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Hidden Treasure of Atakpame Togo

Hidden Treasure of Atakpame Togo
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I was trying to teach both Michael and Mawuli in Kpalime the term,
- Babe Alert -

I have discovered though, no matter how old they are, the age is always 19, I am not sure, why 19 is chosen age to tell me, it must be the age of preference for men of Togo. They can be 15 and say they are 19; they can be 30 and say they are 19

Hmm, primal intensity.

I did not talk to these girls, I think they are the Kittle people as Michael calls them, I finally figured how he meant Cattle.

This is a Musulman Girl, her name is Mawa or something like that and she is 19, spoken by hand signals. Her and this other girl was doing the follow me around the market game. I do not know, I suppose she is Akposso or what not.

Musulman means she is an Islamic Girl, I am not positive, but she has the look with the scarf on her head and a small tattoo on her forehead. It is somewhat intriguing how when it comes to normal people, they generally do not care what religion they are, then you slap a parent or a Mullah or some Priest, and suddenly everything goes from simple to complicated. I am never too sure about religions, Christians, Islamic, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, etc, the all are looking for a fight.

I had a Musulman girl in Lome; more or less tell me the rules she had to abide by, and how to go around them.

Note, the Bananas here in Atakpame have taken a two-degree better quality jump; there must be bananas in the area. I found this great location for a Chambre de Passage there for 1500 CFA. This is down the hill from the Marche or big market towards Amlame. This is where I met the girls and took their photos before jumping on a moto and going to the market. The banana girls caught up with me and started the tailing of me around the market, funny and fun.

The location of the Chambre de Passage was good, the cell phone did not work and the interior was no fan bad.

Photos of the path leading to the Chambre de Passage and where all these girls were walking from, or coming from, I am paying close attention to girls carrying water or goods from the bush. I remember the Auberge USA in Natingou, Benin and how there was a constant stream of culture passing. I suspect this Chambre de Passage would be the same, but the no-fan thing is getting to me. Atakpame is only about 300 meters above sea level, it is not that cool.

The road leading up to the city from Amlame, to Atakpame is great, then the market is great, and everything after that is downhill in Atakpame so far. I cannot find a hotel that is within walking distance worth a darn in Atakpame, I am in a great Hotel for 3000 CFA called the l’Amitie Auberge, but miles from the center of the Atakpame village. It is in a new highway stretch, I do not like to live on the newer highway stretches, I like the Centreville. I think I will head for the cooler mountains tomorrow.

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Hidden Treasure of Atakpame Togo

Cultural Stages of Togo Homes

Cultural Stages of Togo Homes
Amlame, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, April 24, 2007

All photos were taken in the Village of Danyi Apeyeme, Togo West Africa, on the Danyi Plateau, about 50 Kilometers North and West of Kpalime.

I would observe and think this home is very old. Take a very close look and you will see a wooden water container with a lid, I am 95 percent, sure, it is not to make Fufu as they look about the same. Cooking is done under the eave of the home. There is the absolute minimal amount of home. The roof is grass. No screens, I am not sure about the bars on the windows, maybe there is not window. I have observed home with a series of 3 to 10 single entrance doors in some countries. I am thinking to make the most amount of air, you need this type of construction, and you want the whole wall to open. I think having doors all the way around the home would give the most amount of ventilation, and then have screens on the door openings. Then only use one for ingress, egress. The problem with a building is air, but it protects you from the elements, animals not so good on mosquitoes.

This photo taken in Danyi, Apeyeme is on the way down to the river, behind the small market where they drink that brew of alcohol.

This home has a steel roof, the wall are still clay adobe, yet hey have made a plaster effect. The water is collected by a gutter into a 55-gallon steel container. The building to the right I the kitchen, now under roof and safe from rain. The window have wood shutter, behind the shutter are bard made of rebar used inside concrete slabs to make strong.

