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I am going to buy a ticket to Cambodia. I do not care if my computer is having a mid-life crisis. I am not going to share the experience, I am going to continue the journey. It is such a temptation to just put my life on hold when I have computer problems, it is like having the boss go on vacation and they lock me out of the factory. They want me to work but will not tell me how, or where to work. I still need to sell my good at market, but how to I get the goods, make the goods, or learn from the boss when he or she is on vacation.

I suppose the big dream is to work and make money anywhere in the world, or even better yet to not work and make money. I suppose for me it is to marry a beautiful young rich… hmm. Israel, French, Holland, or any of the Scandinavian countries women and travel as I am presently, but with no money worries, and a built in social life.

My computer is going in spurts. It will shut itself off three times in a row and then run for an hour with no problem. I spent some big Thai money yesterday to get this computer fixed, but the same life exist. That means I spent 20 Dollar U.S. Big money in most of my world, and probably half a months pay for 30 percent of the world.

Steve the from is really enlightening me on the world of Internet, just when I thought I was the expert, I find there is a person that makes me look na?ve. I do not meet web people that make me feel na?ve often, I meet some graphics people and children that know flash all the time, but not, or never have I met anyone in face to face that like me that make cash, hard currency from the Internet. writes me and I write him, and he does make hard cash from the Internet, but I am just an email corresponded. I have met some people that were playing real hard, and few making some nickels and dimes, but no real mobile money making warriors that carry the dream. I did meet the guy that works while traveling on his computer, but he is a programmer and does not earn money from the Internet, but does live on the road.

I keep thinking that I should write an article about Stephen from, but I am not sure what he thinks on this, I will write him and email, and see if I can persuade him let me, although obviously I an write anything I wish, it is nice to get permission, as this make friend and keep people calm. I was going to write about that one guy in Palolem, Goa, India and he escaped or just came up missing as is normal for a traveler before I could tag him, so I will try to tag Steve before I escape.


I was collecting information on Pantip, the Computer Wonderland of Bangkok for the last couple of weeks before I had my computer problems and was going to publish a story this week on the place as a great tourist attraction, but then I end up needing the place, and maybe going to live there for the next few days.

I wonder? Hmm… Have I already published the graphics on Panthip. I took pictures yesterday of the place while my computer was at the doctor, and I was wondering aimlessly in Pantip looking for a wireless web cam system. But my friend GAI wrote in Thai a print card that says or tell a taxi drive to take me to Panthip. It is pretty easy actually from Khao Sarn Road, but my other friend Steve from England has never been there, because he does not know how to go, which is pretty silly in a way. He does know how to go, but he does not know where it is on a map. I do not know where it is on a map, but I have been there 4 time now, but I am not a control freak, and really do not care where it is located on a Bangkok city map, that is inconsequential and trivial really, unless I want to walk for an hour to the place, which I do not, but to save 2 dollars U.S. that is what I would have to do or more correctly 4 dollars U.S. I guess that is not correct, I can take the bus for 25 cents U.S. but I have had no luck in catching the bus to this location by myself. I did wait around for an hour the other day for the bus, and I could have walked there in that time, but the bus never came, or more likely the correct bus passed and the sign was in THAI, and I did not know that it was the correct bus. Thailand does not put signs in English when the denial of the sign would make them money, withholding information is the worlds way of forcing tourist to pay money, and me giving you information is my way of asking you to give me money. I suppose I could try to force you to give me money, but I am not that kind of person, and do not want to enforce contracts anymore in my life. I cannot remember the last time I had more than a handshake. In fact I am not sure I will ask more than a handshake anymore, although I will sign a contract to make the other person happy.

THE GRAPHIC - I will force it to happen, there will be graphic here.

I am have been forced by a stupid and maybe helpful program called ACDsee or something like that, to use their program and they have maliciously taken over the use of my files. I loaded this on my computer to help Francis copy his photos to a CD Rom and now every time I turn around I am having to remove it from my computer system. I made NO choice and the program just hooked onto every graphic in my computer and put little icons everywhere, what an obnoxious and invasive program. This crap is very annoying, not destructive, but time-consuming as I really have no desire to learn the program.


