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My Love of Traveling with Internet

My Love of Traveling with Internet
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Monday, May 7, 2007

I want to stay connected.

I have grown to love the GPRS Cell Phone Internet connection offered in Togo and other countries. I see this expanding fast, it will soon cover the planet in less than 2-5 years. The poorer nations need it more, and they often offer at reasonable price before the richer countries.
I am here in Togo, a very slow and primitive culture, however for some quirk of logic and common sense, I have internet in my room, regardless of the hotel, I can choose, where I want to live, and I can communicate with the world. I need a cell phone connection.

My friend Craig now is in the USA, and I have chatted more with him in the last week than in the last year on the internet. I can feel it; he is more connected in the USA and was not connected in the Caribbean, Central, and South America. However, he knows how to stay connected in the USA and it is free or the price of internet is fixed.

Craig has been out for over one year traveling, and has stopped in the USA to visit with friends and family and now leaves for Southeast Asia.

He told me on chat, I do not have time for RSS feeds while traveling. Moreover, the truth is he does not have time to chat when traveling. I am in Togo and I have time to Chat, he will leave soon and be disconnected again, I will separate a small distance from my friend, the window will be half-open.

Enlightening to me, how somehow with GPRS, I have opened a window to the world, and I have left the darkness. I have the information of the world at my fingertips. I love to get on and learn, what is this flower in Togo, what is this food, what ethnic groups live here.

I have traveled in darkness too long, I now can go and visit a culture and not stop learning. Last time I was in Africa, I was introduced to so many cultures it was overwhelming. What do I remember about Africa, from before, I know confusion, I can explain the cultures of Benin, however I know very little of the big picture, I only know the on the ground experience, a person could say the name of the culture I live in for a month of two and I would not know.

For 10 years, I needed to be super-organized, super effective for newsletters, blogging, posting, and learning. I would sit in my room and make a list of what I needed to do, then go to the internet café, and slowly check off the list, this is work, this is not spontaneous fun.

Now, if I wanted to read about Hippos, I just turn on my computer and read.

Thank you GPRS, I have been in the Dark for 10 years, the breeze that is entering my brain is refreshing, I have the world of information, the window is open and it feels great..

What does this mean to me; I do not know if I can give this up. I think my love of GPRS is more than my love of some countries. I think I need to wait for some countries to offer GPRS at REASONABLE and realistic prices, and then I will travel to that country. The great part, I truly believe that 80 percent will offer this in the next year, and the other countries will follow within the next 2-5 years.

Land Travel, there is a fashion, a belief, a travelers creed, keep the feet on the ground. How do I go from one GPRS country to the next GPRS country and keep my feet on the ground?

Which country is next in Africa, which country has GPRS that I have not visited? I have not been to Nigeria, but truth is, I can tell, I do not want to go and listen…blah blah blah.

I need to learn about GPRS, maybe offered in Cameroon, Gabon, Liberia, Senegal, Congo, which country is connected at reasonable prices with GPRS. How much to I have to pay in dollars to keep my window open.

WIFI is annoyingly stupid, good for an offices; true wireless connection is with GPRS or something Cell Phone tower related. Satellite is my dream, just unrealistic on price, size of equipment, and what I need to play.

I like spontaneous living, and less being super organized. I want to keep the window open.

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My Love of Traveling with Internet

Starting My Togo Acting Career

Starting My Togo Acting Career
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Sunday, May 6, 2007

I have started my acting career here in Togo, and I have no desire to be an Actor, zero.

Last night, I lay in bed and a man came to the door, I keep saying
- Qui -
I think this mean who, I try
- Qua -
Or what in French

Nothing works, the knocking is persistent, I have not found anybody to have manners here so I stand up, grab my towel, I was in African Air Conditioning or the way to stay cool with no AC.

I open the door, and some man raises his hand and walk in or barges on me, he is with two others. I stand my ground towel and all, my computer is right behind me, I need to protect my child.

Noise and more noise, I have no idea who this is and frankly he is so irritating I think about hitting him, he is about a head shorter than me and weighing in at about 50-70 pound less.

