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Monday December 13, 2004 12:24 AM

I am still on Western Europe time and cannot sleep, so I may as well at to my dialog.

I wrote asking him about Fiji, because when I was reading one of his newsletters I saw he visited the Fiji Islands and was wondering how you stage a trip to there. The name sounds exotic, I like the beach so exotic and beach, and they have my attention.

Nevertheless, when he replied something about a plane he notified me a friend of his is traveling in Thailand presently. Therefore, after an email or two I am hoping to visit tomorrow with a man that made a movie. Hmmm… oops, the name, link and information are in my mailbox and not downloaded yet… Well, I am meeting with a person that made a movie about him and his pop traveling for six months together. It has an MGM lion on the page so that probably means it is high quality.


That is the name of the film and I will be interested to talk with the person. It is an interesting idea to travel with your father for six months, and even more interesting and difficult would be to film the trip. I hope that after meeting the young man I can see the movie somehow. Being choosy or actually choosing a movie to see can be very difficult for a traveler unless the movie is a very famous movie. I can buy copies of larger movies off Khao San Road for 150 Baht or about 3.5 dollars. This is not a legal type purchase in the world of copyrights, but there is nothing sacred in Thailand and most is for sale. Therefore, I can hope and see if they have this movie.

McDonalds Frankfurt Germany Airport

11:18 AM December 10, 2004

I am in the McDonalds in the airport in Frankfurt. I have been talking with various persons and we all agree that you would think an airport would have electrical plugs for the business guys to recharge their computers after arriving from one country by plane and waiting to leave. If the person has used the computer on the plane he or she now is in dire need of a charge. As best I can tell there are two plugs in this McDonalds and plugs in the toilets for people to shave, those are the only plugs I have found. But I also can understand why Europe complains about McDonalds, it the only reasonably priced place and the food is still double the cost of the USA, so a very expensive fast food restaurant.

Two more hours before my plane leave, I have been in the McDonalds for the last 4 hours, and life is easy. Working on my page, and drinking a 3 dollar small cup of coffee for four hours.


Freitag Dezember 10, 2004 7:27 Morgens

I wake up in the Frankfurt, Airport and push my baggage cart into the toilet to clean up, drink some water and make my first cup of coffee. I only have enough instant coffee for two cups so I will go lean on fuel today. When I return to my seat another gentleman is sitting close to the area where I laying for the night, so I sit down and say,

“Good morning.”

He replied with,


I think it was Gut Morgen, but hard to remember now, nonetheless translation of good morning is not necessary except in a perfect world and my world knows he said hello, good morning. He is a good man and I know this. I am waking up and trying to think again, so finally I say,

“Where are you going?”

He says,


I am thinking he is saying Basrah, as in in the south Iraq, and this guy just does not look like he is going to Iraq, my brain is cloudy and trying to scour the cheap computer I call my brain, I am not remembering where I know the name… He ask me,

“Where do you go?”

I say,


He looks, then shakes his head, then more or less says,


I understood what he meant, he was saying why are you down here this is not the place where there are flights to Thailand presently and what are you doing. I say or hold up two fingers and say two, then say Morocco and take my hand and make a winding sign like a snake, saying I am following the path from Morocco to here. He starts to laugh and computers.

“Wake UP.”

I say,

“Yes, I wake up.”

Communication is a natural happenstance between the human animals and providing you can disconnect your need for understanding on how to communicate you will be able to communicate. There are natural ways people talk whether with their hand, eyes, faces, or words. But even sometimes when you do not know what the word means, you instantly learn like a child. The nature of a traveler.

This is the absurdity and sometime me pulling the leg of all the reader of my newsletter and even spelling word wrong when I know I could fix them. The perfect word or grammar almost has nothing to do with travel. The perfect world of grammar has to do with writing a novel. These are separate and I am sharing or trying to share my world of travel, not my ability to write a novel.

The man left and looks like he retrieved or met his daughter, they are now both waiting to go to I believe Basel, Switzerland.

