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WIFI Sniffing Around in Bangkok

WIFI Sniffing Around in Bangkok
I am using this Canary Wireless Internet Access sniffer or finder, it works pretty good. I found one hotel off Khao San Road where I can pay to have WIFI in my room, it is the Lampu House, only good on the first floor, maybe...? For 30 Baht per hour and many codes and such, probably easier to go the Internet cafe.
I am in the Mango Lagoon or something like that, directly behind the Wat or Buddhist Temple on the one end of Khao San Road.
There is WIFI in my room, I go out sniffing around and when I came back I saw this 2 bar open signal outside my room. I am in an ALL concrete room, this is a problem, I opened the window and the signal works. Not strong, however OK, I am not sure, this is a test, I suspect they turn it off at night.
Last night I turned on my computer, however nothing showed up, who knows, this is not a stable enterprise hopping on free signals.
I purchased an Access Point Thumb-drive thingy in the USA that allows me to put a WIFI collector or receiver on the end of a USB cable. I think I can connect this to my computer and put the cable out the window, it should bring the signal inside the concrete room.
90 percent of the time the problem is concrete, most homes and hotels are built out of concrete on the planet.
I need to get the receiver or antenna outside the room, I am going to buy a longer or about 10 Yard or 10 Meter long USB cable tomorrow at Panthip Plaza, one of the best computer malls in the world about a 120 Baht Taxi ride from Khao San Road.
What is interesting about the sniffer is the names of the signals. I found or matched the name of the signal with the hotel and was able to find it, this is a help when I can read the name of the signal.

WIFI Sniffing Around in Bangkok

Hobo in Bangkok Thailand

Hobo in Bangkok Thailand
I am in Bangkok, Thailand one of my homes away from home, I probably have at least 10 places like this on the planet are refuge from the storm.
Too much of too much going on, I talk with Joroem of Nat Tours, purchased a place ticket to Manila, Philippines for Wednesday.

HOWEVER... What about IRAN?

He has figured out how I can go to Iran, Dubai, Bombay, Nepal and back to Thailand as a trip. What a wiz kid travel agent, he is figuring out my plot and now is entering the game. He is thinking of outrageous ways to make paths around the planet.

Then again, he has a sign on his travel agents wall that explains how to buy a tour to go Scuba Diving at the North Pole, plus every other not so dodgy place like Nepal to visit.

I think we agree Nepal is not a dangerous place to visit, either is Iran for that fact, however I am trying to get him thinking about un-contacted tribes. He thinks in central Africa there could be places, or maybe as we agree, maybe little contacted tribes.

Bangkok is just too convenient and cheap. I am getting my clothes washed, buying plane tickets, studying how to travel, not trying to survive the inconveniences of places like Budapest. Sometimes all my energy was used, just to find a place to clean my clothes or where in the world is the Internet cafe. I am living in a private room for 6 U.S. Dollars with TV here in Bangkok and for 13 dollars in Budapest I got to sleep with 12 people on a top bunk, freeze, have a never ending obnoxious  person look at me, here is paradise compared to there

I am thinking of separating the planet into areas where it is - Backpacker Friendly - in reality, the services provided to a long-term traveler, someone out for 6 months is 10 times better than for tourist. They make sure the Internet, laundry, plane tickets to purchase, trains, planes, and taxis are all clearly marked.

I could put some type of Hobo sign on the country and make a map.. hehehe
There is nothing easy to me about being a tourist, nothing fun either. I must get in touch with my inner child and stop listening to some adult voice that talks about the silly tourist zones.

With Adventure travel, places where I could get killed, you expect things to be a little difficult, not in places like Europe that makes me bored.

