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Tuesday January 11, 2005 6:19 AM

I misplace certain feelings and thoughts sometime, and then when I am amiss of myself, I find I am in need of something. They say and I will not say who says, but there are those that say there is a hole in my chest, and the wind blows through, but the wind can never fill the hole.

The filling of this hole is the game or the prospect to achieve, how to fill the hole is not the problem, but more correctly, to find how the wind works, or what is the wind composed of, plus why does the wind not have a substance great enough to fill the hole. How can I fill a hole with wind? Now if that is not a riddle, nothing is a riddle, but I am away from home, and there is no Butter Pecan Ice Cream and I am on a diet so I will not go buy the expensive peanut butter that is possible to buy in Asia.

I find that the world may be too petty here some days. The swimming pool is full of great people, but the conversation around the pool is both petty and noble, but more petty than noble.

Travel can be a search, the confusion in travel is we are not sure why we travel, why they call it a vacation, why it is a Holiday, and from what, and why do we go away from our home to find something else? What are we searching for when we travel; I find that I pick up three possible things when I travel around.

1. Petty things.

2. Voyeuristic things.

3. Noble things.

The petty things are everywhere, voyeuristic things like poverty, freaks, and bikinis on the beach. The Voyeuristic things are what create conversational currency that I can store in my bank for a fun conversation, but the noble things are what I will remember or will help me fill up the hole. People say there is nobility in all things, but the more I travel, I become positive there are place where the petty life rules. The more I travel and the more I know the solution is to travel, I can move away from a place or move toward another place.

“Destiny commands, we must obey.”

Winston Churchill


Tuesday January 11, 2005 4:04 AM

I have waked too early, but the great part is for some reason the cable TV in my room has National Geographic Channel on and I can watch some educational type shows. They are real documentaries and I feel thankful that I learning about Camels, the Desert and other interesting subject while when the ignorance of the planet allow the word documentary and Michael Moore to be said in the same sentence. It is a sad world we live in when people cannot discern that Michael Moore is a sham.

I have almost 25 days until I go to Indonesia or south of Thailand. Malaysia, Singapore and maybe some other countries are in between Thailand and Bali, Indonesia. I am dwelling presently on the trip; it is hard to think about the time it will take to travel by land from Bangkok to Bali by land. There is…

This is a discount airline like or others in Europe, but it is seem less and less valuable to me, and in away is annoying me, as I cannot without great amounts of work arrange a trip with the plane. In Europe, I can save hundreds of dollars by using these discount airlines. However, in Asia as best I can calculate is they quadruple my cost. For example, I can go to Phuket for about 1200 Baht by Airplane, the trip may take an hour, but the cost of a bus is 350 Baht.

Nevertheless, there are these extras and extras and extras, that drive me crazy.


1200 Baht for airplane ticket.

200 Baht for handling.

200 Baht for taxi to Airport.

200 Baht for taxi from Airport in Phuket.

This mean I pay 1800 Baht or 1450 Baht or 36 U.S. Dollars more to go to Phuket quickly. I think the bus takes about 12 hours and I would take a night bus, but the plane with the inclusion of time I need to sit around in Airport and Taxi will take a minimum of 5 hours, and eat up day hours. Day hours are different from night hours.

What is happening here is that I am sitting around going to great effort to try to avoid the 12 hours in the bus and in the end; I find I love the bus. I can do zero planning, go and buy a ticket anytime and leave. I will be in Phuket with zero problems the next morning at a great time to arrive and live is easy. I can take all of my bags; I do not have to leave half in storage because of the very stringent weight restrictions of I think they have this 15-kilo limit, which is ridiculous.


I try my best to replace the bus with other forms of transportation, but in the end, the bus is usually my preferred method of travel. It just makes life simple.

Indonesia is a long way from here; I am considering a huge jump with the train which is more comfortable by bus to Penang, Malaysia and then bus further south. I would be going right down the coast that would according the news have been destroyed by the Tsunami. I am a little jaded or maybe I do not trust the news. There was a report that 70 percent of the Hotels in Phuket that were not damaged. I am thinking that right now is the perfect time to go to these extreme tourist locations.


Saturday, January 8, 2005 5:57 AM

There is BBC and CNN in my room, so I lie around watching TV, movies mostly, but sometimes in between the hyperbole of the news, they have a good hype filled news type show. There was just on this extra time show where the man interviewed a woman that had sailed solo around the world. One of her comments is that she spends 80 percent of her time talking to the press and sponsors, writing articles, newspapers and 20 percent of her time sailing.

The point of this comment was that it is interesting to me that people will spend so much time or the overwhelming amount of their time doing the opposite from what makes them famous. My biggest strain on my life now is that my web site is getting large and when I had nothing to do, I had nothing to do. Sometimes that was more fun, I suppose the striving is fun, and when you manage something there is boredom. I am not bored, but I do now have to make more choices.

