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Mount Merapi Volcano

 Mount Merapi Volcano

There is a Volcano in Indonesia that is about to explode, of course this is a maybe. I can use a two hop plane jump and get there relatively cheap and easy. I have three Low Cost Carriers in my sites.

I do not think there is anyway to go direct to Bali or Bandung, I can hop to Kuala Lumpur then to Bandung, then about 188 Miles to Mount Merapi.

I am waiting until Joroem of Nat Tours to return to Bangkok. There are some dodgy areas of Indonesia and I am not sure if I can do a cross land trip. Joroem is from Indonesia in a way, he lived there for a long time. He is from the Netherlands, however they had a colony more or less in Indonesia. The Dutch are hooked at the hip there I believe.

I want to see a Volcano!

Mount Merapi Volcano

Visakha Bucha Day

Visakha Bucha Day

1 800 Find A Monk ... Hmmm...

How do you find a Monk or know when they walk around in Bangkok or Khao San Road. Visakha Bucha Day is an important Holiday in Thailand, it falls, as best I can understand on the Full Moon Day or day after the Full Moon. A big day on Koh Pha Ngan Island also...

It is the celebration as I understand of:

1. Birth of Buddha.

2. Enlightenment of Buddha

3. Death of Buddha

They all fall on the same date and month.

My friend from Khon Kaen University, a girl felt a need to offer rice as a gift to the Monks in the morning of May 12, 2006. I said, go buy them a SIM Card or Cell Phone time, they are always in Panthip purchasing Computer things, why not?

She says, No, I go to 7-11 and buy something. Now what happens is this, Monks walk around in Thailand every morning, very early and maybe at 6:00 6:30 or 7:00 or sunrise, they walk to peoples homes carrying this round bowl like thing. I suppose a person is to give rice, or money or something as a tribute. I often see them making their small and never ending reminder walks around cities of Thailand. Sort of like the bells ringing on Sunday for Christians, or the call to Prayer on loud speakers of the Islamics.

Hard to avoid in the early morning, they are up and at it, collecting their gifts.

Now, if you are visiting Bangkok, do not have a home here, where do you find a Monk? What time do they do their little barefoot walk around Bangkok area? I said, they need a 1 800 Find a Monk service, then a Buddhist person can know the rules.

There is a compulsion and a need to find a Monk in the morning for my friend. I say, go to 7-11 and buy something. Like any person there is a maybe a thought, .. I just sleep, however to feel guuod about yourself as they would say in Thailand.

Guueod - Good

You need to give your fair share of Rice or something to the Monk, she knows 7-11 is not the best place, but the only sure place to buy something in Thailand at 5 in the morning is 7-11. She went and did here penance of a sort, said she also gave some money. Personally I think the Monks would be elated with the Prepaid Phone card.

The idea is to give.

Visakha Bucha Day

A Holiday in Thailand and for the Buddhist Religion


Capturing the Feeling in a Blog

Capturing the Feeling in a Blog

I have the definition problems, I believe a blog is my log or my personal diary, it is not supposed to be edited. I can learn from a post and maybe not repeat the same type of spelling or grammar errors. However, I do not think I should sit around trying to make myself a perfect person. I believe the art of a blog is to expose yourself or in this case myself in a true, honest and authentic way.

Easier to say then to do, however I recently made a fast and furious post on the my site. It was a comparison of Philippines to Thailand and it is funny, I am getting all of these encouraging post.

I truly do believe a person is better off just letting a post fly and allowing the world to understand how you feel or think. I do know that some people have dark thoughts and really should hide, however there are many who just have a shadow, like all of us. Somewhere there is place where people can share, be intimate, think, and be allowed to have a thought. Not a perfect thought, however a true and real thought.

I think the best is a thought that is quick, fast and not edited. I typed this whole post out in less than 3-5 minutes. No backtracking, no thinking, just let it fly, sort of the proof to myself that you should be open and free in style, not constricted and planned.

This is the post that took 3 minutes.... hehehe

Capturing the Feeling in a Blog

New Joe Guesthouse Office

I am in the New Joe Guesthouse eating Chicken Fried Rice while doing this post and the last one about Mobile Office Thailand. I am good to go and this is unique.

Mobile Office Thailand using Cellphone

Mobile Office Thailand

I cannot believe it, I have purchased a connection in Thailand that connects my cell phone to my computer.

I have 120 hours and it will net out costing me about 850 Baht, this is about 21 Dollars U.S.A.

This is the number, Card, Time, etc...

I am very excited, I will blog on this later, however for a person coming to Thailand, I think this is a windfall.

I can go anywhere in Thailand where my One 2 Call or AIS Cell System works.


Closer to the really mobile world that does not yet exist. I try to be at or under one dollar per hour for internet access.

Mobile Office Thailand

Thailand versus Philippines Culture

Thailand versus Philippines Culture

The feeling are harsh, distinct, real, I can feel a critical different between cultures. One day or two days, more and I will stop comparing; I will be living in Thailand and forgetting the Philippines.

However, as of last night or yesterday, I am still mentally living in the Philippines and my body is in Thailand.

I see�

The people of the Philippines are friendlier.
The girls of Thailand are more snobs.
Thailand is cleaner than the Philippines
The men of the Philippines are scammers.

The people of the Philippines are culturally less hip or cool than Thailand, fashions and understanding of the world is behind in the Philippines.

The food is better in Thailand.
The travelers in Thailand are children.
The tourists in the Philippines are perverts.

Thailand is Asian, I am not sure the Philippines culture is definable easily.

