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That was purposefully said in Thai English, "I go Chang Rai."

I am going to Chang Rai, Thailand tomorrow to check on hammocks tents, a tent and hammock in one, very good idea especially when ground is wet, like the jungle is normally.

I will then go to Khon Koen in the middle eastern part of Thailand and then back then Bangkok to hook up with Oren the owner of phrase on India,

"Remember they brush their teeth with sticks."

He is a hoot.


I have these extremely small ants in climbing in and out of my computer, short of smacking my computer they are quick little things, these are my notorious nemesis that I consider worst than mosquitoes, they just climb all over my body. The fungus powder keeps them at bay a little, but a problem of Thailand is Ants.

Wonder if they will die and create a pile of dead ants inside my computer?


I have been sick way too much or had these crazy infections on my body for the last year. I am now trying very hard to clean up my system of all the extra fats, oils, cholesterol or whatever other things of bad repute that likes to enter my mouth. Thai food is deep fried in oil so much or full of oils in so many ways that is hard to eat here without getting 10 times my daily dose of fats. I have made the decision that I must go to the small stores and rummage around more, eat better and be careful, the small stores mostly have fast food type stuff like crackers, cookies, noodles, and other not so healthy choices. It is hard to just buy bread or cheese.


It appears to be a little hotter and wetter than normal to me, and I am having to be very careful and carry an umbrella or get soaked, it is the rainy season, but that is normally in my experience a heavy rain starting about 10 PM and going all night, then maybe an afternoon shower.


Reader advice on how to do?



Philippines at same time:

I think the trip route from Bangkok to Cambodia, Viet Nam then the

Philippines and back to Bangkok would probably be your best bet.


CHANG SAEN - Tuesday 6:26 am

There are birds here and I can hear them because there are no other noises, I am in the JS Guesthouse which is charming in a funny way as the little woman that manages it speak almost zero English, but continues to communicate with me all the time in a round about way. I was here a year ago or so and it was full of other workers, I am afraid that it is empty of the other workers now because it is a very low season for Thailand. She appears to be here alone, or at least I have not spotted any other workers.


He lives in Bangkok.

I met this guy from Canada the last time I was in Thailand, it started because he wanted to pay to advertise on my site with his page:


But one great reason to return to Thailand a little quicker than I was thinking is because I wanted to talk with him again. His name is Steve and he is probably the first person I have ever encountered that I would say is an expert in the task of internet marketing, sadly as it may seem for a Hobo, a Hobo must make money enough for the day to day jump on the train, so I go from place to place looking for work in a way, but even though a more real Hobo went from place to place looking for work, so do I in so many ways.

Well, I spent a few hours the other day with Steve and we discussed lots of techie questions and ideas on how to make the best pages for people to search, read, find in search engines and all sorts of other things about life and living while making WebPages.

He pretty much only lives in Bangkok, but is fully in tune with what is going on in the world of travel for the most part, more of the upscale travel than me, but what the heck, we cannot all be sitting around doing nothing all day like me, as he does seem to upscale the work way beyond me and is ready to go.

We went to a T-shirt factory together which made T-shirts by the thousand with screen print and other ways of adding logos and designs. This was great to see how they can make T-shirts so cheap and so good and so bad at the same time.

Quality of products is maybe in directly correlated to the quality of life for some people, if they create a good quality product they may achieve a good quality of life. If you are a good cook the people will return to your restaurant and you will have a nice life.

Same for me, so if I create a good quality of writing, or ideas, or really I suppose if I knew clearly what I was producing I would have a good quality of life. I do not have a good quality of life, but maybe I am a bad example as sometime the direction I am going is not so clear to me or anyone I suppose, in the end my biggest goal is to just have my daily bread and exist anywhere I wish to exist.

So Steve is teaching me some great tricks of the trade and it is exciting as I can see that with a couple more months of work I can get the in tip-top shape and be less annoying to myself and more user friendly. I now use my own WebPages to find information on travel so I have went from just the plain collection of information on my site to being even a source for myself of ideas and links to information.


