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Ants in Thailand

Ants in Thailand

I rolled over, covered myself, put on insect repellant, I had these welts over my body. Finally, I turned on the light, for a good inspection; somehow, ants had crawled into my bed and were biting me last night.

Not the semi-friendly type that just annoy by crawling on my body, the more vicious type that bite and leave small red marks, sort of swollen and itchy.

I moved hotels, not because of the Ants.

I have moved to some 150 Baht, strange, dread, and Thai house, and sleep on a mattress on floor place. There are many people to talk with, however back to the cold-water dip shower method of cleaning my body.
The place is nice, everyone is friendly and for sure, you cannot avoid them by accident or design. Some French Canadian girl in the Post Office yesterday told me about the place, so I followed her home. It is cheap for sure, friendly, and the closest to having a kitchen for me to use, that I have encountered in a many a moon.

It is a House, almost impossible to explain where it located. I think I will take a GPS reading. The name is Tu House or Tu Guesthouse or something like that, sort of a chill out, smoke a joint, play the bongs place, and my room is huge for 150 Baht.

I have a lock on my door, so I am in seventh heaven, I can feel secure, all is great.

I keep trying to tell the Tuk Tuk driver it was behind the Mercedes Benz place, on the main road. He does not understand Mercedes; I am too lazy to walk with my heavy backpack. I only walk in Europe with my backpack; I use a taxi that is what one dollar is good for� A taxi.

I do not like to pack my back, but if I am going to pack my back, it is a good time to move. Just to safe, I went to 7-11 and purchased a one-dollar can of insect KILLER. I am hoping it works on ants, it is possible the are in my clothing and backpack.

I sprayed kind of secretive, I think I am surround by granola for lunch bunch, maybe Veggies, and they may want to save the ants, or hug a tree. This stereotype does not always like effective measures.

Ants in Thailand

Kevin Sites in my Sights

Kevin Sites in my Sights

I think Kevin Sites is in NEPAL!

I am debating, I think you spell the word for a rifle sights as - Sights -.

Nonetheless, I have or maybe I have Kevin Sites in my sights, I have been doing some less than successful research to figure out a way to discover where Kevin Sites is located.

I am in many of the - not-so-sure-hotspots - of the world.

Kevin Sites is as best I can understand; I do not have TV or Internet in my room for 24 hours a day. I cannot monitor his movements, I am a traveler.

Kevin Site has or seems to be promoted by on a special web page called.

Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone: Conflict Journalist & Video News

He has a list of Hot Zones or location where there are conflicts; I think he means it is dangerous.
I do not want to misrepresent Kevin, so here is his Mission Statement on the site:

Our Mission and Goals
To cover every armed conflict* in the world within one year, and in doing so to provide a clear idea of the combatants, victims, causes, and costs of each of these struggles - and their global impact. With honest, thoughtful reporting we'll strive to establish Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone as a forum for information and involvement. Users will not only learn about the scope of world conflict, but will find ways to be part of the solutions- through dialogue, debate, and avenues for action.
( I hope that link does not break? hehehe)

Kevin Sites is some Yahoo made to order journalist or something like that, I believe he is Yahoo attempt to see if they can make a roaming the world journalist work and pay.

There is a question posed? At least I have a question, maybe Yahoo does not.
- Can you pay a journalist to write for the internet and make money? -

The internet is not the same as a magazine or newspaper, the profit model is different and much more just. There is a justice in advertising, an advertiser can determine exactly if they earned money by being on a page, while a newspaper or magazine advertiser is guessing or more correctly hoping the money they pay for advertising is making money.

WHAT about ME?

OK, I enjoy the current events of the planet; I like to see what is going on, who are the players, why, what and when, etc.

I on the other hand do not have camera operators, editors, or a team of person following me around making sure I do not step on my tail. I can jump off the proverbial bridge and nobody will stop me or help me.

Therefore, if I go to a Hot Zone, maybe like I was thinking in Sr Lanka and something to do with Tiger Rebels I could meander into trouble, not small, but big without a safety net.


There is a saying; I think I heard it in a movie.

It goes something like this,
- Remember, when you get to the edge of the world, where the land ends, THERE BE DRAGONS -

I believe and do not have time to research, however I believe this is old Sailor lore explaining what happens when you fall off the edge of a FLAT planet.



There are small signs, sometimes-big signs, then sometimes there a made to order caution signs by the press or media.

Conflict, battles and dangers is over-rated; I have sincere respect for Marco Polo and Ferdinand Magellan, Darwin and some of them that really lived on the edge.

