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Certified Copy of Passport

Certified Copy of Passport

I opened up the Canadian governments travel advisory pages on Burkina Faso.

I the body of information it says,
"Travellers should always carry a legally certified photocopy of their passport's identification page"

I have never heard of this, only a certified copy of a Birth Certificate, never a passport.

I searched on because is slow or down because of the earthquake in Taiwan for these phrase with code to get better results.

"Legally Certified Photocopy" + Passport
"Legally Certified Copy" + Passport
"Certified Copy" Passport
A BAD Yahoo Answers to the question

In my rational, there is no such thing, it is just a good idea.

In the USA, I would go make a copy in front of a Notary Public and have him or her acknowledge that this is my statement, that this is a copy of my passport, that would be legal.

But who cares, that is only legal for the USA, a notarized page is only good in the country whereby it was signed.

IF I wanted a certified copy in Burkina Faso, I would have do whatever they do for the Notary thing in their country and sign a statement.

I went to get a Notarized thing of my signature in Canada, and realized. or finally discovered, I need to go to the USA Embassy to have papers notarized.

I am working on a tip on how to make a copy of your passport and then shrink, put plastic on it and then carry in your wallet or billfold or wherever.

I keep getting copies and they disintegrate over time, I need something in plastic.

An American Citizen or a Canadian Citizen can get away without a passport on them, yet a person from Ecuador, in Burkina Faso, better have their original passport on them all the time.

Note, I almost never carry my passport, except when there are military checkpoints like I encountered in Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Africa.

Canadians spell traveller with one L and Americans spell Traveler with one.

Note: Any answer that is not obvious, is never a good answer. The idea of carrying a legally certified copy of passport is a bad idea and not feasible.

Certified Copy of Passport

Planning Trip to Africa

Planning Trip to Africa

Visa problems...
I want to know where every Embassy or Consulate in the world is for the country of Sao Tome?

I am planning a trip to Africa, as of today I wish to enter Nairobi, Kenya and go by land to Gabon and so forth.

Visa sites are annoying as they assume you are in your native country, for me this is the USA, however, I am not in the USA, therefore the Visa perspective changes.

I need a website that tells me... for example:

I need the location of all Sao Tome Embassies or Consulates in other countries, so maybe if I am close to one, I can go, but this scenario exist for all the countries. I am not interested in where they are located in the USA, I want to know in other countries.

Planning Trip to Africa

Blogger Vs Old Blogger

Blogger Vs Old Blogger

Big debate going on in my techie crowd, something do with instant publishing.

The thought is... not if we send to our own site. It auto FTP's to the site, and the new features are not available for us, except for the really great label feature.


Hobo still has this graphic or icon, we are going to live with it...

We have migrated to the new system.

We have updated the template and layout, and still we have to see this

Blogger Vs Old Blogger

Checklist of GPRS Questions

Checklist of GPRS Questions

I am trying to stage a trip across Africa, from Ethiopia to Senegal by land,

The site is very GOOD, yet I am still having questions.

Example: But NOT a complete list of questions
I need answer on the countries?

1. Is GPRS available
2. Is EDGE available
3. Location of office where I can go and set it up, have them test it, and guarantee it works.
4. Cost to set up.
5. Cost to use per Meg, hour, etc
6. Can it be on pre-paid SIM card, that I purchase in the country?

Contracts are of NO value to me, unless they can do many countries.
I go to Africa about February 14, 2007, I think I will purchase a Satellite connection to use, but want a GPRS to be cheaper.

The goal is to blog every day from any where on the planet, the only 100 percent sure signal is maybe a satellite, and I have learn that is not always true.

The time is takes to set up the GPRS sometimes is onerous, it can be days to get a connection to work. I am going to try to perform the same process as I do in Thailand, I go directly to the office of AIS and have them set up the connection.

I need to take this checklist now and answer them for all the countries in my path.

Checklist of GPRS Questions

Andy Stay Pure

Andy Stay Pure

I had a girl I met in Guatemala 8 years ago say to me one time to stay pure. I think about this comment, and try to understand what she means. I had another conversation last night with a person that reads my writing and said something about me not being part of a big company, therefore she trusted my opinion more.

