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Can't Buy Me Love

Can't Buy Me Love
Lome, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Words from the music group the Beatles,
Lennon and McCartney

Can't Buy Me Love…
Money can't buy me love.

I moved into a new room and pay 4 dollars, I have a five times better room than my room for 12, if you think about the words,
- Can’t buy me love. Money can’t buy me love, -
Maybe there is a reason why this a better room, what I get for free is here...

What does a person want in a hotel, they want a hotel that cares. I have not figured out how to buy that in 10 years of travel, I am not sure I can pay enough to stop being a number in a big hotel, or ignored in most.

Since I moved into the room in two days.

The owner offered today to have water heated so I can have a hot shower.

The cleaning girl picked up my sandals and protected so the dog would not play with them.

The owner showed me two times how to use the key to the front gate.

The housekeeper washed all my clothes for 2 US Dollars.

The man came in a showed me how to turn on the lights, where the switches were located, and all the room adjustments. He apologized for water next to the toilet, and I was laughing, in my 12 dollar hotel I was using a bucket to flush.

Then, the daughter is gorgeous, bonus points.

This is the second cheapest room in Togo so far, and it for sure has the best service. I am sure, money can’t buy me love.

I see very little difference between a 2 and 20 dollar room, except for the 18 dollars, their is an expectation and the perception it was better. Because, well, I guess, well think about it, I did, I know I paid more, therefore it was better, maybe.

Can't Buy Me Love

Lucky Travelers

Lucky Travelers
Locus of Control Theory
Traveler Who Need to Stay Home
Lome, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Do you believe in luck.

I think a people who play the lottery may not make a good long-term traveler.

Locus of control theory is a concept that extends between psychology and sociology, which distinguishes between two types of people - internals, who attribute events to their own control, and externals, who attribute events in their life to external circumstances. For example, college students with a strong internal locus of control may believe that their grades were achieved through their own abilities and efforts, whereas those with a strong external locus of control may believe that their grades are the result of good or bad luck, and are hence less likely to work hard for high grades. (It should not be thought however, that internality is linked exclusively with attribution to effort and externality with attribution to luck, as Weiner's work (see below) makes clear). This has obvious implications for differences between internals and externals in terms of their achievement motivation, suggesting that internal locus is linked with higher levels of N-ach. Due to their locating control outside themselves, externals tend to feel they have less control over their fate. People with an external locus of control tend to be more stressed and prone to clinical depression(Benassi, Sweeney & Dafour, 1988; cited in Maltby, Day & Macaskill, 2007).

Although popularly associated with Julian Rotter after his publication in Psychological Monographs where he outlined his now classic "locus of control" scale (1966), work on locus of control actually predates Rotter's paper, as Lefcourt's (1966) review of the same year clarifies. Its roots can be found in the work on typical and atypical expectancy shifts carried out by psychologists in the 1950s.
Stop Quote

Lucky Travelers
Locus of Control Theory
Traveler Who Need to Stay Home

Two Economies of Togo

Two Economies of Togo
Lome, Togo West Africa
Saturday, June 16, 2007

Togo is may be one of them countries where 1 percent of the people have 99 percent of the money. I ask myself,
- Do I support the rich getting richer, or the poor getting poorer? -
I make the vote with my dollars.

950 CFA or 2 US Dollars to purchase, and is good shampoo.

99 percent of the people buy cheap shampoo, 1 percent buy expensive, this is a bottle of cheap Egg Shampoo here in Togo.

This in my opinion is part of the Togolese economy.

I went to the large supermarket called Leader Price, on the shelf is a medium size bottle of Pantene Shampoo for 5900 CFA. This is about 12 US dollars per bottle, I normally pay around 3-4 US Dollars outside the USA, and I do not know the present USA price, as I have not lived there for 10 years.

Togo Price 2 Dollars
Pantene Price 12 Dollars

When the average person earns between 500-1500 CFA here in Togo, to purchase the Togo priced shampoo is one days work.

This sounds a lot worst than reality, the Togo people have a very comfortable life. However, if they want to venture out into the world, if they wish to one time try the Pantene shampoo, how do they do it.