I do not live on the edge, I have been to Iraq, however it was or is not the most dangerous place I have been or situation.

I like to go or see where the edge is located, the edge of safety is not clear, it is the edge, you do not find it until you get cut on it.

I suppose I would be close to the edge or you can say I am close to the edge when?
- I go and buy a weapon -
I went a purchase machetes or a small sword a couple of times, however on hindsight I now remember why.

In Iraq, I learned most reporters never leave the Hotel and make up most stories, or whatever their imagination comes up with, some do, however most stay inside the compound.

I left the compound in Iraq, however we could not get the reporters to come with us, they needed their bodyguards.


The ugly word, money, I have a personal relationship with money. I know I need it to travel; I am not getting a paycheck from Yahoo for unknown benefits. IF I do not figure out a way to pay for the trip, I cannot go, thus there is true justice again.

I study or try to study Kevin Sites; I want to learn if there is some technology I need to be paying attention too, is he doing something unique? I am not sure, I still see him as having support staff out the wazoo.

I have Internet Techie support; however, I do not think little Andrew in India is going to go help me kill - Lions, Tigers and Bears -

IF I go to close to the edge, I will find the Dragons.

Bottom line, Kevin Sites could or maybe is in Nepal, I can fly on Monday to Nepal, maybe earlier, I hope to find the man, take some photos. IF you area 24 hour internet access person and can find the exact - real time - where this man is information. POST it on the bottom.

Real Time, I am in Bangkok, on Khao San Road, walking around, buying Ice Coffee and looking at Farang in funny clothes.

I may go to Bhutan or Bangladesh, Ash mention something about being able to get a visa, I am working on the Bhutan.

Kevin Sites in my Sights

Nepal or Indonesia

Nepal or Indonesia

I am working my way around some ideas, do I go to Indonesia and see this Merapi Volcano or do I rush to Nepal before all the tourist return.

I am trying to mark off a couple of countries and would like them to be near my path, I have a path leading towards India or Nepal.

Sr Lanka is close to my needed path of going to Goa and Nepal.


The obvious idea of going North or South or East or West does not hold water when you are making a decision to travel. Although it would seem that the shorter the trip, the cheaper the airfare, this is not true.

There are paths or well-worn airplane routes, they are cheap.

I am quite sure I can fly cheaper to Frankfurt Germany from Bangkok than I can fly to Bhutan, even though Bhutan is half the distance.

Very few people flying to Bhutan, therefore the fares are higher.

It is possible I take a very funny or strange path; the cost can be the same, however the long way home in many ways.

This is the reason a good travel agent is worth their weight in Gold, they tend to know the good or cheaper routes. The sad part is I only know a couple on the planet that has a clue and both are in Bangkok.

I will go talk today with Jeroen at Nat Tours

I need to get Visa for many countries or apply, then at the same time know how to buy plane tickets. CHEAP

I can buy a plane ticket easy to anywhere, what is difficult it to buy at a good price.

I wanted to go to Iran, however the website that said it was open to the USA, now says it is close. I can go to Afghanistan and pop and do a check. I would like to go to the Stan Brothers, all them Satellite countries I cannot spell, around the rim of Russia.

I hope he is working today.

Nepal or Indonesia

Nat Tours Travel Agent Bangkok

Nat Tours Travel Agent Bangkok

Jeroen at Nat Tours just off of Khao San Road can sit around and discuss the pros and cons of many interesting locations.

I recommend Jeroen at Nat Tours, I do not recommend companies or Travel Agencies, I only recommend people, I recommend Joreon. This page is a place for persons to comment on Joroen or help me fine more world class Travel Agents.
( I am totally confused on how to spell his name.)

I collect information on my thoughts and how to travel around the planet by plane on this page:

Nat Tour and Travel Company
Bangkok Thailand
+662 629-4122 With
From USA 011 662 629-4122
Map to Nats just off Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand

Nat Tour and Travel Company
Ratchadamnoen Plaza Trade Centre
1/1 Room A 16 Ratchadamnoen Road
BanglamphuBangkok 10200 Thailand

I collect information on my thoughts and how to travel around the planet by plane on this page:

Nat Tours Travel Agent Bangkok

Many Small Hotel Gray Areas

Many Small Hotel Gray Areas

I have moved from the Mango off Khao San Road to the Sawasdee Smile just down the street. Complicated to explain why I was in the Mango, however, I will…
- Blame it on a woman -

The Mango is more upgrade, had better room, cleaner, everything works, however not as sociable as the Sawasdee Smile, there about 6 Sawasdee Hotels in the Khao San area of Bangkok and many in the country, it is big chain.

