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Lighting Trend in Developing Countries

Incandescent Light Bulbs versus Fluorescent Lamp

This little light Fluorescent Lamp annoys me, in the underdeveloped countries they have accepted hook, line, and sinker that this bulb that cost about 12-15 times the cost of regular Incandescent Light Bulb. It is annoyingly expensive, yet they purchase them.
Fluorescent Lighting is believed to be the answer to all high electric bills.
However... in the developing world.

- They often remove bulbs when not in use.
- They turn on and off about triple the amount of the richer countries.
- People steal bulbs
- Rough usage of bulbs is more common
Turn on and off of Fluorescent bulbs is why this annoys me, they will turn them on and off at such an extreme level it probably shortens the life of a copy bulb and also used too much electricity.
I am not in Kansas, these bulbs are at best sometimes third to fourth rate quality, yet in an a desperate haste to save electricity they use them.

The bottom line on the next link says, if you are going to be away for more than 15-20 minute, then shut off the light.

Should I Turn Off Fluorescent Lighting When Leaving A Room?
Lighting: An Energy Efficient Future - Calculate the savings

Encyclopedia Article on Fluorescent Lamps
Compact Fluorescent Lamp
There is this belief about poorer countries. Like they do not know what a Condom is, or they think they are going to lose their souls to cameras. Many myths or idea from 50 years ago are still being told and stretch into a world that does understand some simple ideas. In fact, with a good marketing program, they can be sold very elaborate ideas like it is better to use Fluorescent bulbs always, this is not true.
Incandescent Light Bulbs versus Fluorescent Lamp

Refuse the Plastic Bag

Refuse the Plastic Bag
I refuse or decline the plastic bag about 2-3 times daily. I enter a store, they want to put one bag of Chips or Crisp in another plastic bag. I buy anything and they want to put in a plastic bag.
I cannot find a trash bin.
In many countries on the planet, disposal of trash is a problem. I will leave the receipt, the wrapper, everything in the store, rather than carry it for a mile or kilometer, according to how you think. I also do not want ants in my room. If I put a candy wrapper in my pocket, I am inviting ants to my room.
It has come to my attention, that I can refuse a bag about 80 percent of the time. I want a bag in the super markets or sometimes. I like to get them to use to hold trash inside my room. If they are big, however my guess is the world is giving out about about 9 billion bags, I am guessing, however at least 6 billion could be declined.
The number of plastic bags is annoying.
Try to find a waste bin in Philippines or India, or Thailand. It can be annoying for a conscientious person. Recycling is still bullshit, I am still trying to find any place to throw trash, recycling is just a pipe dream.

Refuse the Plastic Bag

Courteous Cities on Planet

Courteous Cities on Planet
Readers Digest has this survey or something posted on their Canadian Site. Very interesting and in a way great resource when choosing a country to visit.

Most Polite

This is great conversational value, and a good rub on the Canadians...
Courteous Cities on Planet

Secular Singapore Islam

Secular Singapore Islam

This is causing many Islamic persons great concern. Here is an example of the anger of many Islamic persons on the planet. This is a normal Singapore girl that is trying to maintain two positions. She is a modern Singapore woman, however she is also Islamic. The Tiger Skin designed bag, the stylish jeans, the tight clothes, the sandals are all from the modern world. The scarf to cover her hair is from the Islamic world.
I do not know doctrine, however the idea of the scarf is somehow to not allow the woman to tempt the male, or to hide sexual temptation.
The Tiger Skin copy is a in many ways a universal way of saying something.
The mental anger that arises in the Islamic world is analogous to the French becoming angry when persons will not speak French, or the Quebec and Montreal parts of Canada demanding the signs are in French. Even though it is obvious they are losing the battle to stop English. Sometime a culture will take extreme measure, attack, kill and even separate to keep another culture from doing what is natural. Change is natural, staying the same is not.
Secular Singapore Islam

Outsourcing Accounting to Philippines India

Outsourcing Accounting to Philippines India

I am watching BBC News and there is fraud inside a call center where they took money from the HSBC Bank, I this is a Hong Based bank.

I was talking to my Australian Accounting friend who is going crazy with drink and living in the Philippines. He was commenting on many call centers want him to help in the Philippines.

