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What a Wanna Be Photographer Skills Needed

What a Wanna Be Photographer Skills Needed
I woke up, there is a large magazine in the USA that wants to use one photos of mine.

I am the photo editor for ---- magazine, a US print publicatin. We are looking for a photo of a --- …. Do you have any photos that would show this cultural phenomenon?
Alternatively, we are interested your photo of the ---- ….

Please contact me asap due to our magazine deadline today. etc.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Sunday, November 11, 2007
Andy of ---

If it were not for the last moment, nothing would be done.
URGENT (They wanted it today, that is 12 hours difference.)

I attached a 2 Meg photo with my Foxmail client, sent the photo to the company. I have no idea if they will pay me, what they are up to; I just know that big companies cannot steal photos. I had one TV Company, maybe better to say Movie Company want photos. I had to sign releases, etc, blah blah blah to give them a photo.

I do not even know which photo they used.
I do not think Trust is a skill, but first a person needs to trust, and to know a photo is a photo, I was just a lucky person in the right place taking photos.

SKILLS - a very short list.

Attach Photos
Checking it sent skills
Making a Webpage with photos for them to preview.
Auto Resize of photos
Thumb drive

More or less this is how it works; a person makes a webpage with photos. A person gets on a search Engine finds your photos. Maybe 80 percent are stolen and used, and then the big companies find a photo they want and write you.

You now need to sent them about 20 Megs of photos of small photos to preview, they select a few big photos, and you send.

I have to zip them up, make a link, and then they download.

This is not so simple with a GPRS connection over a cell phone that made dial up of 10 years ago seems fast.

US print publicatin

This was spelled wrong, real people make mistakes, no phone number, urgent and all that. I also have to allow them to be just average people doing their job.

The photo was the easy thing; to communicate fast, urgent, transfer, send and be organized in say West Africa is difficult.

With a big pro style camera about anyone could take the photo.

Ok, Photographer needs to have a personal relationship with the Sun Gods, and have eyes that observe other things than a cliché.

I guess if I was interviewing a photographer, I would send them some emails and request photos, see how fast they can produce, send and if they use the words. I will send soon, and how quick.

A person needs to retrieve a photos from their computer at the speed of light, have a great filing system and send the photo in less than say 30 minutes. They must check their emails from anywhere on the planet daily. Ok, then they need to take about 10,000 photos and store on a computer. I do not think a photographer could travel without a computer.

What a Wanna Be Photographer Skills Needed

Bangkok Wholesale Shopping

Bangkok Wholesale Shopping
In an AC Taxi, cheaper than Tuk Tuks in Bangkok, returning from the HP computer doctor, I saw this from the taxi window.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Monday, November 12, 2007
Andy of ---

Full stop, go direct to go, collect 200 dollar. Eureka, I have found it!

I stopped the Taxi, jumped out and jump for joy. I had found the small nylon strap I wanted, I have been trying to put an eye on this strap for months if not years. I have a hammock, I have the big fat strap kind, normally sold on Khao San Road, doubles as my blanket hammock, but, the nylon strap is huge, I want an oversized nylon shoestring big enough to use for a clothesline, but small enough to pack. I found it here.

My Thailand friend, a girl that actually can speak English tells me, this is where she used to go with here mother to buy cheap shirts. She says it is a wholesale market. Her mother had to buy 10 shirts.

Anything for a buck world… I have yet to go to a Wholesale market where they would not sell one item, yes, they do not want to sell one, but in my world travels they all sell one. A real wholesale market is a miserable place to be, but full of great bargains. Nobody speaks English, the food is local, there are no tours and the venders are not pushy, they do not care if you buy, they just want to sell.

I went to JJ Market, I have no memory, and I remember only a beggar crawling around on the floor, other than that. I cannot remember any reason to return. As Robert says about a Mall,
- A place full of things you do not need.-

I have not tested this business card. I will soon, this has the address of the Bobae (Maybe spelled wrong in English.) market in the Thailand language, telling a taxi in English, an address in English is about like talking to Elephants in Thailand. They will wave their trunks, allow you to get in.

They speak Elephant. To give directions to a Taxi driver best to have in Thailand language.

IF the taxi cannot read, maybe give him, I will lobby for girl taxis drivers, I have only seen about 2 in my life. Nonetheless, give him these photos, maybe it will help. My guess is less than 100 Baht Taxi, 3 US Dollars from Khao San Road or from Sukumvit in Bangkok, Thailand.

This may be the owner of the shop; he does not speak English, so who knows. However a nice guy and pointing works, and the price typed on a calculator, I am good go talk no Thai and buy.

