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Internet Base Needed

Internet Base Needed
Monday October 10, 2005, 1:12 PM

I think there are many people who dream of retiring and traveling the world, or better yet, they wish to go travel the planet and still work. I am doing this more or less, however it is extremely complicated and confusing to do what I do. I dream of figuring out a way for people to do the same. I have observed a few people doing some of the things I do with my site, however they all seem to work only when they can connect their computer to the internet. I work anywhere on any computer.

There is a difference between a world traveler and a person that just wants to work in different places around the planet. I have discovered many people that move to cities for many months, normally they will get a cell phone, apartment, and move in, buy an internet connection. This is very time consuming to find a home, and really just makes a person have another cage they will want to escape from in the future.

I believe I know why they do this, they feel so disorganized they must settle; find a station, a base, and a spot where they can control their day. Thus giving up the freedom they THINK they want. Freedom is a very insecure feeling for most people; really, people do desire to have rules, and a boss to tell them what to do.

I have gone into a few Hyatt and Sheratons or big hotels and found or used their “Business Centers.” In many expensive hotels, they are making it brain-dead simple for a person to work. However this cost them 100 U.S. Dollars per day, and I am paying 6 dollars per day here in Bangkok and doing the same, however with a lot more confusion for the average person.

I have walked into TWO internet cafes that provide all of the business services needed to Fax, Call, Print a letter, or connect my computer to the Internet.

There are many signs on doors that say that all of these services are offered however, in 99 percent of the cases it does not work.

I am thinking about going to Manila, Philippines presently because I know I can walk into a 24 hour Internet Caf้ that gives me all things I need. There is one also in King Crossing Tube Stop in England.

I am talking about places that are cheap, less than 3 dollars U.S. per hour to use, to live in another country and pay 100 dollars a day defeats any reason to live there.

Large Amounts of Money

Large Amounts of Money
Sunday October 9, 2005, 4:48 AM

I am trying to imagine a billion dollars; I am trying to imagine 100 Million Dollars. It just hit me how this works.

I watch how the spent 100 Million Dollars to make a movie, or they are investing 10 Million in a project. I have never been able to see how they could spend that much money. I think the mountains of the world are moved by normal people pointed at a project and told to start working.

The problem is this, if I had 10 people working, how do I keep all of them working. I cannot, I must find people that keep working when nobody is watching, who enjoy moving or making progress. I must give them enough work to keep them busy for a long time, or they just spin into a day of just spinning around.

I think how this works is you ask a person to work on something; they put in the energy until it is done. If you feel they are not putting in the energy, you find someone new and stop them.

Coming Down

Coming Down
Sunday October 9, 2005, 4:27 AM

I am coming down from different levels of learning. I am in a modern Hotel with CNN and one movie channel. CNN is a never-ending repetition of new about an Earthquake in Pakistan.

It may be possible to understand the whole planet; however, it will only be after my eyes are totally open.

Some girl I met a year ago in Bangkok saw me, came up, and wanted my opinion on Bangladesh. I told her I had only spent one night there; however, I could not see a problem. She was worried, because she listened to what she considered a good or trusted person telling her she would have danger there. I shook my head, almost disgusted in many ways with another person saying how dangerous a place is, or how the people will treat her badly.

I am tired of listening to people tell me how something is bad or catastrophe. The major problems on the planet will be solved by the person next to the problem picking up the pieces and cleaning up the place. I can help one person, However it still is very difficult to choose one person to help, I think the best a person can do is go somewhere and buy something.

Nonetheless, I am coming down from thinking too much and hope to focus some good energy towards something of value. I am not sure going to Niger or talking about Malnutrition is of value. In the end it seems that all people must save themselves, although some leaders do need removed from the planet like Sadaam Hussein.

The Beauty of Thailand

The Beauty of Thailand

There is always a subtle beauty to a country, which I often find difficult to find when I am in a tourist area. Each day, month, and year I become more committed to the possible truth that three major travels exist:

1. Travel Destinations created, managed and an illusion perpetrated by the travel industry at all levels both Government and Private all in an effort to make more money. Travel is a business first and a destination second for a country or a travel agent. They will create and serve up what the tourist dreams they will see, and not what may be reality.

