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Clever Internet People

I often think about why my web site does well...

Today I received an email from some website that was kissy, huggy, and complimentary. Now I am not sure what the site is up to however the reply address was back to me, they did not put in their own.

This is clever, intelligent, and smart.
However tricky, the person is trying to promote his web site by posting on other large sites. I do like personal messages, and I do encourage people to send me links to look at, it is always possible to learn.

However, Andrew and me discussed for hours how to stop the bad emails, bad links, nasty comments and people doing nefarious activities on the site.

The hard part and difficult make Andrew understand is that I want my mother to be able to post a site, make a comment on the blog, etc. The easy way to do this is to make a username, password, collect all sorts of information. I believe a person should be able to be anonymous, therefore I make it easy.

My web site is not easy to use, it is hard, however it is not tricky, there is no baiting and switching, comments that promote companies, just me enjoying my travels. Tricky and clever makes people not trust you. We will soon figure out ways to ban these people completely or filter them completely from the site. I do not want reviews from tricky and clever people, I want reviews from nice straight forward, help other people, types of people.

I am excited, the site is doing well enough now I can afford to pay to clean up my act and make it free of all them small annoyance, now I need the help to do this.

Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok Thailand
Tuesday October 4, 2005 11:17 AM

Too crazy, sometime is just starts and stops, stop and starts.

I am in Bangkok, Thailand; it is like an oasis after walking through a 200 mile New York Ghetto. Generally, most countries are strange, anything is strange from your home; however, India is a very strange place. It is a place my mother does not want to me to talk about, you know, if you are not going to say something nice do not say it.

It started with me getting up, going over to Andrews’s room at 8:00 am and the two of us getting head starts on plans to leave Mumbai. He needed to go to Goa and purchased a ticket with airlines

I guess the ticket was about 35 dollars so that story went very well, however I tried to get on the site, a much bigger airlines and hit many dead ends. It was only after we had already gone to the travel agency on Monday morning at 9:00 and it was closes. This is why we were buying tickets online, the travel agents are competing with the online sites, and the travel agencies have not learned. The internet is convenient.

I needed to fly to Bangkok, so we went back to the travel agent to try again, there is about 10 people working in this place with about two clients. Therefore, I talked with the owner because in reality he was the only competent person that would be reliable. All the other could not be bothered or referred to the owner. Therefore, at about 10:30 in the morning, I had a ticket to leave at midnight from Mumbai for a price of 179 U.S. dollars one- way. The owners a Mr. Grifton from the Grifton Travel Agency said,
“Come back in a coupler of hours, our printer is broken.”

I walked out after getting a receipt and feeling comfortable, this was ok, I said to Andrew,
“We are in India, minimal three hours.”

Nonetheless in what could have been very easy like the ticket Andrew purchased in 20 minutes on the internet required that I work for the Grifton Travel Agency as a stand in client, finally getting the ticket after going to the office 5 times and waiting the last time for over 1 hour and 15 minutes of the man to bring it from another office that was only 15 minutes away.

There is no competition, buying a ticket on the internet is easy, buying a ticket from a travel agent is work. I am progressively realizing that buying bus, plane, and train etc tickets is work when you have to talk with people. They just cannot be bothered to help you.

Ok, so I flew from Mumbai to Bangkok

Yes, I forgot, in the long discussions I had with the owner of the Grifton Travel Agency in the Colabra area of Mumbai, I mention that I travel a lot, that basically I am needing a person to utilize for plane ticket in Mumbai as I will be coming in an out of here a couple of times per year. I explained to him that I had a web site and he decided to take a look.

Then he proceeds to tell me that I was very wrong about a post saying the rooms in Mumbai are a terrible value. Now, think, if you are a business, a person is in your office saying he is a travel writer, do you start telling him he is stupid?…. Duh, yes, this is not wise.

However, when he compared Mumbai or Bombay as the old name was to New York City saying they are a good comparison I went off the edge, I just stopped talking. Sometime in life, you hear comments that are so far from reality you need to stop talking.

Nonetheless, I really do not know of any reason to stay in Mumbai, except to buy a plane ticket, and for sure, I will try to buy over the internet so I do not have to stay in Mumbai. Sadly the old English built mansions that are in this area are perfect for bed and breakfast, it has some of the most potential for a great backpacker ghetto, however it right now, it is just a bunch of building hid behind a lot of grime, dirt, and annoyances.

The world is big, absolutely no reason to annoy yourself, many other choices on the planet before Mumbai.

India is a great place, full of question marks however if for sure the dirtiest country I have ever visited, which means the cities are the filthiest on the planet, Nothing first world about this place.

However, with spice you can pop out of the city of Mumbai, skip the rooms that are 5 time the price of a good value, and be on the beach in Goa with little problems.

