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Thailand Real Estate

Thailand Real Estate
Steve said,
- You have been in Thailand long enough; I thought you would try to rent an apartment. -

This is so stereotypical American…

I have been in Thailand for maybe 45 days; this is not a long time for me to be in a country. This is a long time for one hotel. It is the only hotel in the Khao San Road area with acceptable internet in the room and price.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Friday, November 23, 2007
Andy of ---

Presently, today, November 23, 2007 I feel like a father watching my pregnant wife, and every day the baby kicks, every day we ask the doctors a new question. I am a nervous wreck, I know it, I can feel it, and we are going to give birth soon to a huge baby Internet Site. is going to scream and gasp for it first breath of air, opens its eyes, turn them to the light, and try to see.

My friend Craig from is in Peru, ready to have a real baby, and you can feel the tension.

Craig is afraid to move, and so I am I, we both want the birth to go off without problems. He is doing ultrasounds, and I am asking every web site doctor I know questions, I even purchased a PDF Book from Aaron Walls for 79 US Dollars called

This is why I am in one place, I am a Hobo, I work and Travel, I am not a bum or tramp.

I was a Real Estate Broker for 14 years, when Steve asked or alluded to the idea of renting a home or apartment in Thailand. I almost said,
- Are you nuts? -

Not a good comment to say accidentally or pre-mediated to Steve, he has to be the most Alpha Male, dominating personality I know today. There was this person by the name of Leighton that worked for Frito Lay I worked for 20 years ago, international and domestic manager of distribution centers that was more Alpha,

I could have said, are you nuts, this is American. I am a dominating personality too, I try my best to hide it and keep it down to where it is possible to have a few friends.

However, my first thought, and I am probably more the pre-mediated type than Steve, not Leighton. I stopped this idea immediately of suggesting that he was nuts, and realized this is just a normal idea for an American and European person so treat at just a normal comment, try to not think and ignore. I try to ignore Tourist; they are insanely naïve about the planet Earth. Steve is far from normal, however to rent is very Amerian normal.

Renting or buying real estate in another country is tantamount to investing in the Thai Baht. If I was buying money, Dollar or Euros are my only options, since OPEC uses Dollars; I think Dollars are the best option.

I would say the Thai Baht is not stable, this country had a Military Coup a few months ago, and I think the King will die in the next few years. Buying in this country seems close as Looney tunes as a person can get.

Ok, I do not rent apartments, homes, however, I do think about renting a home to start a Hostel every day of the week. I would rent the cash flow, and recoup my investment in less than five months or not do it, maybe one year.

However to rent an apartment in Thailand would be the same as purchasing a big lead or iron ball, about 15 inches in diameter, and chaining it to my leg. I know I would cut my leg off eventually to escape. I think of round trip plane tickets as impossible commitments to uphold, who wants to promise anyone or anything you will obey when you do not have too.

This is the bottom line, I am free, and I do not purchase commitments that do not give me more freedom. My computer give me freedom, I do not have to walk to the internet café every day.

The American goes to paradise, and then wants to build a home on it to destroy it, and make it into America.

The Brit goes to another country and what do they do, go to the closest British Bar and thinks of it as their local.

I suppose the Germans and Swedish go to Pattaya or Phuket, Thailand and….

Buying a home is like getting married.
Renting a home is like having a girlfriend that lives with you.

I can think of hundreds of good reasons to have a girlfriend or to get married. There are only two good reasons I can figure outside the USA to rent a place.

1. A business venture.
2. To have what I want under my control.

I was going to type in, to store my stuff, but this is a terrible reason, I do this already in a storage room of the Sawasdee Smile Hotel, in a place in Nepal, and a place in Cusco, Peru, I suppose my parents home.

A hotel room always has a few problems. My present room is good.

1. The staff is excellent, and extremely good in this cold fish country of Thailand, they are warm, talk English 10 time better than normal for Thailand.

2. The room has High Speed Internet in the room.

3. The room is quiet, except for the never-ending sound of an air conditioner.

4. The cost is 390 Baht or about 12 US dollars, and this is expensive, a good price for Thailand would be about 250 Baht, anything over 250 Baht and I start to complain about the Hotel.