453 Miles north from Bangkok and located just below the Golden Triangle, it is city on the Mekong River that flows downhill from China. To me the most significant values of Chang Saen it is small on the Mekong and almost no tourist, but has lots of local culture because it is more or less a waterway port for large boats bringing and taking cargo in and out of China.

PLUS, you can hook passage on one of the freighter if you have your China Visa and live with a bunch of very dirty people as you cruise up river on the Mekong into China.


OK, back to tying, I am now on the bus and hopefully the bus leave soon because it does not have air and is a slow steam sauna for the passengers as you can not really open the windows because it is raining, you could but there locals always seem complacent to cook so hard to argue.

So I should be in Chang Sane in a couple of hours and situated by 10 am. (The trip took 4 hours, oops.) There for some reason is a lady that arranged every person on the bus, I am now outside the normal Traveler channel and in the local channel, so there is no other Farangs on the bus, I am with Thailand. The lady that does not speak any English and looks at me quite bewildered when I requested,

“Please sit a night girl next to me.”

Some how put a girl, but lost the idea on the nice, as the girl next to me is annoyed with the lady for having to sit with me and contrary to popular myths about Thai people liking foreigners, it is in my opinion just the opposite as they consider us quite low classed, I have no idea how they come to the class system idea, but they are definite snobs in Thailand and that can be even from the way below the threshold people as well as the got rich by being inside the loop of corruption group.

Strange the is more leg room and a place under the seat for my small backpack, while the big super fancy one almost forced me to sleep with my small pack on my lap. Nice cold and sardines for the fancy, and big spacious, and hot for the cheapie, but the seat does not recline on this bus, the big bus is quite nice and in reality there is nothing better.

A group of Swedish girls got robbed of all their money in the bags for some reason they left on the bus at a bus stop, I ALWAYS take the small bag with me where ever I go as bus people tend to rummage through and snag thing while they clean the bus or tell you that you must leave the bus so they can steal. This is not real common, but it does happen more than people will admit, because there is no real benefit in say,

“I got robbed because I was stupid and left my bag on the bus full of cash.” For one thing that is what a money belt, neck pouch, secret pockets or other methods is for, “money.”

The girl just moved away the instant the bus started to move, I told you she did not like me, but I am reciprocating as best I could. Hard to feel a good snub for me, just sort of immune, everyone is always looking at me and thinking I am strange, so what is new, even the foreigners think I am strange, but I do not have tattoos, body piercing, or dreads, so in reality I really do not fit in correctly.

Saw a shirt that says, “HoboGirl” on it, some store in England and I took a photo.


Monday, June 14, 2004 7:36 am

Last night the skies opened and dropped a bucket on the Khao San Road area right as my bus was ready to leave for Chang Mai and life was not so pleasant.

The way it works is you go to a little travel agent, which there is one on every corner of the area and buy a ticket, the ticket will cost anywhere from 30 Baht to 350 Baht according to how na๏ve you are or how good they are in convincing you that they are the cheapest, and special, in the end you are all on the same big Air Conditioned bus full of Farang (Foreigners) and get the same cow treatment.

But they way the pick you up is you go to the little agency where you buy the ticket and maybe if your lucky a van comes and picks you up and takes you to the bus. I am more than happy to buy tickets from the Peachy Guesthouse because I think they are cheapest and bus stops right in front of the Guesthouse.

RAIN? Remember… Buckets, it was raining very hard.

The Peachy had sold all their ticket and I had to go with another line that was a different bus, but same same and just the same, but I ha to walk to the corners. Now some theories go that a backpacker is a person prepared to live out side, cooking, eating, and prepared for the weather, which I suppose I could be considered a backpacker.

But there is the more common idea that a backpacker has a backpack which is true also, so the other backpacker are getting totally drenched and the luck ones have sign boards or 1 dollar ponchos over their heads. The unlucky ones are drenched.

