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Togo Teak Lumber

Togo Teak Lumber
Akloa Water Falls Badou Africa
May 2007

Maybe this is Teak, maybe it is not, I was thinking, how normal in the world, I pay a fee to go see the Waterfalls or Cascade d Akloa near the small village of Badou in Western Middle Togo and what do I see. The locals cutting down the Jungle, I came to see. The girl I was with called this - Ati or Atee -

Africa is falling…

Cascade de Alkoa, Togo

Men with chainsaws cutting into planks, at the Cascade de Alkoa, Togo.

Cascade de Alkoa, Togo

Cascade de Alkoa, Togo, the in focus and out of focus of Photography.

This is the wood grain of the wood, I asked many time, what is this, and one says a Planche... Cascade de Alkoa, Togo

Hmmm... This is not a secret project, just normal work, I am not sure what. Near the village of Badou, Togo in the West of Togo and middle.

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Togo Teak Lumber

Primitive and Uncivilized

Primitive and Uncivilized
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Monday, May 14, 2007

The world pays for a tour to natural, untouched by modern man areas of the planet. Then are angry when the are not modern and civilized.

Then, when another person travels to a place that is uncivilized and primitive, the persons who goes is required to ignore what they see, and report back that the people behave civilized, polite, and held the same value of human life as a modern culture. This is a pandemic mental illness of dysfunctional behavior in the modern world.

This dysfunctional desire of University researchers and the News Media of the world has created a body of non-intellectual and ignorant, close-minded social stigmas for any person who tell the truth. There only prejudices are held in high esteem by their colleges, and wow, this is dysfunctional. What you see is what you see.

I keep thinking about a quote in an article in the Encarta Encyclopedia explaining the topic of culture.

QUOTES from Encarta Encyclopedia topic of Culture, this is all online, I believe. The whole article is here.

The specific link or quote is here:

This quote under this section of the page;
B 1 Kinship and Family

-All people in bands generally respect each other as equals, though children must show increased respect for their elders. The eldest group members often earn special recognition for their knowledge. Men and women in bands also commonly regard each other as equals. -

- Bands consist of nomadic (not settled) groups of fewer than a hundred, mostly related people.-
This statement,
- All people in bands generally respect each other as equals.-

This statement is some type of some extremely moderns societies failure to accept and believe they are more advance. Somehow the world has derived this universal idea that that is pandemic dysfunctional in thinking.

The modern consume world is safer the less develop places on the planet, are safer, while less develop are the most dangerous, un-equal, racist, violent societies on the planet, and I would believe the society of band would be the worst representative of an equal society on the planet, an maybe Norway as HDI says is number one.

Bands of people are built around extreme capitalist cultural behavior standards, or a quid pro quo, you either give me something, and I give you something back or I will hurt you. The concept of giving or receiving without some return on the investment is violently enforced, not benevolently. Then if one member of the group is extremely large or physically, bodily, strong and powerful they can demand un-fare tribute or to receive and not give back.

If Bands were civilized, and the levels above, nobody would be Afraid of Africa, Amazon, Borneo or all the on the end of the planet locations. Contrary to any dysfunctional pandemic in nature mental and social agreements, the less developed people are not more respectful on about any level of behavior.

The strong rule, not by brains, although for sure brains can slowly beat brawn, but ask the opinion of a nerd…

There is nothing wrong with being uncivilized and primitive, it is ok, I come from Indiana, I am a Hoosier, many people from the East Coast think all person in Indiana are less cultured or less sophisticated, every person lives within their own sphere, it is only possible to learn what the sphere offers. To expect a person to know outside the sphere or to think a primitive person from Indiana is stupid is ignoracne, the nuture did not give the opportunity, the brain is the same.

The person who thinks I am stupid because my Grammar is bad, has the same type of dysfuntional problems. Brains has nothing to do with Grammar, one is nurture, the other is nature. ideas on cultures:

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Primitive and Uncivilized

Earning Money in a Tribal Culture

Earning Money in a Tribal Culture
Tribes of the Planet
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Sunday, May 13, 2007

In the USA we ignore Kings, Queens, caste systems, chiefs, tribes and racism, we tend to be too Noble or politically correct and above this type of behavior. The reality is we are naïve and insulated from this by the oceans and our desire to ignore or overlook the sad and tribal culture of Mexico. Plus, it is hard to see the tribes of the USA, under all the consumer goods.

