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I get on a bus today for 7 hours and travel from Khon Kaen to Bangkok, where I will hang around for a couple of days. Re-stock or throw away extra things in my backpack and leave by plane on the 25th for Bangladesh. Stay one night in Bangladesh and fly to Nepal.

I am on a project to reduce weight in my bag, not because the bag is heavy, if I had a choice I would carry more. I am trying to reduce my weight so I can take the discount airplanes with all my bags. I presently have too much baggage and almost anyone would have too much baggage for a discount airlines. 8 kilos was the weight in the Philippines, this is a scam weight by the Philippines airlines to trap you and extort money. Nevertheless, the easy weight is 15 kilos or five less than normal.


This is when I wish I was in the USA, I could go buy this in one day in the USA, but while traveling I am S%## out of luck. I want a huge vest jacket that has many pockets like those that those camera guys in movies have or like a big game hunter would wear. I want a lot of very large pockets so I can put in lots of heavy junk inside my clothes. I think I can get in at least 3 kilos or about 6 pounds. For those of you pound people just double the kilo number and that will give you the pounds. The exact number is 2.2 pounds per kilo.

I am hoping that Nepal has these worthless jackets. Mostly for people to look the part and not to be the part.


5:40 Tuesday September 21, 2004

(Khon Kaen, Thailand)

I consistently go places, do things, live in places, talk and read about situations that I cannot understand. There is always something in my life that is not explained, while the best I can do about most of the situations is complain and they does not help.

If I lived in one location all my life, then I would be able to slowly over time eliminated the confused parts of my life and / or the negative parts until all that was left was the know, I would suppose this could be boring or relaxing, but I have never experienced too much of this so do not expect to have a controlled situation in my life soon.

I itch after I shower in Thailand until all the water on my body is very dry, when the water is dry then I seize to itch a lot. Why I itch is confusing, I change the way I do laundry, the soap, the way I rinse, but the water in some parts of Thailand makes me itch. I may be the only one that is irritated, but still I itch and this drives me crazy. I suppose I could move or jump to conclusions or read a lot of things into this, but to me there is something in the water and the only solution is to leave the country. I know that would work, I have the gut feeling their water is polluted, but no way to check. I would live to send samples of water to a company from all over the world to have checked.

So there is probably some large United Nations project out there that is offering money to pay for water project. They say to countries,

“Send us samples of your water?”

So Thailand would not even understand the question sends some water from a bottle of purified water. The Philippines although they understand the question because the speak English better goes and gets some dirty water and sends to make sure the UN sends money. All the statistics you read about nations has to do with the collection of money for poorer countries from the richer countries. Then each country creates the statistics to help them be in the position they want to prove. I read statistics on countries all the time and know they are wrong. The representation of statistics on countries is way off base and never explains the situation.

Poverty is difficult, I have trouble finding poor people in my opinion, I can find people with really strange problems, but I am not sure they are poor.


I had to stop to try to discover what is burning? I unplugged my computer to try to be sure it is not my computer. There is a smell close to burning wood or rubber but hard to distinguish. The wiring in the room is bad, there are people outside that burn wood to cook, they may be burning the trash which has plastic, there is a construction project across the lane where people are living on the site or camping, the possibilities is confusing… Back to my confused state, all I can do is try to make sure it is not me.

Poor or poverty has little or nothing to do with money.

Poverty is:

1. No clean water.

2. No variety in food.

Almost all people have food and water of a sort, but to varying degrees, the water is a problem. The problem though would be quite simple to solve if the UN was willing to really put sanctions on countries for not having clean water. But sanctions would put the purified water companies owned by the politicians out of business, plus beer sales would go down.

I was reading last night about Nepal and there is supposed to be poverty. Well the water thing does not really hit home there as mountain streams have some of the purist water in the world. The places where people say there is extreme poverty is often where you could bottle the water and sell it directly from the local water supply like in the mountains of Peru or Bolivia.


I think this could be me on some days, as I do not eat in restaurants much and tend to buy the same things in convenience stores like 7-11 here in Thailand.