Between the kitchens are the shower and the toilet. I took photos of this toilet, a unique, but very practical and pragmatic design. I think I will post it.

Danyi Apeyeme, Togo West Africa
Home Stay coordinates - Michel and Jane are the Owners
Saturday, April 21, 2007
07 degrees 12.203 North
000 degrees 41.452 East
795 Meters of altitude above sea level

This is not the most modern here, by a long shot; there are luxury homes that would make any USA person jealous. Complete with servants, living quarters and a gardener, I always say, you can tell how rich a person is… Do they have a bodyguard?

Ok, this home is probably concreted; the bars are now on the outside and placed into the wall. There is maybe louvered windows, and screens on the windows.

The porch is luxury, and the size is luxury, I would think they have a shower area around back and who knows for toilet.

This photo was taken in Danyi, Apeyme, Togo up the hill from the middle picture, or the GPS coordinates.

The village has a water tower, however, I do not think they use, good drinking water is free here, and I do not think they could get people to pay, they would just walk and get water and skip the pay idea. This is just a guess, I see nobody using the inside water in the village of

Danyi Apeyeme, Togo West Africa
Home Stay coordinates - Michel and Jane are the Owners
Saturday, April 21, 2007
07 degrees 12.203 North
000 degrees 41.452 East
795 Meters of altitude above sea level

From an architectural, culture point of view, this small city was great. Danyi Apeyeme, Togo West Africa is small enough to still use typical water gathering methods from the river, has just installed electricity, has a water tower, but seems to be not be used. In one small region of this country, in one small trek you can see all this in one hour. The river, the building, the construction methods. There are all layers of the culture in one area to view and try to understand or not understand, but muse.

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Cultural Stages of Togo Homes

Reader Comments on Blog

Reader Comments on Blog
Amlame, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A person posted a comment on my blog.
This is on the bottom, I finally discovered the link, I think blogger orphaned it.

I would say is about 100 percent correct.

He or she wrote, never trust a person that post, they lie..

You travel around the world, yet all you write is ... You travel around the world, yet all you write is ungrammatical drivel about how much money the bus cost or the precise details of how you negotiated the price of a hotel room in Treedanta, Anystan.

You're clearly lonely and quite a depressing person to be around. You're a typical blogger - a boring, narcissistic attention-seeker.

Will you post this comment? No.
(William Reynolds) 23:21


Why is he about 100 percent correct?

Chunked out ideas in his post:

Comment 1:
You travel around the world, yet all you write is ... You travel around the world.

Answer: Yes, I write, I travel around the world, a very general description of what I do, when I am writing in my web log.

Comment 2
yet all you write is ungrammatical drivel about how much money the bus cost or the precise details of how you negotiated the price of a hotel room in Treedanta, Anystan.

Answer: I did not say, I am a professional writer, as in an editor type, I do write, but to be a professional writer, mean more than just typing in an online journal, a web log, or a personal diary. It requires editing, proofing and other type of work. I do not work, I just type my diary.

Negotiating the price is a daily ever encompassing duty, I would be amiss if I left one of the main situations of my day out of my diary. I do think the resolution of why, what, how and to think, introspect is a good use for a journal. By typing, I learn to negotiate better as I take abstract idea and translate into what you would hope is consistent and congruent words.

Comment 3
You're clearly lonely

I think any diary would have comments or the desire for intimate conversations. I do think one of the greatest problems of travel is loneliness, it is horrible the amount of solitude I have. I try to avoid countries whereby, I am exceeding lonely or in need of human conversation. I just left a beautiful mountain place, in the end, I have a few children, one 18 year old man, I think most of the 18-30 have left to work in the cities. I do like to have conversations.

Comment 4
and quite a depressing person to be around.

I do not think I am depressing to be around, I do think I am very trying, difficult and try to minimize my human contact. I tend to ask a 1000 questions per minute, inquire about too much, and try the patience of everyone around me. Am I depressing, I do not think I make people around me happy.

