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Togo Banana Scavenger

Togo Banana Scavenger
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I buy a good looking banana, when I see a good looking banana, I am not talking about the girl.

I do not like just any food, in my town, they call me Snoopy eater, this word is used only in the Northeast corner of Indiana as best I can tell and is a cultural variance of words of this area. I learned in University I needed to say, I am a picky or a choosy eater.

I say, I am not a Garbage Disposal Eater also, referring to travelers that just put anything in their mouths.

I am a scavenger eater, trying to always find the one day collection of foods I scavenger for, as a balanced day of small meals. My friend - A Man - with the name Michel in French, or Michael in English thinks I do not eat.

I explained my diet, a Gateau or Bread in the morning, a few peanuts here and there, a couple of eggs or can of tuna, when I can find chicken, I eat chicken and a lot of the Vache Qui Rit Cheese or the Laughing Cow cheese.

I walk by the market, I buy Carrots. I eat a can of Peas, in Lome, I ate more vegetable as they had more variety. I eat an apple here, and apple there, other fruits and vegetable when I can.

I do not see rice with spaghetti on top, and a chicken drumstick as being a great meal. This type of dish is an illusion of food to me, and common for the Togo people.

Michael has been laughing, IF I see a banana lady, with a what looks like good bananas. I stop her, buy 100 CFA or about 20 cents US of bananas. This is about 4-5 smaller type bananas. I am always on the lookout for the more yellow bananas because I will not eat a banana with black or brown spots. I am a snoopy, maybe a snob about the food I eat.

European food.. What is that? Here in Africa, it is good excuse for a person to pay 5 times the going rate for food, it is amazing and I just do not understand how the poorest of countries can have some the most expensive restaurants on the planet. For the most part, locals do not go to restaurants in the fashion of the pay-to-much and think they need this white folk.

I am an independent person, I cannot buy big quantities of food, therefore I eat larger than normal helpings of one food, then scavenger all day long for various types. After the day is done, I more or less have all the correct foods, then supplement with Vitamins.

I eat about 1000 CFA per day, or 2 U.S. Dollars, including the lemon juices and slice of oranges.

Togo Banana Scavenger

Hotel Recommendations Stress

Hotel Recommendations Stress
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I have been having a good laugh at myself, I also think about how naïve I have been over the years about hotels. is not a guide that recommends hotels and restaurants; it is more or less a site that helps guide on how to travel. will recommend rooms. will recommend rooms.

This whole recommendation thing has come full circle; my brain is finally becoming the master of the idea.

I am a master at real estate. I am a master at search engine optimization on the internet and architectural design. I am not a master at writing.

I am mastering the art of room recommendations, without taking the easy route and recommending something I do not believe is the good choice.

The guidebooks do a very good job within the limitations that they have. They write on paper, and they cannot edit always as the internet can, it is a guide that need to last about 6 years on the shelf and passed down to friends. This is not a webpage; a webpage can be edited on the fly, however not as easy as I am explaining.

Most Hotel sites go for the expensive, nobody will ever complain about hotels to recommend, they paid too much, and it would be an admission they made a stupid choice if they complain. Therefore, they will not complain. Funny how this is, the price will keep the reputation good, because nobody will admit; I paid 300 dollars per night and hated the place.

Like admitting, I lost 10,000 on the stock market, like saying to your friend, I a make bad investments, because I am stupid.

Well, the good of the internet is also the bad. If I recommend a hotel without thinking, a reader can go there, spend a lot of money, and then write me hate mail, as if I forced them to go. I am reachable.

I had a man go to a Hotel in Quito, Ecuador; he has traveled a lot in Thailand. He wrote later saying the hotel was exactly what I said, He was thinking there was writing between the lines and it was some type of boom boom Thailand hotel, it was just a great family hotel, not the same now, they have remodeled, the manager is not managing, the mother has taken over and the whole neighborhood has been invaded… aagh the world changes.

The mastery of a trade is when you reach a point whereby you can choose the proper words to explain it, with real estate; I can explain the value of property and explain why it will resell easy.

With an internet page, I can explain what makes the search engines happy; this is a very complicated set of variables.

How to recommend hotels is also a problem, the guidebooks must recommend a hotel that stays in business, or they will be sending people to hotels and they will get angry. The also have to deal with the insanely naïve, who need to have nothing change, because they cannot change the paper of the guide. Here in Africa, they need to recommend the hotel with car parking, I believe this because as best I can tell the buyers of guidebooks have cars here in Africa.