But I do have a big variety and the problem here is me, but in some locations especially in isolated areas like along the Amazon River or in the mountains of Peru there are places where they do not ship in vegetables or fruits and the people only eat the food they grow. This is not common and very difficult to find these places but they do exist. This type of poverty is not in the cities of the world, I think in the city is squalor, people living like pigs or better yet acting and behaving like pigs. Eating and drinking in the middle of their own mud hole or excrement and too lazy to move, or too stupid. I suppose if the food is easy to find in the middle of the trash hole and you would have to work if you left the hole, then 95 percent of the population would opt to stay in the hole and not work.

The solution in many ways to squalor is television as people watch on TV a show and think, I want to impress my neighbors so I will make my house smell and look like that, so fashion saves the day.


I have been deliberating about my blog lately and thinking if I should improve my spelling or grammar. I have thought to myself,

“Would I sit around and proof read my diary?”

My answer is,


So to allow a person to feel the full experience of my travels I need to limit the editing and not change what I think or type. I do run a spell check, but I do not go back and change information to sound better.

Moreover, anyone that cares about grammar and spelling in a TRAVEL blog or anyone that can create a perfect written statement about their travels is not traveling they are living in a different place. I blog as I travel not when I stop traveling.

My friend Oren is over in Egypt, Alexander, or something like that, I need to look at a map to see where he is located. I will do that now on my encyclopedia.

Ooops he is not in Alexander, he is close or was in Alexandria. This is in northern Egypt.


“Alexandria (Egypt), city and major seaport in northern Egypt, in the Nile River delta, on a ridge that separates Lake Maryot from the Mediterranean Sea. The city was founded in 332 bc by Alexander the Great, king of Macedonia, who planned it as one of the finest ports of the ancient world.”

I have mass information at my fingertips so the rest of you must be more confused than me or lying, pretending to be smart to cover up your stupidity.

Information on places is a pain in the butt. I first have to find a source and they I have to find the time and know how to find the answers. Most people would say to go to the library, which I do know there are some libraries close to me here in Northeast Thailand but it would take a week to find the place and all the books would be in the Thai language.


I suppose I could go to the internet and see, but then I have to search in for the answers and this would take two things. I would have to remember and I would have to pay to use the internet.


I suppose there is a huge cost to information.

Pay for the internet.

Buy an encyclopedia.

Then you have to make the choice to buy information and not food or your favorite music. I am sorry to say, but I believe that 99 percent of people would buy what makes them feels good before they would purchase what would make them smarter. I have zero faith in peoples desire to learn, I have a lot of faith though that they do not want to appear stupid, or they want to save face by not appearing stupid.

NOTE to all you too connected to the internet for you own good, please realize that the internet still sucks and it is at best only available to a person now maybe 1 hour a day unless you want to only live in five star hotels.


This to me is some sort of mean joke that people want to tell me about so that I get frustrated. I know it is possible, but it is not feasible. I could have world access if I was willing to pay.


That is what I estimate the cost to access the internet anywhere in the world is presently costing, plus then I need to pay 2000 dollars for a satellite telephone.

So dream on about this worldwide access, I have been trying to buy it for the last 8 years. Wireless in the USA has made it possible to stay connected maybe 30 percent of the time in the U.S. But when you move or travel no you cannot be connected 30 percent of the time.

I will not talk about how hard to get a telephone line or electricity is or that most places this is impossible. For sure, the cell phone is a better answer to telephone access than land lines, the landlines of the world are disappearing or will disappear.


I am going to Nepal on the 25th of September for 10 days.

NOTE: This is the third time I have types this top section into the computer inside the internet cafe and lost it. The people wonder about grammar and I have to worry about even getting the information on the net.

September and March are supposed to be the months where they try to climb Mount Everest. I am still sort of hoping to get to the base camp but my time is short and it is more dangerous now. The USA governmet has issued travel warning for U.S. citizens and many groups are leaving the country. We froze the Maoist terrorist money in the USA acounts and they are angry.

I will rely on my


A city has a bad neighborhood. It is not secret, and everyone tell you not to enter. This is the same for countries, there are bad areas and you should not enter. I will be safe providing.

