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Africans is for Warriors

Africans is for Warriors
Africans are Soldiers
Les Africains Sont Des Soldats
Lome, Togo West Africa
Sunday, July 1, 2007


Most cultures are warrior cultures; however, we deny and hide behind words, then try to suppress our nature. Africa is less developed therefore one can see the bully, direct, war like, and macho culture of West Africa.

Contrary to popular opinion in the developed countries, the Whites from Europe did not start the slave trade.

Trade in slaves, like most of the world, has carried on for thousands of years in Africa.
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Speculate and dream of various type of management.

Slavery is a social-economic system under which certain persons—known as slaves—are deprived of personal freedom and compelled to perform labor or services.
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I have attempted to list from the most severe form of slavery to the least.

Forced labor
Chain Gang of Prison Workers
Low Caste
Indentured servant
Child Labor

Soldiers is a system under which certain persons—known as Soldiers—are deprived of personal freedom and compelled to perform labour or services.

Africa is a land of Chiefs, and severe class systems. When you have a King, Queen or a Tribal Chief with it comes, the right to demand services be rendered, however not any more…

The complete economic system of Africa seems askew, it is not clear, there still exist the soldier class and there still exist the Chiefs, however, they long ago stopped working together.

The Chief no longer has the power to get something done, however the people still want to be Warriors and Soldiers, Everyone is sitting around waiting for the next war, or soccer match, or the same, but different.

Africans is for Warriors

A Record of my Opinions as I Look and I Feel My World

A Record of my Opinions as I Look and I Feel My World
Lome, Togo West Africa
Sunday, July 1, 2007

This is the description of my Blog at the top of this page; I realized yesterday that I confuse readers, when I post a Blog. I say look as in the present tense to say, this is what I am looking at today. I say feel because I am trying to explain how I feel about something I look. I cannot say looked, or do not wish to say look because it is always in process, my life is not and was not an event that passed, it is in the present, it today, real and authentic.

I am not a journalist, I am not reporting events, or new things, and I am not trying to report the new. I am saying what I feel, this is opinions of my feeling, this is a report of my feelings, not a report of facts. I do not feel obliged to tell a history of my life, this to me is arrogant to believe what I did is important; I strive to propose ideas in the hope of opening doors.

Life to me is mostly explanation of dreams; the facts of life are mundane and boring.

However, whenever, whatever…whyever, whoever…

90 percent is conjecture and 10 percent is a report.

I make propositions as a record of my opinions as I look and I feel my world.

A Record of my Opinions as I Look and I Feel My World


Lome, Togo West Africa
Saturday, June 30, 2007

I ate Tapioca here in Togo today.

It started yesterday, as the polite cleaning girl here in my quasi home stay rental room in Lome, Togo asked me,
- Do you want to eat La Bouillie de Tapioca? -

This is a photo of the tray brought to my room around 7:30 am, after I opened the door to a very quite tapping on the door. I was told the day before, however I thought she said, rice, I now realize she said both rice and La Bouillie de Tapioca. I am debating, maybe this means baby food or maybe it means boiled, my French dictionary and Systran Translators is not helping clarify.

My literal from French to English is
- The Baby food of Tapioca.-

This is a photo of the Cassava or Manioc Tapioca served to me, then I poured into a cup, they kept asking is it hot. I poured some onto the plate, so I could take a better photo. They say the word cassava, and then add the word manioc to me; I then try to learn the word in the Ewe Language.

This is a photo of words the cleaning girl or servant girl Adjo politely wrote down for me.

French Language: La Bouillie de Tapioca
Ewe Language or the Local Mina Language: Tapioca Zogbe
English: The Baby food of Tapioca

If I desire to eat the same food repeatedly, it is best to learn the local word for the food, then I am able to purchase or have made faster. They call this food in Ewe, Zogbe, although the e is not an e, if you look close, it is written different.


Tapioca is an essentially flavourless starchy ingredient, or fecula, produced from treated and dried cassava (manioc) root. [1]and used in cooking. It is similar to sago and is commonly used to make a milky pudding similar to rice pudding. Purchased tapioca comprises many small white spheres each about 2 mm in diameter (althugh larger grain sizes are available). These are not seeds, but rather reconstituted processed root. The processing concept is akin to the way that wheat is turned into pasta. These tapioca pearls are made mostly of tapioca starch, which comes from the tapioca, or bitter-cassava plant. In other parts of the world, the bitter-cassava plant may be called "manioca" or "yucca".

