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Philippines Drinking Water

Philippines Drinking Water
This is Arquiza and I think Mambini Street in the Ermita part of Manila. There seems to be flooding every it rains. The Cowboy Grill unloaded a steady stream of garbage into the street earlier in the day. It formed a small river and ran down the street. I was happy to see the garbage water was being washed away.
There is a link between storm water, potable water, and sewage water. I do not care to discuss or explain, however when the water tables are all mixed up, the world is not a great place for a drink of water. I am concerned at the percentage of skin problem in Manila, it seems to have some serious fungus or skin problems.

Happy as a lark playing in the Water in Manila.

A very happy country.

He was intent on enjoying water that made me weak.

Playing in the water, after a normal rain.

Happy is Happy.
Philippines Drinking Water

2006 June 28 Enter Bangkok Thailand

2006 June 28 Enter Bangkok Thailand

I left Singapore, after only one night there, and flew to Bangkok, Thailand. I stayed one night in Bangkok, then took the night bus to Khon Kaen, Thailand.

2006 June 28 Enter Bangkok Thailand

Singapore Lies

Singapore Lies
Wednesday June 28, 2006
I always get this feeling that everyone lies about Singapore. It is an extremely modern place, however the lie is about the place speaking English. My friend Stephen sort of broached on the subject last night in a conversation when he said that many of the Singapore people are spoiled. The labor is paid poor wages, and the Singapore people benefit. Very similiar to the indentured servants of past. I would say 65 percent the same or close.
There are about 5 main cultures here.
1. Singapore Native whatever that is.
2. China
3. India
4. Malaysia
5. Indonesia
6. Philippines

I would say the Chinese and a former British mentality sort of run the place, however everyone pretends they speak English.
The Languages that are easy are Chinese and Hindi, and then the person speak English as a second language. The speak better English in the Philippines or much easier to find the person speaking English.
Singapore Lies

Map of East Timor close to Indonesia

Map of East Timor
I am in the Singapore Airport, it is 5:45 am, I went to the restroom, cooked some water and made instant coffee
East Timor is very close to Indonesia or next to Indonesia. The place has been in the news also because of violence, and the Australians sending soldiers there to police the country.
I received a USA government warning.


Map of East Timor

Government Warning on East Timor
I was speculating and thinking with Jeroen yesterday from Nat Tours about East Timor.
Map of East Timor
The world is small, many things are happening.


Andy of
Daily Diary or Travel Journal

May 31 June 1 Bangkok to Solo Indonesia

May 31 June 1 Bangkok to Solo Indonesia
I leave tonight from Bangkok, Thailand, fly to Singapore, stay about 10 hours in Airport, then arrive in Solo, Indonesia tomorrow morning. This is a good time to arrive in a country which I do not know.
I have discovered the major epicenter was about 7-15 miles, maybe kilometers south of Yogyyakarta in a smaller city called Bantul,it appears that over 2000 persons were killed there and only around 100 in Yogyyakarta. It appears fortunate that it was south of Yogyyakarta the bigger city of 500,000.
Bantul is smaller, I am trying to find the number of people that live in this city. It is close enough to Yogyyakarta that it could be one of them never ending cities or megalopolis.
The news sources are saying or using the number that 80 percent of the homes have been destroyed in this city of maybe village. They often just grab and run with these numbers.
I will be looking for a Hotel tomorrow in Yogyyakarta or closer, I am snagging a guidebook of Indonesia on Khao San Road to read up on what is possible.
IF you know or have good collaborated information on the population of Bantul please post in comments.
May 31 June 1 Bangkok to Solo Indonesia

Volunteer Indonesia Earthquake

Volunteer Indonesia Earthquake

A question was sent to me from a reader, I am posting it and answer.

----- Original Message -----
Dear Andy, please could you give me some advice, I would like to go over to Indonesia to help the people after the terrible earthquake, I have never volunteered before and have never backpacked so I need a few pointers! Are there any organizations that I can go over with? As I have very few qualifications and no real profession Im not really sure if I can do much but I really want to help.
Thanks very much from Gina, England


Hello Gina,
Very difficult question.
If I was going to Volunteer, it would be difficult.
The Red Cross is the only organization to me, that appears safe, however they like any organization has problems.

If you wish to come and volunteer, I suppose you need to get on a plane to Solo Indonesia.

If you wish, I can meet you and help you search for an organization, it would be a fun blog or posting.
Andy on the way to Solo.

Look at this map.

I am flying from Katmandu to Bangkok and will be in Solo on the 1st of June.
I am going to Mount Merapi also to see the Volcano.

In this type of venture, I try to think of the Hindu saying of - Ahimsa -
- First do no harm -

Note that asking a million questions is not part of the solution, it can be part of the problem.

NOTE: Forgot to say to her, Earthquakes cause homes to collapse, therefore a shortage of sleeping is for sure a problem. I have equipment to sleep outside, to me this is standard operating procedure. I am always prepared to sleep outside, I use a poncho as tent, and a hammock as bed.

Volunteer Indonesia Earthquake

May 22 2006 Fly Bangkok to Katmandu Nepal

May 22, 2006 Fly Bangkok to Katmandu Nepal

I fly today from Bangkok, Thailand to Katmandu, Nepal. the cost of a flight one-way from Bangkok to Nepal is between 150 and 200 U.S. Dollars.

May 22, 2006 Fly Bangkok to Katmandu Nepal

Compared to Perfection

Compared to Perfection

Hmmm, I am not sure�

I was having a conversation with an extremely intelligent man the other day, I was explaining to him or he was comparing my site to the Keven Sites in the Hot Zones site. I had just posted the day before a longish comment explaining the site.

Well, the next day my friend says something to the effect,
- This is how your site should look. -

Frustrated in a way, trying to say,
- Yes, but this site is made by, the biggest site on the internet. -
( I think the Kevin Sites part is a lost leader or does not make money for

I review in my head, or I have been droning away how to make my site like Kevin Sites. NOW, PLEASE do not think I want to write like Kevin Sites, I cannot stand to read, or even peruse the site, however from a techie point of view SOME, only about 25 percent is PERFECT.

Most is promoted by Yahoo, therefore not getting traffic on just from the search engines, not the same as Hobo.

Ok, I do not like to read his material, therefore I do not read.

Nevertheless, the question is posed in my brain, how I can make a perfect site and why is my site not perfect. The answer is relatively simple, I have always lived within my means, and the site has always been 100 percent solvent. This means it makes enough money to pay for it self easily.

The cost of keeping the site in business is presently about 6 of the income, therefore impossible to go out of business. IF I stopped traveling the income remains the same, the money has little to do with the blog.

However, the Dot Com failures, the idiots making webpages, the whole industry is strewn with idiocy. My first goal was to have a website that made enough money to allow me to travel. This does not mean I invest money to make money, it means I invest time to make money. Now I am ok, life is very good.

99. 9 percent of Travel sites must fail

First things first a person needs to survive, next to thrive, then I can start to pay to clean up the site.

Well, soon the cleaning of the home will start, I hope. There is only one-way to do this unfortunately, I need to pay the boys in India or Bulgaria or some cheaper than dirt country to work. I wish I could pay some over-priced USA people that speak English to help; they always seem to be prima-donnas and have no clue.

NO CLUE as to how a website makes money.

They make them all the time, however they do not believe for one thing, and they do not know. Most of them assume and correctly most of the time, you will go out of business, you do not make enough money to pay me.

Interesting world the world of techies, they would fit in well on Khao San Road. Delusional.

Compared to Perfection