Cost to go to Pantheep from Kao San Road


50-100 Baht by Taxi - 100 Baht is easy and below 100 Baht you have to argue. 70 Baht is probably the fair price for Thai people.

Note that a motorcycle taxi is the most dangerous but fastest way to go because it will go between cars.


But who know how or what number. I am told 11, but who is positive, not me…?

I would say about 5 Dollars U.S. should get most tourist from anywhere in Bangkok to the place.

The taxi drivers all know the place, but they Thai Lie so much they will pretend not to know to try to get you to pay more.

Say in Pan like the work Pan you cook with, and Teep like cheap, but with a T on the front, Maybe more like cheek or the side of your face. Yes the ee is like cheek So TeeP. But the graphic came from a reputable source and the F stands for Female and the M stand for Male, as I guess if you are a man you should point at the M.


I am trying to write my newsletter, but at the same time I am trying to update and fix my computer. Confusion at it’s best and clarity is taken a backseat, I think I should go book a bus ticket to Cambodia so I can change channels. I have the visa now, and can leave. I just realized I have to leave soon, or my Visa for Thailand will run out on about the 15th. I will book a bus today.

Computer is still stopping once in awhile, there is maybe some type of electrical short, or something like that. I am baffled, I will try to find a Compaq corporate service center for hardware repairs.


I am dealing too much with problems, I need to do more things that are fun and less things that are problem. Note that I like to solve problems, but most people in my worlds do not like to listen to me as I dwell on solving problems.

Today I am going to go to Panthip a computer Disney Land or Wonderland for computer freaks, or people that want to buy cheap, copied, hacked, cracked, and knocked off software, DVDs and other similar copyrighted information, that is very easy to buy in “Panthip” The dream world for all the kids that want something for nothing, or how to cheat the person that created the product. Note they also have 5 floors of computer gadgets and widgets, or anything you wish you had in the electronics world. I am a gadget person, so this is would be heaven if I had unlimited money.

I am going to look for solutions to my computer problems and play on my WEBCAM project. I have decide that a wireless USB would make it possible for me to have a web cam on Khao San Road here in Bangkok and have the hosting or publishing computer up to 1500 Feet away from the camera… Hmm, maybe that is 1500 Meters, I will have to read the internet pages again. I am hoping Panthep or Panthip, or Pan Thip or whatever the search Engines and people of the world call this place has the items. Maybe it is Pan Teep or Pan Theep.. Jejeje or Chris does it, or maybe Hehehe as I do it. I like to laugh at myself, as I am with myself most of the time it is the most convenient person to laugh at.


That is my budgeted trouble to cause me. I wish I had unlimited money to play with my projects. It would make playing faster and easier. I am negotiating with some Thai people that will not remain anonymous. Mr. Joe of Southeast Travel, my buddy and typical Thai culture person that is both a good person and a Thai culture person at the same time. There are some built in keep us poor, dysfunctional and I want to save face, and be incommunicado problems of Thailand that makes life fun, purchasable, for sale, and in a functional world… Extremely impossible!

Money is the key in Thailand. You can buy anything or anyone you want… OK, some are more difficult, but in my Jaded mentality it is a lot easier here to buy a person than at home. I am not talking about prostitutes for sex, I am saying that you can convince people with money here to accept terms or conditions. I do not do thing unethical, but when a person does not speak English and is afraid to commit, money does open the door. Thai people speak some of the worst English in the world, and communications is best to stay to Chicken Fried Rice, Girls, Party and simple concepts, not the world of web cams. So I can explain and explain and we can SAME SAME all day, agree, accord, have a written contract and life will not work. But if a person gets MONEY they will keep it working, even if they do NOT UNDERSTAND. So there will not be a “meeting of the minds” as lawyers would say, but there will be a road where Dollars buy Bahts. I will work it out, either in this life or the next, but it does give my overactive brains some brainwave work.


I have some large computer problems and I am not sure what the problems are, but hopefully soon I can identify them. Hard to find a solution when you do not know the problem. I know the symptoms so I am closer, but that is not the real problem, more or less a level away from the problem.