After a lot of screaming, I find out… why, there is a girl that is his wife who says I was with her.

There is a floozy girl that begged me for a pieece of my Wagassi cheese, then followed me into the Hotel. This happens daily, nothing strange about being followed by women. Then I sat in the restaurant area to talk with Comi, she stood right in front of me smiling, her belly was out, I asked her if she was pregnant, she says now, I go on to say,
La Pate Belly.

She is doing some type of mating stance in front of me.

Who knows, she looked about three months pregnant to me, and I am laughing, it is funny, she is all primal and speaks bad French, really I cannot remember, I did not talk enough, I do not remember he saying anything much, except to point her bell and pelvic area at me, like I said, a floozy.

I grew tired of the mindless chatter, and walked to my room, of course, as normal the girl follows. Everyone in the hotel see this, they love to gossip and watch, they do not work much, so they have to do something. I get to the room, go to open the door and she sort of nails me, tries to do the, I will come in the room and boom boom for a Cadeau game. She is funny one, her skirt and top are more or less see through and she is wearing only the bottom underwear. Like a set of clothes negligee night at the bar.

I walked in, and, did the spin and nudge, or block her out, and lock the door move.

The man is screaming:

This is the mans wife or girl, or prostitute, I never did understand, they will call a steady women a Femme or Women and this could mean marriage or something, I really cannot be bothered, like a soap opera to learn.

NOW back to the screaming man at my door.

I want the screaming man, I want him out of my room so I barge through him and his two partners, and walk to the restaurant, with just a towel wrapped around me, I am 51 years old, I wish I was 20, I look 41, the body is giving up the game. But I am still working strong.

Hollering and groups of hollering, more of this Jumping around like 2001 space odyssey and the monolith. I feel like I am in a now with Trailer Trash in the USA, and they are hollering at me on why they are not paying me rent. White Trash is bad and violent in the USA, when they do not have the money for rent.

I stop the man from hollering, by giving the man a stare to put in him in place, then I think, they do not understand reason. The whole room is making noise. This is when I started my acting career.

I started jumping, hollering, and screaming, I said every cuss word I could and made sure he understood, your wife is a prostitute, that is your problem. I said in French and English the word prostitute accentuated. When I started to jump and scream his two partner ran for the door and left.

I stop, then I did a Mel Gibson smile to the crowd look, with good facial expressions, then start to holler at the man again. I wish this part was not true, but if you want to intimidate a person, they need to know you are not afraid, turn your back on them, snub them.

I try to stop and allow quiet to rein, then he starts again, I hollered him down. Lesson two of my acting career. This time I wave my fist at him and pound down at his face, not hitting. This is when Comi the boy manager comes and tries to stop me, he more or less says there is no call for this. I said, why, he wants a fight, he has a fight.

(Never, never hit a person in another country, you will be in trouble, and there is no amount of talk that will convince the police you are protecting yourself. Fight back only, no starting the fight with blows. If you are in a empty area and nobody around, I am not sure…maybe give him what he wants and very hard. But do not allow the path or your safety in the logic of an obviously low on the justice pole of life country to be jeopardized, hard to understand when there is no law.)

I then hear the word largent or money in French, now the truth is surfacing, he wants money and is looking for an excuse.

I still have my towel on, I feel fat.

I go back to my room, I see him still outside down the hall, I think time to go again, this time I do most of the acting in English as I am tired and he is not understanding the words anyway, there is no way a person could understand me hollering in French, and he does not speak English, I am just trying to clear out my territory and drive the idiot who has a slut for a wife out the door.

I go back to the room.

A man comes down to my room and says, this man will leave if you beg pardon and give him some money. I think, yes, normal, it is easy to pay money to buy an annoying person to leave. I decide, there is reason. This is how a beggar works.

Still in my towel, it is blue, big and sort of beach towel.

I walk back out, first I learn the word I am sorry before I go out and walk up bend down to shake his hand, and say, I think,
- Desole -

I really am not sorry, so what if I say it wrong.

I then say,
- Combien. -

He says,
- 50,000 CFA -

This is three months wager for a nobody.