The problems are,

1. No hot water, only my solution…

2. No TV in room or common area that is acceptable.

3. No Guest Kitchen.

I would move maybe to another hotel for a guest kitchen, other than that the internet is the reason to overlook almost any problem, and this hotel has a huge problem I am not going to discuss and I hope they solve it.

The reason to rent is to remove my three problems, kitchen, TV, and hot water. The truth is this, the TV and Hot Water are easy to find, the Sawasdee Smile has this for 220 Baht, however no AC and a shared shower. A shared shower is good, no moisture in room to give to the Ants.

The bundle of benefits is what I rent or buy, and in real estate if you buy the bundle of rights. What am I buying in Thailand, the bundle of freedoms?

The money, the money, everyone thinks about money too much, I would invest in my room.

I have thought about saying to Charlie, I will buy a TV, install hot water, and paint the room; maybe buy two new mattresses for the room. This hotel has cable TV already, and if I had the TV, Hot Water, I would be in Hotel Heaven at 390 Baht per day.

I would leave and ditch the hotel for a guest kitchen, with a common area that has a good TV that plays movies. The location is good in a strange way, I can walk both ways, and I can get a taxi or bus easy in front of the hotel.

The whole point is this, for 35 US dollars I can rent all these features for too much money in Sukumvit, Phuket, or Chang Mai. I want to live for 30 days near Khao San Road, not a bar babe area like these types of hotels, the annoying people who live in them are over the edge of my tolerance. It is the neighborhood, if I rent, I would be committed to a neighborhood.

I leave for the Philippines; I have been searching for a hotel anywhere in the Philippines with Hi-Speed Internet in the room for less than I think 800 pesos. This is a ridiculous amount of money to pay for a room in Asia!

I can rent an AC room in Thailand for about 60 US per month.
I could probably rent the same in Philippines for about 100 per month.
I can rent a room in Togo for 60 per month.

Paying 12 or 18 US dollars for a room in Thailand or the Philippines per day makes the locals say to me.
- Are you rich? -
- Are you stupid? -

No, I am American…. Hehehe

It is amazing how many people want to travel, then rent an apartment, I think, I thought you told me you wanted to travel.

Thailand Real Estate

Tipping a Travel Agent

Tipping a Travel Agent
I think tipping a travel agent is becoming a necessity; they are hopefully making the transition from ticket venders to travel consultants gracefully. We need to help the honest ones survive.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Thursday, November 22, 2007
Andy of ---

I use Travel Agents when possible, I know two good ones, and the one is suspect…।

Travel Agents or Travel Consultants, I believe most are glorified ticket venders, and on the same line as Real Estate Agents, somewhere above Car Salesmen.

A seller is a person that takes an order, and then gives your product, more or less the Wal-Mart product on the shelf transaction. It is delusional to believe that the majority of Travel Agents, Real Estate Agents, Car Salesman would not gouge-charge you if they get a chance. They love a soft target, with a soft brain, too much trust and some fantasy belief that they are always getting a good deal.

LCC, the low cost carriers or the online internet booking systems will hopefully put about 80 percent of high level, not-to-be-trusted Travel Agents out of business.

So, time to rescue the 20 percent, closer to honest, hard working Travel Agents who do not understand they do not sell tickets, they sell an opinion of proprietary value.

The Building Commissioner in Fort Wayne, Indiana stood outside the Chamber of Commerce and gave me this not so pleasant lecture.
- Your knowledge of Real Estate is of proprietary value; do not give it away so easy. -

Ooops, sorry, now, I do understand, I also know that people that think their opinions are of value and lie, then also try to lie their way to success. A lie is not a wealth making product to sell, not inherent value.

I guess, a Travel Agent that lies is about as worthless as you can get, and a Real Estate Broker, Agent is the same. What they are selling is an opinion and it has always amazed me, they will lie, this means the opinion is worth zero. Ask them, do you sell ticket, house, the correct answer is an opinion to help the purchase.

Travel Agents save me money, keep me out of harms way, and can save my life, if not a ton of money when I make a bad decision.