Hobo in Bangkok Thailand

Thanks "Life is good"
Andy the
Travel Journal

Where Will You Send Me

Where Will You Send Me
I received inspiring email from a I?m a
"First year medical student and military officer (2d Lt USAF)."
He wishes be a volunteer somewhere on the planet, he seem very sincere and a good guy. I am not sure, one week is a short time though to fly out of the country and acclimate, volunteer, figure out where you are, adjust, then do work. If he was in the same area as me, I could do something with him, hmmm
Any ideas, I think I will be in Nepal or India around July, possible I fly to Malawi or Niger in this time period. I would love to have a medical student with me to help analise Niger and help on my Malnutrition project.
I feel a personal type need to figure out a way for all this energy I see on the planet to be utilized. There are many people who wish to volunteer, my experiment on the giving away sweaters or jackets in Peru so far seems feasible, and effective. I could maybe try to expand or work on this, funding for him. or by me is always an issue. I personally like the proposition of 100 percent of the money clearly being used to help. In many ways a person already traveling in some country can help cheaper than a person that has to be sent.
Medical expertise or access to sources of medical information is valuable on many issues
All of this comes down to one problem, I see organizations, my guesstimate is about 85 percent are just churning volunteers as a way to fund some type of make money for themselves project. Or the legitimate ones seem to have a 80 percent management fees and only about 20 percent gets to the needed situation.
Next comes the problem, I am not in the least wanting to make people beggars. I will not help to just give to people silly things. I do not wish to just feed a person, I want o help them to learn to feed themselves.
I will have to dwell on this, however this is one of them issues where the more ideas the better. It is feasible in my mind to make a website that would be self-sustaining and earn enough money from advertisers to pay for the volunteers. Not simple to explain, however it may be possible to have a susustainable form of financing for Volunteers, that would be paid for by advertisers on a website.
The next problem to be effective, self starters are needed, that wish to apply their energy, do real work, understand that volunteerings not going to the worlds most popular tourist area and volunteering.
More of going to the worst place for tourist, having nobody to talk to for a month, come home ragged and in pain. Knowing you was making the best attempts to do the right thing.

My Travel Writer Game

My Travel Writer Game

I have this game I play.

There is often or most of the time a line to fill in on the form to check into a hotel or hostel.

It ask:
What is your profession?

I normally put down Writer.

It used to scare me to put this word, not I am having fun and it a game. I could put down - President of the United States - most hostels or hotels would not read it, therefore not important.

I will sometimes write the name of an actual major guidebook, saying:
- X Guidebook Writer -

I guess the game is to see how well the world pays attention. I can honestly say, in 9 years I had only one person actually jump on this and start quizzing me a lot. He then offered me a free room, made my life very nice for a week. I did not take the free room, however it was nice to have special care.

I would call this some type of survey or Rat Lab test, I am testing how well Hotels qualify the persons that enter the Hotel.

I also ask many hotel about the Lonely Planet Guidebooks, or the Roughguide or Footprints or Let�s go, etc. I want to know how they know they are being visited by a guidebook writer.

As best I can tell a guidebook writer walks into a hotel and says,
- I am a guidebook writer for X -
Then sells the Hotel on some idea of something, I believe, I am not sure, that most of them trade off special perks for nice comments. The get their pay in many ways other than actual money.

Sadly it pretty obvious that many of the guidebooks are not even sending out writers anymore, only to open up a new book area.

If you want to review a hotel, to me a person has to enter as a bum, with a lot of money. It always has to be obvious to an owner that you have the money to pay for a room. However, I like to see how a hotel treat the bums, not how they treat the people that think they are rich.

A very good hotel will treat everyone across the board the same. There is not profiling as you would thing, in reality most hotels have extreme profiling.

The only thing that really matters to the hotel is money.

To have fun, walk into a hotel, write down
- Blah Blah Guidebook Writers -
Do not tell the, see if they even notice.

What is fun is this, I can tell a person many things, I can say, I have one the world largest travel blogs, strangely this does not even elicit a glance. I suppose they believe everyone lies. You really have to put on an aura of being someone to be taken serious, I personally am just playing a game. I do not want them to pay attention and if they did, I would leave.

Selling yourself is so important in life, the normal person has to be overwhelmed with you in a personal and charismatic way. You have to hand them a business, card, announce how you are important, then sell them on this idea.

Life is a daily game, fun, enjoyable and a very self centered world.

A Whore House Has Bouncers

A Whore House Has Bouncers

I am in the Yellow Submarine Hostel in Budapest Hungary, It is about 5:52 AM in the morning, my bodies clock is mixed up, so difficult to sleep.