Cassava is native to South America. The balls are prepared by boiling for 25 minutes, until they are cooked thoroughly but have not lost pliancy, then cooled for 25 minutes. The pearls have little taste, and are usually combined with other ingredients, savory or sweet.

Tapioca is a word derived from the Tupi language of Brazil (from tipi'óka). [2] This refers to the process through which cassava (Manihot esculenta) is made edible. We should note, however, that as the word moved out of South America it came to refer to similar preparations made with other esculents: 'Tapioca' in Britain often refers to a rice pudding thickened with arrowroot, while in Asia the sap of the Sago palm is often part of its preparation.
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Note: For you SEO junkies, I went for the one word title of Tapioca, this means I hope to get in the top 10 search resuts, I normally target farther down.


Do Expensive Hotels Help Africa

Do Expensive Hotels Help Africa
Lome, Togo West Africa
Saturday, June 30, 2007

I have no desire to Volunteer in West Africa and believe 98 out of 100 Volunteer Organizations are not to be trusted.

This is me. I am probably this eco-friendly, save a whale, hug a tree culture, the children of the granola for lunch bunch that is out and about spreading noise.

I am a good guy, I know that, I do not need to volunteer to atone for my sins, I do not have middle class guilt, I am positive many poor people are bad, nefarious characters that need locked up to help society and so do many rich people.

Poor people are not all good.
Rich people are not all bad.

I am 100 percent in favor of Super Expensive 5-7 Star Hotels and Resorts, I think there is nothing better than to lounge in luxury. However, I enjoy cultures and like to learn how real people live and feel the best way for me to do so is to immerse myself in the cultures.

I can hear and feel a ripping sound in my head here in Africa.

I am hyper-aware of tourist issues like Eco-tourism, save the trees of Africa, teach Africa how to use a condom and that everyone think Bob Marley likes white folks. I hear the same songs on all continents, I see the same T-shirts, the X Generation, MTV Generation are globalizing the planet at exponential rates.

90-95 percent of the White People I meet in Africa that are not here for business reasons are volunteers or working for Non Governmental Agencies the rest are sort of end of the roader expats who forgot to go home.

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds.
Stop Quote
by Ralph Waldo Emerson

I know congruency, consistency is probably not a human characteristic, more something I expect from a machine and computer.

However, please I would like a little congruency, I feel the rip in my brain, my ticker keep banging, this does not computer, this does not compute, there is a problem, the algorithmic processing unit in Andy’s head has severe overdose of cognitive dissonance, nothing is mashing, mixing or resolving correct.

Then again, maybe this is Middle Class Guilt and how it works.

We go drink and eat, and then go atone for our sins…
Like an addiction...

Do Expensive Hotels Help Africa

Togo Electricity Has Me Locked Up

Togo Electricity Has Me Locked Up
Lome, Togo West Africa

Togo is Hot.
Thailand is Hot.
Ecuador and Peru can be Hot or Cold according to elevation.
Mexico is Hot.
India is Hot.
Basra, Iraq is too Hot.
The USA can be extremely hot and humid, maybe humid is worst.

Ghana is Hot.

I have encountered a new obstacle or a new problem that needs solved so I can travel freely in West Africa or maybe all of Africa. I wish to wander and wonder, not wander and cook myself.

--- I never knew why the USA was good until I stopped living in the USA.
--- I never knew why I liked Electricity until I stopped having electricity.

I live my life on a precipice, very close to the edge, I am grateful to the good Gods that no car has suddenly swerved to miss a motorcycle and ran over me here in Togo. I know my life can be terminated that quick.

Lome, Togo is presently had about five days of consistent electricity. For five days minimal, the electricity has stopped during the daylight hours and started at night, somewhere around 7-8 am the electricity will stop and around 3-5 pm, it will resume.

The Hotels and Homes in Togo are modern, they are designed to use electricity on a 24 hours, 7 days per week schedule and not a 18/7 schedule, I like the 24/7 idea, seems to work for me.

I think only Fan Milk or the FanYogo Ice Cream or Frozen Treats Company is concerned. The major businesses in Togo all seem to have Generators or Groups big enough to provide themselves electricity.

I am trapped in my room, and protected only by the generator I purchased.