It is negligent to sell a plane ticket to a person going to Iraq or some war zone and not say, you do know there is some violence there? It I negligent to say, to a Thailand backpacker, go to South America, without saying, but learn how to carry your backpack or it will be stolen the first week or month.

I have a severe problem saying the boat on the Amazon River was fun, or a good experience, same with India.

Bottom line is this, a travel agent that lies is very little value, but can still be of value, value is not price, it is a bundle of benefits, the price is a variable of the bundle being purchased.

I truly think a Travel Agent deserves a tip ten times more than the grouchy person serving me food, or the Taxi driver.

I am saying this, help the Travel Agent to know he or she should not lie, and you appreciate when the do not lie.

I suppose 9 out of 10 people should not tip, because they are the soft target the Travel Agent likes to gouge charge for tickets. I would say bout any corporate Travel Agent sounds like a person who likes to gouge.

I suppose I could ask a travel agent, how much is one hour of your time worth and they will tell you their value, and trust them, they should know.

The idea is this, let us promote the honest ones, and demote the bad ones. Please, it is stupid to lie to a travel agent and try to maneuver them, then expect a good deal, you are not the first one today to try that, they learn how to reverse this process on you for fun.

Ok, now, some travel agent send me a tip, I am kidding, good advice is free, always is, and good people really do not like to charge to be good people.

Do I know a travel agent that does not lie…?

Tipping a Travel Agent

Rama V Stopped Slavery in Thailand

Rama V Stopped Slavery in Thailand
I heard that this man stopped slavery in Thailand and I said,
“Wow, cool”

Rama V was a leader in Thailand, they are now on Rama IV as I understand, and I do not.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Wednesday, November 21, 2007
Andy of ---

I never will forget Mike saying to me that he wanted to go to Europe because they have history. I said, Mike all countries have history, you just happen to know more of European History.

Slavery, class systems, tribes, Kings, Queens, Clerics, Monks and all the religious classifications. Equality is still a leap, jump and hop away from reality. However, this King or Rama stopped slavery in Thailand, and that is good thing.
Rama V

This is a photos of a photo and he is probably young here, I often wonder how a person can be so loved. This photo is hanging in the entrance area of my Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.

This is on the 100 Baht paper money, it has a value of about 3 US dollars and growing... hehehe

Quote from Wiki

King Chulalongkorn the Great or Rama V (royal name: Phra Chula Chomklao Chaoyuhua ... (September 20, 1853 – October 23, 1910) was the fifth king of the Chakri dynasty of Thailand. He is regarded as one of the greatest kings of Siam. The Thais call him "The Great Beloved King".

Chulalongkorn was born September 20, 1853 in Bangkok as the oldest son of King Mongkut (Rama IV) and Queen Debsirinda. His father gave him a broad education, including instruction from European tutors such as Anna Leonowens.

Chulalongkorn succeeded his father on October 1, 1868, but the chief minister Chao Praya Si Suriyawongse served as regent for four years, as Chulalongkorn was still too young to rule. During this time he traveled to neighbouring western colonies including Singapore, Java and India, to study western politics, administration, lifestyle and colonialism. Later during his reign he also visited Europe twice, in 1897 and 1907, which makes him the first Thai king to visit Europe.

On November 16, 1873, he was crowned for the second time. During his travels he had learned about many reforms needed to modernize his country. With the help of the Belgian Gustave Rolin-Jaequemyns he managed to keep his country independent even though both France and Britain were colonizing most of Southeast Asia and the former constantly aggressive towards and antagonistic in its relations to Siam. He did, however, have to cede some territory to these two powers, notably claims on parts of what are now Laos, Cambodia and some northern parts of Malaysia.

Chulalongkorn (Above left) with contemporary monarchsKing Chulalongkorn modernized the government by introducing a cabinet system, and the semi-feudal provincial administration was changed into a modern administration with provinces (changwat) and districts (amphoe) as it still is today. He declared amnesty for all political prisoners, and also gradually abolished slavery.