I am not sure what I ever think about Europe, it is not fair to see or think of Europe as represented by Hostels. I do know that there is a part of society most people pay any amount of money to avoid, they are afraid, therefore they must pay. I meet everyone around me, say hello, shake their hands, try to learn their names and who and where they are from.

I left the dorm because some Irish guy is trying to have sex with some Thailand girl in the top bunk of a room that has 12 people sleeping in it, he seems to believe he is a stud.

Some girl just walked out in her underwear and asked me if the Trolleys were running. I said,
- I can hear them, I would think they are -
They actually feel like some small earthquake you would feel in Central America as the building wobbles and vibrates here on the third floor of some nowhere building that reminds me of a movie where in the Ghetto people get shot in the stairway.

I try to get a feel for why I have problems with Europe, I think it is this, it is not ever clear why a place makes you not feel good.

I think it is always something to do with attitude.

The owner of the Hostel, some second generation Croatian, born in the USA, worked as a Police officer in the New York city fits in perfect.

It is the
- Why would I care -

The second attitude is
- You should be happy to pay this amount of money -

I would call the owner Corino a Hillbilly cop, born in the Streets of New York, had a choice between being a small short man in control of crime or being a small short man in control by being a policeman and chose to be a policeman. He got what he wanted, he gets to be a big man in a small world.

Now he runs a Hostel, as best I can tell the Hostel has had nobody managing the place or supervising the last two nights. The desert the place, and then the place is ran by whoever wants to be arrogant.

Two attitudes
- Why would I care -
- You should be happy to pay this amount of money -

People would think
- Just move Hostel -
I know almost 90 percent of the Hostels I have lived in Europe are some variation of this place. Plus you need a reservation

The Radisson Hotel is just across the street, I could move there, then I would maybe have great living conditions, pay too much, live in a ghetto, and not meet a person. This is not a Ghetto, however to me, the building I live in seems like a Ghetto. There is no light as I climb the three flights of concrete, very dirty, winding stairways to the third floor. There are enough bars on each apartment entrance, that you would think it was a jail. It is obvious there is a crime problem, nobody pay that much money for steel bars for no reason.


I think the problem is everyone is willing to look the other way, the 4 very drunk Irish boys are looking for a fight. They are abusive people, arrogant and do not mind causing problems. Most of the other travelers are in some stage of being the same as the 4 Drunk Irish boys, they on any given night could be the abuser, therefore they feel it is ok. I personally just want a bouncer in this Whorehouse.

Everywhere on the planet is exactly the same, there are older and younger person trying to abuse the system. Extracting their vengeance on the world. They know they are weak, powerless, and cannot control their bowels. Half way control the world, therefore they go searching for people to abuse.

However in some countries you have bouncers, security cops, full time staff that are there to help stop the problem. Corino has chosen to just do nothing and leave, let the person abuse the world.

You would think, why would a person do this, because he is making about 600 USA Dollars a night, he will make it whether he is good or bad. The longest anyone stays in a Hostel is about 4 days, 2 days is max, they are not in the place long enough to get a good hate for the owner going, plus has set up a strategy for the Backpackers of Europe. Rate the best party Hostel, therefore the Yellow Submarine would be a good party Hostel. Do anything you like, there is no management here, you will only stay two nights, therefore.
- Why would I care -

Thailand is not different, however you do have policemen and guards that will throw you out, plus everyone has a single room therefore the natural desire of men and women to have sex is possible, without causing a problem.

I am trying to think of the world. Most of the time in Europe of heavy tourist zones I feel like a Cow, I am corralled into a corner where I must just drink and be happy. I do not drink, therefore I am not happy. It is easier to keep people either stupid or drunk.

I think in a Dictatorship or when there were kings, they told the people to behave, give them money. But the noble class did not live with the people, therefore they just let the cows do as they please. Now you have many cows learning how to be the boss.

What exacerbates this is a city, a city is always more chaotic than a country village. I am sure there are great places in Hungary where people say hello, I highly doubt it is in any city. I am wondering if I could or should in my mind have a rating system. I think Budapest is burnt.
- Tourist Burn t-

France is fried
- Tourist Fried -

How emotionally angry at the tourist is the city?

There is a correct way to travel in every country and place, it is not always as a backpacker. I say on man occasion, I would love to go to New York City on a 500 U.S. Dollar a day budget.

