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There is a culture to Khao San Road that is unique and maybe is the future of world culture as people become un-hooked from a need to be part of any culture that has rules and regulations. Khao San kids have no connection to the real world and can mold or create themselves as they see fit, this is not to say that what they do is wise, or beneficial to themselves for the future, but they can live in the moment and because the whole group does the same there is not one saying they should not do as they wish, plus generally the group admires anyone that does the farthest from normal. Therefore, if you have your hair spiked and look like a porcupine of sorts on this road you will probably meet all the girls, while any normalcy or mainstream business like posture is considered boring and maybe even stupid by the group.

Tattoo are prevalent and people seem to believe there is something special about a tattoo artist in many ways the same as how a person would see a man that pumped up the money to buy a Harley Davidson, as if the pure fact that you paid the money to buy the Harley made you unique. I am not sure you can buy you way in my mind to being special.

Special has to do for me about creating something that is unique and generally beneficial to the world, sometimes this can mean destroying something that is generally destroying the world or making the world less than or making peoples lives less than they could be. So George Bush wanting to try to get rid of Sadaam Hussein is very good, as if he was trying to kill Hitler before there was 50 million people killed as a result of Hitler, but I also consider the sad part is the need to kill Hitler was the responsibility of the German people and there is something amiss in a culture that does not weed out the bad blood. Therefore, the Iraqi people should or have the responsibility also of getting rid of Hussein or the new wanna be Muslim Clerics that are trying to rule the country now, they are not good people.

I have not heard much about the Philippines from any of the traveler, none of the travelers seems to know anything about the country and it is almost off the gossips ring or information circuit. This is maybe good for me because I can escape the ridiculous culture of Khao San Road and even the tourist of Thailand and be in what either is going to be a worst traveler culture or better traveler culture. It does make me feel good to know that Alex Garland the man that wrote the book “The Beach” hangs around in the Philippines or supposedly in the past hung around in the Philippines.


I really despise getting reservations, but there are some real good reasons and first is to have a room,

1. To have a bed to sleep in.

2. To have a place to send the bag if the plane loses your bag.

3. To start as a base and then get cheaper rooms.

4. If you arrive in the city between 1400 hours and 400.

Some places like Europe are so short of rooms or they so self centered from a business point of view or self-protective with no free enterprise that you must have a reservation.

I will get on my own page that is part of and see if I can book a cheap room, I have become very disappointed in because they have rooms in there up to and over 100 dollar and this is not a Hostel, but they still have the cheap ones also, but now a person has to be more careful.

I am working on some accommodation directories of hotels that will have only hotels between:

0-5 Dollars





200 plus


Saturday August 28, 2004 5:54 PM

I am not sure what to say today, as I am somewhat lost as to what to do, and where to go with this, I have been to Bangkok too many times and there is nothing much to say.

I am mostly here to try to put a web cam on Khao San Road, but this project is really starting to drag. I keep thinking I have a clear path, but then I see obstacles; there is nothing simple about making a 24-hour a day web cam, unless you have someone sitting at the machine keeping it running.

My friend told me the other day that I am on the Olympic level when it comes to travel security, which was nice to hear.


I was trying to buy an around the world ticket the other day and it just did not work. They cost about 2000 Dollars U.S. and there is almost no way for me to justify the cost of the timing of the ticket.

There are rules to an around the world ticket.

- You need to go forward you never can go backwards.

- If you go from one city to another city by land the miles count.

- You must say the dates and times although you can change them.

This is probably the big annoyance, although my friend Mr. Joe in Thailand is very good and I can email him and change the ticket, I would not even consider it if I had to go into travel agents along the way and change tickets. I am sure this would take as much time if not more than buying a new ticket, plus they would try to extort fees, so the ticket would increase in cost.

It averages out to about 400 dollars per flight, so the question is can I get an airplane flight one-way to my next destination for less than 400 dollars? I almost always can. For me to go to the exact opposite side of the planet from my present location or to Indiana that is 12 hours difference in time cost me 550 U.S.

I think an open-jaw or three hopper can be worth the money. It is a year long ticket normally with just two stop. So I could go to USA, then to Amsterdam in on jump, this helps me get in and out of the USA where the tickets cost the most.

I can buy an round-trip ticket to Chicago with Kuwait Airlines for 750 U.S. and I can stop in Kuwait, not that it does me much good, except unless I want to visit Kuwait, if I could get across Saudi Arabia easy I could go over to Jordan, Israel, and Egypt.


If you are getting this newsletter in our box, you have not got in your email box for a few days becuase of all the brillance of modern technology. Firewall, blocks and other mysterious reason have stopped the blog from sending to

So this is a test.. hehehe

NEWSLETTER SENT - Oops Yesterday


I am in the Internet Cafe playing, or trying to look at webcams.

Link to Newsletter.

Some of you know that I have been working on a project to put a Webcam on Khao San Road in Bangkok, so far the project has done nothing more than taught me too much about Webcams. So today I have been trying to find Webcams or Web Cams that work work in the internet cafe. If I want to have a webcam I also want to be able to look at the camera. It is surprising how few computer will work properly.

Here is a page with a webcam of Koh Samui that I have been playing with.... I found that you should open the page and wait... Do not surf around while waiting and it seems to work better.


I keep having to reset the time and date on my computer, I finally realized that my computer has a synchonization program and when I directly connect to the internet my computer goes up to the net and synchronized the time and date to Indiana... oops, I am in Thailand.