Fun stuff learning how to master a trade, how to know you are getting good at it, I am getting comfortable with this recommendation thing, therefore I know I am getting better.

I will sit and tell a person to buy a 500,000-dollar piece of commercial real estate and not flinch.

I can tell a person their website is junk with no problem.

Telling a person to stay in a hotel in Africa still is making me nervous; however, I am learning the variables. It is fun to think, what is the essential ingredients that makes a good value for a person, and then explain them in easy to understand words.

This is the problem, the bundle of joys is not easy, and the bundle of what makes a person happy is not easy. For sure, the majority of travelers are drinking in Africa and banging away if they are French, this is not me, on the other hand I do understand drinking more than most and have master the trade of drinking, I am an expert, in remission… hehehe (I am a recovering alcoholic.)

Ok, back to business, fun and games, because we have a webpage, I can recommend a hotel that could go out of business, could radically change and still stay safe. The guidebooks get wish washy and do not help me when I get to a hotel and because it is in the guidebook, the hotel has greatly increased the price and the hotel if full of gap girls.
(Note the best hotel is normally the new one, just started and trying to get business.)

I am safe in saying gap girls; they are not in Africa… hehehe

Pick on the group that is not reading, there must be something there in the mastery of writing.

I am doing conditional recommendations of Hotels or Rooms, if the main management staff is the same, and the price is this, I am giving a recommendation. I then suppose as I learn how to so this, we need to supply a way to make comments, and then hope to stop the othere hotels from lying and getting on the site and saying the hotel has changed. Hotels lie at a tremendous level, there is very little truth in advertising when you leave the USA.

Do not worry I make joke, (Note, I know that is bad English. I am talking African or Asia English.) I am not stressed on the recommendation thing, my mastery of dysfunctional thinking has me 100 percent convinced you are responsible for your decisions and better yet, I am 100 percent responsible for my decisions. When a person really goes after a guidebook hotel recommendation, I know they are dysfunctional and take no responsibility for their own decisions.

I for some reason write in riddles naturally, sort of annoying to myself, probably could be dysfunctional inherent behavior, very curious thing to do.

Hotel Recommendations Stress

Popular Blogs

Popular Blogs
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My blog is not popular, it may be well know and recommended, that is not the same as popular.

As some of my friend get serious about blogging, and try to make a living blogging, I tend to think more about if this is possible for the average person.

I do not make diddle from my blog, I make the bulk from the main site, maybe 5-20 dollars per day from the blog part, however, I am guessing, I do not know, there are too many pages on my site, and the income is distributed, not isolated, as I would wish or possible.

I think though if a person wants to be famous, and a popular blog, they need to post blogs that are easy, simple and a person can agree or disagree easy. Do not sit around and contemplate your navel as I do and totally confuse the readers.

The popular blogs seem to written more to the third grade reading level, seem to cater to a simpler mentality that like sports, soap operas, and read the horoscope daily in the newspaper, does not have a clue what is on the business section.

The is prime time TV.

To be popular, you have to cater to prime time TV. I would say most travel magazines write for prime time TV. They are never offensive, and help to support silly idea like poor people are nice people and going to a resort is seeing a country.

A popular blog would reinforce beliefs or preconceive perceptions, and not try to refute or destroy popular stereotypes. They would attack popular common figures, like President Bush and support Popular dizzy people like.. Darn, cannot remember the name, Brad Pitts wife. Joli or something, a good looking girl.

This type of blog is easy for most persons to perform, because they are prime time, they are the majority.

Popular Blogs

5 Page Wonder Hotel Page

5 Page Wonder Hotel Page
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Hmm… maybe not the correct name for what I am doing today. I am getting serious about recommendation of Hotels. However, more serious is my desire to make the perfect hotel site. This is NOT correct, it is not a Hotel site, it is a site where there is going to be a list of every place on the planet where I could sleep short term, whether free or paid, just where can a person sleep when traveling.

The big hotels are easy, it is explaining my favorite type of accommodations, the small bed and breakfast type, family run, mom and pop and that just sits there and hopes someone comes to visit.

Webmaster, I am not sure that is the correct name, however a person who you or say the Hilton Hotel would hire to make an internet site often, normally makes what I call a,
- 5 Page Wonder -

I am being cynical and ornery, not very complimentary and probably insulting, that is ok, I mean it, paying good money to pay the majority of internet so-called webmaster is nuts.