What happens?

My computer reboots or shuts itself down randomly.

Possible problems?

1. A virus has infected my computer.

2. I am having electrical problems with the computer.

Solutions so far:

1. I download a patch and Master Blaster Virus Fix.

2. Restore or erased the whole hard drive. That was about 10 Gigs of information that is now on maybe.. Infected disk.


I realize I am afraid, not a good feeling, but I am not sure why I am afraid. I suppose I have this doomsday former alcoholic, the world is awful, nobody like me, my world will end feeling that I know is irrational, but real just he same.

I have found that all problems go away with. TIME. If I wait long enough all the problems will pass me by, and will still be here.


I suppose I am like anyone else, I worry about money, but that is becoming less and less of a problem as I have some ways of making money now, and my Compaq Laptop Computer only cost me 750 U.S. Dollars and that is not the end of the world amount of money.

I suppose I have frustration fears, or fears of being frustrated, or maybe I will encounter a problem that I cannot solve.


I have really zero critical information on my computer now. I have had so many fears about losing passwords, losing pictures, and losing projects that I have been working on for years that I now have a more or less clear backup of all the data on the internet and CD Rom disk.


I really like to do research on subjects, I can grind it into the ground so far that I can find out every little iota of information on a subject and categorize and subcategorize them down to the small specific detail of information. I could talk for hours on the relationship between facts, data, etc; there is such a relationship between the use of a word and a phrase. I am so sad that dictionaries deal more in the use of a word and not a phrase. A word is the short or abbreviated form of a phase.


Redundant: Is the abbreviation or shorten meaning of this phrase.

“To repeat or say the same thing over in a different way, but to not effectively change the meaning, annoying because there is nothing new added to the sentence, but you a new way of saying.”

Now that is my rendition, and you hopefully get the idea, but what happens for me is I look up a word in the dictionary and it shows the meaning, but what happens or really is the huge problem in research is the use of a phrase or set of word in a phrase that means something different as a cluster as opposed to a one word.


I am sure this is boring to most, but let me say that a cluster or grouping of words is much harder to define, categorize, and classify than just one word. I am working on a project to define clusters of words easily, but of course I have hundreds of projects.


My research on bed bugs is what cause this thought process, as I load up all the phrase in a works database.


This is the number on the business card.

6292 2321

The girl at the reception desk is totally clueless on how some other country is to call.

00+ 66 (0) 2 280-1251 Room 102 Say Andee or Slowly. The speak terrible English.

00 + 66 (0) 2 281-7818

I am not positive that is correct. The room number is


I am putting up this so a friend will call me... Call me Gary. 12 hours difference.

Tel : +66 (0) 2 2560890-2 ext 305

Fax : +66 (0) 2 2560890-2 ext 302

Email :

30 Soi Rongmai, Phar Athit Rd., Phanakorn, Bkk

Direct Line: +66 (0) 2 629-0079, +66 (0) 2 629-0072

Fax : +66 (0) 2 629-0079



I am having a virus attack on my computer. Will update blog later today.

NOTE: I am very excited as CNN updates says that the USA attacked a Mosque in IRAQ. The Clerics are really evil in Iraq. They are the Mafia bosses and just kill each other. They all need killed or arrested. They are evil people. Not all Islamic Clerics are evil, but the ones in Iraq are. This is my opinion after living in the country and going to all the cities form Dohuk, Baghdad to Basra. The Islamic Clerics of Iraq are the enemies.

NOTE: I think CNN is misrepresenting the facts as NORMAL, and the USA did not attack the Mosque. This is just normal rag news of CNN BBC. But a nice thought.


I received my Visa today for Cambodia, but now I have to solve some computer problems. I think I got the Blaster Virus and I had to erase or restore my Compaq computer to the original setting so I could use it. Luckily when I got suspicious the other day I went back to my room and made two CD copies of all the files on my computer. That is about 6 or 12 CD roms of info.

So I formatted and now have the same setting as out of the package. It is a very good feature of the Compaq Laptop. Erase and start over, and being that lots of software is available here, I can make the computer even better.

But what a pain...


