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Just return on a government boat from Koh Phi Phi, the place is a complete mess. It looks like it will take at least 3-6 months before there is any reason to visit. They are working very slow and the outlook is bleak. There is no tourist boat we took a free government boat by being journalist. The place has 50 percent of building gone. 40 percent in need of months of work and 10 percent of them ok and running. NO water, electricity, the place is a pit, very very dirty.


I should not say that Railley was not affected, I should say it is back to normal, or business as normal has resumed. I think they may have has a couple of deaths and it looks like maybe 40-100 boats were ruined when they were thrown onto the beach. But the whole are is presently waiting for tourist to come.


I am on Railly Beach near Krabi Town or Ao Nong beach in Thailand. The place is the prettiest beach I have visited in Thailand. It is not the best beach, but it is the best surroundings. Limestone mountains or pillars meeting the ocean. Sitting in the Rapala Guesthouse on top of the world it is easy to relax.

This place is very empty and for the most part was not severely damaged. The damage that is done now is the result of the media painting a picture of devastation that makes all of this coast of Thailand off limits to tourist. Ao Nong, Krabi and the precious Railey beach are up and running waiting for tourist, the place needs tourist. Good time to come because they have discounted the price of all the hotels.

The news on Koh Phi Phi is sketchy, I am told and believe that the tourist boat will resume on the 25th of January to Koh Phi Phi. They have stopped this boat until the clean up is finished. I am told by two tourist that were scuba diving off the island of Koh Phi Phi and were on the island that most of the concrete hotels survived but a lot of the bamboo structures were demolished. I watch though one time in Goa India while they put up 10 of them in a week.

Me and Andrew will wake at 5:30 AM and catch the early boat to Ao Nong or Krabi town where we will hopefully get to the new pier in Krabi and catch what we hear is a boat at 8:30 that will take us for 200 baht to Koh Phi Phi. The only other sure way of going to the island is to pay 7000 bath or about 175 dollar for a private boat. All of the Thail speedboat people and long tail drivers in Krabi town are trying their very best to tell stories and rake the money from Travelers. The Thai lie is in full force.


I am in Krabi and leave for Railly beach. Had to post again to get blogger to publish. Sorry.



Me and Andrew take a small boat to Railley beach near Krabi, Thailand. We hope to be able to get on a workers boat and go to Koh Phi Phi tomorrow. There are no tourist boats they keep saying until the 25th. They are fixing the island. From Koh Phi Phi I hope to take a boat to Phuket.

All is great, I am on the coast and have not seen any damage yet, or we asked the owner the hotel if any of her friends on Koh Phi Phi were killed and she said no.


It is possible we leave tonight for Phuket, Thailand, it would be nice to get off Khao San Road and do anything different. Andrew has given me zero clues as to what he would like to do, I am only positive he likes to work on computers and play.

We have two three quarter completed web cam projects completed, but maybe it a time to take a brain break and allow some of those creative thoughts to come forth that happen only when you are doing nothing.

So maybe we can go buy a bus ticket for Phuket, then leave at 6:00 PM on an overnight bus to Phuket. The ticket cost 300 baht I think at the Peachy guesthouse and cost 400 baht with Mr. Joe, so I guess normal no priority sales here. This is why I constantly try to tell people that have to learn to negotiate, a friend of a friend is never safe.


There is a comment on life.

"Perfection is a process not an event."

Well, I have now installed a web cam on Khao San Road and it is not an event, it is a process. The process or evolution of this project is annoying to me.

Everyone involved seems to believe the world is perfect, so you set this camera up, it is simple, connect and the world will see the camera working properly. However they are comparing the web cam they use with Yahoo Messenger or Hotmail. This is a a one to one camera situation and one channel. This is more difficult because we wish to have unlimited people look at the camera.

So the camera is down and has stopped while I was sleeping, there is no way to enter the office to reset the camera so I must wait until the staff of the internet cafe comes and opens the office. Andrew is still asleep.

So the camera is on and off, I was hoping desperately that I could get this camera to work correctly and I could take one to Phuket to search for a great place to view the reconstruction after the Tsunami. Today is another day and hopefully a few more steps towards perfection. So one day at a time and I will eventually walk to the goal.


A care package for Christmas has finally reached me.

Peanut Butter Cookies


Cheese Nips

Sam Choice Caramel Flavored Popcorn with Jumbo Peanuts

A movie Hunt For Red October on a VCR Tape, now I wonder if South East Asia has VCR's?

Newspaper clipping about Hoosiers taking hold of Buddhist ways, and a book pamphlet called "Our Daily Faith"

Thanks you Mom and Dad, I love you.

I am told there was peanut butter, but my friend ate it.


We begin to install the web cam on Khao San Road at 11:00, I think in Thai Time that will really by 1:00 as all things are late.

Mr Joes internet cafe page:

Hobo Hobocam

Life is GOOD, and some day very good!

But always good.

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