Today, I am trying to make a 5 Page Wonder, but I am not making a 5 Page Wonder page. I am making a yet to be determined number of pages about Lodging Brochure Page template.

People get hung up on words, I use the word Hotel to mean anywhere I am sleeping. I would go back to the camp site and say, I am going back to the hotel. I more often say,
- I am going home. -

I am going to recommend the Auberge Mandela here in Kpalime. This recommendation is conditional.

I recommend this Auberge or a place to sleep if and only if.

1. Price is still 3000 CFA per night for a room. I am not sure if one or two people… hehehe, I need to research, this is the nature of making a page, not easy to collect the answers to many questions.

2. This is the management staff.

April 2007

IF this man is working as the main manager of the Auberge Mandela in Kpalime, Togo I will recommend the Auberge Mandela. April 2007

IF this man by the name of Mawuli is his sidekick is also working, I will recommend this Hotel in Kpalime, Togo. April 2007

This 19 year old kid is a good kid and I think he has mastered the art of doing nothing, a long and established art in West Africa. Say, Girl Watching to him, as I am teaching, he is also working on Girl Flirting and Girl Chattting.

April 2007 - I think there must be a time element, a time stamp.

IF the prices of room are 3000 CFA then I recommend, it the price is 4000 and 5000 I would say, still ok, but when you start to go for 5000 try to decide if you want Air Conditioning, because around 5000 in Kpalime and you can get AC.

Note that this is an example of how I will slowly start to recommend hotels. I will connect or do something with labels and a person can click a label link (look to your right if reading blog online.) starting with the word - Togo - and saying more less something about hotels. I need to think. There is also a need to only have one subject, not mix up the blog and confuse the readers who annoying only care about finding a hotel.

Hmm what is the name of the manager?

I will need to figure out his name of the main manager, not as easy as you think. I have to go and ask, then I have to say, please write it down, then it goes on and on. I need to ask, is this your full name, etc. Then he gets paranoid, starts to hedge, changes the subject, and I am having trouble trying to help him. Now on the other hand, if I say, I am doing this and that, trying to write a page about your hotel, my quality of life drops through the floor and the whole experience and my collection of information become subject to questions. Did they treat me nicer because I am doing this page or worst, or did they not even understand, not understanding is normal.. Hehehe

I have compiled about 1500 to 1700 questions so far about hotels, and suppose this will easily plateau around 5000 and then slowly go up to about 20,000 or 50,000 questions.

The list of simple questions for example,
- Does the toilet have a mirror inside? -

Then, is the mirror broken?

What are making is a very extensive fill in the blanks questionaire that allows an owner to learn what they have for lodging and also helps to make a page.

The idea is this, the person first signs up, gets a username and password and names the hotel. This creates a link.

They log in and fill out the short version page, attach some photos, the page start to come up to be a page. The link is continually sent to the person so they have a link in their email box, and can easily forward or what not.

This is where an owner can hopefully decide to get very serious about explaining their hotel. We will maybe call this person the Accommodation Business Representative, the person that is talking for the hotel… or rooms, maybe they sleep in airports.

This page can be made by owner or a paid blogger of Hobo, or would make for the Hotel, data entry people could enter the names and addresses of hotels to start the names.

Today, I am making an example page, and hoping to make a page with limitations of questions, the short version, yet not missing any essential questions a person who want to come to the Mandela would wish to know.

I have been thinking for a long time, and one of the variances of me and other tourist is that I actually try to live at an accommodation and my priorities are more sharpened and aware of what I need. For example, if I moved to one of the farther hotels, say the Beau Reve, I would need to walk to the main road and hope a small motorcycle taxi would take me to the Market. I instead think the hassle of negotiations and motos is onerous, I do not wish to spend 1 hour of my day in transportation mode.

Strange and I have been trying to surmise why this does not bother most travelers, and I think it is because they want to stay busy, and the experience of being on a moto is exciting. If they change cities every two day, this moto excitement and arranging the moto is part of the journey and they enjoy the stimulation. The farther I am away from the city as a sole person or independent traveler the more dangerous it becomes though, I have a computer, portable phone, camera and the cell phne is an item they want to steal for sure here in Togo. I do not get easily confused on my priorities.

The bundle of services, I call the Travelers Nest, where the hotel is located in reference to Internet Café, Restaurants, Market, Transportation and importantly tourist attractions is my home.