I am now in a comparable room in Bangkok, clean, clean, and clean, I suppose the room in the Bentley Hotel was clean, it when you leave the room you enter the world. I liked the hotel, however nothing to do except watch TV, no common area, no kitchen, no bed and breakfast, just a room with HBO and CNN. I have that for one-fifth the price here in Bangkok some pretty girls at the reception, a restaurant and movies every night to view for free in the restaurant.

I have a place that washes my clothes with a machine for one-fifth the price of Mumbai, who is going to pay one dollar to wash a pair a pants when that is the pay for a person in the country for a day. A person in India averages about one dollar per day and here I am going to pay one dollar to have one pair of pants washed.

Even though Bangkok can be annoying, the Thai people are cleaning their house, they keep trying, while India is still in the dark ages of tourism.

I do hope the man reads this so he can be annoyed as much as Mr. Grifton annoyed me. Note he is probably an ok person to buy a plane ticket from, I think he is safe as anyone in India and the price was right. I just do not need to listen to a person tell me a about room. I have lived in over 700 rooms in my life, and the ones in Mumbai are some of the worst values on the planet, overall just a skip.

Webmaster Jobs in India

Webmaster Jobs in India
Monday October 4, 2005

I am in Mumbai, talking with Andrew my present techie trying to learn a way to hire workers from around the world to work on my sites. There are about 572 separate areas of the world and I have decided that it behooves us to find one to five workers per country to enter travel information. There is so many ways to do this, it is confusing, in the end, essential problem is how to guarantee information that is entered is quality, correct, and most difficult typed in correctly.

I do not know the best way to cross-culturally deal with all the countries of the planet. It is a challenge to find these workers, I must be very careful to avoid getting hundreds of extra emails in my box with no form or structure, just a mess.

Mumbai to Southeast Asia

I am in Mumbai, they bombed Bali again last night, I think I may fly on the 4th to Thailand, then take an plane to Singapore, then to Bali to see what is happening.


Koh Phi Phi Damage and Koh Mak, my trip to Cambodia Border in Had Lek.

There is link to Web Cam and an Animated Photos of Koh Phi Phi a.k.a. looks like film.


I have been walking by a construction site here in Thailand. As I walk by the worker hoot and holler and say hello and all sorts of friendly things. They all stop to look and try to engage me in conversation.


As best I can calculate about 70 percent of the construction workers are women in Thailand and this group seems to have taken a liking to me. I am not going to criticize their sexual harassment, but I will

Grade it...

I give them B, they would get and A if they were more creative!

The wear the stocking caps over their faces most of the time so you can not see their faces. I believe or understand this it to stop the sun from turning them browner. In Thailand the people put on cream that whitens their skin. The seem to really not like dust or smells. I am not clear on this, but the best I can tell the stocking cap is for Sun, second for dust, third they cover the mouths with a mask for smells and dust.


When you saw all them mask on faces of people in Asia that was to help protect them form the disease SARS, I think this was a misrepresentation by the media. The Asia culture has a mask over their face a LOT, not just for disease. I can see the surgical type mask regularly.

I got them to wave for the camera.


I asked my friend Andrew from India what he thought of Thai girls?

He said,

"They are like toys."

There is real brillance in this observation.


In the USA we call them a cell telephone, in Europe or most of the world they call them a mobile, in Germany they call them a Handy. Any name it is the same and sometime they are close to the same, but as always in the world as the Thai would say,


But different.

I am annoyed and sometimes cannot be bothered with the noise of people telling me how to do something that does not work. Pat a writer lady came to Thailand and wished to access the internet over her new Motorola Cell phone that the vender told her would work anywhere in the world. I have people telling me about these global solutions, or world solutions for wireless, mobile phones, satellite telephones. I really wish these global companies would tell the globe.

The bottom line is when someone tells me it will work anywhere in the world I know they have not every left their country. Maybe they mean the biggest cities in the world and the world is only the USA and Europe. But for the rest of the world it does not exist.

I got more curious because Pat wanted to access and I hate to talk to Thai people about anything other than food or maybe massage. After those subject life become impossible. To discuss something complicated is just a way of banging my head on the wall, but me and Andrew went and helped Pat the other day talk Thai, or better yet bang our heads on the wall.


You need to have a telephone that GPRS ready and IF you have a wireless telephone you need to have Bluetooth ready to make it work. I suppose you can use a cable of some form. As best I can tell it will not work anywhere in the world for access and you may be able to buy



WIFI - A computer that has wireless feature already inside.



(Connect wireless enabled computer to wireless cell phone.)


(Makes it so the cell phone can receive internet pages.


I will dial the USA long distance and download and upload my emails.


I will buy a simm card or load my computer in the country I am inside of, they can unlock most of the time.

So a new project soon, so I can go to the jungle and not come back.

We did NOT get the new telephone to work for Pat because her telephone was too new, and the Thai system of internet access did not support her system.

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