2. Traveler or Tourist Culture:
There is a globalization of tourist, they are all eating pizza, and they are all buying souvenirs made in China. There is the same music, the same tourist menus, and the same T-shirts. Fashions such as the fishermen pants of Thailand and the Longie worn in India are now being sold and being worn in the whole Asian world, and invading the rest of the world.

There is the same overall services and sadly products, souvenirs etc. being provided for the planet. The idea of the same Hilton or Sheraton has now extended down to the backpacker.

3. The Intrinsic Beauty of the culture and the location. This still exist however for a person to leave the recommendations of the guidebooks, the government and to encounter the world that does create this idea of open-mindedness is here.

The Internet and the Cell Telephone has stopped a person from leaving home, they now bring home with them. They do not meet new cultures and people; they meet them still in the social constraints and pressure of their home.

A fresh perspective is not experienced, a new experience and a new explanation is not created. An experience is now created where they must run across their friends at home, the every present traveler next to you and ask the question.

Is this cool? Or Not? This is the new tourism, is it cool? The days of Mark Twain or Marco Polo, or Darwin are gone, now the place needs to be trendy. A classic example of beauty going out of fashion is Acapulco, Mexico, still one of the most beautiful places on the planet, however now the tourist industry has made Cancun the place of choice.

There is a childlike beauty of Thailand; there is this playfulness in Thai people. The do not like to work and the way they treat a person in a service industry to me is a sign of how they disdain the new work world. Their world of sitting around talking with their friends has changed. However, you can see they would rather play. I passed a girl that sold shirts, she was singing, however when I started to ask her about a T-shirt she became depressed and sullen.

A good example of the lay around culture of the Tropics, contrary to any culture crap the world could propose, the people in the warmer band of the world called the Tropics do not work very hard. The idea of laying around in a posture such as this normal, thus the statue. Life is easy when you do not freeze to death.

Tea or Coffee

There is a strong China custom to drink tea and to have a thermos ready in the morning for tea. There is this new product or something I have never noticed until recently. This bottle is being carried by Asian Travelers and inside is a filter that allows them to pour hot water on top of the tea and make drink. I am not very positive on how this works, still trying to find a person that speaks good enough English to explain.

Blog Log Journal or Diary

Blog Log Journal or Diary
Thursday October 6, 2005, 5:29 PM

I am having many qualms about my online blog; I started this about two years ago, the newsletter started about six years ago. All in all I am wondering what I am doing. I have been able to look at other people blogs and I am not doing the same, theirs are different. I am not sure, I am not clear, I am not able to read blogs, I am for sure not able to read them RSS or XLM feeds. The best I can do is read newsletter and it seems like newsletters are on the way out, I am not sure. The world I would think is jumping the gun, the anti-spam world is creating a situation where people will do anything to avoid getting an email.

It appears that all the bloggers are using these blog systems to create web pages. A web page to me is different from a log, however the more I look at blogs the more I think, these are just web sites. The difference is that they post a new page daily or often, I was thinking this was a log of my work on something. I could blog on my endeavors or research on specific characteristics of development. I thought it was a collection of my thoughts, not a collection of well-written articles. I think they all want to be writers and the blog makes it easy for them to not take the scrutiny of being a real writer, or the let down when they do not succeed.

Bangkok Hotel Problems

Bangkok Hotel Problems
Thursday October 6, 2005, 11:41 AM

I am moving Hotels today; the reason is that I have a Thailand Girl that I have known for a couple of years coming to visit. This is a strange problem, however here goes, the problem is they will not allow Thailand Girls into the nicer Hotels in the Khao San Road area. What makes the problem worst is when she has come to visit in the past; they also treat her like a Prostitute. I do not speak Thai well enough to know what they say or how they treat her, however for sure there is a shortage of Hotel for nice Thailand girls.