Fortunately and unfortunately the Togo peoples hair does not grow long, the average length of hair is between nothing and three inches. The hair I believe falls out after it gets longer, somewhat like the hair on your arms, there is a limit the growth. The business of adding on braids, tresses is a thriving business in Togo.

I try to buy Togolese priced products, and try to help the poor get richer side of life. Note that it is easier to find in a Togolese owned store.

Togo Economics, West Africa Economic, Togo Budget, Togo, Shampoo

Two Economies of Togo

CNIA Cellular Network Internet Access

CNIA Cellular Network Internet Access
Lome, Togo West Africa
Monday, June 18, 2007

I think this makes sense, take the words:

Cellular Network


Internet Access


CNIA - Cellular Network Internet Access

I feel there is mass confusion, as I read of many ways to access the internet with the essential conduit being a cell phone. The information is being explained starting with a specific technology, then going to general, and it just does not make sense.

The Cellular Network is the pivotal idea! It is the essential ingredient.
I need the cell phone to access the network, then onto the internet.

The confusion or my clarity on the problem is this, I travel from country to country, I do not have many options or choices, and I must use the internet system that is available. I keep searching for a truly wireless solution that covers the whole country.

I have many readers who recommend something that works for them, when in reality I can only use what works in the place where I am at, what is used where they are located is not applicable. Maybe if I reworded the terms, I could find out what I want.

I do not care or what to know how it works, I just want to use my computer and a Prepaid SIM card and access the internet. I keep searching for more information and it seems like an advertisement on how much we know and not explaining in practical words.

CNIA Cellular Network Internet Access

Tell me what is available using a cell phone, the local cellular network and my computer together to access the internet?

I am not excited to hear, in Belgium there is high speed this, and that, I like them am wanting to help me and others go to Africa, etc.

Ok, I now want to know, how can I access the Internet in Cameroon using the Cellular Network. What options are available under the for Cellular Network Internet Access?



CNIA, GPRS, Mobile Office, Satellite Internet, Internet, Togo, Cellular Network Internet Access

CNIA Cellular Network Internet Access

How Boring is Andy of

How Boring is Andy of
Lome, Togo West Africa
Monday, June 18, 2007

How boring is my blog?

I have posted maybe 325 times comments in the Help Center or Letters to Editors section of

While in the same time, I probably posted about 50-100 time on my normal blog.

Therefore, Andy, a.k.a. Me, considers the blog so boring, that three quarters of the time now he-me steers his post to the help center because he, me, considers himself too boring to read.

What a great receptacle for idle thoughts and maybe some are of value to someone, I am a collector, I collect ideas, and I need a place that is safer than my computer, which is always under attack by rain, water, ants and taxi drivers, plus an occasional cup of coffee.

I just posted two Book Review, now only on a too much playing social network would someone want to read my book reviews. However I have a second goal, I want to remember which books I have read, and this will work, and maybe I can remember or forget the book.

I am trying to hand off the torch, allow some more Hobo to help to be pure, to be a Traveler, to share, to mark the path. There are people who will not or cannot remember to go home, or maybe those who dream of escaping the 9-5, there is a way, the world is ours for the taking, but we need to stick together, and remember, are dreams are not for sale.

Help Center, Writing, How to Blog, Togo, About Andy,

How Boring is Andy of

Bodyguards and Secrets

Bodyguards and Secrets
Lome, Togo West Africa
Monday, June 18, 2007

I do not trust secrets and bodyguards to keep me safe, I do trust random behavior.

I know me, I tell, then you tell, then we have gossip and all sorts of fun things, it soon becomes Alices Restaurant.

I do not like secrets, too many secrets and I will call you,
- Dysfunctional. -

A Chat conversation between Boy Genius and me.