Stop Quote

I would love to go into a long opinion on this and that, however freedom of speech is not for all countries.
Rama V Stopped Slavery in Thailand

Traveler Diarrhea WARNING

Traveler Diarrhea WARNING
I am scared; I could have died if I took diarrhea medicine in Niger, or maybe I did take the medicine and this is why my feet tingled for three months. I cannot remember, I was delusional sick.

I am 90 percent sure I had food poisoning in Niger. (I thought Malaria at time.)
I think taking Diarrhea Medicine could help to kill me.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Wednesday, November 21, 2007
Andy of ---

I have a low-level fear of water; I have a high-level fear of food. I think all this do-not-drink the water noise is annoying. I think the dingalings should be saying,

An empty restaurant with no clients and only me eating scares the shit out of me. I am 100 percent sure, a restaurant in India, Thailand, Philippines, Ghana, Peru, Jordan, will sell me food that is old. A very busy place is safer and me watching the cook.

I believe food poisoning and low-level food poisoning is 20 times more of a problem than water, people blame the water, when it was the food.

I had a conversation this morning with my Thai Friend who is has masters in Pharmacology and works in a Hospital.

She said, and I am not a doctor, I am not an expert, this information at best is critical speculation on my part.

She said,
- When you have food poisoning a person need to have Diarrhea to clean the body and drink lot of mineral water. If a person takes, Diarrhea medicine all the poison will stay in the body. -

It takes a long time to die from Diarrhea.
It takes a day or two to die from Food poisoning. (I think, I am not sure of any of this.)

My feeling and thought is this, it is never worth the risk to take the Diarrhea medicine. I may just keep poison in my body. I do not die from Diarrhea and most is Type II Diarrhea not the more dangerous type.

People say, go to a doctor, it is 100 times more complicated than you think when traveling, people extremely under-estimate what going to a doctor entails. Plus going to a pharmacist is normally a lot better idea, the pharmacist in 80 percent of the planet do the triage work that saves the lives of the people. The doctor is way too late.

I have said, by the time I find an honest Doctor, I could be dead.

Note this is again one of them annoying times where I am positive, I am not perfect, I do not know. I would love to hear experts and critical opinions on this subject. If you know of an expert, please send this email to them or the page link, and ask for help. I really want to learn more about this, and reading lapses full of nebulous conclusions. I want comments, I am in Thailand, not the USA, I am in an no English information vacuum.

The implications about advice given to travelers on diarrhea is amazing, the normal standard advice about how to deal with travel diarrhea could be crazy wrong.

Traveler Diarrhea WARNING

You Are and Idiot Blog Comments

You Are and Idiot Blog Comments

I can't wait until I start getting comments like this.
The sign of success!
Just digging into some of your old stuff as I calm myself from a day of screwing up my webpages haha.

Wade from
Song of the Open Road Travel Journal

Comment from Wade after he read the comments from this post. KFC Cairo Egypt

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Andy of ---
Today, I received two mean mails in one day, sort of interesting and sad at the same time. It intrigues me that people can hype themselves up so much about some small blogger, on the other hand it sad they do this, they have the Whopper Size fast food order of rage.

Normally these posts are when I write about something, a big or small insult, and they love the country, hotel, whatever, but they love it too much… Therefore, nobody should ever speak badly, of even think bad. I actually sometimes test the waters to see who is out there and angry reading my blog, do a little provoking, hopefully to open minds.

Funny part, I really liked the KFC in Cairo, so I do not think it was the comments about the KFC. I think maybe I said, they do not speak English and do not know anything about a queue. Which I stand behind, the English was bad, and well, most of the world does not stand in line, so get in line. Egypt and the Egyptian Pyramids is a nasty place full of excellent jerks.

However, about the comments, .... see I provoked a little, but telling the 100 percent truth as I see it today.

I suppose I could talk about Freedom of speech, but that it cliché, I think I will explain my how to treat people equal theory.