Interesting the Switzerland or German brain has an amazing capacity to put two and two together or to deduce from two things what happened and what will happen. He understood my hand signal and deduced that I slept in the airport very quickly, while many culture are innately incapable of making the deduction or abstraction from two other observations to the end result. This can be very annoying, but the other culture may be able to see your needs faster than or recognize your needs faster than a Germanic culture. But for sure the German type cultures are a fine tune animal.

There is so much good and so much bad in all cultures, I am trying some days with great difficulty to only observe the good, as I am accustom to the good and take that for granted, this is not good.


There are small things to observe in cultures that are great and interesting. I have this very large baggage cart that is like my homeless grocery cart and I will not sacrifice it, or forsake it for a minute. Therefore this cart must enter the toilet with me as I am afraid some efficient German cleaning person will take my cart if I leave it outside. So as I enter the Germans see I am trying to enter a door with a handle and about 6 people have held the door open without me asking, but then the German brain can see the need and anticipate my problem, not so self-centered, they can do more than react in the world but be proactive and open the door. But lots of cultures can be proactive but are mean in nature and would not do a good deed under any condition.

I think the German people are a learned taste, they are difficult like an American, but once you go past the differences you can see the picture.


I am testing, testing this is really great.

I can write an email and send it to blogger. I will
then automatically get published and posted... Or I
will find out soon?

This will make life easier.
Oops, no spell checker on my yahoo mail account.

Thanks "Life is good"
Andy the
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My mother is a too devoted reader of my blog.

She likes when I act American, so she was happy about my escapades in the USA embassy in Bangkok.

I had a travel wannabe writer say that it seems like I am not a native speaker or I write like I am not a native speakers. This was just and insult and I wish people would not disguise insults. But if he was really a traveler and a travel writer it would be obvious that traveling in Asia is hard on the ability to speak or write English. I talk normal American type English maybe 2 percent of the time. I talk a short.. No prepositions.. No definite articles.. No adjectives... English 98 percent of the time.

If you do not talk or think this way and you are in Asia.

Please leave the resort so you are in the country.


Saturday September 25, 2004 6:08 AM

I was thinking about the people that have friends and family at home and how it must affect them to have their loved ones away from them. Most people want to go home to see their family, I often long to be with my friends and family, although I am somewhat different because I have never been married and old enough that all my buddies are more or less married and have not time for me. My family is my parents, sisters, brother, nieces and nephews and people with long histories.

The is nothing natural about traveling for long periods of time, it the opposite and I cannot really recommend this lifestyle for everyone, I do think that people should go live in different places around the planet for stints of 3-4 months. I think people going to Florida for winter is a good thing and does create a better understanding of the world. The bad part is traveling creates a more selfish person. When you have no commitment to another person, and nobody around you is someone that you will see again, and if you do something, nobody at home will know, it creates a life of too much freedom from social responsibility. I suppose this is why people dress up like clowns, dreads, tattoos, piercing and clothes that 95 percent of them would never walk around at home in, but they feel safe to do so when they are in an environment where they have not commitment to anyone. I suppose you have quadrupled the how much you are different to get some love or attention. What is even sillier is the celebration of different. I do celebrate and want people to be unique and special, I hold this as the desire that everyone should have in life. They should be unique, special, and someone that is in their view the best of the best. I want them to be the hero of their own life. Not anyone else, I want them to think of themselves as their hero.

I had a girlfriend one time that was dancing and acting a little too wild for me to be with her, I asked,

“Would you want your daughter to act like this?”

She said,

“I don’t have a daughter.”

I said,

“You will.”

The girl now has a baby boy and has changed her whole perspective on life. I cannot or do not think I could ever convince or create an environment where people would try to be good people for the sake of their fellow man, but I am sure that the majority would try to be a good example to their children. Therefore, even though the other travelers do not have a family, they will in the future, it is inevitable.

I see folks with good manners as a representation of people that look for the great good of the world. I consider it very stupid and ignorant for a person to say that a person should not say an offensive statement or an insult. Shame is what stops a father or mother from being a jerk, so sometimes a person needs to here the truth. Not that this is a responsibility to tell them they are a jerk, but if they are annoying me, then it is my social responsibility to tell them they are disturbing the world. To say nothing is to condone and say their behavior is good, to say nothing is to promote this behavior.