It is easy to buy a smile from the reception desk when you are paying top dollar. This is the value of a 5 Star Hotel, you get to buy a smile and a way to avoid the rabble in the street, never see the normal country and leave with a smile on your face. If you need some friends, just pay large and some girl will always like you.

I have been to Europe enough times, this is it, I am not coming back until I can buy a Van and travel around. It is time I learned my lesson, this place is torture when I cannot leave the cities.

Actually it is hard to think of any reason to return. People think you have to go visit a place. Most people do not visit anywhere, therefore it is obvious, you do not have to visit anywhere, you can stay at home.

There is nothing more special about Europe than South America or Asia, or Africa, they are all the same, there is always a way to enjoy the travel, it is fining this path that is the problem.

I mostly think the world is racist, they want to go see white people, therefore they must go to Europe, the only true value of a person is for a White person. I do not like some cultures, I could care less what color they are.

I was feeling sad for the Two Thailand girls here in the Hostel, the one left, the other is being abused mentally in the top bunk of my dorm room. The Thai girl may have some idea this White boy is special, he is young, has a good passport, and maybe he actually like her. She is wrong, he is the room trying to show off to the whole room he has some girl in the room.

Generally it is my opinion that Thai girls in Europe are either first of second generation prostitutes. Maybe their mother convinced some Hungarian man she love him, he love here and she would obey for the rest her life. They come, they do not speak the language, they are powerless, have only one thing the persons in the country want�S E X

She uses what she knows works, has a ridiculous idea that the Europeans or USA, or any so-called Western place is highly developed. How can she debate, she comes from a poor country. Rich people are better.

I would consider most of Europe on the same social status as Thailand. England, German and the Scandinavian countries are more first world. The other are of the same class level as Thailand.

What they sell in Thailand is a business, they are not just sitting back, they are very smart about how they sell what they sell.

Sad, there is a second nice girl moving out of the Hostel. I feel like I am in some Fraternity party.

The dorm or hostel life would be very analogous to a Fraternity in the USA. They get very drunk, try to invite people under nebulous reasons over, they get very drunk, try to have S E X with all the girls. Think because they live in the Fraternity they are special, are totally clueless that you can not join something and become special. You cannot pay enough money to be special.

First class seats on an Airplane does not mean a person is special, it just means they are willing to pay for extra comfort. This seems to be a very confusing point for poor people, or the factory workers of the planet, They are convinced, IF they had money, they would be special.

IF I lived in the Radisson across the street, I would have a nice room, a TV, and people that are paid a lot of money to say hello to me at the reception desk.  I probably would not meet anyone by accident or by design, I would have a comfortable room. Now, I like people, good or bad, these are youth, scary, they are the future of the planet. However, some will steer clear, pave a way, find a path, be pretty good mothers and fathers. I am not sure about these 4 Irish boys, I think they have a lot of pride in the fact that they can get very drunk. I am not sure, maybe there is a pride to prove how much you can drink.

It is our future.

I am positive I am in control of my world, I am able to leave, depart, say Adios to any negative situation.

I suppose I could spell check this, I think not,
- Why would I care -

I keep trying to tell myself, this is my diary, this is my diary, ignore comments, do not pay attention to the world. It is therapeutic to talk to yourself, plus enlightening to write down what your really think and believe.