Amazingly in the world, the most expensive hotels are in the worst locations, sometimes for privacy issue here in Africa as about 70-90 percent of the clients are using the hotels as love hotel for their lovers and mistresses. (In huge cities, the expensive are in the best, to spend money.)

Parking causes the African guide writers to not empathize clearly and simply with the true backpackers who are traveling by public transportation. If a person has a car and is writing a guide, I want to know, they was driving a car, there needs to be a distinction, do I need a car to live in this hotel.

I consider this mix of questions difficult to pare down, the guidebooks normally are written for people going by bus in the world. However, it is quite obvious the majority of guidebook writers in Africa are driving a 4-wheel drive, and they also talk about camping, because when you have a car, the idea is to camp to save money because they can carry camping gear, they have a lot of hauling ability. Nobody in South America talks about Camping, rare and hard to discover.

Living in an Africa hotel is so expensive that the cheapest place to live is in a camp site. I do think there is ONE properly priced hotel though in all cities.
This is camping thing is like the USA or Europe. I am trying to think if I know of one campsite in Southeast Asia.

I am pounding away at this project, I have this database, that I sort, search, and try to categorize. I wish to give a rating that would say how likely this place is a good place for me, Andy who wants to live at a place. I have devised a sneaky system that makes the person tell me about the property, yet is not obvious how or why I am asking the questions. For example, I like to have a small bar on the property, that does not play music, however this bar has to be off to the side, or on the ocean and not the place right outside my room. Most people would consider a restaurant in the hotel and advantage, I consider a breakfast an advantage, and the other parts of a restaurant an annoyance. Now, in a business hotel, room service is needed as we are working, for a tourist it may be nice, for a person who is on a budget that say, I am eating at the same cost as locals, it could be an annoyance.

I was offered a salad something the other day for 1200 CFA, the same as I can get in the Cafeteria restaurant area for 500 and I know there they sell enough to be fresh and here, they never sell.

If I am the only person that eats in the restaurant, I am worried about the food being bad. I want a busy restaurant, and preferably street food where I am watching them cook it, I also like to look at the cooks clothe, finger, and inspect the person who cooks my food.

Later in Day, I am randomly taking photos and completion is soon, I am having problems with the room photos as I am living in the room and my junk is everywhere, hard to take photos of the room.

5 Page Wonder Hotel Page

Kpalime Togo Croix Rouge

Kpalime Togo Croix Rouge
Red Cross Kpalime Togo

Applaud, claps and yippee, a good start for the Togo Red Cross or Croix Rouge in the French Language. I told myself, not to think about the NGO-ONG lack of doing anything worth a darn, and I found a loophole in my own rules. I guess I can encourage by finding a couple of things they have started to do right.

This is the ONE trash bin, close to the Post Office on one of the main streets of Kpalime, Togo, just down the street from the big Fan Milk distribution shop. I have found only one, but it is a good idea.

Some people that have read my ramblings and allowed me to annoy them for years may recall or remember me commenting that we need to send a deluge of trash cans to the developing world.

I could take a photo of the disgusting stream or the water ditch that runs right through the center of the main market. However, what is the point; it looks like any ditch in any city on 80 percent of the planet. The developed world as they say is small in my view, about 20 percent, while the developing, under-developed, etc and so forth dominate as the 80 percent.

I think a deluge means bucket of water coming down, it was door number 2.

DELUGE defined:
2. vast quantity: an overwhelming amount of something

I think the USA should send millions, maybe billions of plastic trash barrels to every country on the planet. Then put a very small, not big, barely noticeable label saying. A gift from the people of the United States of America. Then the words - Trash Disposal - in the local language also, however a s huge label.

I want an overwhelming amount distributed, you cannot give, the governments would sell them to their people. Then after they have loaded them up with fish, carried water in them, used for tables, hauled grain in them, what can be left over is an over-abundance of trashcans, because it has to be overwhelming.

The bottom line in life is this, the world, including the USA people are enormously lazy, what is easy to do, they do, there can be no obstacle or they give up easy. IF there is trash can close, then the world will use it, but if it require work, then no. I personally throw my trash on the ground in the world all the time, it is ridiculous, the world is being unreasonable, give me the can.

I would like to can a few of the United Nations people to help save the world.

Ain’t that an euphemism?

This Toilet is up the hill from the main market, past the central Gare or small bus and bush taxi station. It is on the right as you head towards the Sunday - Tuesday market area.