Thailand seems to be winners and confident, the Philippine people have all the same opportunities and seem to drop the ball.

Women in the Philippines can do anything the men in the Philippines are severely in trouble.

Philippines people are pigs, the Thailand are clean.

I like the Philippines people more, however I trust the Thailand people more.

The Philippines are delusion about what the value of what the sell or what they are worth. The Thai people sell things and services for a good value.

The government of the Philippines is arrogant, stupid and does not have a clue; the government of Thailand fully understands what their resources are and how to use them.

Thai people are cold.

Thai people are surrounded by people that speak English and refuse to learn to speak English.

Travelers in Thailand do not care about Thailand they are just here to buy.

Travelers in the Philippines live there.

I feel clean in Thailand.

I have better access to purchase and buy things in Thailand of an Asian nature, if I wanted to purchase something American I could maybe find easier in the Philippines.

My room is twice as good in Thailand for half the price of the Philippines.

Transportation in Thailand is easy; the travel in the Philippines is ridiculously difficult.

There are more people in the Philippines, they all live in Manila.

I am not sure which one I like more, I would say the Philippines, however I really do not like the men of the Philippines, they have this macho way of acting that reminds me a Mexican, a sort of arrogance that never stops. The USA culture can have the same on many levels. The USA culture or arrogance is easy for me to avoid, I do not think a person in the Philippines can avoid the arrogance of the men.

Thailand is great but the people are cold and distance, a sort of cruelness to them as is all the Asians. Guilt or the ability to feel guilty is more prevalent in the Philippines.

In the end, I really do not care about the differences. I go and carve out a place to live as quickly as possible and set up my travelers nest, then go out and explore.

Thailand versus Philippines Culture

I can be what I want to be

I can be what I want to be

I am realizing, I always am realizing, everyday I change. I know each and every day of the week it is possible to be anything I want to be.

I can pretend for three years.

After three years of pretending, I am maybe what I want to be.

There are questions asked of one in life, what do you want to be, how did you become this, or the worst question.
- Did you study computers in University? -

I truly believe you cannot study to be something; you must have on the job training.

Therefore, you get a job where you are incompetent, then after three years of pretending, you are competent.

People can hurt me, they can tell me thoughts, and they can make me believe I am not capable of doing something.
I am presently in Thailand; I just left the Philippines a person start to continually ask themselves.
- Why is the culture of one country different from another? -

Many persons would refer or say, this is a job for an anthropologist. I would say to myself, you want me to ask some person, who has just started studying cultures, and is still incompetent, does not even live outside their own culture, lives inside a culture, pretending to study another culture to explain to me about culture.

You have to be crazy.

Where did this all start, I was watching CNN here in my room, I am listening to some Journalist explain the political situation in a country. I think, this is a journalist, they are a not a person that studied political sciences or history.

Everyone thinks they are an expert on all things, and in reality, they are just a pretender to be many things.

This is good. This is OK; I do not think it is good for a person to represent himself or herself as an expert in something they know very little about. It is obvious a journalist is not capable of being an expert on all the subjects they pretend to be experts on, and what is ever more dangerously stupid is the public listens.

Working inside your chosen field for three years is a good start.

I know of five subjects for sure, I believe I am expert on; I try to never tell you, I could be wrong.

I will study, I do not pretend, however I will study for a few more years and maybe I will be an expert, or the master of one small conversation I could have.

I can be what I want to be

Extreme Travel on Khao San Road

Extreme Travel

Bangkok Thailand Trips offered on Khao San Road.

I think Khao San Road make a person immune to strange or unusual, sometimes I find myself not even thinking or reacting to strange. If I closed my eyes and opened them again on Khao San Road, cleaned my brain of any prior knowledge of Khao San Road here in Bangkok, Thailand and I would maybe think
- I am at the circus -
People do dress as if they are clowns.

Most people on Khao San Road seem to have tattoos, body piercing, strange clothes, the - I Love Genie - clothing and I suspect many will never find a good job; they have left the norm and strayed too far.

However, I was looking at the novel ever-interesting list of possible trips offered at Nat Tours by Jeroen and Wife; they may have the most interesting signs on the planet. I am on Khao San Road, - Center of the Backpacker Universe - Bangkok, Thailand, a true - Never Never Land - where if you are Peter Pan you never have to grow up. Thus, all dreams are possible, and therefore maybe I think there is nothing strange about a trip to North Korea, Kabul, Afghanistan, Helicopters tours in Kyrgyzstan, Ice Diving at the North Pole, or just a normal trip to Libya. I am definitely not in Kansas anymore.

I personally am keen on the somewhat boring trip to Iran and maybe a stopover in Afghanistan, and a normal trip to Nepal.

North Korea, a fine place to visit.

Hello Kyrgystan, next stop on anyones agenda.

Just another boring trip, off to Afghanistan, buy a ticket, grab my passport, and take the taxi to the airport, so what else is new.

I would like to go to the North Pole, especially the area north of Russia, never thought about the possibility of Scuba Diving.

I am sure the French go there all the time, however in reality the world is becoming very safe, ignore what your see, hear or read, the world is a safe place, and as always, someone will sell you a ticket or tour.

Jeroen at Nat Tours just off of Khao San Road can sit around and discuss the pros and cons of many interesting locations. He for sure is making my life easier as many of the common locations have been checked off or ticked as life goes by.

Nat Tour and Travel Company
Bangkok Thailand
+662 629-4122 With
From USA 011 662 629-4122
Map to Nats just off Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand.

Note: The guy next to me has a Mohawk, go figure...

Extreme Travel