A Whore House Has Bouncers

I am a Grateful Traveler

I am a Grateful Traveler
I am very grateful and thankful to my good fortune in life. The Internet and travel industry is full of sneaky people, trying to sell you down the road for a buck.
I have been very lucky, as I have consistently tried to avoid any temptation to make the easy money. The easy money can be made by loving every place I visit.
If you go looking for house in your city, there is only a few neighborhoods where you may want to live. There are many countries I wish to visit, have visited, but for sure I do not want to live in the country.
I am an Indiana boy, not a city boy, a person that likes the hospitality of a friendly face, a warm smile, a hello in the morning. I have traveled long enough I am adapting the culture of the people I am around. I spend close to 2 months in the Caribbean and I can honestly say almost zero person said hello in the morning, more or less get out of my face mentality.
Culture is transferred, I do not want to become like a Caribbean person, I do like the friendly nature of Guatemala.
I am like Deanna Troi in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Counselor Troi is an empath.
I have an uncanny ability to feel the situation, to smell or know the difference between good and bad situations. My instincts or feel enables me to travel to very dangerous places like Iraq safely.
The bad part is it is very difficult for me to just overlook or turn off my feelings, I feel a countries undercurrents, I feel the frustrations, angers, and problems. This does not mean I know what the problems are, I can only feel what they feel. I do not want to feel like some countries.
Budapest feels like a grimace, it does not have a quick to smile nature.
However, the reason I am grateful is I am fully aware, people are as happy as they wish to be. I wish to be very happy, I can leave whatever is not happy behind. I do not care about money, I do not make the best of bad situation to save money. I will sacrifice comfort to save money, I will not live in a miserable situation just to say I was there.
As become bigger and more comprehensive I know there has to be a policy.
I was watching Sky News, I watch CNN and BBC a lot, I have very little choice.
I would really appreciate it they left out the opinions. It is like 95 percent opinions or interpretation demanding you agree with their always controversial perspectives.
A blog is 100 percent opinions.
A guidebook should in my view try to guide you toward safe havens. Write history, like a historian, explain hotels as benefits and problems, not as opinions.
I see may people with the AWE in their eyes, like small children, they believe any person that seems reasonable. I learned may years ago, never completely trust a person that can make money by giving you bad advice.
The Prime Directive of travel is to remember you are on vacation and you are on vacation to enjoy yourself. If you are not happy, then change where you travel. A person owes nothing to another country, they do owe all persons their honesty and respect. But I do not have to love your home or your country, and if I discover I am not happy quick, I am leaving quicker, not a lot of value of sitting around complaining about where I am located.
I am a Grateful Traveler, I am able to go anywhere now on the planet, I have enough money to thrive, I can pay my way around extreme headaches and leave or enter when I wish. I can actual roam nomadically searching for the wonder of the world, and avoid any ugly feelings.

Thanks "Life is good"
Andy the
Travel Journal

Andy Blog Problems

I have for the last couple of years had the systems send the postings from the blog to the system. Then the system would send the blog automatically to the subscribers.


I cannot figure out how to make it work again, I think Yahoo in their great whatever has just stopped it from working. I could speculate for days on this, however anyone that had been getting the blog from the system is now thinking....

Andy is not writing.
Andy has un-subscribed me.
Andy is not to be heard from.

Note, I never unsubscribe or even have time to play with this list, I just let it work, I ONLY un-subscribe those who write with lot of profanity to me and call me names.

We are going to use a NEW system, made by boy Genious Andrew soon from India, however he is till muling around, I hope to have done soon..

You can also bookmark:


I am sending this by cutting and pasting to the posting area of

Khao San Road Blues

It is 6:24 AM in the morning, I just found out last night it was going to be Thanksgiving in the USA tomorrow, it was an accident to learn.

Walked to the Internet Cafe early so I could check my emails quickly and check that no very important emails need an answer. You know, Mom, friends or other...

Walking here I am thinking or feeling like I am saying goodbye today to Khao San Road, I fly to Manila, Philippines again, it feels like I am moving my regular home on Khao San Road to a new base in Manila.

I walked by a couple of girls on Khao San Road and looked closer seeing they were Boys dressed like Girls, called "Lady Boys" here and very common. Many drunks are wandering home and they may or may not have some small Thai girl attached. A few person with full backpacks probably returning very early from an all night bus trip from some island and will search for a room with little luck until checkout time of 12 noon.

Although not the best of times, is like normal times off or on Khao San Road, like the Steinbeck story of Cannery Row, all is according to your perspective. Are these people Saints or Sinners, I am not sure or really I am positive it is not important. They are both, they are the best and worst of society, they are the world.

People get confused or unrealistic when I say a negative comment about a country, the old one comment means too much to one persona and they cannot see I am here that matters. I was in Hong Kong, living in a Hotel, this says I like the place, not that I do not like the place.

Billy Joel wrote something to the effect that only the good die young, however with a twist only the bad have an interesting story.

Blogger Spell Check is blocked: Cannot get the little active elements thing to stop, so much for good spelling by machine.

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