PHILIPPINES ON 1st of September.

I am sort of excited because I will fly soon to the Philippines. 250 Dollars U.S. Round trip or return as they say from Bangkok to Manila. A better deal would be 175 Dollars, but I did not get a better deal, I got a normal walk in and buy a ticket from a good agent deal, a normal walk in would probably be 400 for the silly.

What a HOOT!

I am moving north in Thailand searching or trying to buy the elusive hammock tent, and this time I am suppose to get it.. 24th!

But what a HOOT!

I can go and see which sites on the net are sending pages to my site. I spot a sudden surge of viewers coming from here. Too funny.

It that link breaks.

This is what they are calling cruel.

I made this page, maybe a year ago.

But I also want to lodge a complaint with 7/11 convenience stores of Thailand.

They changed from the Cherry Slurpee to the Mango Slurpee.

I am not sure real men drink Mango Slurpees, and Coca Cola slurpees are out of the question... All of Thailand now has MANGO.



Saturday, August 21, 2004 5:57 AM

I am sitting here in Bangkok at the Sawasdee Smile Hotel, and I realized the Hotel has the same name down the road.

We arrived around 5:00 AM in the morning and I went straight to the Hotel, but all the rooms are full, this is common at this time of day. I would go look around, but I am sure all the room are full until around seven or eight in the morning. The girl at the desk says there is a room on the third floor, so I have a room for sure, I just need to wait until 9:00 for them to clean the room.


I suppose the best time to arrive to a hotel is around one hour before checkout, or maybe a little earlier, the problem with this is every country and city will change the check out time ranging from 9 till 2.

Check out time for most of Thailand is 12:00 Noon.

There are lots of stragglers coming into the hotel, mostly at the end of negotiated deals and the completion of the contract. Lots of strangeness to the place, and nobody is on the up and up.

I am here mostly to see again about putting up a web cam on Khao San Road with my friend Mr Joe, but I am too optimistic yet. I am a lot closer, but there are lots of questions, and there is not obvious solutions. I have been surfing the internet and trying to look at web cams around the world, I would say with my guess that,

60 percent do not work because of Java problems.

20 percent are too confusing, or maybe off or the page is dark because it is night, and I am not able to figure out what is going on.

10 percent work with a refresh or reload option although they have them set at 30 to 60 seconds and this a long time.

10 percent work moderately good.

It seem pretty clear why I am having problems as most sites do not work and I am trying to get mine to work, I think the best plan today is to download a lot of page and read them, I thought I was closer until I saw how few work with Java, of course I am in the hard core testing are of the internet, I am trying to get them to work on any and all internet café machines anywhere I would get on the internet.


Friday August 20, 2004 6:44 AM

My 350 Baht boat and bus trip to Bangkok leaves or starts at 11:00 today so I am sitting here thinking more than needed.

I need to make a visa run, so I will probably go to Penang, Malaysia to lay on the beach for a few days and test out the new discount flights. The ticket are only available over the internet, there seems to be a way of new flights like this.

I should be able to fly round trip to Penang for 2000 - 2500 Baht, that converts to about 48-60 Dollars U.S. It is better if I book ahead of time though, and I have not done this, maybe I should do today if possible. Actually it is possible to do one way by bus or train and the other way by plane, but what I am trying to do is be careful on weight on plane, they have a 15 kilo maximum check on weight, plus the carry on has a weight also, I have two computer on me and they weigh more than the 7 kilos that is allowed for carry-on.


Thursday, August 19, 2004 8:07 PM

In the language of Thai, “good,” or maybe say “gooued.”

Life is good, I have trouble pegging the exact reason, but I suppose mostly it is vanity, but after laying on the beach, getting a little bronze colored, and reading my books I feel recharged and ready to take on the dragons of life. I really have no dragons to fight, but there are some annoyances that I must tolerate to get to the next location.

One is I have to sit on the bus for too much time, I will leave tomorrow at 11:00 AM and get into Bangkok the next day at supposedly 3:00 PM, this is too early, so for all effectiveness I will arrive at 5:00 PM. This is a long time to travel in one jaunt, but nothing like the stints in South America.

Planning the trip from place to place or not planning my trip is a constant query in my brain; I sort of have to prioritize all the time. I think it is probably easier when I say I am going to a place for 10 day and leaving on a specific date, at least I do not have to think, but leaving the schedule open creates a sense of adventure. I suppose the less control I exert on my days the better I feel, because I am really out of control.

Having things under control is not the paradise, I think the paradise is not having to control, or having anything control me.


I was looking over at the wall of my bungalow, there are 4 small stick on pictures of the King and Queen of Thailand, hard to believe the propagandized idolatry Thai people have for these character, can you imagine putting up stickers of George Bush on your rental unit wall? I do not care how much you support him; this is not what a person would do. Dictatorships and Monarchies are the same, lots of pictures around the country of the rulers and dangerous to complain. If you can only say good things, and only talk about good things about a person than normally you love them. Whether you want to or not if you only talk good about a person like a King or Queen, you end up believing what you say.


The supersaver flights like and are making me reconsider the amount of weight I will carry. I can fly around Europe and Asia cheaper than I can take a train or bus, so I am cutting weight on bags.

The decision making process comes down to this,

“If carry nothing extra, if I do not touch for 3 months I trash, and if it is something like shampoo that can be purchased anywhere I dump.”

I lowered the 6 months and trash to 3 months and trash.


I am always looking for newly discovered places to visit.

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