This is interesting, I do not know this William Reynolds man, and if I do, I must have made him remember me, as I do not remember him. To be around, this is the problem here, he takes no responsibility for the fact he is reading my dribble. I truly believe a person that cannot use the mouse and click is a little on the insane side, why would a person continue to read, when they can stop. This is not a class, this is not a subject you need to read, this is pure luxury reading, unless maybe you want to know about long-term travel.

Comment 5
You're a typical blogger - a boring

I consider the reading of my own blog boring. I hate to proof or edit, it really is boring to me.

Comment 6

Narcissism - DEFINED
1. self-admiration: excessive self-admiration and self-centeredness
2. personality disorder: in psychiatry, a personality disorder characterized by the patient's overestimation of his or her own appearance and abilities and an excessive need for admiration.

Yes, I am in love with myself, I like me very much. Excessive need for admiration, hmm you get some of these hate mails and you would be tempted to take the comments option off the blog. I do call this hate mail or to incite or provoke terror… oops, misused word.

I am a recovering alcoholic, the state of Indiana put me on house arrest for one year to punish me for my bad behavior, or drinking and driving. I would say yes, I have a lot of mental problems, but I know this and hope I keep them in remission. My drinking of alcohol was a system of my thinking problem. Note, I own the domain, and .com

Comment 7


I 100 percent am this, I work day and night on this web page to have traffic, I try, I learn, I study how to get the attention of every person on the planet. I want millions or readers, I want everyone to read, listen and comment on my blog. I am a business, the business of the web pages is to get viewers and readers. I started the whole site to make money, so I could continue to travel, enjoy life, and really do nothing the best I can. I try to avoid miserable work, I am doing what I like to do.


I clicked on publish, mainly because I was curious, it appears to be an orphan comment, I have yet to find the page it is associated with, and I like to solve questions to problems.

I find this type of reader, this type or person, who comment on my blog intriguing. What goes on the mind of this person? Sort of make me think of the Korean guy who killed all the people in Virginia.

Rage is my term for this, I know I have rage, I have this under-current of angers and frustrations, that I must try continually resolve. They are a mix of resentments, past pain, and normal run of the day life problems. I would say, I am about normal.

Ok, but there is pro-active rage and re-active rage. The reader that commented here was using pro-active rage. Then again, I may have commented on his hotel or offended him, who is William Reynolds?

I do not know, and really cannot be bothered to know, he is nothing.

Ok, but I am curious, what compels a person to try to provoke, to try to hurt me. When, I was a smaller blogger, I found many people try to help the small Hobo, and I thank them. However, when I started to do well, actually made enough money to stop living on 5 dollars per day, I lost the help-the-poor-hobo people or readers. Like the was helping a Victim. I chose this life, I am 100 percent responsible.

But, this William Reynolds guy is about 100 percent correct on his rendition of my blog, ok maybe 95, I exaggerate.

I think the problem for him is he wants to read entertainment, I am trying to remember my words.

Blog defined on
A blog (short for web log) is a user-generated website where entries are made in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological order.

Blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject, such as food, politics, or local news; some function as more personal online diaries. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic. The ability for readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of most early blogs. Most blogs are primarily textual although some focus on photographs (photoblog), sketchblog, videos (vlog), or audio (podcasting), and are part of a wider network of social media.
The term "blog" is a portmanteau, or, in other words, a blend of the words web and log (Web log). "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.

Online Diary defined:
An online diary is a personal diary or journal that is published on the world wide web on a personal website or a diary hosting website. Online diaries began in 1995. As a community formed, these publications came to be almost exclusively known as online journals. Today they are almost exclusively called blogs, though some differentiate by calling them personal blogs. The running updates of online diarists combined with links inspired the term 'web log' which was eventually contracted to form the word blog.
In online diaries, people write their day-to-day experiences, social commentary, complaints, poems, prose, illicit thoughts and any content that might be found in a traditional paper diary or journal. They often allow readers to contribute through comments or community posting.