However, why do people enjoy talking to the press, writing articles, sponsors, or promoting themselves? I sometimes think that people believe it is possible to promote yourself until you are loved. Adoration or admiration of people I suppose is interesting and maybe it is captivating, but not a real type of intimacy that leads to fulfillment. I sometimes have an audience of people listening to my story, this can be intoxicating, but then later I berate myself and resolve to keep my mouth shut. I do not feel in the end admiration, but envy or and arrogance that I am bragging or that I am trying to elevate myself above others. It is not possible to talk about anything special with a normal person, they become an ingratiating jerk, or they become an arrogant minimizing jerk. Sometimes you meet a person that has done more than yourself or myself and this is great, because there is not the comparison or the need to compare.

I meet travelers that have wandered around the planet more than I have, and this is interesting. Most of the time it is an English guy that left and forgot to go home as they partied their lives away, or have went home and worked and earned enough money to go back to travel life. There is a class of person that took off when they was 20 years old then continued to travel or to stay away from home for most of their lives. So now, there are people that are 40 plus years old and have spent their last 20 years roaming around the planet. They have no aspiration for fame or to be noticed, in fact most abhor fame, as I am sure they do not want anyone to know they have been sponging on the free money of the government for years. But these people although not earning money, and living off the benevolence of the world or the na๏ve giving of money, they want to stay quiet.


I met this draft dodger of the Vietnam War; he went to many places to escape the war. He went to Morocco when the Crosby, Still, Nash, and Young group were writing songs about the place. I suppose some would have considered this inspiring, I thought it was very sad. This was a Peter Pan that refused to grow up. Upon learning about why he had traveled so much he went into this blah blah story about injustices of the U.S. government that he has spend the last 20 years running from. The sad part is there is zero balance in the commentaries. The U.S. government is 100 percent wrong and he is 100 percent correct. No good comments for the government. I have slowly grown capable of weighing opinions of travelers as I see more people out of balanced traveling than I see people in balance. I always know that he person that starts on the story about the USA supporting Osama Bin Laden or even Sadaam in the past, see or believe that a person should never change. Once they take a stand, they must seal the opinion in concrete and never change. Therefore, a government if they support a position should never change. Therefore, the government is a hypocrite in their mind by one day supporting and in another time not supporting. This holding on to a belief is what keeps many people the same and not growing.

They say to think outside the box and I do believe that creative thought is rare, and people feel the must fit into a pattern. That there must be a foolish consistency to beliefs, that once you adopt a belief you must stay the course, never changing.

However, motivation of travelers is strange, the woman on the TV wanted to be famous more than she wanted to sail around the world. The true traveler or even hobo is hiding. I spend tons of time trying to figure out how to earn money so I can travel, and this is annoying. But I must think about something, and many people do not think.


1. Extreme selfishness is number one.

These people will do anything or say anything to avoid real life; they are 90 percent of long-term travelers. They never have a career and spend most of their time trying to figure out how to get free money. There is a fine line between a Hobo and bum or tramp, hard do say what the difference really is, and easy to confuse.

The people live on the dole or the free money of their government mostly.

2. A trip to become famous. Like the trip or sailing around the planet, then the attempt to catapult this into a fame enough to pay.

3. Writers, there is an extremely small class of person like James Michener that travels the planet and writes books. This is very small, and most only leave until they know they cannot do this, and go home, but I am sure there are many like James Michener or Alex Garland that travel and continue to travel and write. I suppose I am in this category, because my typing in this computer has slowly made it possible to live from the typing. No, I am not in this category, I am in the lower number 6 category. I am making my money be typing, plus being creative, but not the true writer.

4. Extreme rich, this is a fortunate group that has a rich family and they just live off their family. They go into two groups normally the drunks and the non-drunks. Normally this group never tells you, and you must bleed them for how they have the money.

5. Retired

There is a growing number or retired people traveling around the planet. This is a fast growing group and I hope it continues. Sadly, the present group is most full of older men trying to see girls, but if the normal persons, maybe like the Germans are learning they will start to retire in other countries. Germans so far and few English have learned they can retire in other countries cheaper than they can in their own. In Ranong or off the coast of Ranong is a German colony of retired people I believe. In India, there are tons of retired people. The bad part is when they pay the full money of their country to buy their way into a retirement. Still afraid of living in another country, some pay the same amount to real estate fraud companies that sell them a pig in a polk. They need to first go wander around for 5 years before they buy land. Costa Rica is full of the crazies that pay too much for land. The escape artist web site has become a real estate sales site.

6. Work and live.

I hope with the invent of the internet people can learn how to travel all the time and work at the same time. Somehow doing their work from anywhere on the planet.


Thursday January 6, 2005 8:01

Just finished the free breakfast here at the D & D Hotel on Khao San Road, I think I am on a splurge and life is very good. I was lucky enough to get a room for 450 Baht, which is 200 Baht more than I normally pay. But I am rationalizing a lot of things and thought.

Breakfast is free.

HBO and other movie channels are free.

Swimming pool is free.

This means I can save 100 Baht for food per day, and I actually eat some protein concentrated in the form of 5 eggs.

This means with the pooI can save on the 100 Baht I would spend walking around, and because I have nothing to so I …

Buy things.