I am moving for this. Hehehe

The bottom line is I never relax until I have my own padlock on the room and deny the owners, staff etc access to my room.Nevertheless, there is a list of gray are areas to cover.

1. Does the TV reception work in my room.
2. Lights
3. Plugs on walls.

Now, I need to see if I have a cell phone reception, therefore the solid concrete rooms are not so good… I need to be close to a window.

However, with a window comes another security problem, can the person climb into the room; this is a huge problem on the planet.

I would say the feeling and quality of the room for me is less importance that idea of relaxing on security issues.

I have moved, I am happy, life is good. The Mango does not have a place to store my backpack. I am going to leave my backpack in the storage room here, a good one for Thailand, pay 10 Baht per day. Travel to Nepal; take many books to India to have scanned into the computer. I can buy any travel books on the planet on Khao San road then take or send to India to be scanned.

I would love to find a responsible person to scan books in Thailand; it would greatly speed up the process. I cost about 4 Rupees per page, about the same in Baht, I would suppose, or less. I want to create a reference library for me.
Long Term Storage and my own personal padlock on the door, the reasons for me to move.
Many Small Hotel Gray Areas

Mobile Office Thailand

Mobile Office Thailand

I am trying to find a way to really be mobile in any country or any place on the planet. For sure the BGAN Satellite is the probably the best for expensive internet access about anywhere. However, I am searching for stopping places where I can access the internet on a good or great level. I found a way to buy one month access in Thailand for about 22 U.S.A. Dollars for 120 Hours.

850 Baht to have 120 hours.

Breakdown of cost
200 Baht for round trip taxi to this office address below.
300 Baht to SIM Card or to get the telephone number.
350 Baht for one month of access.
I needed to purchase 500 Baht of time to have extra time, and they will auto remove 350 every month, I could have purchased more or less.

The system is this.
Print that address, take your computer and cell phone into the office.

I went to Panthip Computer Mall and purchased a bluetooth chippy thing for my computer.

I have had the directions written in the Thailand language, the website for AIS has a map that is maybe helpful, nonetheless if you have traveled to Thailand you know they are not going to deal with English, especially taxi driver. The best way it to have the directions in the Thailand language, then the only fight is to make sure the Taxi driver uses the meter. Note a Tuk Tuk is more expensive than a Taxi.

Taxi Directions to Panthip or Pantip. pronounced PanTEEP.

All this type of information will be collected here:

Mobile Office Thailand

The Proper Mental Balance in Thailand

The Proper Mental Balance in Thailand

A proper mental balance is difficult enough while living in one location, I do believe it possible to go totally nuts traveling. I may be proof, however, or nonetheless when I feel I am reaching the proper balance I am happier.

On distraction or problem with my mental health is the computer and the internet.

I realized I am happier when I do NOT have 100 Internet Access in my room, however, I like Internet access in my room.


I have this internet connection presently in Bangkok, Thailand with my cell phone, it works moderately good in the morning and early afternoon, at night you may as well write home by snail mail because the would be faster. However, in a way this is great, I keep the proper balance. I can always go to an internet cafe anywhere in Thailand, they are everywhere and only one step away, thus who cares.

The connections or GPRS with, oops, I am collecting information on this page:
is good, and was easy enough to make, I walked into the office, handed them my computer and cell phone, received some training, then left the office.

The Proper Mental Balance in Thailand



JJ Market Bangkok Thailand

JJ Market Bangkok Thailand

There is a very large flea market or open market in Bangkok, Thailand, it about 100 Baht or 2.5 U.S. taxi trip from Khao San or Sukumvit.

It is probably the best place on the planet to outfit or buy furnishing for a Thail restaurant or buy cheap clothes from China and Thailand.

This is a popsicle holder or ice on a stick, I have never seen this device and thought interesting.

The beggar was pulling himself through the congested walk way, he was missing a leg and was collecting a lot of money.

I think this is some Austrailian instrument. I do know that carrying the not so interesting sounding instrument is trendy with the dreads and tattoo bunch.

Copy and transferring of culture from the west to the east. These are some Thai boys with Mohawks or wanna be skinheads.

We went to the Moshit Bus station, and at 6:00 every afternnon they play some music, I think the National Anthem of Thailaind, everyone stops and is reverant for a minute.

JJ Market Bangkok Thailand

Thanks "Life is good"
Andy the
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