This is more or less an Army Supply shop, full of great gadgets, however the street has many things. I can buy a luggage cart, umbrellas, nylon this, backpacks, and other hard to find, not sold in Backpack shops, but gear needed.

These are disposable ponchos, about the worst way in the world to stay dry, but works. Maybe a garbage bag is worst, however, I carry one of these in my camera backpack, it is on the bottom of the bag. Thanks the good Gods I have never needed in the last few months, but Cameras are allergic to water, and I suppose a good test of a photographers skills is to ask how they protect their camera from water.

I could take the P as the Brits say and ask some person on Khao San Road
- Excuse me sir, I can see by the 2000-dollar camera, you are a professional. Can you in your expert advice tell me how to protect your camera from water? -

I could talk days on this subject and I for sure not a professional, but I do protect a camera and computer, and probably better than most pros.

What if, this is a poncho for the what if situations in life, and if you do not think they happen, please excuse me sir, leave the resort once in your life.

Wholesale Market, maybe, all things in most of the world are about making money, the word retail, wholesale are abused, manipulated and sold down the river. I call Bangkok one of my Base Camp Cities, or stocking up cities. It is like Quito Ecuador, or Lima Peru, you can buy what you really need here.

Those of you looking for that blue propane tank, keep looking… hehehe.. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars. It is for camping, not for travelers.

Bangkok Wholesale Shopping

Deactivating my NoFollow Links

Deactivating my NoFollow Links
I was horrified, amazed, and angry to discover automatically makes all links in the comments of this blog, my blog, NoFollow links.

ALL comments…
I hope all links put in comment are follow links now in this blog

Yep, let us..
Throw the baby out in the bath water.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Monday, November 12, 2007
Andy of ---

I was asked by this guy Igor to post a Follow Link, or not make a NoFollow link and give a site he seems to work for juice.

My first thought, when I learned what this was,
- Why in the world would I put a link on my site if I did not give it juice? - What an extremely selfish and controlling thing to do! This is the secret to the internet, make the small guy succeed and you succeed. (Google allows all, Yahoo made too many rules, they lose.)

Then in their efforts to stop the spammer, they also stop the good people from getting juice in my comments. Ok, I will learn how to stop the spammers, and allow the Mom and Pop sites of the world to post without having to be high powered techies.

If I make it easy for everyone, I can learn how to stop the crazy spammers. What happens in the world is this, the best site are often thrown out of the game for a technical problem, they do not know much about the internet, therefore they are penalized. One huge and overwhelming reason I am making is because of this… the best hotels are not on Hotel sites. I want to include all, and give them a good SEO made page, even when they do not understand what I am doing.

I want a GREAT Hotel, I do not find them on the Internet.
This sucks. Sometimes I find them on Mom and Pop sites, just nice made by nice people pages.

Ok, so you want to be higher ranked, make good content… oops, as of NOW, I hope all future and past links have juice… IF not, I will go back to Boy Genius from India and get him to do this again, fix, change the code, do what we need to allow people who do not understand this post to get traffic, and rank.

I spend a lot of time trying to help my friends, then learn it does not work? The internet should not require a rocket scientist to use.

Deactivating my NoFollow Links

How to Blog Video

How to Blog Video
Here is a video made by Cory and someone, very clearly explaining how to blog. It is an honest video, and one of many reasons I am exploring how to make videos more, honesty can be heard in the voices. (How do I interview me, and not be in the video?)

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Monday, November 12, 2007
Andy of ---

I am not able to send videos through the pipe; they seem to get lost in the email, so again, if you cannot see this video, click here
How to Blog Video



No video, welcome to the not so perfect world of the internet, click here.
How to Blog Video

This video if I get the facts right, and I am not good yet at walking through the maze called

An interview by Thomas Crampton of Cory Doctorow
Who is Thomas Crampton Good question, I do not know…

Cory Doctorow explains how to blog.
Who is Cory Doctorow Good question, I do not know…

Note, I believe you give first, receive second, and what you give, then is given back double in return… sounds pretty good from a Jaded Traveler like me, however do the right thing and good karma will happen, just be a good person…ok?

Therefore, why do I put all these links about Cory and Thomas, I want to give credit where credit is due, many blogs try to steal the ideas, this is also sleazy to copy a word used by Cory in the Video… hehehe

In addition, if you are really techie, want to make friends, think... (Place a time to think pause here) Cory or Thomas could get curious, why am I getting traffic from this Hobo?