1. I do not listen or depend on information from tour company or guide.

2. Do not ask the police.

3. Do not listen to the NGO

4. Do not rent a car.

Guides lie to make money.

Police will notify the terrorist because they are corrupt.

Save the world people have trouble saving themselves.

A rental car can be separated or isolated. A bus cannot.

I will find collaborating people that have not desire to talk with me and ask them. Or try to get just any taxi driver to go to places. A taxi driver will not drive into danger.


Sunday September 19, 2004 6:16 PM

I have felt a little richer the last few months so I am paying to have my clothes cleaned more often, especially when they wash in hot water or use a dryer because this kills germs. However, there is about a one in four chance that they will short me a shirt or other piece of clothing when I return. In Koh Pha Ngan I had to return for my Same Same, but Different shirt, now I have to return to find my Khao San Road Syndrome shirt. I try my best to not trust them, because my instinct is to trust them, but I have learned count my shirts.

Found the shirt, she says,

“I forgot.”

Oops, the person not say I forget, they say that they not complete.

The problem is not forgetting the problem is the system, or maybe better yet that there is no system. It seems a big difference between the western world and the rest is a system.

When we crossed across the border from Cambodia to Vietnam I remarked that the border peoples system was really terrible and a person said, that is not the system, there is no system.

My friend says as I try to explain, I think maybe she is interested in helping her culture to improve, but she says she is bored. This is the inherent problem is lack of caring of the culture and the dooming of the culture to poverty.


Sunday 7:05 AM September 19, 2004

Sometimes what I take for granted other would consider extreme or odd behavior, but I find myself doing things different without hesitation. Last night I slept on the floor not because there was no bed but because the floor was has more space and I could extend my legs, I believe the standard size of beds in the world is 6 foot long and this is ok providing there is not a rail on the end, but if there is a headboard and rail I only fit into this space by a quarter of an inch.

The floors in a central room of Thailand can be extremely clean and maybe cleaner than the table, while you can walk outside the room and there is trash ever present, or a disorder to the world. Thailand seems cleaner than the Philippine, but I am wondering if maybe they have better ground cover or trees and plants to cover the junk.

The is a construction crew that is working down the alley from my room and they spend the whole night under this plastic tarp makeshift home, it is sparse and they hang their clothes on the ropes as if they was camping. This seems to be method in Thailand to live at the job site until you are finished. The one is working in sandals while the others have light shoes; in the Philippines, they all had shoes.



I was making an observation on they way to the internet cafe about Thailand culture...

I realized that I do not say 1/2 of what I think, or 1/2 of what I do, or 1/2 of how I feel, so you are only getting 1/2 the story...


Quote from the USA travel warning or updates I receive in my email box.

“In this regard, American citizens should be aware that private "visa

extension services," even those advertising in major periodicals or located close to Immigration offices or police stations, are illegal. In 2003, more than ten Americans were arrested at border cro ssings when the visas and entry stamps they had obtained through these illegal services were discovered to be counterfeit.”

I got in a big argument with some wankers in Koh Pha Ngan when I said that this was a dodgey move and they should not take the easy way out.

To me the only safe way to get a visa extension is from the government offices, but that can result in a bribe in countries like Mexico also, so any and all ways are difficult. Most secure is to leave the country and return or get it from the country you are in before you enter.


Wednesday September 16, 2004 1:40 PM

I came to visit a girl and collect my

I paid way too much but I learned a lot. I tried to contact this company both by telephone and by email from Chang Saen. I told him I would come to his retail outlet in Chang Rai and he said fine, but upon getting in Chang Rai I realized his office was in Chong Kong or 50 kilometers away. That was the first attempt to buy this hammock.

Second try was my friend Gai a Thai-speaking person ordered it in her name from a total Thai web page. Well a month later it finally arrives, there has been nothing but hassles with this company. I was wanting to know if I ordered 50 if it would be a good idea, and I found that the answer is no. I also asked for what type of discount to purchase wholesale. He multiplied 50 times the already high price and told me the number… some people are not with the program.


