplinarian of the old school, he was horrified at the laxity of the new regime. -

It is sad to me that people in the name of being trendy, will ignore good sound ideas. Ideas are cumulative, I must know the history, all the prior knowledge, and ways of doing things, the methods, and then I must separate what works from what does not work.

The internet is extremely trendy, people jump to the next fashion or trend so fast, I cannot be bothered to listen, by the time I am listening a new fashion is on the horizon and the old one I am learning is out of fashion. Yikes, this is like trying to watch the wind pass.

A young bull says, lets run down and have our way with a cow. The old bull says, let us walk down and see the whole herd.

Tortoise or Hare?

I just purchased a new computer, I purchased with XP and not the new Vista. I use a new computer systems all the time in the internet cafes. I am waiting, when the new school shows me something or a good reason to change, then I will change.

I have been bomb barded to change to this FoxFire; I think that is the name and stop using Internet Explorer as a browser. I have used Foxfire many times in Internet Cafes and personally have not seen a hoot of reason to change, just more information to learn, and not a lot of big benefits. Yes, of course there are some benefits, but it the time I need to learn a new program is not a good trade-off for me.

I think about marketing or promoting information. It is such and easy thing to do. I make a list of every way to do it, and then I go down the list and implement all of them, not just the new ones, the old school, the new school and every possible way of communicating to the audience an idea. I do not put all my toys in one basket and go with the new trend, I do all of them.

I use WIFI when appropriate, even though I consider it sort of a joke and Old School. I do wish I was always in the USA system of things and I could sign up with Sprint and have this all over the USA internet access, but I am in Togo now, not here, so I am with Togocell and I have good access for the country. I have to be as New School as possible, I must be extremely flexible, I adapt faster than believable.

I find the highest and best idea available in the given situation and use it to the optimized level or advantage. I exploit the options, always having my choice open and my mind ready to pounce on an idea that is truly a good idea.

I remember a person in my office one-time saying, the most dangerous words a person can say, is,
- We have always done it this way. -

On the other hand,
- If it works, don’t fix it. -

Trendy ideas are good, great, the future is the new ideas, the new ways of accomplishing task faster and better. Nevertheless, the principle somewhat remain the same; they do not change over time.

If everyone is going the same way, I am going to get nervous, maybe we are all being lemming and there is a cliff to jump off of soon, I think, you first, then I will see, maybe you will survive. Maybe the water is safe to drink, but please you try it first, I will wait, I am patient.

I love when a person thinks I am stupid, this means, I have them just where I want them… hehehe

I am hiding in plan sight, ready to pounce, predatory by nature, survival skills on and ready to go.

It is like saying Bill Gates is stupid, or President Bush, they have you just where they want you, underestimating them, thinking you are so smart, and whack, you do not know what hit you.

I wish they would invent some great travel gear, so I did not have to make it, instead, just more and more trendy and stupid. A different way of doing the same thing, and very expensive, like the more I pay the smarter I am. I truly believe the more I pay, the more stupid I am.

Old School

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