How to Blog Video

Traveling Without Shame

Traveling Without Shame
Darn, I remember things from University; I truly hope I have advanced past these good and bad memories.

I suspect that long-term travelers often do a Geographical Cure, they want to outrun their shame, and the problem is they take the object of shame with them.
Bangkok, a.k.a. Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Sunday, November 11, 2007
Andy of ---

1964 Becket - A Movie, one of my favorites about the Honor of God.
The movie starred Richard Burton as Becket and Peter O'Toole as King Henry II and was directed by Peter Glenville.
Becket the Honor of God

I watched this movie in University, and I suppose I should forever thank my professor, if I could remember his name, or what he looked like. I suppose somewhere on the Indiana University Campus in Bloomington.

Shame is a wonderful thing, honor is better, somewhere in between hell and heaven is earth. I travel the earth, a small place, and getting smaller everyday, and keep thinking to myself,
- I see guilt the sister of shame in the eyes of people -

It is good fun to walk around in Bangkok Thailand and look into the eyes of travelers, tourist and Expats from around the world. They get a nervous look, sidestep, look down, and snivel, I think to myself,

- What have you been doing that you feel so much shame? -

I find it amazingly easy to not have shame, I cannot remember clearly when I lied the last time, or even misrepresented something. I suppose I should feel shame when I turn on the charm to get what I want, or turn on the I am angry act. No, I guess I feel no shame; I do this for a good reason.

I weigh, meter, hold high court and sentence people by the look in their eyes. I have no shame with this, I will glare into their soul if needed to find out who they are, just seems like a good way to test the world. I find secrets buried, covered up, hidden, fantasies of something their life is not.

Betazoid to the end, I will live and die by my instincts, I am honing them to a fine edge. I was musing the other day.

This is something that looks war like on the river, on the corner, behind the Wat or Buddhist Temple. It is on the water, maybe it is protecting the honor of Khao San Road, Thai people and making sure the Temple is protected.

I think shame lives in the temple and honor in this building, each person has their choice I suppose we can fight for shame or we can fight for honor. And I suppose the majority with walked around looking at the ground, shame based in a cell of their own thoughts.

I like the tourist attractions of war more than religions, I want to hear how a good person fought the good fight, not how someone went and prayed not to die. I see faith as having no fear.

Read Wiki about Shame: Shame

Traveling Without Shame

Video Panning for Tin in Thailand

Video Panning for Tin in Thailand
I took this video when I was in Ranong, Thailand of a women panning for Tin in the river near the Hot Springs. It was funny, as my friend is saying to me, that what she is panning for is more expensive than Gold. I am thinking, if this is the case, I am going to jump in and join her.

To see the video you may need to go to the online Blog to watch, so click here >> Travel Journal

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Saturday, November 10, 2007
Andy of ---

The video should be above here, click on center of photo and wait.

IF you do NOT see the video, then you are probably a subscriber by email, RSS, etc. and you NEED to go to the real blog online to view. Travel Journal

Ranong is about 10 hours by bus from Bangkok, a nice place to visit, and the Hot Springs is special. I went to Ranong to do a visa run, as I went into Burma or Myanmar for 10 minutes, came back and I have 30 more time to stay in Thailand.

We also went to the Island of Koh Chang, an Agro-tourism place, full of Germans, sort of a German Expat colony.

Video Panning for Tin in Thailand

Photos are Gone Computer Crash

Photos are Gone Computer Crash
I have 20,000 photos on my laptop computer. (A guess)

I was asked by Hewlett Packard support here in Bangkok, Thailand,
- Is there anything of value on the hard drive? -
Ye, 80 gigs of information.
A friend of mine had his laptop stolen in Cebu, Philippines, he said,
- My world was on it. -
A man in Niger told me,
- All the data of our foundation is on this laptop. -

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Friday, November 9, 2007
Andy of ---

I asked the manager, if you need to replace the hard drive, could you give it to me it, so we can try to recover the lost data? She said something to the extent of we need to keep it so we can show the company we replace it.

- I HAVE ALL MY PHOTOS - (Relax Mom)

My hard drive did not crash, but I had to think, I went through the emotional turmoil. My main board was bad, thank the good Gods. However, I thought,
- What is on this hard drive that is not backed up somewhere else? -

My first thought,
The movie taken of panning for Tin in Ranong, then, I thought, not all my movies are backed up, then, what about all the large one Meg photos… (I sold some photos, the photos are worth more than the computer…)

Hmm, I am in a pinch, I have no simple way to back up 10-50 one meg photos per. I need to buy a portable hard drive now because the camera demands I have two. But a band aid, not a solution. I have a hard drive in storage here in Bangkok and the USA, when I pass through Bangkok, or the USA, I back up my computer.