The situation is this, 99 percent of the Thailand girls that have boyfriends with Travelers or Foreigners are prostitutes and will tolerate about any type of treatment. However, she is a nice girl, comes from a good family, a rich Thai girl who met me a nice person. Well, this is getting to be annoying, I need to find an easier solution, as of now, I only have one Hotel in the Khao San Road area that she will enter. I could go to the Sukumvit Area of Thailand and I think they would treat the girls nicer, however if I go and live in the Sukumvit area, then she will not talk to me. This is like the old man area for where you pay a lot and meet Thai girls. Khao San is more about young hippie, drug users, and party animals; however, the Thai girls that hang out in the Khao San road are working.

What is amazing to me it that many prostitutes find men who never know they are prostitutes. The man just is very generous and in the end, the girl makes the same as if she was get straight cash. Too much money given for Taxi, five, ten U.S. Dollars here and there, a gift, some clothes, and a lot of benefits. A free room, it goes on an on. A man goes into a bar, gets a girl drunk and the girl works him, she hopes he fall is love, and the money better keep coming.

She is studying on her masters in Pharmacology and when I met her, she worked as a Pharmacist in a Hospital in a small Thailand City.

Bangkok is Convenient

Bangkok is Convenient
Thursday October 6, 2005, 7:12 AM

A resort is convenient, it is a vacation where you are pampered, everything is figured out, and you spend all your time in enjoyment of life.

However as I continue to travel, I realize the goal of mission of long-term travel, NOT a vacation, is to learn how to live in a resort, however not be in the resort. How to make you life easy, simple, balanced while you continue to travel from place to place.

My friend German from Bogotแ, Colombia told me I need to rest in places. This is very good advice, I now am trying to travel for about two months a little on the rigorous side, then find a place to live in the resort. I am not going to live in a resort; I am searching for the places like Bangkok, where life is convenient.

When I came to Bangkok the first time, I tried to travel as if I did in South America, this is a different place, and I soon learned this did not work. The method of traveling does change from country to country and continent to continent.

This is probably the biggest weakness of guidebooks, they do not explain the cheapest way to travel. Yes, they do give you hints, however most guidebook writers only know a few countries or areas. When a person that has spent six months in Southeast Asia goes to South America, life is very different. Fortunately, very few people visit more than one continent.

What makes a city convenient for me?
1. Large grocery that has the price on labels is walking distance from my hotel and less than 500 meter.
2. Internet Cafes are on every corner.
3. Hotel allows me to put a padlock on the door. This makes me relax.
4. I can buy most anything in the city.
5. Taxis are either all the same price or an honest meter system.

Sick in Bangkok

Sick in Bangkok
9:23 Wednesday October 5, 2005

I have a headache, dull and slow, I am weak, started the symptoms on the last day in India or maybe a day before. It is hard to say what is wrong; I also have a sore throat. I think it is an infection; I normally do not blog about small sickness problems because my mother read every one of them and only makes her think too much.

However, this time I am seeing a correlation between travel and sickness that I never notice before. I believe I have not eaten healthy for a long time, this is because of many reason.

1. Cost of good food is expensive.
2. There are not normal Western Supermarkets in most of the world.
3. I do not like to negotiate to buy food.
4. It takes about one to two hours per day to find food to eat; I end up being lazy and not buying the good foods, and opt for the easy to find foods.
5. Foods in most of the small shops are just junk food, cookies, and other sweets.
6. Eating is never a routine here, I cannot stock the fridge, eat as I wish, and enjoy the meal, every meal is in a special place, therefore I avoid eating a sit down meal.
7. The people are so dirty I do not eat only a few packaged foods.
8. The veggies make life hard for me to eat anything but pasta or rice.
9. The people are so annoying I do not want to enter a restaurant.
10. Everything is so complicated I eat at McDonalds or 7-11.
11. They take so long in a restaurant to cook and bring the food I avoid them or go to McDonalds or 7-11.