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Sex Tourism for Males

Sex Tourism
I was talking by with a friend and I explained an observation.
I said,
- Where there are sex tourist, my ability to do business is better. -
A male sex tourist is normally over 40, has extra cash, is more likely to carry a laptop. They have the money to pay for the toys. The Internet is the new way for these persons to try to find or communicate with people.
I was told,
- Never trust a girl that chats-
I was also told,
- Never trust a girl that has heels higher than 5 inches. -
I chat only with long-term friends, very seldom with them.
The bottom line though is the sex tourist are in the chat rooms, on the Internet, they learn all the toys and ways of communication with people in other countries. Plus they want to live cheap, travel cheaper, and often carry a laptop.
I pay attention because where they are staying or compelled go go often means, I can live cheap and use the Internet easy. Sadly or accurately their network is more extensive than the normal traveler and sometime more gut level honest
For Example:
I was searching for information on Visas in Africa. I had learned about a thing called,
- Visa Entente -
It is a visa that allows me enter 5 countries
I did a search in for
- "visa entente" Ghana -
To quote: XXL
- Togo-Benin-Côte d'Ivoire and Niger now have a visa agreement (visa "Entente"). A visa for any one of those countries is valid for the other three.-
This is on this page:
This type of traveler seems compelled to explain to others better, simple, and in a high tech way how to visit another country. The go in search of exotic or primitive. They are better connected, quicker to reply and more adult often than the Lonely Planet Thorntree bunch, more or less children without the money to travel.
Sex Tourism

What do you know about Ivory Coast

What do you know about Ivory Coast
Jeroen the travel agent here in Bangkok asked,
- What do you know about Côte d’Ivoire?
I know the name causes multiple headaches for a web site, because of them little marks in the name.
I went through all the maps, the drawing and now I purchased a ticket to the Ivory Coast for I think the 26th of July. No Visa needed for USA, and I can maneuver the others from there, plus avoid the India people and getting a Ghana Visa in Delhi. India can be a long long line to anywhere....
I know nothing about the Ivory Coast, what a great reason to go.
What do you know about Ivory Coast

WIFI in my room

WIFI in my room
Wireless Internet access.
I was excited, I moved from room 404 to 201, two floors down so I could connect to the Internet. I checked it, it work, however I failed to check correct or the variables changed. It is possible a closer person is sort of robbing the signal. A weak WIFI seems to be a problem.
WIFI in a Hotel is most of time does not work. In the lobby within 30 feet, by line of sight to the router and it works. In my room, almost zero. I need to check the room to guarantee it works. Then the persons need to know how to run the WIFI.
I was in Singapore, my friend says,
- I have WIFI, you can use it from outside the apartment until I arrive. -
He does not tell me the security code, then when he does later, it does not work and we cannot figure it out.
WIFI is a mean joke, I get excited and then in never works.
The GPRS Cell phone connection works good in Thailand, it is closest to wireless I have had anywhere on the planet. It is slow, but dependable. Wifi can be fast, but is not dependable. Never assume the WIFI will work, you must test it, plus make sure you are in room that is close to the router.
An Internet cafe is still a lot easier than WIFI, but there is hope.

GPRS in Thailand
WIFI in my room

Africa Visas Chain of Events

Africa Visas Chain of Events
I am in Bangkok, Thailand, trying to plan how to enter Africa. I need a small amount of preparation, not much, but it needs to be put into the proper frame. If I choose the proper format, then all the other questions can be solved as they arise.

Every part of travel is a chain of events, one step, then the  next step, then proceed, it is a process, not reservations would hinder my travel.

I want to go to Africa, I have three choices. I can fly from Bombay or Mumbai to:
1. Senegal - No visa needed for Americans.
2. Togo - No visa needed for Americans.
3. Ghana - Visa needed, but can get in Delhi, India

Actually, I can fly into any country, but I need permission to enter, or my visa. This can be a maze or what if situations.
My only saving concept is that normally a country adjoining to another country makes it possible to enter by providing an embassy.