I told her I wanted to copy the tent in Nepal if possible; she was not happy to help me, than I explained I was not going to copy the tent but take the best features and incorporate into my own design. She does not speak English well enough to get the subtle nature of English words, so she was still a little unhappy. However, being she dealt with the man for one month I think she is not happy if I copied.


I copy from the best of the best and then I try to improve.

I think I have had a few novel or new thoughts in my life, but really, I copy everything, borrow, adapt, modify or in someway combine a few thoughts into a combined thought. Nevertheless, to have a unique thought I think my brain needs to stumble or make accidents. I think though I am capable of being creative in a forced accident way.

Unlike artist who off make scramble eggs and want you to believe they have a controlled thought, I want to make clear thoughts.

I still have not looked at the tent, I should go play with my new toy, and I will take photos. I am almost positive it is inadequate in everyway, but just because a person is irresponsible in sales does not mean they cannot create something great.


Wednesday 6:35 PM September 15, 2004

Theses submission are out of order, but just like my travel nothing as as simple as a clear path, I wrote these on the computer and other posting I did on so offline and online.

I am jumped and jumped again today, not a normal method of travel for me because it is too dangerous, but I know where I am going and Thailand is a safer country..

Took a plane from Manila to Bangkok arrive around 2:30..?

Now I am catching a bus from the Mochit bus stop to Khon Kaen and will arrive at around 3 or 4 in the morning, but I know exactly where I am going and know the transportation or taxis will be at the bus stop.

I am presently in the Bus station and I have an hour wait until the bus leave, I just purchased a ticket when I got here so I did not really know when the buses leave.

FOOD 55 Cents USA

I got a really good plate of Chicken, Vegetables and Rice for 25 baht here in the bus station. What a great deal in comparison to the cost of food in the Philippines. I saw very few mom and pop places, which does not mean they were not there, but there for sure was not the road side food stands.

But bigger grocery stores in the Philippines, a better variety of groceries. But the restaurants are cheaper.


I was going to stay in Nepal for 15 days and a couple came in after I booked my ticket and proceeded to talk about the headaches the Maoist are causing in Nepal and how they do not like Americans or the British. This is normal because we are the only nations with the guts to say no to crap.

The man said the locals burned up or destroyed a few Mosques in Nepal after some Nepalese people got killed in Iraq,

I said,

“So, I don’t understand the problem?”

The fear of God can be learned.


About 2:00 PM Wednesday September 15, 2004

I opened up my computer and pushed the start button down, the computer come up with the words on the screen that says,

“No Operating System”

I stop and booted and Ctrl Alt Del until it decide to load properly, I am having tons of problems with computers trying hard to look at computer as a throw away item where the valuable information is not on the computer. I have done pretty well, but there are always problems with back up of computer.

I need a larger thumb drive to really do better, or maybe these little side loaded USB hard drives that hold 40- whatever amount of storage need. My thumb is only 30 Megs and is not big enough to back up all the information that I am currently in process of working on or moving back and forth.

What I really need is a save as button that will save in two places at one time on my computer and on thumb or external hard drive.

What happened the other day is I downloaded them Microsoft updates and it is causing problems.

Note the seats on the Philippines airlines seem exceptional small for leg room.


8:39 AM September 15, 2004

I got into no-mans land and am waiting for the plane to board, I am as normal about 2 hours early. Getting through the Philippines gate is interesting, but not clear.


Get the immigration card at the Ticket counter or you will have to go back and get it.

Pay 550 Pesos Airport Tax.

I weighed in at 21.4 kilos or 1.4 kilo overweight. Normally there is a five kilo grace.

There is a counter though for over-weight bags and this means that Philippines airline is gouging some folks. The weight for domestic flight is something ridiculous like 8 kilos, so you fly into the country and try to move around and you get pinched for your normal bag weight. This is why there is a need for storage lockers around the world to negate these problems.