I saw a girl go nuts in Siem Reap, Cambodia when she learn the CD ROM with all her photos were destroyed.

Information is sometime more valuable than the computer. Information is the most valuable commodity on the planet. I have 90 percent of my information backed up, and 100 percent about every six months, but not good enough.

A person can buy an extra hard drive to carry, and then when they rob you, the thief has two.

Putting 80 gigs of information on the internet in Africa is a major nightmare scenario, possible here in Bangkok. Real time, not feasible, but there is hope, or I suspect many a person will be crying over a lost photos.

I know of no good way to backup 20 gigs of travel photos that is 100 percent safe. I know of many expensive and very time consuming methods. The best solution I have today is to leave a 80-100 gig hard drive in various locations on the planet.

Photos are Gone Computer Crash

Telling a Traveler to Go Home

Telling a Traveler to Go Home
I have people, say,
- Andy, you need to go home. -
This is an annoying comment, where the person saying this is completely unable to empathize with a person that has not lived in the USA for 10 years.

Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Friday, November 9, 2007
Andy of ---

There is an aspect of this comment that I accept and translate, transliterate or twist until I can see what they do not see or weigh their intentions. What they could be better saying,
- Go to a safe place that you know, and try to relax, become your normal self again. -

The USA is safe for me, but not normal, so I feel abnormal at home and normal traveling. This is the nature of an addiction, when I learned I like the reality of Alcohol more than the reality of normal, I could see there was a problem...

I like the reality of continuous travel more than than home... Addict, I need my rush.

I have been dwelling on some words.
- Sin
- Normal
- Abnormal
- My culture
- Percentage of deviation
- Happiness

In this dwelling I have realized.
The USA is about 95 percent culturally the same as Canada
about 80 percent same as Europe
maybe 20 percent same as Thailand or Asia

To think going to Europe and it being a different culture is in someways naive.

On the other hand, what is the nature of Sin? To disobey. But who makes the rules I need to disobey to do a good job of this... hehehe?

As of today, I believe more a Sin is when you deviate from your fathers and mothers cultural rules more than about 15-25 percent.

I think mental illness is when this is maybe 50 percent or above.

If you look at travelers, it amazes me how a person can live in the USA, Europe or wherever and suddenly do a 90 percent change in their belief systems. I like my clothes, this is why I wear them. I do not see fisherman pants in Thailand as making me feel more comfortable walking around, they make me feel as if people are looking at me. I on the other had do see them as being perfect pants for as pajamas and on the beach.

To review the benefits of a cultural change is the pivotal concept here, a person that introspect, one day decides.... hmmm This type of clothing is better.

I for instance, seldom, except for funerals wear a suit, I just see wearing a suit as some tribal, primitive thing of the Western world and why would I wear a suit when the temperature is above 70 degrees F, not C.

I do not own a suit, and am suspect of a person that needs me to wear one for them to trust me, I really want the respect of individuals that can go to higher levels. But this idea is based on function. I just cannot figure out what a tie does for me, I do not need a tie to function, to be comfortable. I see a sport jacket as pockets and warmth.

Ok, so when a person tells me to go home, they are in a way saying, stop sinning, go to the USA and do what everyone else is doing. I think
- I am, I do what the USA people do, I have the same Reeboks, I wear clothes that are acceptable in the USA, and I do what I do in the USA. -

Contrary to any of the nuts who get on Thailand pages, I do not do what a vast group of people do in Thailand, I do not go to Phuket... I like Thailand because it is what I call a stocking up city.
Ooops, I changed the name to Base Camp on my top 150 needed Travelers subjects.

The art of travel is to retain self as we travel the world, go to the Yellow Pages if you need a shrink, travel if you are curious about the world. The world is always more crazy than at home, because it is a deviation of your norm, not theirs.

People on two week vacations need to go home, to tell me to go home means you are in continuous I am a tourist mentality or you are a Mom... I did not say Dad.

A bad day is when my normal routine world is more than 10 percent different than normal, the coffee, the shower, the food, etc. My computer crashed, I am in an internet cafe at 4:49 am in Bangkok, Thailand, to say the least the group of people in here are normal for this area, I am abnormal. I took a shower already today and they have not slept. I must realize, I am the abnormal here, I need to retain my self of many years of practice. In a way, take the good and leave the bad, but try to think it it really better, is there a good reason to change.

Telling a Traveler to Go Home

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