One of my biggest goals of blogging is to find clarity and as a result of clarity, I find serenity. I tend to think this Willam Reynold man is a sick individual, but who cares, let A..holes be A..holes to quote advice I have received, do not get involved in their desire to be A..holes.

I think he believe he could get his day of fame, by getting a comment posted on my blog. It is like killing yourself to get back at your wife. It is like being bomber to fight injustice. It is the same as blaming the whole group or campus of people of that Virginia campus for his problems. I remember a saying, and I do try to remember, remember, when you point your finger at someone, you have 3 fingers pointing back.

Hmmm, solutions, maybe I should call this my personal blog, or my personal diary. I changed the words on the index to say diary, maybe I will insert the words personal in front of all this crap.

I do this for fun and money, now I go to Atakpame to look at girls, enjoy life and to buy motorcycle batteries. Traveling can be amazingly boring, and I need man projects to be happy.

Shall, I edit or proof, no let this William guy read, maybe I can annoy him some more.

The bottom line is this, a person picks up another persons diary and does not like what they read. People have been mislead a little by blogger that make web pages, and call them blog, I really do just post my thoughts, random in a way, project in a way, and annoyingly confusing. I would like to pay an editor, for fun, but I do not make enough money, and I am afraid of editors, they seem to want to change me. I am pro I make money by typing information in the computer. I will try to note, and I have said many times, there is nothing more selfish than travel.

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Reader Comments on Blog

Incredibly Rich West Africa

Incredibly Rich West Africa
Amlame, Togo West Africa
Monday, April 23, 2007

I have traveled too much, I have seen to many versions of poor. I ain’t buying it, West Africa is rich.

West Africa
The subsistence farming here in West Africa has an over-abundance of flat land and water and sparsely populated. It seems to me, to be the perma-culture, self staining, and no need for the outside world, insulated, separated like the USA. The land gives what the people needs and more.

If this area the planet could find a way to have solar electricity for less than 20 U.S. dollars per family, they would almost not need anyone. Sadly, the more they strive for cell phones, cars, televisons and fashion, I suspect the more problems they will have, not less. The danger lies in want of luxury jobs, that provide non-essential trades ike the tissage or tress, and even the moto taxi.

The cost of living here is nothing and life is easy.

However, what is killing me is how they grow food in West Africa; I would guess they farm less than 15-20 percent of the land. Then after they plant something, they just hope it grows.

This means in a way, they have the worlds easiest farming to do, they can just plant something and hope, they do not even need to weed, and they have enough food to get fat. I was thinking, I do not see tractors, or oxen pulling plows, I seen one in Kpalime, however for the part, they just walk out and hack up the ground, make into these special anti-rain mounds, plant and hope it grows, no special work, easy, anyone can do it, and most do in a way, but not much.

I was thinking, the beef here is somewhat difficult, I do not see many cows, or cattle, however there are groups they call the cattle people. They grow goats here, and goats take very small amounts of care, then there are few chickens.

There is nothing grown in surplus except these stupid little peppers called Pims and they are everywhere, I think they grow in surplus because they cannot stop them from growing.

There is no BACKUP.

If they had a water problem in the middle of this rainy area, it is not a rainforest, as best I can tell, and for sure not a cloud forest, but it is very wet, I believe. How can they have a water problem?

There is no extra food, the risk here is a bad crop, if they have a crop problem, then no food, they need to learn how to can foods.

There are no cash crops grown that makes any sense, no mass-produced cash crops or animal husbandry. The only raise what they need.

They have no money. They make the homes out of clay, wood, and materials close to their home. The water cost, but they have the money to buy it, and it is clean, I drink it every day.

What happens of my feeling is this, I think when a person needs money, they become somewhat ridiculously easy to negotiate with, and they will not lose the deal under any condition.