How can I wander around West Africa and just stop, live and feed my addiction to electricity and a fan. I am not sure what I like more, the fan or the electricity that runs the fan.

The only simple solution I know is to buy a Van or Motor Home whereby I can haul around my own personal gas powered electric generator.

Chris, my way to smart friend has put together a great care package full of electronic toys.

Electricity making Solar Panel
12 Volt Automobile Battery Charger that runs with both 110-220
AA Battery Charger that does 10 AA Batteries at one time
- I hope it works off both 220 and 110
12 AA Rechargeable Batteries
Laptop Computer Powers Source - Allows me to connect computer to Cell phone car charger for Motorola V555
Miscellaneous 12 Volt Connectors

However, I have no way to ship this package to Lome, Togo or West Africa without paying from 500-1000 US dollars in shipping and fees to something government related.

My friend Gary is says he is coming to Togo, I think that has about a 20 percent chance of happening. The care package, I desperately need is now in Boston with Gary who is on vacation. What a cluster bomb of problems.

I really hate to say it, but the only comfortably way for me Blog, work, and stay cool is to travel in:

West Africa
(I think maybe all of Africa.)

Is by small van, caravan or motor home.

I am trying to find a sidecar for a motorcycle, or a small trailer, this is a possible solution if I could make a cart for a motorcycle so I could carry a generator. The care package is smaller, if I had it, I could just continue the way I am, and hope the experiment of mobile electrical sources worked.

The easy solution is to come and stay in a Five Star Hotel and never talk with the locals or go to their villages. Leave in an AC Toyota SUV and come home in the SUV, never leave the resort, then say I was here.

I am told Ghana is worst, and I think Benin is the same as Togo, I could fly to Dakar, Senegal or Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, but not a solution just a way to avoid. If find very few people solving problems, I think the majority avoid.

I believe researchers, NGO-ONG need to find low-cost solutions, and user-friendly solutions to this problem to actually study cultures properly.

Togo Electricity Has Me Locked Up

Economic Feasibility of Travel Videos

Economic Feasibility of Travel Videos
Lome, Togo West Africa
Friday, June 29, 2007

How would you like to see real videos of Togo?

There is hope, and I found some today. I read,

CNN has shut down its CNN Pipeline service,… The pay-service which allowed news from the channel to be viewed online will be offered at no charge to online viewers beginning July 2, 2007.
Stop Quote

There are paid and non-paid services offered on the internet, my feeling is free services paid for by advertisements have about 50 times better chance of succeeding than the pay to play options. With the switch from paid to play, to free CNN is setting a standard. Paid Videos are not going to work.


The time to make a 5-10 minute well done clip while I am in Togo could take between 3 and 20 hours according to the quality. If I paid myself a minimum of 6 US dollars per hour

3 hour to make is 18 dollars
2 dollar to publish to the internet.
20 dollars in production cost and at the bottom of the barrel wages and estimations of cost.

I guess or believe I make about 80 CENTS US per page, PER YEAR.

Voila! As they say here in Togo, I make a nice video and I lose 19 dollars.

What is needed are very good video tools and then agreed on video standards. I am thinking the MPEG format is winning, being I cannot watch these videos because of bad connection I am never sure.

CNN is saying, paid did not work; we are going to do Free.

The evolution of travel videos is on.


For 50 US Dollars I could produce small video clips of specific topics.

Making Fufu in Togo
Hippos on the River Mono in Togo
AIDS Clinics in Togo
Orphanages in Togo
Buying a Home in Panama

Hmm, I do not mind losing money; I do not want to continually lose money. I think it is time to try again; maybe I could make a video and look for a sponsor for the video after I am finished. Somewhat a good will way of making a video and if someone likes, they can sponsor.

Any request for videos?

Economic Feasibility of Travel Videos

Sexist and Culturally Imperialist

Sexist and Culturally Imperialist
Lome, Togo West Africa
Friday, June 29, 2007

I read two emails this morning from people with intriguing combinations of interesting and intriguing combinations of words before I started to type,

First Email:
Template Format
Message Format

Second Email:
Photo Censorship
Sexist Culturally Imperialist

I can see I think and focus on the more recent thoughts, therefore I will then go write in my journal about them. I suppose if I get angry or frustrated I will over emphasis the importance of something to me.