Africa is Tribal without the cover of consumer goods.

A tribe enforces the rules of the culture with violence or force.

Here is my opinion of degrees of enforcement of Tribal Rules on the planet earth.

MOST to LEAST enforced:

Middle East - Most
Africa - Less
Russia - I am guessing, I do not know.
Central America
South America
USA and Australia - Least

I am going to ignore Canada just to annoy them. (Same culture as the USA.)

Tribal customs and rituals are difficult to see, and the pure culture with all the rules and regulation are all masked and hidden under modern consumerism and objects. Hard to see a person is acting like a primitive person when they are driving a Mercedes and has a Cell phone in their hands.

What is fun here in Africa is because there is very little of the modern conveniences, like dishes, books, Chinese goods; I can see the tribal behavior and not have it hidden by a car or consumer goods. Africa is less violent than the Middle East or India, the women are safer then say the Arabic…

More or less this is freedom of religions in a nutshell, the more the freedom of all religions the less tribal.

What is great is the business of a tribe; a tribe is dysfunctional in their ability to compete with the culture of a non-tribal business. Unless, the tribe has slavery, or a dictator with forced labor.

In a tribe, the King or Chief does not work. In a non-tribal culture, the King or Chief works, prepares the way for the braves, and growth continues.

Fun to watch the failure or stagnation of an Africa business, when the person become the primary boss or owner, they just stop working because a boss does not work in West Africa, thereby guaranteeing the growth stops and a life of living in constant recession. It is like watching a comedy of errors. It would be more also fun to watch in India is not so cluttered and the Middle East if a person was not killed while watching, one bad comment they could kidnap you like the BBC reporter in Palestine, and you do not even have to talk bad, just be there.

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Earning Money in a Tribal Culture

The New Free Press

The New Free Press
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Sunday, May 13, 2007

I have been telling trying to tell people in corrupt countries for years about the power of a camera or the press, and finally it has arrived.

They do it for fun, and they can change the world.

Not exactly the way I thought it would evolve, but great. I welcome the new press with open arms. I know I cannot trust the present News Medias, they have lost the plot, and they are no longer trustworthy. There is a power in a camera that exposes the truth and is hard to fake, I am sure the people of will soon learn how to fake videos, however these social networks are very harsh and the members can be wildly violent. The one member who fakes a video, can not win against the many. While the big news sources of the World like BBC and CNN are dangerous, they are the Fourth Estate and out of control, they are the many, they are making the news up, and not reporting the true news, more their fantasies to earn money or to be famous.

This is great, the end of hiding your dirty laundry, all if exposed into the light of day.,,2078503,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=11

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The New Free Press

Life in Africa is Good

Life in Africa is Good
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
May 12, 2007

I have this self policy of trying to avoid people I do not respect, it is better for them and better for me, I have found my life amusing lately in Africa, as I do respect the women of Togo.

Life in Africa is Good

3000 Blog Post Made by Andy

3000 Blog Post Made by Andy
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
May 12, 2007 Saturday

Today, I posted my number 3000 Blog post on the Andy Travel Journal.

49 per cent of my the daily visitors to the site come from the USA. To me this is nice, it somewhat says, I may really be a citizen of the world, a Hobo without Borders.

Or homeless...

Andy in Togo Africa

The Business of Togo

The Business of Togo
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Saturday, May 12, 2007

A friend wrote and asked, what is the business of Togo?
Before, I thought about it, I said,
- Firewood or Charcoal. -
I was I thought kidding, and the more I think about it, maybe I was right, maybe this is the big business of normal people of Togo.

Firewood is collected and I think here is being taken to be converted or burned and made into Charcoal to be use to cook food, iron clothes etc.

There is this truck stop close to my Hotel, here in Atakpame, Togo West Africa, it is not really a truck stop, but it is where the large good or semi truck can pull over, repair and park. I never thought much about the comment on Firewood until I started noticing, there are big trucks loaded with Firewood and Charcoal.

