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Hotel Maintenance Person

Hotel Maintenance Person
Bangkok Thailand Southeast Asia
Tuesday, November 7, 2006

I live in hotels; my home is a hotel room. Therefore, I sometimes pay more attention to the hotel than a normal tourist who is preoccupied with looking at tourist attractions.

Presently I am in the Sawasdee Smile in the Khao San Road area; I like the hotel because it is cheap, quiet, and has a way for me to put my own padlock on the door. Moreover, because of the difficult to find location they usually have a room. I have been using their 10 Baht per day storage for long-term storage.

Well, there is this set of two shared toilets. The drains are plugged, and when you plunge one side up come the water in the adjoining shower or toilet. Well, today I found two plungers, and was pushing the water or plunging both at the same time; this causes pressure on the actual plug and opens the drain.

This is my “Travelers Nest,” it is my home; I want the showers drains to work. However, I am positive, positive that hotels focus too much on cleaning people and reception people, and should have a constant search for good maintenance people.

This is not easy, I know, I can fix anything but a broken heart, and I know that good maintenance people are incredibly difficult to find. I fixed the drains; however, I have a natural ability to see the solutions to mechanical problems. How do you find a natural? You really do have to turn over many stones.

We have this online application system for workers, a way to give a job to someone in Bangladesh. We get maybe 5 to 10 applications per day and it is complicated and confusing to separate the good applications from the bad, the somehow give a test, then to have a trial period. I then suspect only one in ten will be able to fit into my system. We presently have two employees, and they are great.

To find a person that cares, someone who wants to do a good job is becoming rare; it appears that putting in their time is the new method of work, not trying to do your best.

Nevertheless, still it is probabilities; try a lot of people, eventually you will find a great maintenance man and Andy the will not have to plunge the drains properly in the Sawasdee Smile behind the Wat on Khao San Road.

I suspect I will spend my life doing maintenance; I have never been in a hotel where there was a great maintenance crew. Something is always broken in the room.

Hotel Maintenance Person

Malaria or Food Poisoning

Malaria or Food Poisoning
Khon Kaen Thailand Southeast Asia
Monday, November 6, 2006

I am going through a mental process, trying to discover what was drastically wrong with me in Niger. I was extremely sick and am not sure what was wrong.


It is French or Hausa speaking, the strange part in life, is you walk into a doctor or pharmacy in a poorer country and they ask,
- What is wrong with you? -

How do I know, I am sick, these are my symptoms….

Now, how does a person who does not understand English and I cannot say in French, understand or intuitively care about my symptoms. I know, and for sure, 100 feel that what is under-developed in countries is care. To be in the worst developed country on the planet, NIGER, and expect a doctor to care, really care is ludicrous. They only care about how much money they can get from a white man.

The solutions though are often easier than the diagnose and I believe a person should concentrate on what will fix them, and not on what is wrong.
90 percent of problems can be serviced with some type of anti-biotic, and if I walk into a pharmacy, describe my symptoms, I have about a 90 percent chance the pharmacist will give me something that works.

This is fuzzy logic, and the need to know is the problem, a person needs to know, I am not sure why, but life demands of them, to know why…

90 percent will not stop the 10 percent.

Life threatening diseases, what are they, hard to find a good one that will take down a healthy person. However, for the paranoid, a private pay through the nose doctor in another country is your best choice, and with an introduction from someone.

The go to a second doctor, just to be sure.

Calling your doctor at home would be wonderful, if you can muster a doctor that will take you calls. Nobody wants to be responsible, so the put-you-off words can be annoying.

Solutions medicine is more important than to know why, better to make a mistake and take the wrong set of medicines, which probably will not hurt you, than to wait, and wait, until you are really sick.

If it does not work, well, so what.

I am ok, did I have malaria or food poisoning or something else, the regiment of how I dealt with it worked, I am fixed. Nevertheless, egg in my face, humility, introspection, what was wrong with me, I need to be careful; I need to have solutions in my brain, anticipate how to deal with problems, before I am in a problem. Anticipation and a game plan on managing problems is good explorer type need. To be able to see into the future and anticipate what problem could possibly arise, then think through the problem, and know a path to a solution.

Not the way a normal person thinks, so stay home.

Malaria or Food Poisoning

Nov 5 2006 Self-Funding Self-Sustainable Breakthrough

Nov 5 2006 Self-Funding Self-Sustainable Breakthrough

Today, we finally create and automated system to collect information from the internet on Malnutrition projec.

It is called the MINE or a Data Mine.

The information is there, now next step is to clean. I am as proud of this as anything I have ever done in my life.

Nov 5 2006 Self-Funding Self-Sustainable Breakthrough

Cell Phone Internet Access

Cell Phone Internet Access

I have a cell phone connection to the internet here in Thailand. It make a wifi system seem antiquated. Although the speed of wifi is extreme, the priority question is this.

Do you want accesss to internet anywhere, then the GPRS cell phone access is best.

If you want speed in a very small area, then wifi is good. But the power of most wifi spots is too weak. To be workable, they need to be about 50 times more powerful and create at least a 10 time bigger footprint. Presently I see wifi in Hotels as an annoying non-functional toy.

Give me an an ethernet wire.

However, when GPRS is available at about 10 cents per hour of access, give me cell phone access. It is the only mobile system I know.

Satellite is a problem, buildings cause problems. Cell phone coverage is much better than the problem of getting line of site access to a satellite.