I put in collection links for people to submit and help the world travelers. Presently almost all information on the internet is self-serving and only for the person posting to make money. My solution to that problem is to create gathering of information pages where person can post opinions or even say someone else opinion is wrong. So a person could say where to store a bag or even a company could recommend them selves, and later a client can explain if there was a scam or misrepresentation. I can move the posting into beware of this problem and we all benefit. I most make information on my page that I feel is needed. Most of the problems or tips you see on the internet are feel good tips and not down and dirty tell you how to solve the real problems.


I know a lot of you think that being a 5 star hotel is the solution, a 5 Star Hotel scares the hell out of me because the number of idiot travelers multiplies inside the resort and so do the number of scammers. Although a really good scam and a person never know they were scammed.

I leave for Bangkok then to Khon Kaen to see my friend and then hopefully to Nepal or the USA.



I sent the wrong newsletter the other day. I will go this and edit after I am done here.

Here is the newsletter with PHOTOS, Danish Girl, Rice Terrace, and etc.


I will publish so or start to work on the letter, change the letter, but normally it gets published before I send it in some form of incompletion.

So IF YOU WANT you can always click on NEXT and see the future or make the number larger.


I am here sitting in Mr Joes office of Southeast Travel waiting for him to find me a ticket, he keep do other things than finding me a ticket, ooops...

He found a ticket...

19th Fly from Bangkok to Bangladesh

Stay in hotel and do not get to walk around.

20th leave Dehka and go to Nepal.

7 October leave Katmandu to Dehka Bangladesh

Arrive 7th October 4:30 PM in Evening to Dehka

Leave 8th October from Dehka Bangladesh to Brussels Belgium.

438 Dollars for that ticket.

185 is the cost to fly to Nepal one-way. I do not know how much a flight from Nepal to Amsterdam or Brussels, so I am in a dilemma.

I can gamble I can buy a 253 to Amsterdam or Brussels for less in Nepal, or do I guarantee my cost by buying the ticket. Or ..... go other places.

If I could get good airplane tickets information from someone in Nepal I would know for sure what to do. I wrote my friend Risha and asked him how much to fly from Nepal to Brussels was, but he did not respond.

I will go check travelocity to see the possible.

aagh will not work for some reason.

I search for "Kathmandu Flight Amsterdam" and get messy information.

I will keep pushing. I leave for Khon Kaen tonight.

I would than catch a train or bus to Amsterdam to buy a round trip ticket to the USA, and see Amsterdam.


I may call it noise, but there is always a small amount of talk, opinions, comments and gossip going on about where we are living and where we may want to go or not go. The tourist, the travelers everyone is interested in learning what other people says.

Last night while having a conversation full of traveller noise I realized that I depend so much on this type of idle conversations that leads me to travel to other places.

Oren published his blog on Cairo the other day and I was so interested in what he said, how he said, and what he thought because I trust he is making some good observations, he is my friend and I know more or less how he thinks. I suppose that was what led me to push for him to blog on my site, because I think he has something worthy to say.

But I learn most or all of my information from other travelers, sometime just by observing their behaviors and other type just blunt opinions, so all of my blog is about travelers.

My friend from last night should blog or tell his story… all stories are worth listening to and hearing.

What is strange now that I am going to the Philippines is that I have learned so little from the other travelers. Though for sure the traveler hanging around on Khao San Road are on the low end of the brain drain of the world, and very few are going to contribute to society, more of a take type of person and better to avoid, but from a three ring circus point of view Khao Sarn Road is special. A voyeuristic holiday of freaks or wannabe freaks.

I came home last night and at midnight walked Khao San Road, now I am sure people think there is a large group of young people walking around and talking, drinking and just having fun and there is, but what was surprising is that there must have been at least 30 Lady boys or the boys dressed up and acting like girls.

There were almost no working type girls or girls in general, just a lot of lady boys. These lady boys are I think prostitutes of sorts, I am not sure because all I know is the beckon you to come and talk and want to know where you are going, but the are repulsive to me so I do not spend time discussing the weather with them, but I think they want to lure travelers into bed, maybe with money and without money, I am not sure.

Nevertheless, for sure they are there, so the sons and daughters of the world of Khao San Road are for sure biting the bait, or buying a night.

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