I think money is just an extra, good if they have it, but then who cares really. The life is easy, too easy, they can grow food too easy, there is no striving or working for the food. There is no motivation to strive to better yourself. There seems not desire to fight for a job.

There are some indicators of need.

1. Number of beggars.
2. The amount of theft.
3. How much land is farmed.
4. How dirty are people clothes.
5. How much they will negotiate and still sell you an item or services.
6. How hard is it to steal available food that is growing.

I had a friend try to tell me the price of a Bungalow in Indonesia, I thought he was going to say 300 US or something. I can rent good room in Bangkok for 40 US per month, with AC. I rent a room here in Lome, Togo for 20 US per month, no AC.

The cost of renting a room on the planet starts about always at one-fourth the monthly wages or less. The people of Togo earn abut 30 as base pay and this would mean a room should start at 10 or something like that, and I believe I can rent a room for that.

All six of these items above are at an incredible low.

I sort of feel like I am in the lower part of Brazil, or the upper part of Argentina and there is no cattle, and no farming.

This could be the next Brazil farming boom, and the trees are already cut down. Note, I think one of the number one businesses in Togo or West Africa is the making of Charcoal. Charcoal is a luxury, as best I can determine, not a need.

Malnutrition, and badly balanced diets, overweight, etc is probably everywhere, I do believe the introduction of large amounts of vegetable seeds would alter their diets. They do not have the grub-stake to just start luxury crops, and do not see the need, they are farming thes same they have since the days of colonization, the eat Baguettes.

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Incredibly Rich West Africa

Map to Amlame Togo

Map to Amlame Togo
Amlame, Togo West Africa
Monday, April 23, 2007

I left my Danyi Apeyeme, Togo Homestay for a strange reason, Chris has been writing me about my battery project, I want to get to Atakpame to play with the motorcyle batteries. I may have some toys sent from the USA, I need to find a Peace Corps person to find out how to have things sent, I am sure they know about care packages from home… I can always return, but also more quiet than I need with no books to read.

I came down the hill from the Danyi Plateau of something like that, and entered the village of Adeta. I am thinking all the cities started with Danyi; therefore, I just left the city of Apeyeme, Togo, maybe it still on the map as Danyi Apeyeme, Togo.

The taxi drivers are a pain, I asked him the price, he said 1500 and I thought, Ok, the Issa boy at the Chinois Pharmacy said the price was 1000, I knew I was going to be hard pressed for 1000, and so 1500 was ok. I said yes to the price, and the whole way down the driver kept whining about 2500 or something and 2000, I started saying 1000. I now know, I should have negotiated and complained, tried to get him to take 1000 so he would be happy with 1500. The longer I am on a ride, the more they think to themselves, this is a white guy, I could have gotten more.

I got off the bike in Adeta, held out 2000 CFA and did not give it to him until he gave me the change, all went well.

I was going to stay a night in Adeta, but thought to myself, what is the point in staying in a boom boom Chambre de Passage, nothing interesting although the girls of Adeta appeared better quality than the mountain.

I thought, I would go to Amou Oblo of the village where the Issa man or boy lives with his wife. There was a group of motos; this is always a problem in many ways. I sort of thought, it looked like rain, so I would go and look at the car. This man, as best I can tell claimed me, so he assume I am his, and for sure, I have learned not to get into a car. I opted for a bike, one has said 3500 and I ignored that driver. One said, 2000 so I said, yes, gave him my front bag and got on the back. They proceeded to ride their motorcycles in front of use, and five guys grabbed my bag. The driver was overwhelmed; I finally got of the bad, grabbed the bag and cleared out the five boys from the bag. The whole areas starts to laugh, I was not playing games.

I cannot get them to calm down, so I started walking, it become tiresome to walk and argue with me, and all but two give up shortly following, and the one is my driver I chose. I kept walking, the want to fight and argue, but to work is not what they want to do, so I walked less than 50 meters and was ready to jump on the bike. Finally, I threw the bike, to the drive and said,
- Partir -

He takes off and they all start to holler, and one starts to give chase. The driver starts to slow, I start to pinch him and grab him, in and effort to say, you stop, I will whop you side the head, he takes off again.