Secrecy is not Security

Andy: If they can find a way, they will find a way
Hobo Techie: Yes, but this is similar to open vs closed source
Hobo Techie: Both are at the same level
Andy: same level of what
Hobo Techie: Same level of being secure
Andy: yes
Hobo Techie: Open source is not more secure
Hobo Techie: Neither is the closed
Andy: So this is my point
Andy: Open is not secret
Andy: Closed source is secret
Andy: Closed is not safer
Andy: So why be secret

I want to buy a bodyguard.

I am pretending I am a Mafioso, maybe the Sopranos, however I have never seen the Mafia singers TV show, not enough to say I know.

How much to buy a bodyguard?
Ok Mr. Bodyguard, I would like to kill the body, hmm, I want to kill the body you are protecting. You have a choice, you sell me the body, or I kill you and the body, which you guard, maybe your wife, but I do not think you care, maybe the small child.

So, tell me a price, help me or we kill the both of you.

Hmm, the average person in your country makes 30 dollars per month, and you are making 60 dollars per month, therefore the going price to buy you is maybe five times your yearly wages, I think you can find a better job in five years.

Ok, we have decided.

60 dollars times 12 months is --- 720 U.S. Dollar
720 times 5 years is --- 3600 U.S. Dollars.

3600 U.S. Dollars and you live and the body dies.

Ok, thank you, a small price to guarantee that American does not get that Ten Million Dollar contract here in my country.

There is a price on your body, what is the price for your body?

I am more the hiding in plain site type of guy; I believe the best security is to not be worth anything, maybe a Hobo.

I remember in Iraq, getting an offer to ride in a Hummer from Arbil to Baghdad and I said,
- Are you nuts, you guy are targets, we will take the bus. -

We showed up randomly, got on the bus and left, then the only problem was the cell phones on the bus, one US made in Iraq translator made me nervous, I knew to buy him was cheap. I spent a lot of time talking with him and his wife and child, it I go, you go.

Maybe I should say, if you cannot stop them, help them as I would say in the permission to use photos on site… hehehe. I either give them permission or they steal photos, so I may as well help them and get some referrals.

Bodyguards, Secrets, Danger, Security, Togo, Webmaster,

Bodyguards and Secrets

Photos of African Food

Photos of African Food
Lome, Togo West Africa
Sunday, June 17, 2007

Please send us some pictures of the grocery store. I love looking at
all the different stuff they sell. Snap the meat market area, vegetables and the check out counter. It will show what differences the culture is from here.

Interesting proposal or request, and not easy to do, because

1. 10 percent of food is sold about the same as the USA, the check out counter, the meat section is almost the same.

2. Then there is the 20 percent combinations of modern and traditional types.

3. Then there is the 70 percent normal world open markets, supplemented with small corner stores to distribute the imported foods.

The normal country of Togo is self-sufficient in they grow about everything they want or need, I think maybe a problem with Vegetable Oil and Rice, however everything else is here.

If I want to make the country look rich, I take photos of 1, if I want to make it look poorer, I can take pictures of number 3, and if I want be fair, I need to take many photos of all levels, and put on the same page. This is why I am often very annoyed with Journalist, I know they just took an isolated incidence and portrayed it a the normal situation.

To be fair is difficult, hard to make a very clean meat counter in a fancy Supermarket seem special, I will try to be creative and take more Togo and West Africa food photos.

Photos of African Food

Four US Dollars Room in Lome Togo

Four US Dollars Room in Lome Togo
Lome, Togo West Africa

I moved today from a 12 US dollar hotel room to a four US Dollar home stay room here in Lome, Togo, it is often amazing the values a person finds the longer they live in a city. This is 2000 CFA in Togo money.

This room is a good room, with Fan, Shower, Hot Water, Toilet and pictures on the wall, I even have some hangers. Very private, quiet so far a great value, a much better room for one third the price.

The only possible problem is a need for a generator, I now do not have a generator in the event the electricity is cut, however the electric for the last week has been good.

I remember being in Mexico and paying 10 US, however by the time I left the beach my daily room cost was only one dollar. This is why I recommend a person live in any location one year before you purchase and I am not sure why to purchase, however the prices always goes down dramatically of all services the longer you stay, if you just do not sign up on day one, wait a year.

Four US Dollars Room in Lome Togo

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