So if you seen all the crazies around Khao San Road you would be able to appreciate my constant mental deliberations. On the other hand there is no doubt that Khao San Road is one of the world’s greatest gateways to travel the world. It is the starting point for travel, you have all the information you would ever need to find here to leave, and the cheapest methods in the world, with some travelers passing through that are truly experts at travel like my friend Oren. Experts in travel do not write about travel, they travel and normally do not have time to write. This is changing with the invent of newer internet technology like the blog and email, but for sure this is in the infancy and extremely confusing presently.

I suppose you could say why, but yesterday I worked for over 10 hours to buy two 10 gig external hard drives, and to back up my data on my computer and then try to repair or reverse somewhat I hope is a software problem. Therefore, for me the cost of writing this blog is the 15 minutes I type here plus the 10 hours I worked to prepare to type on this computer. I am constantly trying to figure out how to reduce the time. I suppose for every 15 minutes I type on the computer, there is about 1 hour of nothing to do with typing or photos work to keep the maze running.

I suppose it will get a lot more complicated before it will get extremely simple. I am working very hard so I can do this and then give the technology for free seamlessly and absurdly simple so other can provide the same information, blog, newsletter, photos, and updates with out the 1-hour of work, and only the 15 minutes of typing.


I have no clear reason to say this, but I feel that my time in Southeast Asia is over and I will never feel like I am traveling in Southeast Asia again, that does not mean I will not return, I am sure I will. Nevertheless, I will not hang around here, but for years I hung around in Central America and then in South American and for the last couple of years Southeast Asia. I am not sure where I will hang out next but my feeling is Eastern Europe. They have just joined the European Union and it should be easier to travel.

The Middle East has so little attraction to me, my friend Peter told me to make sure I go and visit Palestine so I can understand their plight. I really have desire to hear any more people that do not have anything to complain about complain. The whole world wants to complain and I have seen so few places where I would say,

“Send in money, guns, and lawyers.”

The world is generally a great place and poverty is hard to find, but you can find people to complain in any country, as the drink a beer, smoke a cigarette or do nothing but sit on their butt and do nothing. The people in the world that want to work appear to be working. The biggest social problem in the world are people like Sadaam, Castro, Chavez, or King and Queens in Asia, and their mafia ran environments that call themselves Prime Ministers and words like that.

I really need to go see Africa, it really is the lost continent, the whole world knows nothing about Africa and nobody talks about Africa.


I went to the US Embassy to get more pages in my passport, upon arriving the guards point at a sign that said,

"Closed on last Friday of month."

So, as I did the last time when I arrive at 11:00 and they said they was closed for lunch. I went inside and ignored the guard. I then got the same answer from the office. I said,

"Let me talk to someone that speaks English.

Let me talk to a United States Citizen."

The handed me a telephone, I said,

"I am Andy.. from Indiana, I am a United States Citizen and I need pages in my passport."

Now the person I was speaking with spoke Thai as their first language as did every other person that I had encountered so far.

I spoke very fast and made the person feel inadequate which in my opinion they all were or are. To me this is USA soil and we need to have USA people that speak USA English checking this place to make sure the crazies do not enter. But they


as they did before, and in my opinion they know,

"Pay attention to real native born citizens."

If you have ever been to a USA Embassy you would know there is nobody inside that you can meet easily that is from the USA in a normal typical way, but if you become demanding they will normally hop. The places are full of people with USA passports, but none of them act like me,


So I just put on the USA bravo the world hates and as why the world hate it appears. You get results. So even thought it was the last Friday in the month. Even though these dingalings want to close and give no service. (NOT a USA cultural characteristic to give NO Service.)

I will not say that governmental officials work hard.

The hours are funky. Like from 7 to 11 and 1 to 2

But back to being pushy, people should never apologize of be weak in their own country. When I go into the USA embassy. I am

BACK IN THE USA even if I cannot find anyone that speak English.