If my friend Mike, an American, one of my best friends in the USA, and sometimes slow. If Mike did not think and cut line in front of me, I would say,
- Mike, you are not polite, go to the back of the line and wait your turn. -

So, if Egyptian people are my equal and I 100 percent believe they are, I need to treat them like my best friend.
- Egyptian, you are not polite, go to the back of the line and wait your turn. -

Patronizing and not belittling is to me is too close to real racism, if I believe a culture or group of people should not hear my opinions, then I am sort of saying, I am superior and you cannot learn. Primitive cultures can be dressed in suits and the only way you know they are primitive is their manners. (I hope we agree that a queue is a good thing, fair, and just.)

I was on the plane flying from Bamako, Mali to Kenya, where I would transit to Bangkok. A Mali man put his head over the center of the jet airplane aisle and spit. I could not believe it, then he does it again, I looked at him and said,
- Hey! -

The held up my two hands in African style saying with hand language,
- Are you stupid? -
(I hope we agree that spitting in planes should not be allowed.)

On the other hand, I could say, he is dumb, stupid, comes from here, and I would translate that crap to saying, you cannot learn, I believe he is not different from me, brain same way, or functions more or less the same.

Comments, I highly recommend you moderate all comments on blogs, and reject comments that use any curse words. (Search engines do not like, or this is your theme.) I look at this way, a person who starts out with calling me names, could not possibly give me any good advice, they are too dumb to realize, if they waited to the end, I would have read the whole post and then they could call me an idiot or whatever cliché type ways of saying this.

I do laugh, I read a lot, so I recognize styles of writing, if you are going to post anonymous, and not show your name, make sure and think about how you write and your style, otherwise I may know who it is.

I would love to restrict this to just people who are members of Hobo comments, however there is a ton of people on the planet who are extremely smart who just do not want to, and may not understand how comment work. I want to hear that needle in a haystack comment from someone who knows wisdom, however does not know the internet.

I got two in one day Wade, should I go celebrate.

I do hope people disagree with me, I go back and read old post, then want to comment, saying, Andy, I disagree… The world does change, and so do I, yesterday is not today, it is new Andy today, I do not have to adhere to something I said two years ago or yesterday, I have the right to adapt and change.

Note, I do not read extremely negative comments about myself, because it is negative, what I allow in my brain is what I become. However the study of anger and rage I do hope can help us to not have rage, I call these types of comments a burning rage.

It is interesting to see how the types of comments change from continent to continent. The people that post comments or more correct, get comments rejected when I am in Thailand are maybe worst people than the group hanging around the Egyptian Pyramids.

NOTE: If you go to the Pyramids, go on a tour, do not do as I did, and just go there, it not a good memory to collect about a great travel destination.

NOTE: Wade I think your new site is going well, I will only think you screwed up when you quit, I do not see any signs of quitting, only of expansive growth in your writing skills.

You Are and Idiot Blog Comments

YouTube.Com Gossip Me

YouTube.Com Gossip Me
I am a WYSIWYG person… is telling too many people about me, in Thai English they would say …
Why YOU Gossip Me?
Translated to normal English, why is telling everyone what I am interested in, and what I do, why do they talk about me?

They got me… Very good, but also annoying, and Thank You

My Hobo page on - Look at what I subscribe to... Boring.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Monday, November 19, 2007
Andy of ---

Do not stereotype me; I think this is silly comment.

Hell, screw it, let me fill out your Profile form and I will do it for you, I will answer all your questions, tell you all my favorite books, movies, books, and what videos I subscribe to and you will know what stereotype I am. Moreover, you can better target your relevant advertising at my profile, a.k.a. stereotype.

My page on is hilarious; I was looking at it,

I am a WYSIWYG person.

This is extremely valuable in person relationships because people trust me… WYSIWYG

Nevertheless, for the casual internet surfer, I can be a terribly annoying person. I would think the people going to look at my videos for the first time would think, what is wrong with them man? I am OFF topic, my profile is crap, I went to your videos, looked at them, and clicked on your subscriptions and they are not about culture… I have people ask me, what are your favorite Travel Journals?

I say,
- I do not read that crap. -
They may say,
- Is your blog crap? -
I say,
- I would never read my blog. -
- I would not recommend my blog to Andy, Me. -
I truly hate to re-read my own post.