I had my trusty wear only a few times a year, but when you need it you need it poncho, so I was prepared, plus I also have a small umbrella, which is all the reasons why Ryanair was able to whack me for extra weight, I am maybe too prepared. (I do not have a tent.)

But we walk in just ugly water following a guy that speaks five words of English down the road and he said,

“It there.”

He pointed, well I had done this trip before and before the girls thought they had to walk only may 50 meters, I stopped them and told them it was more of a quarter of mile and not just there. Thai people have a purposeful lack or either care, empathy, or ability to think, I sometime just think they are cruel and will tell a person to go get in the worst conditions, and not even help you to prepare. I am very experienced with their methods and if they point me to go somewhere I am positive and extremely aggressive if needed to make sure they tell me clearly and do not evade or play stupid on where we are going.

So I walked the girls got soaked, we all got on the bus with other people coming from every small two bit travel agency in the area, still quite hot, sweaty, and steamy, I get on the bus and try to squeeze into the seat. I get arranged and life is safe and good, I am in the front or middle of the bus where it does not bounce up and down like the rear that give me motion sickness, so I am happy.

So I am sitting waiting and hoping that I do not have some dredge of Khao San Road sit next me and make funny noise in an inhospitable and unfriendly way all night, it is always amazing at the self-delusional type mentality of grandeur the losers in life can have about themselves. Now I say loser because it is obvious, not a refutable idea.

But… Israel Babe, sits and smiles….

Life is good, slept the night next to a sweet Israel girl and just when you think life is a little on the wrong path I find I am on the right path.

I am sitting here in the Chang Mai Bus terminal, and will go directly to Chang Saen from here or by way of Chang Rai. I have not paid a total of some 250 Baht to get to the Golden Triangle area of Thailand.

I am in the channel and going for the strike on this trip.

250 Baht is about 6 Dollars U.S. and for the same amount of distance in Europe would have cost me about 70 Dollars U.S. and I would have to have sat in a smoke filled room.

(453 Miles as the crow flies from Bangkok to Chang Saen.)



I leave tonight for Chang Rai and over to Chang Saen to see a friend.

I think south to Khon Kaen and to Khorat to see another friend.


I am in Bangkok.

How to go, what route to choose?

Visa Optimization.

Bangkok, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Bangkok?

Bangkok, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangkok?

The visa situation of Vietnam is a pain, or at least I think it a pain as you must designate the date you are entering the country or basically lose days on your visit because you do not use them, and if you arrive early you cannot enter. Cambodia is more or less get a visa at the border country now.


Bangkok, Thailand - June 12, 2004 Welcome Sawasdee Inn

I am watching some movie with Matt Dillion and James Caan about Cambodia, Bangkok and a world full of too much of the small things made to be too real.

Too much dirt.

Too many cultural idiosyncrasies.

Too much architecture.

Too much corruption.

Too many wasted people, and life too real.

I am the first to remind people,

“It’s a movie.”

What I am learning is that for Joe Blow normal and every Tom, Dick, and Harry they buy this hook, line, and sinker.

The separation between movie life and reality has blurred for the average person as they have not standard where to stop or stop their comparison, as there is no way to know what is real from what is a “movie.”

So now the media is able to sell people down the line further to and make the world seem even worse to make money, this just exacerbates the problem because it spirals out of control as the world buys these beliefs that life is as stupid and crazy as the TV, Movies, and New Media portray, so where does it stop.

Now as I travel from country to country I realize the travelers have went out into the world and become what the believe the world is, and not what the actually is, so they live life backwards. Living up to a life they believe is movie reality and not what is the truth.

So the only fortunate part is leader know the real world, because they could not have gotten to the top without an understanding of life on lives terms, and the average person just because they do not care to get involved with the stupidity and realize that is a movie and has nothing to do with them, but…


There is something like that some call a liberal, but that is not the correct label or definition of people that a really are just naïve enough to believe they understand the world when really they are totally unaware.