Hmm, time to buy a guidebook for Southeast Asia. I will have no idea how to find things in Cambodia or Vietnam unless I do, they sell them here at the street pawnshops for around 400 Baht or about 10 Dollars U.S. They have every type of guidebook in the world here.



I had in the photos of my last newsletter a picture of bedbugs.

I was in room 320 of the Sawadee Inn for 6 days and lived with them.

I told the girl EH at the reception,

"I do not want BEDBUGS!"

Well, I was in room 119 and guess what, that room has bedbugs.

All hotels can and could have bedbugs. They get carried in luggage, and backpacks and all sorts of ways. I said I was not going to say which hotel, but after the extreme hassle I had in moving room, and asking just as a hope measure to have some insecticide spray I am telling on them. The have 2 wings and they moved me to the other wing, and they seem to know about the problem.

I had to stand at the desk for 20 minutes while I kept saying BEDBUG! Then they brought me some spray finally after they say,

"Cannot" for 20 minutes. Sawasdee is a big chain, they have about 10 hotels around Thailand and they have a motto,

"A service of mind."

So go figure, do you think the Thai people would say something to look good or to sell something?


I have been trying to figure out how to write a solution for bedbugs for the last year or two, I will get busy and try to work this out. I do think I have come up with a solution of using a mosquito net. The problem is inside the net and the bed. I will set up my newly HAMPI, India redesigned mosquito net and see if it works.

All the solutions I am reading say to put outside in the COLD... Tropical folks.

I went to the store today to buy some spray. I cannot read the Thail labels to see if they kill bedbugs. It is not my problem, the hotel should take care of these situations.

I wrote a tip about boiling water for washing clothes for this reason. In the tropics they alway or almost always wash clothes in cold water.

I have a bucket and hot water cookers to sanitize my clothes. I know you people think you live in 5 star hotel to avoid this, BULL! This is not a solution, just hopeful.

Links for me to research...


I arrived back in Bangkok or Krung Thep as the Thailand people call the city at about 7:00 am and took a taxi to the Sawasdee Inn. I guess I am a creature of habit as I have only stayed in this Hotel. I did stay in the Peachy one time, it is cheaper but noisier, and I am getting too old to deal with the noise to save a dollar. I do sort of like the people that live in that hotel better, but the Sawasdee INN has a color TV and movies downstairs. Sawasdee is cleaner also for the 180 Baht I pay.


I will go see an archeology site called Angkor Wat; I will do my best to try to spell it correctly. It is a 12th century construction as best I can tell and this would make it old enough for me to care. I like Hampi in India, but it was really a modern construction, and not really much in the way of innovation of construction. The Incas just had a big pile of rocks. The Mayans so far with Tikal is the most stupendous construction for the age and time, I have ever seen. Rocks as big as houses pile as high a 7 story buildings. I am told that Angkor Wat is pretty spectacular. It is the right age to get my attention. The pyramids in Egypt are very old and will probably be great.


1200 AD


(1) 1200 BC to 200 AD built Temples and ended around 900 AD

Mayan - Meso-American Indians occupying a nearly continuous territory in southern Mexico, Guatemala, and northern Belize.


1200 AD to after 1500 AD when the Spanish destroyed a lot.


2500 BC

(1) three 4th-dynasty (c. 2575–c. 2465 BC) pyramids erected on a rocky plateau on the west bank of the Nile River near Al-JYzah (Giza), northern Egypt; in ancient times they were included among the Seven Wonders of the World. The ancient ruins of the Memphis area, including the Pyramids of Giza, ˜aqq(rah, Dahsh¨r, Ab¨ Ruwaysh, and Ab¨ ˜Yr, were collectively designated a World Heritage site in 1979.

The date, time, construction methods, and just plain how difficult for the terrain and available stones are a factor in my opinions.


Jeff my traveling partner in India, Nepal, Tibet, China and Mongolia is off to Russia and Scandinavia countries about there.

I made him a blog page.

He has already posted a lot and if you wish you can subscribe, bookmark, monitor, or whatever you stationary people do to monitor blogs.

If you want a blog also for your travels also, I can probably arrange to do the same.

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