However, is invasive, I am on the site as I am typing, trying to figure out how to remove the tell you what I subscribe to crap. This is not good for my internet, travel business, it is off topic, and human. In addition, I want people to stop posting comments, do not send me emails, and they only will get me clicking on some links on their pages to make money. I have a blog to deal with; I do not want another place to deal with comments. I will go look at your videos, and click on a few advertisement.

However, I do NOT want to annoy, my already annoyed readers by also showing them that I subscribed to boring videos about how to make web sites. I put up Culture Videos and I do not subscribe to culture videos. I see culture videos as very boring, real life is great, but to watch this stuff is annoying for me, I live it, why watch it, and 99 percent are posturing, liars, so who wants to watch videos of people lying about cultures. I know, when I click the off button on my video camera, I am editing the culture, I keep it running, the whole culture in one swoop, no edits, not fair for me to interpret what is important. This is the culture WYSIWYG.

Now, I am boring to death my readers by showing them that I read these SEO, search engine optimization videos.

I write off topic blog post all the time, I sometimes dwell on the idea of changing the name of my blog to something like Andy looking at crap, then inaccurately gossiping about it. I really have no desire to find accurate information about some topics. It is impossible to care about all topic I think about, whereby I am 100 percent accurate.

I 100 percent want the readers to correct my post, say, Andy you are wrong, and this is the correct information. Moreover, just correct me, without the lecture. Damn, I have know for 30 years I am not perfect, why do you tell need to tell me, if you are perfect then I will say, Hello God, how are you.

It is funny, there is nothing more stupid than to call me an idiot in the comments section of the blog, or any name. I just click reject and think, this is an angry person, all that time typing and what an idiot, just trying to attack some unknown person on the internet.

The sometime regulars post anonymous… too funny.

NOTE: Thank you you tube, thank you very much for hosting them videos, this is a great service and I do not care what you do, invade my life, take my information, gossip me, it is worth the trade.

Oh what the hell, gossip, just spell correct, one L, and if not, that is ok, I own also... hehehe.

YouTube.Com Gossip Me

World Remembrance of Road Traffic Victims Day

World Remembrance of Road Traffic Victims Day
2007 November

Number one way for a traveler or tourist to be killed. I am fully in support World Remembrance of Road Traffic Victims Day. The cause of this is two fold on the planet, the sidewalks are full of vendors a person has to walk in the street, and the cars do not give walking people the right away. Moreover, the police drives worst than the normal person, so a very bad example.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Sunday, November 18, 2007
Andy of ---

I was laughing as there three world problems all in one place, dangerous cars, sidewalk full of vendors so I must walk in street, and last not but least noise pollution. Watch the video and you will see some example of all three problems. The Thailand Parade is a good example of inconsiderate noise pollution.


IF no video here, you need to go to the real blog, and not read by email or RSS feed, click here:


For what it is worth, these victims are the better of the bunch; the worst are walking around on their hands or have a bike hand powered type wheelchair.

People driving cars are the problem, and the government not enforcing any laws. Every time a police officer stops you, remember someone in another country people are dying because the police do not stop anyone. Be thankful you got a ticket, traffic police save thousands and millions of lives each year.

Note Bob says,
- Never, never trust them the little green men from outer space. -

If you want to die, walk when the little green man says to walk, never obey, you must walk when there are no cars, I use the Thailand people as blockers and allow them to shield me, them first, there are also volunteer victims.

I ignore parades and walk the other way, there is always a parade. When I finally understood the them, I ran back to the front and made this video.

World Remembrance of Road Traffic Victims Day

Negligent Travel Advice

Negligent Travel Advice
There is bad advice that will cost you money, and there is advice that is dangerous. I believe there is something in the human psyche that protects people.


Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Sunday, November 18, 2007
Andy of ---

There typical vision of a Hobo is a person who jumps on trains or Train Hoppers. I considered doing this, however it is very dangerous, and I am afraid some silly person in the USA would go and copy me, then get hurt. There is very little chance a person will follow me to Iraq.

I hold myself responsible, and I hold all humans responsible for their words and actions.

Wisdom is maybe the ability to change advice according to the audience.