This straw is too much, my camels back is broken, this is it, no acting, I come unglued, I really went in his face, it took every bit of restraint I had to not hit him, I wanted to very bad. Amazing how much I can explode and not hit a man. This ends, I am tired of hollering.

I walked to the room and changed into my shorts, you would think I would feel vulnerable in a towel with no shoes, but I was getting more powerful not less, but he was obviously afraid, it is the nature of a bully to feel strong if the other become weak. I am starting to feel big.

This is too stupid, I wanted to sleep and go to the next city the next day.

I decided, time to leave Badou, I put on my shorts and packed my bags, took about 15 minute or more. Comi the manager comes down and what does he want, largent or money. He says why are you leaving, I say it is too stupid, he says it has stopped and the man has left.

I try to say, he is mad, he is weak, he knows he needs power, he will go see if he can find a group of men who want money. Give them some stupid, yet money reason, a good excuse to take advantage of the white men, I am in a bully, tyrant, warlord country, I learned how this works in Mexico, but Mexico is more dangerous than Togo.

In Mexico there is always another Gringo watching, I am alone here in Togo, if I disappear off the earth then, everyone wonders why I stop blogging and continues with their day, my mother call the USA embassy and cries until she stops, nothing happens and I am gone.

Happens all the time, I have the family or mothers write me in hope, you was in Ecuador, did you see this person.

Other travelers or tourist in a hotel is ok in situations like this, I am not sure which conversation is slower or more asleep, the NGO out to lunch bunch fantasy land group, or the never entered the game of life, sit around Togo bunch. Sleeping and in need of a soap opera to add excitement to their lives. They can argue and argue about anything. I have to stop the motos from stopping and talking about stupid crap, or arguing, I think they ask, am I getting enough money from the white man.

I packed, walked out the door, shook hand with Comi, said goodbye to he owner that came out of hiding, and left. Comi does not have many people treat him with a handshake, he was ok.

I grab a moto and try to get him to go to Zoubega or some other hard to spell city.

One finally comes out of nowhere as the others all broke down into chatter. I say,
- Zoubega -
He says,
- Qui -

Yes in French and I say 700 CFA, he is happy. I start talking on the bike, the man is good, he is smart, and I start the fight over a price to Atakpame, I have on shorts now, no towel.

He says, 7000, I say trop cher, I have learned, I cannot just say yes or he will think for 85 kilometers this white man would have paid more. I do a stall, wait for all the brain cells to think, then say, 5000, he say something about essence or Gas, I say, 4000, this always confuses them, but he is smart man, he says, 6500.. I do another pretend to think thing, I am good at negotiations, just a game, I sold about 80 pieces of real estate per year, or 2 per week, this is easy.

The bad part, a deal has to be fought over, he will not be happy unless we fight or discuss hard. Either I fight now, or fight after, the before is easier, and I have not struck a deal, he wants it to work out.

I say 6000 and he says yes.

Like a midnight run to Atakpame at 6:30 stupid at night, we arrive at about 8:30, I call a girl when I get to the room. Oops, I forgot, I had him stop at the market, drop me off, then destroyed the path to my room. Paid the man 6000 CFA, then waited, then said, 2000 more, you are good, etc, and he was good.

This driver was excellent, amazingly good, a pro in a world full of boys.

I walk down the street, flag down a moto taxi, hand him the front bag, and he drops it off the other side of the moto. I am amazed, the man before carried the bag, tied it down with rubber strap, went over every type of bump, dodged potholes and wove his way from Badou to Atakame on a road that meanders like a river. This man boy drops my bag in one second of management.

I get do the hotel and he is afraid to go down the hill.

I go to the room, I am happy, there is no direct path for police to come and extract money from me.

I am not worried about the angry man with he slut for a wife, I am worried about the Togo Police, the Police of he planet are more dangerous than an angry husband. The will come into the room, take everything, all they need is a moral high ground or any agreed upon excuse to use. The can track down how to get a bribe or payment ten times faster, no not true, they do nothing to prevent or stop crime, the spend all their time taking money.

What is great, a Fwee I as said by moto is a stop to pay money to Police before entering or leaving a city. A moto sort of goes through with no problem. A car, would need to stop, I am happy to go through on motos.

