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I Need a Video How to Test Hotel Electricity

I Need a Video How to Test Hotel Electricity

I need a video that explains how to test a Hotel Room for electricity problems. I believe with a multimeter a person could check out the room before renting it for possible problems and avoid what just happened to me.

The battery in my computer appears to be bad; the battery in my mobile cell phone appears to be bad. Neither one of them is functioning, the probabilities of both stopping at the same time leads me to believe this is not coincidence.

There is a problem with the electricity in the Apartment Hotel.

Thammasat University Rangsit, Thailand
Monday, October 13, 2008
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I keep telling myself,
“Teach yourself how to use a multi-meter.

I found many pages and one good video explaining how to use a multimeter.
( is not working here in Rangsit, Thailand.)

It would be great if some hotshot would make a video explaining how to use a multimeter to check out a Hotel Room so that I know the room is safe for my computer, mobile phone and camera. I want to make sure my battery charger does not have problems, I want to know when I turn on the air conditioning the current is stable.

What happens when I plug in an electric hotplate?

I enjoy the older, historical Hotels with a lot of character; however, these Hotels were designed when the electricity demands of residents were less. I enjoy places like Togo, West Africa, Thailand or Guatemala, and guess what; the electricity in these countries is not quite developed as the highly developed world.

However, I am positive a nice Bed and Breakfast in some historical part of the USA could be dangerous to your laptop computer, mobile phone and camera.

I need a video, yesterday would have been better, but tomorrow is ok.

Please, and I do Thank You... is Blocked in Rangsit, Thailand... oops

How to use a Multimeter Electronics and Radio Today
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I Need a Video How to Test Hotel Electricity

Why are Zebras in Thailand

Why are Zebras in Thailand
I have taken some photos of a herd of Zebras in Thailand, not live ones but little small statues of Zebras. It appears to me they are using some for Buddhist Religious Shines.

I came upon a herd of Zebras in Thailand.
Thammasat University Rangsit, Thailand
Monday, October 13, 2008
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I then spot on next to one of the Buddhist devotion monuments, these are located on the majority of properties in Thailand, so not difficult to find or observe. Although the Zebra is a new one for me, I have never seen Zebras in Thailand.

This photo has Zebras and Chickens; I do see Chickens in Thailand.

This one has some Elephants, and I do believe sometime in the past there were Elephants roaming wild in Thailand.

Here is the street corner where I found a Herd of Zebras for Sale. These Buddhist Devotion Monuments, maybe are called Iconography, although I am not sure this term applies correctly.

At the top of this Blog Post is a typical type of Buddhist Devotion setting and easy to find, I am not positive what they call this or the proper name is in English.

I do know one thing, I would have love to had been the person who invented Incense on a stick, these type of Religious Shrines are keeping the Incense factories rich.

Why are the Thailand people using a Zebra for this Buddhist Shrine?

Buddha images in Thailand - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
fotogalerij tumbnails
Iconography of Gautama Buddha in Laos and Thailand - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Buddhism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Christian Iconography
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Why are Zebras in Thailand

Brands are how you sort out the cesspool

Brands are how you sort out the cesspool CEO Eric Schmidt used the word “Cesspool.”

This is too funny and very sad at the same time; I have spent the last hour trying to figure out why he used the word “Cesspool.”

Thammasat University Rangsit, Thailand
Monday, October 13, 2008
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It is close to impossible to know what he said, but I believe he said,

"Brands are the solution, not the problem,"
Mr. Schmidt said.
"Brands are how you sort out the cesspool."

This is ironic, as best I am able to interpret; the only thing I can surmise for sure is he used the word “Cesspool.”

I strive for clarity, I read with a very critical and suspicious bent, I do not trust people's interpretation of another person words. I especially do not trust News organizations or any person or group who broadcast information to large groups of people.

As best I can figure out, and this is impossible to know, because nobody seems to have quoted the prior sentence. However, Mr. Schmidt maybe said something like,

The internet is where false information thrives.
The internet is where disinformation thrives.

THEN he did say as quoted in about two of the ten articles I surveyed.

"Brands are the solution, not the problem,"
Mr. Schmidt said.
"Brands are how you sort out the cesspool."

Well, I will agree Mr. Schmidt, something is a “cesspool,” I cannot even read the articles written and figure out what he literally said.

I did learn one lesson for myself, if I am reading an article about what a person said, I need to keep my eyes open for the quotation marks, if there is no quotation marks, and then reference to when, where, why, what and how….