I will fly from Mumbai, India to Africa, I have three possible choices. I believe I will choose to fly to Ghana, and then go by land to Senegal, fly to an Island called Capa Verde, and proceed to fly to Germany.

Map of travel path for in Africa.. IT WILL CHANGE.
This is a map of my plans or idea to how to enter Africa and leave Africa. I am going to purchase a ticket in Bangkok from Mumbai to Ghana, it is easier to buy a plane ticket here than in India. Visa or the permission to enter countries is the first challenge.

To get the visas I need to have time to wait for them, maybe it takes one day or two weeks, I cannot force and embassy to perform. I could arrange these Visas in
Washington DC, however it would cost 10 times as much and take about as long.

Each embassy holds my passport while they process. I have two U.S.A. passports; however, I have not yet found a Visa processing agency that seems professional enough to get my Visa in a chain.
IF I had a good company, I could send and says, I want the Visas for this list of countries. Presently this type of Visa is a fill out a form on the internet and click, not a feeling of safety. I believe they specialize in people that do not need a Visa, but think they need a Visa.
Africa Visas Chain of Events

China Floor on Khao San Road

China Floor on Khao San Road
I am sharing a room, there was a need to be close to the Sky Train or it seems logical. I tried my best to find a room on Sukumvit, or one of them Soi's, however, it did not work. My friend wanted to get reimbursed for the Hotel cost by the University, but it seems a little crazy to pay three times the cost to live in a hotel so you can get one third the money back.
Pay 1800 Baht then get back 600 Baht.
In the end, the math still says Khao San is an economical place to live.
It is possible to get a room in the Sukumvit area for 1000 Baht very easy, if you like to sign up your life for a reservation three days before you live that life. There was this better than normal booking site that seem to help.
It is almost impossible for me make a reservation, I just cannot commit to a hotel room, girls are difficult, rooms are impossible.
How does one commit to living in a room, not my creed of travel. It make me feel like a camera carrying tourist and in the Sukumvit area of Bangkok there is a bunch of way too old guys going for both sexes...aagh I get the distinct feeling and it keeps panning out, that Sukumvit is half to crossover.
In the end... found a strange room, great place, brand new. Normally the best is always the new undiscovered. 680 for AC, TV and very high pressure hot water shower. It has WIFI.. but the signal only works on the China Floor.
They said,
- This floor is reserved for the Chinese because they make a lot of noise. -
On and on and cultures and other cultures, but I understood what they meant, however I always knew when I walked in the South Korean, Japanese and Chinese ownership can add some good perks like Wifi.
It does not work.. too much concrete, but does work in lobby and maybe on the China Floor, number 2.
A taxi for 250 Baht makes Khao San road better to for business travel than Sukumvit, but lacking the bar girls of Sukumvit.
There are a lot of between the lines to read...
China Floor on Khao San Road

Why People Are Not Friends

Why People Are Not Friends
I made a post about squat toilets, and one comment was:

Anonymous said...