I have had about five women since I came here, try to use me to get their boyfriend jealous. I have spotted this and kept them all farther away from my room. I now know, the must be kept out of the hotel for me to be safe from stupid way of being used by women.

A man can keep his wife providing he has the steady money, the only way he can lose his wife is if a man comes along with more money. I have more money, and they all agree on this, so the want to tell their boyfriends I am after them. None of this is simple and clear, I think I should go and meet parents or someone, but the girls are always working two to three men, and he men are always working two to three women. Sort of like Mexico with a twist, and in French.

I find this is interesting that both are Catholic countries and men pay to have extra wives. I am wondering if this Cadeau of give a gift originates inside the Catholic, where does a gift of money come from. In the Philippine they have the Pasabalong gift.

The man wanted money, I truly believes he considers his wife a possession, I think he saw opportunity to extract money and be a bully. When his two partners in crime left, he did as bullies do, they back down.

What a stupid way to live some days, and I am not sure, where I mean me or them.

This was dangerous, I left, then erased the path, this is real, not fun and games, when in danger, be smart, macho is stupid, do not think, this is not the USA, you are never safe until the path is brushed away leading to you.

On the other hand, in the USA, he would come and pop a cap, I think the say, the USA is more dangerous. Here is was just hollering, the idea of me boxing as they say, really cause the manager of the hotel to worry, why would you hit the man. I said he needs it.

You think oh, poor people, I feel sorry for them, the casual violent methods of poorer countries are fed by people giving them money and food they do not work for, the do not respect the donors, they think, if this project is stupid, then I take. The United Nations a bunch of poor countries trying to vote for rich countries to give them money.

Togo is 143 on the HDI - Human Development Index of the United Nations. Niger is 177 and leads in last place. This is not an index of what is primitive or uncivilized.

Togo is fun, then parts are not fun, but all in all a great place.

I met a girls in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico that was stripped naked and put on the central floor of the police station in Playa. Mexico, Togo, about the same.

Tourism, illusions and delusions, then there is real life, authentic, real, and energize, I fell more real, more alive, I am in the world, I am part of the world, I am alive.

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Starting My Togo Acting Career

I Travel to Agbo Kope Togo

I Travel to Agbo Kope Togo
Badou, Togo West Africa
Saturday, May 5, 2007

I think tomorrow I go off the cell phone internet grid for a couple of days. I am going to leave Badou, and go East towards Atakpame to the village of Zoubega Ouga with a Moto, I think the cost is 700 CFA or about 1.50 U.S. Dollars. When I get to Zoubega, I will turn right, or South, from there I am guessing, the moto should or will cost about 1500 CFA, but who knows until I enter the fray.

There is supposed to be Auberge or Passage de Chambre called Chez Momo there, all information is dodgy, and assuming. I will do this by Moto or Motorcycle Taxi. It will be easy to travel to Zoubega, then going South I hope to keep the driver going slow enough to enjoy the trip and travel slow in the ruts.

No price, everyone assume I have a car or bike, just says the road is ok, and paints a pretty picture, I wish life was a lovely as a picture.

I wonder what the elevation is and do they have electricity. I can see that most cities here about 250-300 Meter high, this is not cooking hot by any means, but the rain helps. It is raining a little more, but not really enough to lose the fan.

Everything is Great, I am FINE:

There - STOP- THREE men came to the door, and started SCREAMING at me, I am now in Atakpame, Togo, plans changed again, oops.

Everything is Great, I am FINE:

There - STOP- THREE men came to the door, and started SCREAMING at me, I am now in Atakpame, Togo, plans changed again, oops.

Everything is Great, I am fine and safe in a new location.

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I Travel to Agbo Kope Togo

Togo Has Good Showers

Togo Has Good Showers
Badou, Togo West Africa
Saturday, May 5, 2007

I think a shower is invigorating, especially in Togo.

This is a friend, she invited me to her home and I met the extended family and half the neighborhood.