Cell Phone Internet Access

Thai Life of Ease

Thai Life of Ease
Bangkok Thailand Southeast Asia
Friday, November 3, 2006

Thailand life is easy, it is possible for me to forget, I am eating, then I eat again, then I have some more eating variety. I just to walk around in a city and could not find one thing to eat.

I leave today for Khon Kaen University to meet a friend, and to have a bunch of medical test done at the University. It will be good, it is in the Northeast and a University City, makes a good flavor.

I am enjoying having my life easy, all my clothes are clean!

The cost of living here is about 1/5 that of West Africa, or maybe 1/10th.

Thai Life of Ease

2006 Nov 1 Enter Bangkok Thailand

2006 Nov 1 Enter Bangkok Thailand
Bangkok Thailand East Asia
Thursday, November 2, 2006

I have entered the country and city of Bangkok, Thailand. I entered yesterday about 7:00 PM and was checked in, registered and lying on my bed in my five-dollar per night hotel with TV, HBO BBC, fan and a shared toilet. Life is good.

I have all my clothes packed up in a shirt I am using as a laundry bag and ready to take to the Sawasdee Laundry Service. For about three US Dollars, or 120 Baht, I can have all my clothes washed by machine and dried by machine. It is the first time in three months that I have not washed my clothes by hand. I am excited to have clothes, which are thoroughly clean, and shrunk to a hot air dryer fit. My clothes get a grunge about them, and no matter what I do, a machine does a better job, and the machine dryer makes them re-compact themselves to a better fit.

The cost to do this much laundry in West Africa would be about 25 US dollars, or maybe more, and it would be done by hand and clothes dried, normally.

Bangkok, Thailand is my home plane ticket base, the place where I re-stock on anything I need, China is up the continent, the world sells anything and everything at what would be wholesale prices in the USA. I can quickly, efficiently and cost effective purchase everything I need to travel. I do not know of anything, except gym shoes and underwear that I cannot buy in Bangkok. The underwear, Reeboks, and I normally buy computers in the USA because the warranty is clearer. However, everything else I need is on the rack, for sale, at what would be USA prices.

I also can buy plane tickets to anywhere, one-way at about half the price of anywhere on the planet. Thailand is wholesale priced, and for sure, life has a good money value.

I have an extra large backpack in long-term storage in one of the Sawasdee Inns, and can for about 25 Cents per day store anything safely for about one year, or more.

If Thailand spoke better English it would be paradise for the person who just wants a cheap place to live. I also can purchase any book on the planet used, all my needs are fulfilled in Thailand. No religion problem, no problem, when I hear the words,
- No problem, -

I worry, I know there is a problem, however I truly believe there is almost no problem in Thailand, I will eat a whole chicken, cooked and ready for less than 1.50 USA, I think about one dollar. Fresh orange juice for 25 cents and internet for 50 cents per hour. What a great wholesale value of life.

2006 Nov 1 Enter Bangkok Thailand


Abidjan Ivory Coast West Africa
Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A French word, that I do not understand, the woman said,
“Eponge du Mer,”

Maybe, Sponge of the Sea.

I have purchased 60 Meters of Eponge, this is about 60 Yards, and a meter is close enough to a Yard, which who cares, thinking the same.

In my last newsletter, I wrote a tip about Eponge, or some French plastic body scrubbing material. I have been using this stuff now for about a month, after I finally understood what it was used for, everyone tries to sell it to me, but it looks like plastic mesh net, not like something to clean the body.

This is a bar of soap and the plastic mesh.

This stuff is not sponge, it does not absorb any water, that is why I like it, it is more abrasive than a wash rag, but does the same job, sort of does a like scrap of the skin, taking off the loose, does not need to be part of me anymore stuff.

Storing a bar of soap is no longer a problem, this stuff wraps, and does not let go, the little plastic eats into the bar of soap and I can put the soap in my shower travel bag. The soap will dry because the material is a mesh, not a rag.

The bottom line, no mildew in the bag, this is plastic, water does not absorb into the plastic.

I purchased 60 meters, whereby when I finally get a first run of 50 backpack made to sell, I can load it up with hard to find, however great travel gear.


My Africa Feet Hurt

My Africa Feet Hurt
Abidjan Cote d’Ivoire West Africa
Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My feet hurt, I am not sure, and the Palu or Malaria has done something to my feet. It feels like I have frostbitten them very bad and the circulation has been damaged. They tingle all the time, and I am constantly feeling like I am walking on needles. It hurts, it obsesses in my mind and I am not able to lie still in the bed. The bed is my normal furniture, I do not have couches, and things like that, and I live on a bed.

It is frustrating and surrealistic in many ways; I am in a sensory overload situation the last few weeks, as if everything is throwing pointed things at me.

I am hoping to walk this off, I have not done my normal amount of accidental trekking as I would normal do, and I have been stuck in bed, afraid to wonder around. I am not ok, I am starting to take my morning, go-look-at-people walks, I like to grab bread, munch, walk and see what is happening in the morning as the world awakes around 7:00 AM, this is when the industrious person walk about. Moreover, the drunk are off in bed, trying to avoid the day…

Walking make the blood pump, I will walk more and lie around less, I am normally a big walker, that is why I say accidental trekking, it is common for me to walk for two hours around a city, just window shopping.

My Africa Feet Hurt

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