Use the internet for pastime.

Buy a iced drink at 7-11, I want to type the correct word, but the word processor will not allow me, and the word is now slurped. What to do when technology works against you… Ignore it and hope it goes away.

I will stay here for a few days and work on a lot of projects, web cam, web page, buying coffee maker. Doing lots of a strange collection of projects, I will just need to keep busy with a thought.


7:16 Thursday January 6, 2005

I am in Bangkok in a nicer hotel, on second thought I was not sure why there were room available. I have these qualms as to why sometimes the world is not full of NGOs or Non Governmental Organizations. I am always in the middle of some place where they are supposed to be, but da#$ed if I can find them, I thought I was good, but I can never find these people.

CNN and BBC if 100 percent Earthquake or Tsunami. They are annoying or I am annoyed by the world. It is always money, and I just paid 100 Baht bribe to the Cambodia health person to enter Cambodia and now people are giving millions to these people. Good money going for a good cause, but please hope 20 percent goes to the people.

I would suppose if I was going to give… I would go down and give to people in the streets. … oops.

If I was going to give to an organization, I would give to Red Cross or maybe Care, but for sure no others. And only to the USA ones, maybe to England and Australia, never to any of the other countries.

I remember a Dutch Hotel owner telling about the police setting up a shop to sell the food sent for the Hurricane Paulina Victims in Puerto Escondido. This is going to be windfall for the government officials in these corrupt countries as the good people fill their pockets. I wish I trusted any of them. The USA is the only one that has oversite. I would not trust a Thai government official to with 2 baht.


I just returned from spending one night in the Cambodia border town of Koh Kong, I entered Thailand and now have 30 more day of visa with Thailand. I am leaving for Bangkok in 40 minutes on a large bus for comfort. I decided it was better to take a day bus.


Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Top Travel Sites of 2004

166 January 4, 2005

Top Travel Sites of 2004

LOCATION: Trat - Koh Mak Thailand

A Hobo trip around the world. Year 8

Write Andy a






Hi Andy

Read this as a desperate try to get clues about the whereabouts of a

dear friend lost in the tsunami. His name is ALBERTO CIRIO, 39, from

Turin, Italy, in the last few years living between India and Thailand

to follow his ayurvedic studies.

According to his last email (23/12/04 - Bangkok) he was travelling with

JESSICA (no surname or photo as yet, I'm afraid), a Singaporean girl

arriving at Hat Yai, and were supposed to go to Koh Lipe, Thailand,

then to Georgetown, Malaysia.

The foggy bit starts here: no one seems to have seen him, nor italians

there, nor staff people at the local Pooh's Bar. I assume they could

have found bungalows all busy and hopped somewhere else, but don't have

a clue where they could have gone from there. Is there any other of

those islands that have bungalows, and possibly places I could contact?

Any other idea that someone with your experience can suggest? Right now

I think I've posted his photo and details pretty much on every place

available, official, unofficial, thai or other...

He has a tatoo of a scorpion on his right arm. Here's a picture of him:

and a page with details:

As I said it's a desperate attempt, so thanks very much for whatever

help you can provide.



I just received this email from a person, sadly I have received many of these desparate emails over the years and already have a page specifically for missing people, because even though this tsunami has created a lot of missing people this is NOT a new situation.

Many Many travelers come up missing each year, there is no way for the family to find the person and in desperation they reach out and start email site or people that are traveling. Finding a solution is difficult, I have my report a missing traveler page where you can post missing persons.

Go to the bottom and fill out the form, note I will fix soon and add all the countries.


I am working with Andrew my techie for a registration form for traveler to tell their families and friend where they are as they drift from country to country. There is a pretty good one for USA citizens, but this need to be for all countries of the world, not just the USA and not just for tourist in ONE country. Add your opinions on this project at this link and it where you will begin to register in the future.

Thanks Andy in Trat Thailand


Emma found a similar coffee filter, looks pretty good except cost about 3 times too much, but the plastic is good. I cannot or would not buy filters, maybe I would use napkins, but the problem is time and space. The ones from Cambodia cost about 50 cents U.S, but I would probably sell on site for 3 dollars and have two per pack because they do bend.

THIS link will probably break, but here goes.

I suppose you could search for

Melitta Black Coffee Filter Cone 1-3 Cup


I want to buy this coffee maker, I have been searching for it in Thailand with no luck, I thought it was Vietnamese, but when I go to Vietnam I could not purchase. One very large reason I am wanting to get the stamp at the Cambodia border is to try to buy about 100 of these coffee strainers of filters. It is perfect for the traveler that wants coffee or tee. Sits on a cup, has a filter in the bottom and in the plate that strains the coffee. Better than the cloth ones because you can clean it, but still small enough to carry. I am hoping when I go across the Hat Lek border here in southeast Thailand I can buy one. I got this photo out so I can show vendors. The make this coffee with condensed milk in the bottom.

I tried to find this on my site, need some search words.

Coffee Filter strainer strain filters siem reap phom phen cambodia cafe restaurant.... so I can find it again with search.

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