She wanted to accompany me to the Cascade Akloa or the Waterfalls about a 500 CFA, 1-dollar USA, by Moto ride from here. She says to wait, puts a chair in the shade, I sit down and she fetches a bucket of water, puts on this wrap around ballooning dress they wear and enter the shower area, then put up the curtain.

Showers are invigorating.

This shower is located just to the side of the road, and the shower drains in the open storm drain. A good location and good water management. Sometimes these showers are located down the hill from my hotel, I am positive the Togo people or at least the women and children shower very well.

I was actually admiring the shower, I think the location, when this boy whips it out and lets it fly. He is just to the left of the shower and the shower is now downhill from him. If your camera does not power up fast, you will totally miss the photo. If the Sony 12 X had been one second faster, the waterfalls would have been here.

I sometime holler at the men, hey, do not P up hill as I see them do sometimes, at least this young man was smart, he understood water flows down hill.

I for one second, thought, I will go and see where this boy urine is flowing, then I thought,
- No, this is an invigorating shower; I do not want to disturb my imagination. -

Many people think of Africa as primitive, I sort of think of it as more natural. Strangely, the hotels in Africa are some of the best on the planet for backpacker grade. I really am living the good life.

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Togo Has Good Showers

Togo 2nd Worst Toilet Design

Togo 2nd Worst Toilet Design
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Saturday, May 5, 2007

I am nominating this toilet design as my present choice for Second Worst Toilet Design on the Planet Earth.

This toilet is located in the

Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Hotel de l’Amities
3000 CFA for Private room with Shared Bath
GPS reading taken April 25, 2007
07 degrees 31.315 North
001 degrees 08.952 East
297 Meters of altitude above sea level

This toilet does not function properly as a toilet. This toilet fails to accomplish many goals of a toilet connected to public water supply. This toilet is connected to the city water.

The goal of a toilet is to flush away or slowly wash away any human excretion or other debris. The way this toilet is designed, the water does not wash the bowl of the toilet, anything to the front of the bowl whether urine of feces remains, because the water does not wash the bowl. The second goal of a toilet connect to water is to wash or flush all excretions past a trap or water catch, then the fresh water replaces the dirty water, and create a fresh water buffer between the sewer gases and the toilet area, this is not accomplished either. The water does run, but it does not wash away, is jut runs slowly and half cleanses. The water is not fresh water or the water is not replaced.

Being that there is the idea that if your turn the handle, start the water running and it will clean the bowl and this does not happen, this entitles this toilet to be my second worst toilet design on the planet. Please do not confuse this with being the worst toilets, the worst toilet without long introspection are in Mexico, whereby some hostels even advertise they have toilet seats to attract clients.

The First place contender is in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia or maybe Ulan Batar, as you wish, the Hostel I was in there is my number one choice for worst toilet design.

Note, that fortunately the toilet was not used much in the Hotel l’Amities, and the staff would clean it regularly, under heavy use this toilet would be a problem child.

Note, man toilets are of simpler design and require a bucket flush, if this toilet removed the water supplied to the toilet by public water supply and gave a bucket of water, it would not qualify as the second worst design on the planet for toilet design. The installation of the water into the toilet and not functioning as the goal of toilet desing, sort of a false hope, and African Almost make this a contender.

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Togo 2nd Worst Toilet Design

Wagassi Togo Street Food

Wagassi Togo Street Food
Wagassi Wagashe Wagasee
Badou Togo West Africa
Thursday, May 3, 2007

One man wrote it down as Wagassi from the Kotokoli language, but what does he know, he only speaks the language.

Street Food of Badou, Togo West Africa

I have considered trying to think of guidelines and a tip on how to eat safely anywhere on the planet. I believe the safest way to eat food is packaged or processed foods, like crackers in a package and any food on a shelf in a container of some type, I now check the expiration dates, and I go in stores that are selling a lot of food, eggs make me nervous.

Then second is to cook the food yourself.
Third is Street Food
Fourth is a busy food stand.

I think the more expensive the restaurant maybe the more dangerous the food. Numbers, what I feel I need, I need numbers, I count the people, how many people are eating the food. Here in Togo if I go into an expensive Tourist fare restaurant, I am probably the only person in the restaurant. This make me extremely nervous, unless a busy Tourist Fare restaurant with lots of tourist.