There is this African cultural thing, which somehow the people believe they need to listen to a person holler.

After that the life was great, the ride was fast, cool, and on the left side was some taller cliffs and very pleasant. I get to Amou Oblo, a nice city with a river by the name of Amou and try to find an Auberge. I do not want to leave; however, I am not in the mood for room hunting in homes.

Amlame is big, in big letters on the map, and only 500 CFA more, I am from Adeta to Amlame for 2500 CFA, and probably 1000 more than the going rate.

It is not big, seem long, but there is two hotels, one says, Auberge and that normally means cheaper. I find a room, needs a mosquitoe net, all the rooms have nails for mosquito nets, hard to imagine. The toilet and shower are shared, only with a girl though, and she is ok, the Petit Soeur of the owner, or smaller sister.

She likes to walk around with just the beads on around her waist, so I am not complaining. She says she is 19, looks like 30 and I can see the whole thing, I do not know why they always lie, and they want to young so we will marry them, but 19 is too young in my country.

She asked me already for a Portable, he brother says he will give me a Cadeau if I take here with me. Non.

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Map to Amlame Togo

Danyi Apeyeme Togo Homestay

Danyi Apeyeme Togo Homestay
Danyi Apeyeme, Togo West Africa
Home Stay Coordinates - Michel and Jane are the Owners
Saturday, April 21, 2007
07 degrees 12.203 North
000 degrees 41.452 East
795 Meters of altitude above sea level

I would put my Hobo Ok on this place, a great time, note, I paid the asking price of 2000 CFA and they would probably go lower. This is not a home stay in any formal sense, this is me just staying at the home of a family in Danyi- Apeyeme, Togo.

Photo of my room, 2000 CFA, and cool at night, because at about 795 Meter above sea level. I needed a mosquito net, the shower and toilet were camp style primitive. The will feed me for an extra fee, I do not know what, I do not like Fufu, then again, I have never tried it either, but I am not wanting too. I am hooked on the Haricots and that is enough extra carbohydrates to add to my diet, this is the land of Carbo loading, I could swim around Nigeria.

I have GPRS Internet Connection, Electricity that is on and off at scheduled hours. The family is great.

This is Jane, pronounced something like Jahn, and she has a husband by the name of Michel, he is in Kpalime, I do not understand, never came back.

There are many children here in this area and it is a playground, ask the girls to sing and dance.

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Danyi Apeyeme Togo Homestay

What We Do Not Say

What We Do Not Say
Danyi Apeyeme, Togo West Africa
Monday, April 23, 2007

What I say I will do is who we want to be.
What we do is who we are.
In a dysfunctional blur of alcoholic haze, the is light at the end of the tunnel. One day I learned, I talk, I talk and I talk,
Je parle… hehehe
(Talk in French)

Talking is not important, what I do is important. I observe the planet, I try to learn how it works, why, and it gives me something to think about, I must take care and weigh people by actual actions, not anticipated actions; I need to know who you really are…

My mother in a well-intended scream wrote with the subject line of the email reading.

Ok, Mom, why are you hollering? Capital letter is screaming, I always get a little nervous when my older parents want me for something, and are urgent or I can feel the intensity. I am hoping, I worry about urgent news.

Oh, only this.

Funny, how the newspaper can make a person with a 70-Foot Boat seem important.

I am thinking; tell me after the break the record please, not before.

I am interested in what you do, not what you say you are going to do, plus living in a boat is going to be difficult, and harsh, but 70 x 20, this is a 1400 Square Foot Luxury Apartment.

I cannot get any of the links to work, they seem to be the too clever type and I empathize, I spend days trying to stop this from happening, it is something technical people and the way their brains work, that clever breaks things. I tried to connect with boy genius, nothing is working, but I can blog.