Andy you are a f!#$king idiot and I am embarassed that you represent travellers.
I am always amazed or bewildered by the why, what happens to a person. Here is some person that has no need to read the post, can easily just avoid any and all information blogged or posted by me.
Yet, they proceed to be pro-active in trying to provoke or scream their thoughts.
I am concerned about cruel or harsh comments. I see that I sometimes write or type in harsh feelings, that do hurt peoples feeling and makes them angry. I try not to write in my journals when I am observing more negative situations than positive, yet of course it sort of lie to myself to avoid thinking.
I am just a traveler, I do not represent travelers, I am not happy about the Travel Writers that write articles to make people happy, sell tours, and steer people in the wrong way for money.
However, they have people that want to fantasize or read what they write, I am not very concerned until they give information that could hurt a person. A person paying too much for a room is not hurting them, not helping, but is not hurting in a long term mental problem type of way.
I think of my Mother, it almost make me cry to think, what would happen if she needed to use the squat toilet, because she had no choice. He legs are old, she is weak, how could she do this? It would be a sad feeling to suddenly know, or realize, a person must sit down on the floor, then ask another person to come and help them.. maybe if there is help.
The knowledge and experience of the world lives in the minds and bodies of the older generation. They are the persons that need to go to under-developed countries. Not the young hippie dippy bunch, they are young, they have little to give.
The Peace Corp is full of young and energetic people, yes this is good. But how can a person of 20 explain to a person of 50 how to build a home or plant a garden, or many other task. You need experience, however deep in the recesses of the older person mind they wish to explore, to share, to show their love, to give back what they received. But with experience we learn to be afraid, we watch TV, the new, the horror and all the other crap the media throws at use. We remember every way we could be hurt.
I sometime think the only complicated part of traveling is to figure out how to eat a clean meal, take a clean shower, and use the toilet.
I like to take a long walk in the morning, however I must go around in a circle or never stray too far as there are no public restrooms.
I think the older persons of the world know, there is a solution to all problems. They should help by sharing the solutions with countries that need some help. In the end learning these small intimate and normal parts of another persons life allows us to see how we are the same, and not different.
I do know it is a sad world when a person goes out to try to provoke or call people names when they could just walk away and end the thoughts.
Why people are not friends is because we talk too much and listen too little, maybe we always believe the other person does not have a right to say their opinions. I slowly learn how not commenting to my friends makes us better friends. I learned it is not my job to change my friends.
As for representing travelers, I do try to be the best example of an American of a Human of a Civil person when I enter and leave a country. There is a world of difference between what I blog and think and how I treat the person around me. I can totally disagree with a culture and still know, I do not have the right to change people. I may know better, however I keep learning, normally in 90 percent of cases, I do not.

Thailand Squat Toilet

Thailand Squat Toilet
More than you need to know...

This is somewhat a typical toilet setup in many parts of Thailand. I unfortunately have I hope put together the complicated puzzle. Many people talk about culture.
I sometimes think I could devise a test to see how well they understand some intimacies of the country or culture.
Now, where do you wash your hands. Behind the photo in this toilet is a bar of soap, however there is no small sink. Finding the bar of soap is always the kicker. I only find a bar of soap in the toilet about 10 percent of the time with all squat toilets on the planet.
Sometime there is a hand sprayer, use from the front to the back.
IF you pay attention in a restaurant, you will see patrons pull some napkins off the table before they leave for the restroom. I personally know, I always be carrying.
Note, if you think you do not need to know this, stay home. If you travel long enough you will need to know how this works, not because you want to, but because you have to.
Thailand Squat Toilet
More than you need to know...

Cultural Maze

Cultural Maze
I am in Khon Kaen, Thailand, there is a University here.
I am trying to collect information on the price of Medicine, a fun and interesting project.
However, I keep running into anger. It is amazing how Pharmacist in the Philippines and in Thailand now are not able to handle the stress of questions.
I am only asking the price of medicines and they get extremely short and abrupt with me. I have the name of the medicine on paper for them to read and the anger is extreme. Very controlling on their part.
What is a concern is this, in most countries on the planet, the pharmacist is the doctor. The person with a problem walks into a drug store and purchases the medicine over the counter. There is not need for a prescription. I suspect they treat the poor clients worst than me, to diagnosis a problem from a person they need to listen, I suspect the person with the illness has no choice but to diagnosis themselves, walk into a pharmacy and ask for medicine. I do not think a pharmacist in the developing countries have the ability to handle the stress of difficult situations on a regular basis.
Stress management is learned, and in underdeveloped countries, the elite are like little dictators or child kings. They never are forced to deal with problems, they scream and the lower levels jump. There are some silly dynamics here and sometimes dangerous.
I have handed a sheet with 10 medicines to the pharmacist and asked to complete. For accuracy and better completion, I am believe I may enter the pharmacy and buy three medicines. I will then photograph the bottles, and purchase. In the end, the only thing the pharmacy seems to care about is selling something, to ask a question is almost a taboo. Asking questions is not considered proper in many countries.
The pharmacist in Thailand is a good friend, she treats me very badly when I ask a question. My gut says, she does not know the answer, therefore she feels like she is losing face, the culture demands they always pretend they know the answer. What a headache.
The collection of information seems to be more of a cultural maze, then a strict collection of data.
Cultural Maze