Busy is good, slow is bad. More food tester, maybe we all die.

Now, when the food comes out from a Tourist Fare Restaurant, it looks good, and it may be good, but how do I know how long that chicken was there in the kitchen, and when they cooked it. They may have cooked the chicken five days ago, it could have been sitting in a basket, on a shelf, and now they think, we will sell it or we lose money, so let us heat it up and sell it. They are happy to sell the left-over food, because why would they lose money to be safe.

I have traveled for 10 years, I see this all the time, every day of the week, the food that was not sold yesterday, is served the next day. I took a photo of cooked chicken in Thailand at 7:00 in the morning, this is normal, not abnormal, and do would you trust a leader in Africa, and you trust the cook.

Street food, I like street food, I can see them make it, I cannot see goulash, or sauces, or complicated foods being made, but if I can see many people eating it, if the place is busy, I know, there is a good chance this food is fresh, because it will soon be gone.

This is a very happy and fun lady just as I clear the parking lot of the Cascades Plus Hotel here in Badou, Togo. She is selling as best I learn and surmise, cooked cheese.

One piece is 25 Franks and 10 would be 250 Francs or
50 Cents US. How much does cooked cheese cost in a restaurant in the USA?

I had an opportunity to eat this at a stop along the road when coming from Atakpame to Badou, however, I could not see them cooking it. Plus not much fun to watch all the locals squeezing the cheese as the reached from inside the van, then grabbing many pieces, squeeze food and put back on the plate, normal for them, touch the food, not normal of me. Why are you touching the food, have you no manners, oops, I am in Africa, this is about what maybe 147 down on the Human Development scale, they did not get that far down the list by being developed, they are under developed.

This is Wagassi, I would say there is maybe no correct way to spell and if there is, then so what. I trust the man today who offered to write the name down for me, then demanded a Cadeau for the service, I ended up giving him my pen, what a pain sometimes to talk with people, everything has a price on it.

I like this food, great to eat, the fat lady was fun, and the man who wrote the word down was ok, in a twisted, you have to love them sort of way.

He says the language is,

Never heard of this, and not sure where it came from, not sure I care, it I cared about what I seen everyday, I would need to go home and relax after one day of travel. The world is endless, there is more than I can every learn, but great for a curious sort like me, and I do get hungry.

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Wagassi Wagashe Wagasee
Wagassi Togo Street Food

I Am Perfect Syndrome

I Am Perfect Syndrome
Badou, Togo West Africa
Saturday, May 5, 2007

A person brings a family heirloom with them traveling, the ring given to them by their grandmother and they lose it.

They buy 3000 dollars worth of gear and the backpack is stolen.

They trust some Italian guys who are fellow travelers and the steal your Ipod. Thanks Craig for that information.

A person has a man, women, somebody they have never met in their live copy photos taken from 10 countries, from a camera to a CD Rom.
1. The CD Rom is broken.
2. The CD Rom is corrupted or has a problem.
3. The man or women does not copy, and before they check the CD Rom, they delete the photos.

I am perfect syndrome, 100 percent guarantees you will lose items, forget, make errors, and you will deny it, because you do not want people to know you are human, you are not perfect.

I was laughing my butt off, as I read,
- Transportation Security Administration has lost a computer hard drive containing Social Security numbers, bank data and payroll information for about 100,000 employees. -

People have this really stupid, insane, and utterly ridiculous notion, idea and belief they never make a mistake. Then in their utter stupidity they carry around all the most valuable information on the planet on a laptop computer.

I am perfect.

People want me to buy gear, I think, why, so I can break it or lose it, I buy gear I know I am willing to lose, break, or leave in the room. Everything I carry is junk, I am ready to junk all of it, if it gets in the way of my day or enjoying the day, it is junk to make my life better, not junk to make my life miserable. I protect my junk, I care for my junk, but if it annoys me, I prove to it, it is junk, and I junk it.

I have a laptop, there is nothing on it, that is not somewhere else, or backed up, and then we have some dingaling with a suit on, who goes around carrying 100,000 peoples information on a computer or somewhere.