Ok, I give up, too much time, trying to listen to my mothers wishes.

I want to know the rules, and I want to know how many people can come aboard. The enemy is isolation while living in their 1400 plus foot apartment for three years.

I am thinking, the Satellite, Boat, and big business are quick to sponsor these types of trips. I should look into going rich and not Hobo, but then again, I do not like to Kiss for a Cadeau.

If I got a Cadeau, I have to give them a Kiss back.

Hope they do well; I like the first page, except for the pat line, and very cliché comment about being eco sustainable. I just went and pissed and saw a shooting start, I can say that… it was ecologically normal, yet not sustainable.

Cliché, life is not mean to be Cliché
Whatever cliché means, I continually look up this word; it just does not fit in my brain correctly.

I do hope they do well, it would drive me nuts to have to listen to all them old sailors tell me stories for three years and have to have these rich boat owner types, tell me this and that.

There was two young black girls, ages unknown, Togolese that with the help of two very small boys, not dancing or singing well who sang about 7 songs and dances in front of my room yesterday.

The clothing was normal, the hair cut short, faces were animated, they kept bowing, stepping, singing in this sing-song way, step into it, step into it, bow you head, hang is over. I was thinking, where I the camera crew, then I thought, I am not going to try. This memory is mine.

I bet they have a satellite connection to the internet, the big one, amazing how big of things you can put on a boat.

I cannot get their page to open, someone sign me up for their blog, put my email in the sign up box, if no sign up box, then not important. I will catch them after the complete the 600 plus days needed for the record and my mother forgets and no longer hollers.

I am still in question, is there a crew? Isolation is the enemy.

Fame, what people do in the name of fame and a cliché?

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What We Do Not Say

Quality of Life Architecture

Quality of Life Architecture
Danyi Apeyeme, Togo West Africa
Sunday, April 22, 2007

I am trying to understand my planet, I am not sure we are evolving to higher levels. I am positive some sections or parts of all societies are become superstars, however the general population is in many way being lead to slaughter.

I am wondering if the Star Trek, Dr. Spock simple common sense, stated clear and easy will come to past, or is the future a world full of fat people walking though malls, sports bars, and soap operas.

Sort of the Seven Deadly Sins exaggerated.

QUOTES from Encarta Encyclopedia (2)

Seven Deadly Sins, classification of sins: pride, avarice, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth.
… There is no foundation in the Bible for this classification…
… These seven sins are not singled out because they are all grievous sins or because of their severity, but because they are the inevitable source of other sins …
End Quote

Sin or not a sin, not really a concern to me, I guess I do care about the quality of life.

I think primitive man went and grabbed a tree limb, went into a cave, then I hope, or think they must have really thought about this decision, saying to themselves, is this a good idea.

Introspection is this good idea, or did they just sit around being food for lions. Some surely were just food, but some continually survived and conquered the planet.

I know my problem; I want everyone to conquer the planet, not just some.

I see these steel roofs on homes, they are taking over the planet, and they are rusty and ugly. I think they are very hot, but they are easy, simple, and cheap and stop the rain from dousing the cooking flame.

Did anyone stop and think, is this really a good idea.

Life is simple, most of us do the minimums, I was trying to get a moto taxi to the Ghana Border, most of the taxi boys were Sunday Drunk on this mash beer they drink, I opted out. They do not drive safe on good days, there is no need, simple decisions.

There are many small soap operas on the planet, contrary to what the world wishes to tell you, the suffering is not so real, the world lives darn good.

I see the most suffering probably by people who are old, with no pensions, and people who were hit by cars, and now cannot walk straight. When you lose in the battle to fend for yourself because you are a cripple or old, then life is bad. All them other issues seem sort of soap opera to me.

Note: Blogging is not needed, something I do for kicks, pure luxury for me, but introspection should be a need, but it is not.

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