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Ayutthaya Thailand North of Bangkok

6:41 or 7:42 AM December 24, 2004

I am at the:

Historic City of Ayutthaya and Associated Historic Towns.

This is a Unesco World Heritage Site and finally I am getting into the hang of things. Eight years of travel and you would think I would be clear on how to find things of interest. The guidebooks can be a distraction sometimes and is not a help, for sure, they prioritize the value of places different from me. I realize daily that the guidebook is to be used after you know why you are visiting a place, and not before.

For instance if I wanted to go to the beaches of Thailand then I would go read the Guidebook to find beaches.

If I want to go to Buddhist Temples would go read about this.

Etc and so forth, but you need to know what you want to do…?

I have a list of things to do when you travel on this page.


I have finally decided to look at the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites before I start to meander around the country because for me, but not everyone they would be the best or top things to visit in a country.


Interesting Statue I must say...

Stupas or something like that. This place is from around 1400 AD
 Newsletter Today


I have sent my newsletter today from Bangkok, Thailand.

Hobo Base Camp.


I realized last night how much I ignore the Thai people and for the most part do not try to become friends with them. I suppose in reality I have given up on the idea of having some type of friendship with Thai people, but probably just feel they are an annoyance in the way of enjoying a cheap and beautiful country. The land is so beautiful and the people can be so annoying, but I suppose it is necessary.

What happened last night?

A friend of mine came to Bangkok from Khon Kaen. She is a very nice Thai girl and after multiple trips to Thailand I am sad to say the only Thai friend I have. Mr. Joe is a friend, but he is from Burma and really a different culture.

She came to the Sawasdee Smile Hotel where I was staying and by the time they treated her like a prostitute and the Thai people working in the Hotel has done such a good job of treating her with no respect and insulting her, she was so angry that she would not talk with the management of the Hotel. This is about the seventh time I have had the same problem with the Sawasdee Smile and the Sawasdee Inn.

I do understand that maybe 95 percent of the women that come to visit the Foreigners in the Hotel are Prostitutes and Thailand is a country full of prostitutes, but you would think the management could learn to treat people with respect.

I am treated the same, but it is in all hotels in Thailand and why would I care what a Thai person thinks of me? I am sad to say the cost of living is so cheap that I will tolerate there lack of manners or just plain no manners. Like I am a piece of wood that rents a room.

Funny I have realized that I am starting to like the Lady Boys though that work in the Hotels because in their desire to flirt they provide more personal service than the Thai girls. I was going to go and complain this morning to the manager, but after talking to the desk now three times I am sure the manager is the problem.

I find the Thai people have trouble showing really emotional care for other people, but if you see the way they treat the lowest of the class here you would feel they are capable of very atrocious behavior. I spent about two months in Southern Thailand with the Muslim people of Pak Bara and I can say that I had about three friends there. Strange the way the world is?

Kaho San Road and Buddhist Monks

I am up early and using the internet in some crappy internet cafe on Khao Sarn Road. The place is full of lady boys and travelers with backpacks ready to leave the city by small van and waiting.

Bangkok is strange in the morning, a few Buddhist Monks walking barefoot around collecting or in my opinion extorting money. Lady boys trying to get drunk boys to come with them, vendors very sad looking and not happy setting up their stands. A few people sitting in all night restaurants either still drunk from the night before or leaving by bus this morning. Lots of Farang or foreigner boys with Thai girls in tow coming and going after negotiations are completed.


I purchased a Web Cam yesterday in Panthip Plaza. I am proceeding to have it installed on Khao San Road and am very happy, because I have been working on this project for a couple of years trying to weigh the pros and cons of a systems I am designing for anywhere on the planet.


Saturday December 18, 2004 1:58 AM

Alex Garland refers to stocking up on Magi Soup or something like that in the book “The Beach,” although I have not seen Magi Soup in Thailand and only in India, (He may be taking the P) it is like a cup of soup.

The more I travel the more I am sure that Alex understood the whole picture and the movie was just a comedy of sort as he make fun of what he is trying to sell to the public to earn some money.


Still adjusting to the time difference between Morocco and Bangkok, so I am sitting in the restroom typing on the computer. I came to visit a friend and unfortunately, the places are small and there is nowhere to hide from the other person, so to type in quiet and not disturb my friend, I must go to another room. I am in a dorm room with two people; a dorm room is good to meet people, but not a place for privacy. I remember in Siem Reap I shared a room for a night with this girl and ended up typing inside the toilet. I have done this a few times in Europe in the Hostels, as there is almost nowhere to find that is empty.

Sharing a room is difficult and both people must have the same habits or they will disturb each other in a one-room hotel room. There is no place to hide from the other person and you cannot really leave the room and type or work on a computer as this is just an invitation to be robbed. Nothing is open in the poor countries very late and the world if full of drunks, so the best place is in the toilet.


It looks like I will be spending Christmas in Bangkok an maybe make a jaunt to Koh Samet for some beach time after Christmas or just before.


I met with Richard of the Movie "Pop and Me."
He also Richard something about being single and a bachelor.

Richard from Pop and Me, the movie... This is POP

It was great and he has tons of energy for 64 years old and is working on some great projects. I suppose I am not suppose to talk about, although no instructions not too, but I will say, he is trying to get a very interesting travel project to be followed by Oprah Winfrey.

GO HERE TO SEE "Senior Bachelor"

I was very surprised as the father showed up and not the son, for some reasons I thought it was the son and not the father. This is normal communication problems with email as there is not ability to ask questions for clarification, but still ok, the Pop was probably more world orientated.

He is off to Siem Reap in Cambodia.

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