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Koh Pha Ngan Newsletter Sent After Wandering Around

Koh Pha Ngan Newsletter Sent

Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Koh Pha Ngan Thailand - TIP Is the Hotel Clean

I wrote my newsletter from Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand an island in southern Thailand. I was almost finished, yet needed to check out of my dive hotel at 11:00. Since the hotel had no common area I wondered around for a few hours until the boat left for Koh Samui.

I finally finished the letter in the Koh Samui airport lounge, just before I left for Bangkok on the Bangkok Airlines flight.

I did not receive a copy of my own email newsletter, I am amazed at the amount of decisions that are being made by the telephone companies, hosting companies, and NON governmental type companies on what is allowed to be sent.

I am annoyed and feel a violation of my civil rights is happening when I cannot guarantee a letter or email sent from one location on the planet to another will actually make it there, because some power that be decides for me. I cannot guarantee I can send to myself!

Choice are being made by people that are not correct.

If email is to one day become a priority mail, the regulations need to be developed, that also say and demand what types of emails must go through.

All the big telephone companies, host, and emails service companies have become the censors. People complain about the governments, yet in reality, it is better to have an open, public ally accountable government perform this, rather than Verizon, or, or the thousands of other self appointed censors.

Even in my own company decisions are made on what and cannot enter, I am aware of my own weakness in this matter, how do we allow all emails to be sent, yet somehow stop the unscrupulous senders of emails.

In the end, there is a need to allow more and stop less, otherwise the rights of the one, are violated for the sake of the whole.

Rules made without extreme testing are a limit to freedoms.

Koh Pha Ngan Newsletter Sent

Tattoo a Peaceful Easy Feeling

Tattoo a Peaceful Easy Feeling

I finally got in touch with how I feel about the every present tattoo's on the travelers in Thailand.

There is not a - Peaceful Easy Feeling - like the words by the music group the Eagles. They just do not feel happy.

Tattoo a Peaceful Easy Feeling

Koh Pha Ngan to Bangkok Flight

Koh Pha Ngan to Bangkok Flight

2400 Baht from Koh Samu to Bangkok Thailand
300 Baht Airport Fee
150 Baht for Boat from Koh Pha Ngan to Samui
50 Baht for Taxi Truck from Samui Dock to Airport

I am flying with Bangkok Airlines.

I could have gotten an from Suratani to Bangkok for about 1500 Baht, then paid about 650 for boat, but the boat is 4 hours and I got motion sick 5 times on the boat coming here because the wave are big now, for some reason...

I suppose a saving of about 1000 baht or more.

The bus trip from Khao San Road Bangkok all the way to Koh Pha Ngan Island complete with boat was 450 Baht one-way. It took from 5;45 PM in the afternoon to almost noon the next day to get to the island, you can get cheap.

I am leaving from Samui at about 10:00 at night and got my first reservation ever in Thailand, because it is Christmas and I am hope it works. Note, I did not have to use a credit card or anything to reserve the room, go figure, I am going to show up, but I know travelers, they jsut do not care, they will stiff the hotel. I arrive at 12 midnight, no way to rent the room after that time, unless to a lady boy and guest.

Koh Pha Ngan to Bangkok Flight

Somewhere on the Other Side

Somewhere on the Other Side
Bangkok Thailand Khao San Road
Sunday, December 17, 2006

Alcoholic Haze�

I left my hotel, went for a stroll in the Khao San Road area of Bangkok, Thailand. It was maybe about 7:00 in the morning, the time after the sun comes up and some people decide to stop drinking, and wander on home. This Thailand boy was way over the edge, or seemed to be, there is a certain intelligence or ability of a person that stands up his guitar and beer bottle.

I saw him later lying in a pile by some construction materials. Then, I went out again today, the next day and saw him again, lying in a heap.

He is very dirty, I personally do not like to talk with people that are on the other side of sanity, and that also means on the other side of clean. However, every night, behind the Wat on Khao San Road I observe many persons sitting on the streets with some of the most obnoxious and dirty Thailand people in existence. Every place and every country has the crazy, the over the edge, the people that really are going nowhere, however here on Khao San Road, they have a home.

Somewhere on the Other Side

Bangkok to Jakarta Flight

Bangkok to Jakarta Flight
I fly from Bangkok, Thailand to Jakarta, Indonesia with Garuda Airlines for about 7400 Baht, not the cheapest path to Jakarta, but maybe the safest. I am going to enter a city from 20-25 Million people, and this can be difficult.