AAAGH´┐Ż. His credential are correct, his brain is mush.

I get onto planes, thinking, hmm, are the locals doing the maintenance of the plane. I hope, I think, please let the Germans outsource the airplane maintenance to this country.

There is conceptual cultural equation that I try to clean up in my brain. The cumulative average level of development is the standard you can expect from a country.

There is a base line of standards you can expect from a country or culture. No, matter what you hope, to expect the baseline of India or the Philippines to rise consistently and forever to the same level of Germany or England is a stretch. You can expect an individual or a group of five to come close, however when you take a group of 100 or 5000 to reach the same level or to manage accounting, security or etc, please the culture is impedance. It is like trying to get an American to dig a hole with a shovel, very difficult, the culture of the USA impedes the ability of the American to say,
- Yes, I will dig holes. -

Studying a culture is the same, an American says, I have to have a minimum living condition or I do not go, thus skipping the culture they wish to observe.

Outsourcing Accounting to Philippines India

Journalizing Problems

Journalizing Problems

I had an English Professor many moons ago tell me to Journalize or write a daily diary. I was too cool at the time; however, I have learned the benefits and admit, they are huge.

However, I have also discovered that a blog is in conflict with the value of journalizing. The blog is for people to read; it is or could be entertainment. This means they wish to enjoy the experience of reading the blog.

Writing in a journal is a great way to solve problems, I am able to take my abstract concepts floating around in my brain, and because I need to put them into words, I must create a consistent, cogent explanation in words. The transliteration from abstract to harmonious is the benefit.

Talking about problems is not always a positive experience for a blog reader. The reader also believes I am unhappy, I on the other hand am most alive when solving problems or analyzing. The Philippines to me is an adventure, Singapore is boredom. Cleanliness and order are only sought after a long-term excursion into madness.

I believe 95 percent of blogger do it to become famous. This causes them to write to the audience, and not to themselves, robbing both the audience and themselves of authentic expression of feeling, writing what they perceive is of interest and not what they observed.

Journalizing Problems

Blue Screen of Death

Blue Screen of Death

I have been experiencing the Blue Screen of Death. At least this is what my friend Andrew and Stephen have called it, they are techies. I am not a good techie, I do not pay attention to jargon and insider type terms. I cannot be bothered, however sometimes it applies.

My computer has been going the light colored blue, then stops, shuts itself off and tries to reboot. It then goes into some check disk mode. It is not a good sign, it could mean so many things.

Reseat the RAM - Random Access Memory.

I have solved a similar problem now 5 time by removing the RAM and the Hard Drive and putting it back into the socket. This reestablishes the electrical connection. I performed this operation a couple of minutes ago and now I am typing in complete paranoia. I have to click on save every other sentence or when I get paranoid. If, I click on save, the typing is saved to the hard drive and the blue screen will not loose it, however, I am only as good as the last save.

I will soon get to focused and not save as often as need, if the blue screen problem is not fixed, I will loose maybe 10 minute or more of typing and computer work. I is possible to loose information, that make me sad.

So far, so good, no blue screens. For a person traveling with a laptop, I strongly advice them to learn how to remove the RAM and Hard Drive and reseat. I believe a prior computer was declared junk, when this was the problem, not the diagnosis of the technicians. Computer in many ways have out distanced the ability of technicians to fix. Their only hope is to guess and replace the computer parts or computer.

Bouncing around in the bag causes the electrical connections of my RAM memory to loosen. Vibration is a major problem for small electrical connections.

Blue Screen of Death

Reporting Taxis in Manila Philippines

Reporting Taxis in Manila Philippines
I found some great advice in the strangest of places. This is in the toilet of the LA Cafe in Manila, Philippines.
A true cultural experience of the Philippines and funny as can be.
Report a Taxi that will not use the Meter.
I now open my cell phone, ready to photograph. I get in the taxi, say meter. If I hear a headache, I get out of the taxi, take a photo and send to this. Plus I am putting on my page. I took this photos with my Motorola Cell phone.
Note, I recommend anyone wanting to purchase land in the Philippines to enter one of the local BARS... and talk with Expats for a couple of hours, it will save you more money than imaginable. Places like the LA Cafe are their offices.

Reporting Taxis in Manila Philippines