Liberal is sort of used as a badge or label that people can grab hold of to group people, but to me this label just seems inadequate to describe the skipping of a mental beat of some types of people.

There is really people that support some issue, and those who pride themselves in opposing that issue, and they stand for the people that are defined as the opposition, but who knows what solutions they stand for?

But in the end these movies have taught them some movie mentality that is not real, and some need to leave the room.


I have talked to about 20 people or had conversations with lots of people in the last two days, this is really nice and makes my life better than in Europe as I felt like there was little actual conversations. Last night I met up with Francis from Canada and he told me about his Thrombosis and how it a disease you get in your veins after smoking for 20 years. He said he is only 19 and has only smoked for 5 years so that could no be the problem. I gave him a push to quit and exercise, but I am not sure he is up for the idea.




I made it to the boarding gate, surprised that I can smile and open a door, they was giving people some weight problems on bags, and such and I got weighed in at 23 Kilos, only 3 kilos over weight and the end of my bag was hanging off the edge… (Not weighed correctly.)

What a drag though I had already dumped a my 10 kilos of weight at Sabine house and I am still heavy. I am too prepared for bear, and need to hunt squirrel.

I am 5 books lighter than normal, so things are strange, I have the same clothes as normal also, so I have no idea. Surely my decision to carry 12 pairs of underwear and socks did not put me up this high.

I have had to stand in 3 long lines. There is a line now at the boarding to check something. I am in the other side of the room waiting the the line to go down to nothing while the rest appear to be reliving their Kindergarten experience of obeying and standing in line. Follow the leader and do not complain, I am always amazed at the hurry of passengers with a reserved seat to get in line and stand for to board the airplane. I am almost always the last to get on, because I have a seat and I am not going to stand up for one-half hour just to go to a seat I have already reserved.


So this is where? It is strait south of Iraq and to the lower end of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. It juts out into the Persian gulf and is a wanna be tourist trap with wanna be Muslims friends, and I am in doubt, but that is not my problem as I am just stopping and leaving to go to Bangkok. I think the USA Army has their base of operation there for the attack of Iraq. One of them countries that we bought to proceed. I was amazed we just paid Saudi Arabia some many millions of dollars for some type of harm we caused to the region by having the war. I would not pay anybody, this is ridiculous to pay some country because we fought their Muslims in Iraq. I do not see these countries as really being separated. I feel in the last month I have decided the Muslim religion has some fatal flaws and is a cult and not a religion. Maybe this is crusade and not just a war.

Oh well, blow them all up and let God separate the good from the bad. I am just pressed all the time to listen to how bad the people or Iraq lives are and I have been in whole continents that are worst.

South America

Central America

South East Asia


I have two DVD movies with me and later in the day I am going to sit down and watch them, one is “A beautiful Mind” and the other is “A Knights Tale.” I had the “Lost in Translation,” but gave it away because the movie is slow and not a movie to watch a few times. But that Knights Tale is always a good one and the music wakes me up.

I have already spied some electrical plugs to use for a connection, but I am also lucky I have a quick convert end for my USA to GERMAN round plug type.


Monday, June 7, 2004 about 1:30 pm

WLAN or something like that is available in the Airport, the cost is about 8 Euros per hour, but you have to get an account with T - Hotspot or T - Mobile, I cannot go to their address so I can not figure out the exact URL, but I guess if you could go to

That is the airport site, I guess.

Hard to say for sure because they got me locked into this wireless local service that will not me go anywhere, but the airport advertising.

Logan airport in Boston did the same, it forced me to go to a page to buy access, but that was just for Logan I believe and 7 dollars per hour.


Samsung has set up some free kiosk type internet access, they are really crappy and the computer keyboards do not function well, but you can access for free, there is no way to do anything but look at one page, and I cannot cut and paste this blog info to the computer, but I can browse around and waste some time. I have about 11 hours until my plane.