Ok, I do not think this toilet is quite in the needed location, and one trashcan in the city is not going to keep the city clean. However, this is a good start. As long as nobody says, quit urinating on the walls, I assume the world will continue to urinate when they think about it, as always, anywhere and everywhere.

Thanks to the Togo Red Cross for starting along the correct path, when I do not see a person urinating 25 times per day, I will know the toilet project is working. When I do not see the central water stream or ditch running down the center of the main market not full of trash and looking like a sewer, I will know the trashcan idea is working.

Send Trash Cans, a deluge.

By the way, I throw trash on the ground all the time. I think since I have adopted this idea, my life has become 10 percent happier. The constant search, carrying trash in my pocket, was like carrying a continual reminder of dirt. It does not feel good to be the only one looking for a trash can, while 80 percent of the planet is just throwing trash anywhere. I now figure, that is the way they want, that is the way they get it.

This all falls under one rule of mine, the job of management is not to manage, it is to remove the obstacles to production.

Africa is clean compared to India. South America is about the same, and hard to say in Asia, cluttered with people, but the need is there about the same or more than Africa. Africa is clean, big, open area, not really many people.

Kpalime Togo Croix Rouge

A Method to The Madness

A Method to The Madness
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Monday, April 2, 2007

I have been in a better blogging mood, a few people have commented and for sure I feel happier. Happiness and what makes a person feel happy is not simple.

There are many areas of the web site and in the last few months some of the dots have been connected. The world wishes to read a simple story, beginning, middle and end, completely wrapped up and no loose strings. This is not ever the truth of life.

Just because I cannot explain simply where web sites and all the related Hobo sites, and etc, are going, does not mean I do not know where they are going.

- I shall never believe that God plays dice with the world.

Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)
German-born U.S. physicist.
Einstein's objection to the quantum theory, in which physical events can only be known in terms of probabilities. It is sometimes quoted as "God does not play dice with the Universe."
Letter to Max Born (2)

An idea starts as in infant, like a baby, grows and takes shape, we cannot constrict the infant, we must encourage a baby, to become a man, an adult, and to thrive and leave the nest.

The more I live the more positive, I am not correct in my thinking. I say I am doing this, and always do that, the Scarecrow on the Wizard of Oz was more focused than me. The world is Amorphous for me.

1. without shape: without any clear shape, form, or structure
2. not classifiable: not obviously belonging to any particular category or type

I have said, written, though many times,
- Clarity is Serenity. -

The clearer the path, the more serene I am.

A couple of major connect the dot toys have been added to the Hobo toy box. One by design and one by accident. We put together a way for me to reply to emails, and when I reply the answer is posted to the internet. What this does, is give me a clear reason to answer the many emails I receive and also helps a person to find answers.

I do not feel bad, when I do not reply, I reply, because there is a reason. Help Center and specific answers to people questions.

I am clear, if I answer emails, and the person never says thank you to the work I put into the replies, never cares, they just take, I am now ok.

I am still happy. Because I have posted a page, and the site can make money by the typing of answers, and others can share or read the answers, and I may not need to answer the same question 50 times.

Frustration before, I would write answers, they get blocked by the perrsons anti-spam craziness and I cannot even write them back, like writing a black hole for a date, and expecting an answer.

Blogger added Labels.
The labels adds clarity, I have posted some 2800 times on the blog, and on many countries and various subjects, I cannot remember what I have said to myself. I like order in a chaotic universe, I do not want God to play dice with my thoughts, I want a way to collect, categorize and relate a mind, my mind, and with labels it takes all them scattered ideas and groups them into one idea. If I wished to collect all the blogs and make a outside the doctors office table book, I could fast and easy.

IF a researcher ask me, I want to know about water and the world. I can say, click on water… IF I have label all the post and only about the last 300-500 have labels, then I could say, go to this link and you will find many photos of water and drinking water, etc.

People are more or less lazy, give me all the research you have on water. I have taken hundreds of photos of drinking water, sewer systems, how water is manages or not manage and how I drink. There will be no thank you…

With labels I now have a path to clarity, I can connect the dots. I created the 2004 2005 2006 not for the readers, but in the start to relate all the blog, and I will still continue to do this. I hope to hire some very critical thinker and have them go through all the post and add the labels. I do so when my connection is fast, not often, easy to do while I watch movies. If I had high-speed in the room and a good action, fighting movie was on, I could search, label to my hearts was happy, it takes a long time to connect the dots of 2800 dots.