I am musing on this, however, I think the gist of the statements is they do not want me too, or they do not think I am selling out to the big companies, whatver that means. I do not like this, as if there is only one choice to be made. To keep something pure, there has to be a constant introspection, and the daily choice.


I suppose a great day to stop and think, I am in Thailand and for sure it is not a white Christmas, there is little in this Buddhist country that makes me know today is Christmas

I get angry sometimes, last night I could have rented and watched the movie, UNITED 93
about the crash of the September 11 plane downed by the terrorist.
I said,
- No -
- I do not want to get angry. -
My friend said,
- Why would you get angry? -
I said,
- Nobody gets to F... with my country.-

I just do not know how I am relating this to Christmas, and a comment to stay pure, or how not to sell out to the big companies.

I guess, most people make too many compromiises, and Christ and all the good Gods say to be pure, be a good boy, do the right thing.

I hope or wish people could remember to do the right thing today. It is not hard to be honest, you must avoid temptations. The choice to be pure comes way before the actual chance to make some compromise.

Somewhere along the line, I have made the choice to respect myself.
- Nobody gets to F... with me being honest..-

Andy Stay Pure

Best Travel Sites Research

Best Travel Sites Research
Khon Kaen Thailand Southeast Asia

I am hopefully going to compile and create my list of Top Travel Sites of 2006, therefore I am worried...

2006 is ending in a few days.
Last years picks were:

I go to and search for terms like - Best - Top - etc and hope to find something I did not notice or remember.

I am a difficult person, hard to recommend something that I do not use and I see that most of the recommendations by these sites.... I feel or am sure the writer never used in his or her life. But, they sounded good, had the right credentials and had the proper style.

I am a traveler, I spent over 335 t0 345 days outside the USA last year ,and the year before, but doe this count? I am not sure....

(Whistle Blowing in background)

We need a ruling, what is a the "Travel Rules" on what qualifies a person as a traveler?
Do we first need to decide, are you a traveler or a tourist?

I am traveler, I do not have 24/7 Internet connections.

What I will recommend and continue to recommend are sites that I use, not what sounds good and for sure sites that are impossible to use in an Internet cafe in 15 minutes.

I have been perusing the sites, and most are not useful, they are fun, there is a huge difference, however do TOURIST have needs? Give them another beer please.

I have essential safety needs, planning needs, and go to dangerous places sometimes, there is a difference between need and a luxury tour.

So, I use site for information mostly, answering the questions, that need an answer.

Oh well, maybe the other sites are written by travel writers, I always wonder what the are doing at home in this high tech age of travel, Don't they earn enough money to travel, or are all trips free or given to them for them saying nice things...

Best Travel Sites Research

Hotel Key Card Turn on Electricity

Hotel Key Card Turn on Electricity

I am annoyed, I entered a new hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, it has the super modern put a little card into the slot as you enter the room and all the electricity works.

When you leave, you pull the card out of the slot, all the electricity is shut off.

99 percent of the time, I can separate the card from the key, or use a piece of cardboard to keep the electricity running 100 percent of the time.

This hotel got to smart, they have the expensive bar that does not allow anything but the plastic bar. Then they soldered or welded the key to the round circle of metal or key ring. I cannot open it or pry it open and remove the key. It is connected permanently, very smart, but too smart.

Why I need electricity in my room 100 percent of the time

1. Keep the air conditioned room at steady temperature. The furniture or rooms heat up or cool off, a room that is not constantly cooled, or heated, then has a problem with fluctuations. A room is much more comfortable when always as the same temperature.

2. Charge my batteries for camera. I want a steady six hour or until finished of charge.

3. Charge my cell phone.

I do not need to charge my computer, it is almost always plugged in, the battery of a computer that last only 2 hours is more or less useless. When they get me up to 8 hours of use, it will be worth worrying about the charge.

Hotel Key Card Turn on Electricity

What is a Professional

What is a Professional

I do business with people over the internet, after 10 years of doing business by emails, I think I have found an identifier of a Pro.

A professional seldom loses information, for example, if I send an address, username, password, etc, they do not write later and want me to send again.

It does not matter if one day or two years, they are able to file and retrieve information.

Just a thought, when you are paying someone to do an internet site or page.

What is a Professional

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