This is a truck full of bags of Charcoal.

I was reading about Culture in my Encarta Encyclopedia program on my computer, it was interesting and there was a distinction made I never thought much about until yesterday. Under the idea of Agricultural or Sub-sistence farming societies or in that, area of cultural concepts was the idea how much the need the outside world. Subsistence farming means not so much they farm, as they do not need the outside world.

I cannot see why Togo needs any other country on the planet, the country lives off the food is produces, and most items in this country were made in Togo. They have not developed an inter-dependence on other countries, no country can hold them hostage. The USA need oil, we would fight for oil.

The country does need help protecting itself and I would almost guarantee the sale of Potassium or Minerals pays a large sum of the taxes in the country. Then a few large companies, Beer, Fanmilk, and Cell Phone probably pay the rest and the government lives on how much money they can zap on import or export and how much they can gouge this form of income. There is also the pay to enter and leave the city tax.

The Togo government provide very few services the people need, other than the water and roads, I would not say the people need their government, it is not like there are police around here protect them, more the people need protected from their government.

However, in reality, Togo does not need other countries, it exist or appears to subsist without the help of others.

The only product that may be in short supply and needed it firewood and charcoal, they will slowly burn Africa.

The more a society needs another country for special luxury need, the more time is needed to spend working. I was really laughing at the cultural definitions of band or small tribal groups where they was more or less glamorizing the idea of the family. Tribal or bands, or the more primitive groups are violent and aggressive, there is not this love you, I love other, everybody better work or they will get put outside to be eaten by the animals. If you do not clean my clothes, I find wife number three. Loyalty is from need, not from love.

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The Business of Togo

How Fast Is The Internet

How Fast Is The Internet
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Friday, May 11, 2007

Travel -- For Travelers

People write me continually and ask, how fast is the internet, they want to know what the transfer speed is, or I guess the MBPS, I think this is Megabytes per second. I do not like Acronyms sort of like talking in codes, nobody understands.

THE BIG … Not a lie - The big, BAD information.

Eureka, I have found it, the pivotal or essential questions all these children should be asking, and not this MBPS question. I keep telling them MBPS is not important and they never stop asking, they remind me of children.

This graphic below means almost nothing, it is only a guide, I continually ignore!

Look a graphic below, and and when you are tempted to ask someone in another country how fast is your internet stop and think.

11.0 MBPS is CRAP, not true, the big lie, there is an amazing the number of ways this show a big number and is not what you think or is not true.

The correct question to you need to ask for speed is this?

Can you talk on

I really hate to give a plug for the VOIP, or Voice over IP, or I think internet protocol. with talk works also, and so does Yahoo Messenger voice over IP, although the only one I have used to make a call home with in the world recently is

The speed rating above in an internet café or on GPRS is of no value, if you really travel and are required to use any and all forms of internet access, then you will learn this.

What is important to know is what you CAN do. What benefits of the internet are possible. I normally go to an internet café or cyber café her in Africa the moment they open in the morning, this is the fastest speed possible, after that it continues to get slower until about 7-8 PM at night you have the slowest speeds possible.

The little 11.0 Mbps will say this all day, and continue to say this, and you will have such a slow connection you will feel like you are paying to sit in a chair. It is not really important to know all the reasons why, maybe you understand and maybe you do not, but the bottom line is the speed above is of little value. They internet café will have 50 people sharing one connection, I do not know, but at night, everyone used their cell phone and my internet speed drops to nothing.

I suppose there is a speed rating for an INTERNET CONNECTION, this changes for every connection, every computer, every way of connecting on the planet. How fast is your connection?

Ask a person in another country this, the worst answer possible is…

--- I have never heard of or talking over an internet connection. ---

1. No, too slow to connect to, there is no way to connect, it will not connect.

2. randomly or often connects and chat is available.

3. telephone talking works, but only between midnight and seven in the morning.

4. works all the time except between 7 and 11 at night.

5. works 24 hours per day.

Using my GPRS internet connection, will not connect here in Togo randomly, while Yahoo Messenger will always connect, is random and only for chat.

How Fast Is The Internet