I figure I have about 10,000 photos, that is even a worst sense of Chaos, to label all them photos and connect the dots, never ending chaos.

We hope before we die, that we bring our life full turn, we hope we go one complete circle, that all the world, all our hopes and dreams come true.

I feel good because my dream for is growing and having babies, soon I know I can help others to blog with I have more and more readers dreaming about nomadic travel of the planet.

I do hope, they can become Hobos and travel from place to place, looking for jobs, a way to live and prosper anywhere on the planet. Yes, I am happy, I can see some long-term wishes coming true. The site now has some 5 millions cities on it, and I need to add the USA or about 3 million more.

The idea is to have every place to sleep on the planet on a temporary hobo basis in the site, rich, poor and free. No problem.

To get a grip on this, to understand how to proceed, which way to go has been an Amorphous headache.

Clarity brings Serenity.

I am in Africa for about 8 months or up to two years, I do not have to worry where I am going, I am there.

I am not lonely, there is always too many people, girls and friends to invade my world here. It is very easy to avoid the tourist with their dreamland ideas of the world, and MTV generation, need of instant gratification lives.

GPRS - I have said before, Travel answers questions you did not know you needed to ask.

GPRS Cell Phone Internet connection helps me to clean up all those questions that my mind has asked. I see a funky thing in Africa, I can go search for why. Stop this madness of curiosity that never ends. I have people ask me sometimes why I drank so much, I often think, drinking to oblivion was the only way to stop the machine from spinning out of control. People do not like to listen to me, they get annoyed, they avoid me, they want me to stop thinking. I cannot stop thinking, it just never ends. Contrary to what a normal person does, I could blog 20 times per day and totally annoy the readers, it is extremely easy to think for me, nothing hard about typing and thinking to myself.

Out of Africa, into Africa, it is a place whereby a person can ask a lot of questions, and I do not have to listen to people talk about foolishness. The world has separated from me, or I have separated, I do not wish to listen to people dream about an Ipod, a new car, I do wish to hear or read about ideas, problems and solutions to life.

- If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.

Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862)
U.S. writer.

Walden, or, Life in the Woods, "Conclusion"

Life is Good
To do more things in a day that makes you happy, then make you sad is happiness, and clarity is serenity. On a clear day, I can see forever.

A Method to The Madness

Travelers Mouthwash

Travelers Mouthwash
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Monday, April 2, 2007

I have had more or less a paranoid case of bad breath worries. I woke the other morning with a mouth taste that would not say goodbye. Brushed my teeth many times, swooshed the water this way, that way and tried my best.

Then decide, time to floss again.

I think the problem was this, I flossed the day before, and in a hurried, too aggressive way, I pushed down and made my gums bleed. When I flossed, again, this area told me, I am the culprit; this is where the smell resides, lives and is you worry.

There is dried or bad blood.

Baking Soda brushing, purchased some new toothpaste, finally went to a pharmacist to buy mouthwash. This is difficult stuff to buy in West Africa and it is not because there is not a good need.

4500 CFA for the first bottle - 9 U.S. Dollars.
3300 CFA for the next in line. - 6.4 U.S. Dollars.

Something African here, they will not show you or even admit cheaper exist, until you say no to expensive. It takes a long time to work you way to down to cheap and proper price hotel room, you must take a tour of the complete hotel.

500 CFA is about 1 US Dollar.

I said no, and went back home to search on the internet, learning that alcohol in the mouthwash dries my mouth and is not good.

I do everything wrong, coffee, dieting, cheese, I do not have good mirrors so I do not brush good, I like to see myself when I brush. Peanuts, Popcorn, every food that is perfect to set up home in my teeth, I eat.

Look across the street from the Pharmacist at some lemons, they was the super baby size, not big enough for prime time TV. Sometimes, I buy lemons and just cut one in two, bite, suck, and my mouth gets some type of citric acid clean. I think it will clean off a penny.

Baking Powder
Toothpaste Rinsing: Taking my toothpaste and pretending it is mouthwash.

I gave up today, paranoia is growing stronger, and brushing my teeth 10 times per day makes me nervous about myself. I went today and purchased some Hydrogen Peroxide.

The first pharmacy and the five workers FIVE were out to lunch mentally. I wrote Peroxide, then Hydrogen Peroxide, then went to H2O, the to 03 or the little 3, not like I typed.