Transportation Security Administration
Is that word Security…?

I am not angry at the person, I think he or she who lost this is normal, they just cannot be trusted, nobody can be trusted with information anymore, it is too complicated for the average suit to understand.

I have lost 11 umbrella or broke 11, I am ready to buy number 12, the one I have is broke, accidents with umbrellas is 100 percent guaranteed in life.

There is no umbrella policy, it is a shell game.

I continually have people want me to agree with their decision making abilities, I could disagree with them 99 in 100 times and be safe. The older I get, the more I know, the better I know me, and you, and the world. The more I am positive, I am just a monkey that got out of my cage. You are just abbig monkey who reads, logic, common sense, and good redundant policies are 1 in 1000, a person 1 in 1000, the rest are monkeys wearing suits.

We all think or believe we are better, I get really angry to hear someone say to me, this person doe not speak English, or they cannot write, the do not know how to read. There is no correlation between reading and brains, it is just something a lucky person learns to do, or unlucky.

One of the smartest business men I ever met, a client of mine, could not read. He would call me up and pay me 50 dollars to come to his office and read a letter, explain it, and discuss it.

He said, why don’t you treat me like others, why does it not make you think I am stupid to not read. I said, anybody that can pay me 50 dollars per hour to read a letter of no importance, and have the ability to earn this much money so easily is stupid, you are obviously brilliant.

He accepted he was not perfect, and made a few million.

Up there with saying President Bush is stupid, I say, you may not like him, think he makes bad decisions, but nobody stupid gets to be the ruler of the free world.

One of the biggest reasons why a blogger lies is because they will not admit they are not perfect. Anything that sounds too good, it too sharp, it to clear, I get nervous, what is the problem, who are they trying to fool, I know I am not perfect, people do things perfect when the want to sell me something or to believe their lies.

I am perfect, I am perfect, I am perfect!

If you believe that, you will walk around with a computer full of 100,000 people personal information. Or it the truth, you think I am not perfect, but your trust yourself, I look for this in people, the person who knows the are correct when everyone else is wrong.

There is a fine line between confidence and being a monkey, I like to be a monkey.

My one friend told me some great advice,
He said,
- Andy, I tell women, I lie, I cheat, I drink, I smoke, and I run around with other women. -

- Then when they later tell me I am not perfect, I say to them, I told you that the day I met you. -

To expect perfection in people is to say they are God, I heard another saying, there is only one thing I know, there is a God, and it is not me.

I know one thing, I am on an endless vacation, and I lay money you are at work right now.

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I Am Perfect Syndrome

Hot Air in Hotel Rooms

Hot Air in Hotel Rooms
Badou, Togo West Africa
Friday, May 4, 2007

The world makes rooms with concrete, close to 95-98 percent of the rooms I am in, are made out of concrete. This is good in tropical hot climates, concrete is cooler than wood or bamboo, in a way.

It has started to rain here in Togo, hard to say there is a rainy season starting, but that is what they tell me. I get near the window of my room and I can feel the cool rain air, I walk outside my room and down the hall and there is cool sense of peace. I walk back to my room and enter and I think, wow, this place is hot.

I want an exchange please, can you please take the outside air and bring in and the inside air and send out. Thank you.

I have been dwelling on this for years, why not buy a small fan and put in the window. I have one fan, but I need the include in the price ran blowing on my chest and body to keep it from over heating. With a fan blowing on me, I am happy, but I can feel it, the air outside is cooler.

The fan above is blowing out, hard to say, where the old in or out is better, not so important, or I am not sure, but I am blowing the hot air out of my room. Just a baby fan, 220 and cost 10 US, and sold in about any hardware type store in Togo. Perfect in a way, and transforming slowly my room from hot to rain cool. I am still in Beta phase of this game, but I think if this runs all night, in the morning the temperature in the room will be the same as outside.

It is usually cooler to sleep outside a room under the big sky, then inside your room. When you are in the Middle East and you see somebody carrying their mattress, think and remember, they are a going for the roof to sleep.

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Hot Air in Hotel Rooms