Do not every think that the people that get blown up in Embassies are Born in the USA!

I get really ashamed that America could every allow anyone crap to infiltrate our systems. This is the first crap that a world citizen would encounter. People not acting like the USA but pretending to be.

I ask the guards as I left.

"Are you American Citizens?"

The said,

"Yes." I am not sure they understand this question?

I said,

"Where was you born?"

Stupid looks.

I said,

"Which state do you live in?"

More and more stupid looks.

These are the normal questions that anyone would ask in the normal meeting of a person from another country, where are you from, what do you do, what is your city, are you married.. Etc.



I need more pages in my passport because there are too many stamps, plus I worry that some countries will need two full empty pages like Russia.

This is the second time for pages, I did this the last time in Bangkok and it was free. I will ask or try to ask them about a second passport for the Israel / Middle East problem. If you go in one they will not let you in the other country.


I am trying to live and work while traveling the planet, which means that I must spend time working to earn enough money to continue. The process of making money is boring to many people. But in many ways I am working on a travel dream.


I dream that is would be possible for me to go to a one WebPages and find all my answers about travel. I can go to and search for my answers but they are jumbled inside a maze of other pages. I want to go to a WebPages and search for answers.

I have 150 different categories on my page, these are the 150 subjects that I have questions about the most as I travel and encompass all other questions under these topics.

What I am trying to accomplish is this, I want to have the readers or me ask every question about travel possible and when the question is not asked I want the reader to be able to pose the questions.

I then want the world to answer the questions by being able to post whether anonymously, or self-serving to advertise their business, or just in a generous mode to help other travelers, irregardless of their motive I will have the question and there will beget an answer.

My job is to filter, delete, edit and keep the answers relevant to the question, so I have created a series of barriers, bans, methodologies to stop, edit, delete, remove or alter the answers quickly, and will soon create a way for people to become moderators of categories, so history expert could be the moderator and not me…

This would be a self-sustaining every expanding focused questionnaire for the world travel to post questions and answers on any topic they wish to believe has to do with travel.

So a person could go and find the answer, and if they could not find the answer they could pose the question and wait for an answer. This is much like the Lonely Planet Thorntree and they already have the audience, but what they do not have is the good questions or any sort of organization to the questions.

For those curious about how many questions would start the ball rolling…


11 ½ million

I will start with 45,000 proceed to 122,700 and try to keep the page from exploding to often, and forever hope I do not to have to backtrack.


I try to be patient with people and the older I get them more patient I become, I am sorry to say it is not because I have learned more respect for the human race. It appears to be in my head that I have learned that there is very little long-term thought processes going on in the average human so I have to treat them as I would treat a dog. I take great care to make sure they are not able to bite me, but I must corral them or ask for help from the non-dogs to corral them into their proper status.

I was asked whether I was a Democrat or a Republican by a man in the Philippines. I said to his amazement,

“I am a Democrat.”

That is how I voted in a primary before I decided to stop voting in a primary because people take these party issues serious. I really do not care which party a person is with, and would say to people,

“I vote for whom I feel would make the best leader.”

If I thought we could negotiate with terrorist I would maybe vote for Kerry.

I do not think you can negotiate with Terrorist.

I believe that the Terrorist, Al Queada, and most Europeans do not want Bush to continue as president. That is good enough reason for me to say that Bush would be the better president.

I can almost always say that the opposite is always the best. In this mentality then it would be better for Kerry to be president. A system works best when it has a counterpart of the opposition party, there is balancing act that keeps both sides in proper perspective.

I ask myself a simple question.

“As a traveler of the world do I feel that Bush or Kerry would send help or try to protect me in the event I was in danger?”

I think Bush would send in Hells fury and Kerry would talk too much. I want a father that makes me feel protected, as both my mother and father do very well at, and have always. What the world says is they have the childish angst that says I refuse to listen to good reason and want to say no to my father.


I broke 4000 unique visitors today. I do not know how many hits but maybe one-half million or something ridiculous like that. Hits do not mean anything, what is important is the number or visitors and the number of pages they viewed.

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