I told Craig at to blog, to make web pages and I think he can earn enough money to travel the world.

I was chatting away with him on, not a good way to Chat, but the interface we share in common, and I caught myself saying.
- Nobody needs an internet page or site. -

I could only recommend that about 1 in 50,000 people or less should make a webpage with the goal.
- I want to make money. -

If they say, I want to have fun, I am full speed ahead.

As of today, November 2007, I would say 50,00O to 1 internet sites are Vanity Sites. Sites made to make the person feel good. This is like a Vanity Book or Press. One makes money, the others are flops.

I said day one, and I say today, I make internet pages to make money. I make about 1 percent of my money from blogging, but that is enough to money to travel. I need about five USA dollars per day to travel, but 15 is best, or live on 2 per day a lot and earn 5, it balance out. Now, read my lips, I can afford to live in Switzerland.

Epiphany a great word to learn.

I have been working for about 40 days on and

HoboTrav is up 90 percent in traffic in 40 days.
Hideout is up 148 percent in traffic in 40 days.

I feel like a stockbroker, which made some great picks. HoboTrav is the Warren Buffet, Berkshire Hathaway. Hideout is the ramp them up, I am an Angel, penny stock, get rich beyond my wildest dreams.

I was explaining to Gary on the telephone that I had made go up 90 percent, I said,
- Gee, people would pay me big money to do that. -

However, I realized, I need to keep my mouth shut, or I am negligent.

Two big negligent comments.
- Africa is easy
- Making a web site is easy
(Firefox is too easy for me, and boring.)

Why, because I am not empathizing with the world, however, after masterminding a wild number percentage increase in Traffic on and I was hit by a Mack Truck.

However, remember, everyone is a natural at something!

This is analogous to me listening to a person tell me how French is easy to learn. I say, you are a natural, I am not, it is extremely difficult for me to learn French, and you know nothing about learning French because you are a natural.

I am NOT a natural writer, as I hope you have noticed, and will you ever learn to stop telling me, I know.

I am NOT a natural language learner; every word is fought for and won.

I am a NATURAL at computers, I consider Firefox and HTML, PHP about as boring as you can get. When I say there are problems, I am trying to warn people, it is not a problem for me. It takes extreme will power to read this boring crap, and ONLY when I 100 percent need it to proceed do I proceed. I try to get anyone near me to do it for me!

I think I am 50/50 on photography, I may be a natural, but I would need to go head to head with the exact same professional grade camera to know. I do know I consider learning about cameras absurdly boring.

OK, I will try to stop saying that Africa is easy, I will try to stop inferring that making web pages is easy.

This is the value of a diary, you can take these abstract thoughts, put them in a shaker and when they come out, they are fully blended and ready to use. It helps me to make decisions when I blog, a.k.a. journalize or write in diary. Note, I do not do it to remember, I am old enough to know I will forget everything and wise enough to know I will not care, I will call them up and make them fantasy real when I am very old.

I like to blog, not to make money, but two great reasons. One is I can think out and slice and dice ideas. Second is when I put my dirty thought laundry out, someone read it, and sometimes I a reader installs an epiphany in my brain when they comment.

DO NOT MAKE a blog to make money, just accept you are doing this Vanity Site thing, and if you need protection use this quote.

- Modesty is the opiate of the mediocre.
- Those that think you know are annoying those of us who do. -

I do appreciate those of you who are robbed, it does help me not to be robbed, and the soft targets make them avert their eyes from me. Thanks for being robbed; you helped me to continue to travel.

I do hope none of this makes any sense, and I pray to the good Gods most people quit before they get to here. FINISH

Note Firefox is for the person likes playing with the TV antennae to get a better reception, and all the children are screaming, get out of the way, we are trying to watch. It will mature, and maybe in about three years it will be plug and play. I presently consider it a very dangerous toy for the average person.

I had to do this code thing, so it would stop annoying me and I could use effectively, but just a curious toy.

/* Display the tabbar at the bottom */
#content > tabbox { -moz-box-direction: reverse; }

Note: To do good on the internet is not about learning, it is about somehow choosing what is effective use of time to learn.

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