I will instantly catch a train to Bandung, Indonesia.
I am going there to learn about Backpacks or to try to buy parts for Backpacks, if for some reason they make it easy to manufacture my design there, then I will return. However, if not, maybe I buy parts and take to Nepal to finish up and make a run of Backpacks.
Whatever the case, I have had in the last day an inspirational idea on how to make my Backpacks expandable easy.
So nothing to do now, but find the parts and make a great Backpack.
It is personal for me, this is my home... hehehe
Life is Good
Andy in Bangkok Thailand
Bangkok to Jakarta Flight


Andy of
Daily Diary or Travel Journal

Philippines on the Travel Path

Philippines on the Travel Path
Bangkok Thailand Southeast Asia
Thursday, November 16, 2006

Cebu Pacific starts to fly between Manila and Bangkok on December 14, 2006.

I just watched some anal man talking how Vietnam spends about a million dollars on marketing of tourist and Thailand spends many times more millions than Vietnam.

He said this was the reason why Thailand did better, how stupid, it is necessary Thailand spend more, they have many times more tourist.

The reason does not have as many tourists is because the paths of Vietnam are difficult, Bangkok, Thailand is the hub of ingress and egress of Southeast Asia, it the best place to enter this sector of the world. Bangkok has somehow made airline travel cheap into Southeast Asia. Vietnam’s government, airlines, says, do not come.

I have to get a Visa or pay money to enter Vietnam; the Visa I think is 30 dollars. Thailand is Free, and easy.

It is about removing the resistance to entry and being on the travel path, becoming to a tourist, well, we can just stop in Vietnam on the way to here.

The Philippines as best I can tell is not part of any around the world plane ticket, this mean the very well path between England and Australia passes the Philippines and Vietnam, and there is a dramatic less tourist traffic.

Cebu Pacific, a much better airline or easier to use than Philippines Airlines, a LCC Low Cost Carrier, an airline where I can just click and buy a ticket will start to fly between Manila and Bangkok on December 14, 2006.

This means, the Philippines could become part of the tourist path from England to Australia. Singapore is on this path, and as best I can see, there is almost nothing to see in Singapore, but pretty big building and some clean Chinese people and not dirty Chinese people. Nevertheless, they are right in the middle of the path.

If the prices are around or less than one hundred dollars US, this will be a windfall for the Philippines as the threshold resistance to travel to the Philippines will be reduced.

Cebu Pacific Air

Tourist go where it is easy to go first, I am going to Africa, why, because I have been to most of the easy places.

Philippines on the Travel Path

Learning to Travel

Learning to Travel
Bangkok Thailand Khao San Road
Southeast Asia
Thursday, November 16, 2006

Learning how to live ones life takes a lifetime to learn, however I do believe at the end of my days, I will know the answers.

There is no perfection and life is a journey, I will be lucky if I convince one person in my life that I love them. Gee, I will be lucky if I convince myself that I like me…

Humility I have been taught it to be teachable.

I learned two things in my room last night, and I have stayed in this hotel in Bangkok and maybe the same room about 20 separate trips. A person would think or could be presumptuous and think,
- I know everything about this hotel. -

My room is a concrete box; it is on the lowest floor of an even bigger concrete box. This is good; in a tropical country if the building was big; enough I would become the same a caf้ and keep the temperature around 50 some degrees Fahrenheit.

However, there is no breeze in my room and the air does not become rejuvenated or recycled from outside the room.

I have a window, but if I close the curtain, then there is no air, if I open the curtain then anyone can walk by and look in the room.

I want to open the curtain… but I do not want people to see in.

I realized last night, when the lights are off, I can open the curtain and nobody can see in.

What I learned about this room is room specific, it means nothing to anyone but me.

Nevertheless, this is my point to myself about learning to travel, the journey never stops, I continue to learn, and there is never a day when I do not learn a new trick.

I like school, however, I know many people say how they hate school, it would be quite enjoyable for me to go to University for the rest of my life, and it would be a great life.

I am in a University of real life, every day I am learning how to travel, there will be no graduation.

Learning to Travel

78.7 Kilo Hobo in Bangkok

78.7 Kilo Hobo in Bangkok

I weighed in this morning at 173.50 Pounds, this is 8 pounds more than my weight when I graduated from High School. Giving for middle age spread, shrinking of muscle size and many other variables.....
- I need to exercise.. - Hehehe

But, generally I am at fighting weight for my age.

I was excited, I lost a lot of weight in Africa and I am almost never close to a scales. The Sawasdee Smile Hotel has a scales and I hope it is correct.

A scales is good for a Hotel to have, it helps tourist to know if the baggage and all the junk they bought will be ok for the plane.

LCC Low Cost Carriers are about 15 kilos
Normal are about 20 kilos
And flights on REGULAR airlines to the USA I found are 60 Kilos.

One Kilo is about 2 pounds, so double, but I think the actual number if one kilo equals 2.2 pounds so round up a margin.

Laundry scales are 75 percent wrong...

Life is Better!
Andy in Bangkok Thailand

78.7 Kilo Hobo in Bangkok

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