Said it in Spanish, converted to French.
L’eau Oxigenateur.
Agua Oxigenado en Espanol.

I am saying, no need to spell good.

I gave up, did not say Merci, I wanted Mercy, this was too crazy, and a full on formal pharmacy and I cannot get Peroxide to use as mouthwash.

Said, to a Moto Taxi, see this sign, it says Pharmacie, I want another one, take me, he takes me down the street, and down to the corner and there is a pharmacy.

I ask everyone; (3 Men, one women here) showed them a piece of paper with written on it, H20 and 03 and Peroxide, and Hydrogen Peroxide. I then say,

A women, the only women, I do believe they are smarter than men, engaged here brain into first gear, finds a bottle of Eau Oxygenee.

This cost 900 CFA or about 2 USA Dollars and is powerful and cleans, and works, and it usually cheaper than mouthwash needed in West Africa.

I ask her, the women, are you the Pharmacist. She says no, and points at the man, I say in English.
- I am worried about you. -

Then I say,
- Tout L Monde, la femme est intelligence., et l-homme es mal. -

I hope she understood as this, in the entire world, the women are educated and the men are not. Culturally, the men somehow learn to sit and talk, and the women learn how to work. Now, in school, this is giving the women tired of the men drinking and carousing a huge advantage, they study and apply themselves.

Being big, and bad, does not stop intelligence from conquering the world, and the women are taking over the planet while the men go and watch football and drink beer.

The Medicines and Pharmacies, the true place where a person is going to start finding solutions to problems is crazy here in Africa. The price of medicines in Africa is double of South America, I think triple of Asia, and the French Colonies are the poorest on the planet….


I really like my lemon solution, yet I think the sugar in a lemon kills and advantage of taste.

I am still brushing my teeth and tongue and cheeks and scrub and so on and so forth in an obsessive, compulsive let discover a new problem way.

Travelers Mouthwash

West Africa Logging

West Africa Logging
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Monday, April 2, 2007

I came upon an article of interest on the BBC about loggers in Peru and their fight with small groups of indigenous people.

I tend to believe BBC makes up a heartfelt topic, impossible to disprove and creates a way for the NGO to advertise for people to donate or send money to the for profit world of Non Governmental Organizations.

A Christian Catholic Priest stopped me in the streets yesterday, I say, I have no money and I do not give to people. I do not even need to listen, I know the story. I listen to check him, then brush him off, saying, go talk to the USA Peace Corps persons, they are naïve.

There is always an essence of truth, maybe 1 percent, and this is real. The truth is, here in Africa, I think they have already logged all the best trees and they are finished. Peru or the Amazon basin is more primitive than West Africa and the territory is much more difficult to log, therefore more expensive and take better equipment.

West Africa is more or less flat, the highest mountain or small hill in Togo is something like 1000 meters high, not even a foothill in Nepal, and in Peru, a baby.

West Africa was easy and the Germans, Dutch and seem to have taken all the good trees.

Peru is mountainous, and the Amazon is on the other side of the Andes and difficult to reach for the loggers.

The rain forest does grow back, but not big, somewhat smaller and brush like; I am hard pressed to believe the oxygen being made is not close or the same as the big trees.

I am worried about the world turning the planet into a rice paddy lake. The amount of water surface being created on the planet is crazy; they need to grow rice without being in water.

The burning of Africa is a problem, bigger than AID, or SIDA or whatever the NGO-ONG’s think is sellable to the naïve public. Africa is the poster child on the side of a Milk Box. A great way to raise cash from good people and do nothing.

28 percent of Ghana is farmed and 46 percent of Togo is farmed according to my Encarta Encyclopedia. I see about 95 percent of the land as being open or possible to be farmed. The loggers have cleared the land, then the West Africa people farm around the scrag, they are the worst farmers on the planet, but they do not need to do well; there is an overabundance of farmland, food is easy to grow.

Now, Togo talks about Environment, I want to see where they are re-planting the trees.

Stop. I have promised myself I will ignore the NGO-ONG of the planet, the worthless bunch of users.

My guess is Togo and Ghana farm about 15 percent of the available farmland. This is not to say, there is just an empty field, it is land that has been cleared of the big trees and brush and junk trees and plant are everywhere. It need finished and made read for large scale farming and if not, replanted to trees, but more just sits and the people use to hunt for firewood to cook.

West Africa Logging

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