Monday, June 7, 2004 9 am

I just boarded the train to Frankfurt Germany to go to the Flug I think, or airport. I am hoping I did this correctly and end up at the correct location, I am told to pick up my ticket a Thai Jet airlines and the got to Quatar Airline to fly to Bangkok via Doha, Quatar. If all goes well in about 24 hours. So I am on a pretty long journey in terms of time, but in terms of actual transportation not so long. I will arrive in Frankfurt in about one hour at around 10:46 in the morning and get to wait 12 hours until 11:30 for the plane to leave, sleep on the plane and arrive in Bangkok the next morning.

30 Euros for this train to Frankfurt from Wurzburg Germany, I would have hated to find out how much it cost for the one from Tuttlinger.

I am ready to leave Germany although the luck of the draw has made my trip in Germany easier than the rest of Europe. I will really be happy to be in a place where transportation is so cheap you can just go anywhere without thinking. Say,

“Taxi, Khao San Road”

5 Dollars later I am at the Hotel with no walking.

The strangely I can take a bus for 5 dollars for a 12 hour trip to the Islands with no problems. Life is just too easy in the poorer countries, but easy countries.

This train is nice though and I have this tray table to place my computer on and I can work or play on this toy as long as the battery last.

Stopped and looked around for a plug like the Amtrak trains in the USA. The Amtrak trains are comfortable, and always late. in Bangkok Thailand

Just arrive in Bangkok, I have lots of blog to cut and paste into the blog, but am still getting organized.

Lady at the Peach Guesthouse internet cafe is very happy to see me and started about 3 conversations complete with gesture of walking, talking, and rain, but I really am not sure what she is trying to say, but I am sure she is trying to be a good friend. She and her husband manage the internet and recognize me because I come here a lot as it is the cheapest I have found in Bangkok so far.

I will blog it more later.

Where you go now? Tuk Tuk Driver question... 6:30 AM Bangkok Thailand


I walk down a street in Bangkok or more properly called Krung Thep as is really the name of the city, but in the western arrogance it is still called, but in the greed of Thailand they sell.

Where do I go ask the Tuk Tuk Driver, form the seat of 3 wheel motorcycle Taxi that cost more than the air conditioned metered taxis, but would or should be cheaper, but not much as it seems, and the many layers have come off the facade of Bangkok for me over the last few times I have stopped in to see the center of the Backpacker Universe.

The drunks are going home, a few wet and ridden hard young Thai girls are sitting on the curb still surrounded by young and old men who are clueless on where to go or what to do with these women, and are more into the debauchery than the conquest, but still they sit, and it obvious they are lost. I am quite chipper in the morning and am in an all night internet cafe that has a reception person that does not speak English but will wake up long enough to help me access the internet on her junk computer.

The smell of beer, sewer (Normal) and left over people is here. The day is having the normal fight between day people and night people as the night people give up and the day people take over. A few cleaning people will clear the path of beer bottles, cans, water bottle and humans, They will sweep the streets until the night people feel a compulsion to leave as clean is not safe for them.

Where do I go, I guess I go where day people go, toward the light and having a good day. I will leave Bangkok in 2 days and sometime get this ironic feeling there is a method to the madness of the question. But life is what it is and no more really and no less really.

I received a donation from a man that I gave business advice 2 years ago about the internet. He is making 3000 U.S. Dollars per month with a few websites and he is appreciates my advice. It is nice that I could help a person to support themselves or to learn. I wish he would have more of a light world and less of a dark world, but he runs his own world.

I am looking forward to flying from Boston to Europe in a few weeks and wonder where I will land?

I told the taxi driver.

"Bye Tio" which means in Thai. I wander around, he shook his head, and I said,

"I walk around"

Does not matter what I said, I could have said,

"Go screw yourself,"

He does not care he just wants me to talk and engage him with a conversation so he can try to to get me to use his Tuk Tuk.

Funny though in the Thai language they would say the same same...

"Bye Nie Krap" Where you go?

Aagh a girl just walked in, and I looked, then I realized...aagh. It is a Lady Boy.

I hate when that happens. Ugly feeling.

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