The First Email about Template Format and Message Format is more about business and website design; therefore, I will post away in the help center on this subject. The Second Email is about policy adopted in Venezuela about the January 2000 or maybe seven years ago and really a re-hash of an extremely old topic.

I think there is a need for try to remember the difference between a Journal and a Blog post. A personal journal or diary is normally assumed private, while a blog post is public.

I do not edit or think much when I type, I somewhat free flow typing into the computer and I am tying to help myself, and sometimes a desire to help others along the path. Often a photo here and there to make my Mother and Father happy and to make readers happy so I make more money. I will also choose better SEO titles that will also make me more money.

To be happy is my goal, to earn enough money to travel is a goal and to write in my journal, whereby I can clarify my thoughts as I take abstract ideas and transform them into words that semi-demands consistency and clarity.

I enjoy the game of life, and laugh at myself more than I take myself serious. I was thinking and laughing to myself.

This title:

Photo Censorship Sexist Culturally Imperialist

The title
- Photo Censorship Sexist Culturally Imperialist -
Is a maybe 100 times more interesting than a title that would say,
- Template Format vs. Message Format -

Controversy, anger and lies makes more money than the boring, truthful and real words of daily life. I on the other hand try to squash, censor and stop arguments on the site, however try to provoke thought.

I admit to myself, I play too much, I am not serious and many readers are too serious, therefore they want me to have an agenda. I am supposed to be talking at something and wear a hat.

Today I am Traveler Expert, or Canadian Traveller Expert.
(Sorry, I am from the USA and was playing.)
Today I am anti-USA.
Tomorrow I am pro-USA.
I am 100 percent in Favor of the Peace Corps, therefore, I am not suppose to complain…

Ok, there is a problem, which is starting to beg a solution. I have a few consideration or aspects of me typing in my diary.

1. Typing something so boring my mother writes me frustrated emails.
- This now goes in the Help Center.

2. Tips that I think are important, however only to a very small group of people. Example of a post yesterday about WIFI in the Bellview Hotel here in Lome.

3. Post to get opinions, as this example;

4. Photos and Tips for fun and to help people travel.
Normal blog

5. Posting in the blog to make it famous, whereby I have unlimited money to travel, the running of a business to make money.

Introspection is a form of self-Editing.
I introspect
I introspect about my blog.
Therefore, I edit my blog

I try to fix some grammar, spelling, and lack of clarity problems, and I learn how to write so I could write a book.

I collect a lot of information, I must this is what a website does, it take information and tries to process, package, and present to readers in a format they enjoy.

I do a lot of what if thinking or speculation on subject and this type of thinking annoys the mass of casual readers.

Ok, I will try to formulate a plan for my website, I will try to figure out where and how to blog for the maximum enjoyment of readers and myself. I will give myself a pep talk here, I will try to steer my random typing towards areas that are more specialized.

I am thinking, I post about a 7-1 ratio of comments or blog-like post in the Help Center and one to the blog. We just implemented a way for a reader to make a comment in the Help Center, so that area has interactive blog features now.

I love to make the world complicated for myself; it keeps my over-active brain from getting bored.

Note, I will remind myself not to behave and be predictable.

Sexist and Culturally Imperialist

Photo Censorship Sexist Culturally Imperialist

Photo Censorship Sexist Culturally Imperialist



Hello, Andy --

I like your travel blog a lot. One detail leaves me a bit perturbed, though: the censorship of yourself from your photo journals.

I can understand wanting some anonymity, but to delete images of yourself while freely taking pictures of other people smacks of a double standard -- i.e., that your privacy matters more than theirs, or that other people can be asked to let their guard down in a way that you are unwilling to do. Although you make a point of trying to understand the world through direct contact, withdrawing yourself from the visual record of this contact risks making your whole effort come off as an elabourate form of voyeurism. Not good.

The omission/deletion of yourself in your photos has some sexist and culturally imperialist overtones, too: you feature a blonde woman on the beach (-quot-things that are important to Andy-quot-) and a cute girl from whom you are trying to get a kiss, etc., and expect them to be amenable to being photographed, presumably without asking their permission. If you do not reciprocate by letting your own guard down, then you are just a spectator, not a participant, which breaks the world down into -quot-me-quot- and -quot-them-quot- instead of -quot-we-quot-, which is, I think, quite counter to your intention.

So, I encourage you: reveal thyself!



Photo Censorship Sexist Culturally Imperialist

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