An article should be written by a person you trust, a person you read daily, not just a company. Hard to say a company is trying their best, however after reading some writers for years we can slowly get a feel for when they are telling the truth, or even when they are exaggerating. A writer can become our friend, we know him or her and we can learn their idiosyncrasies of style.

I trust the written word more than I trust television.

I try to read the same person daily.

I will from now on try to find quotations inside an article when a person is telling me what another person said.

I believe, now this is me, this is Andy speaking,
"I believe the internet is where lies, false information, spin and disinformation thrives."

A friend called me “Brutally Honest,” yesterday on a telephone call; I truly enjoyed the Brutal word. I try my best to ignore everyone and just write what I believe and think is real or true whether it hurts your feelings or not.

The problem for writers is temptation, I am fully aware that if I spun an exaggerated tale, added some information, lied and spread disinformation I would have ten times more readers. However, this is my diary, my journal of my thoughts, I would truly not want to lie to myself, this would mean this Blog, a log of my experiences is a tragedy.

Read these articles below, read with a critical eye trying to discover which ones include the quotes from Mr. Schmidt.

A cesspool where false information thrives -
Brands are how you sort out the cesspool -
Brands are how you sort out the cesspool -
Eric Schmidt called the Internet a Cesspool
Google CEO Calls Internet Cesspool -
The Internet is a Cesspool of Disinformation Says Google CEO -

Brands are how you sort out the cesspool

Frogs Netted in Thailand

Frogs Netted in Thailand
I found some live Frogs in a market here in Thailand; I am having fun tracking down the source of these Frogs. It is like this, yes, we can buy those Frogs, but I also want to know where you got them?

Here are some photos of maybe the steps whereby a Frog ends up on the plate of some Human.

Thammasat University Rangsit, Thailand
Sunday, October 12, 2008
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I put this Photo of a Frog, and I assume a Frog Heart in a prior post.

Frogs Photo - I found this big pan full of live Frogs today.

I found this boy netting something in the waters under the overpass, I am wondering, was he trying to capture Frogs. All of the Thailand Frog above looked healthy in the pan, and even the one with the heart exposed was still moving. Somebody is out and about grabbing Frogs, does a person net, grab, chase Frogs. These are live Frogs, they have not been speared.

I truly believe Agro-Tourism or tourism that would explain where what we eat comes from is a good idea; truly wish more would be explained. I spend a lot of time trying to understand the whole process of foods we eat daily.

Frog - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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LBNL ACS Whole Frog Project
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Frogs Netted in Thailand Interview Interview
Eric of wrote me a few weeks ago and asked if he could interview me, I said,
“Yes, providing you do not make me write ton of answers to a questionnaire.”

Eric was great, he did not flinch, he agreed we could talk by telephone on Skype and he would write the article.

Thammasat University Rangsit, Thailand
Sunday, October 12, 2008
Blog of Andy --- --- Travel Bag Design Survey --- Professional Traveler Bag

I have no problem answering questions over the telephone, however I type enough and write enough daily for fun, I do not wish to type for work. I do not consider writing answers to questions fun. Therefore, I tend to never get around to completing their questions and somewhat hope they forget about me.

He wrote an interesting and article, fun and happy, Eric has a good style.
Earn $5 a Day? You Can Travel Forever

I remember the day when I made 5 Dollars in one day; it was truly an exciting day. I had been living on about 5-10-15 dollar per day for a few years. I knew that I could hang out many countries on 5 dollars per day and be very happy for years to come.

However, what I also knew was, that the 5 Dollars per day would cover my overhead until I could make 10, 20 or more. I knew I needed time to work on the sites, and 5 dollars was the amount of money that could guarantee I never needed to stop traveling.

I could easily be a perpetual traveler and today, thanks to the first 5 dollars from Google Adsense,

“I be Andy of, the perpetual Traveler.”

With no worries of ever needing to stop...

Best Travel Journals -
Blog watch Technology Guardian Unlimited Technology
Blowing the Horn for Other People's Blogs - New York Times
Earn $5 a Day You Can Travel Forever
Journal Gazette 02-06-2007 Wanderlust remains after 10 years abroad
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On the Web, Much Advice, and Some Even Rings True - New York Times
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Student Travel Journals - Student Travel Journalroll

If you know of more, please send, they do not tell me when they write, I normally must discover by accident. Interview

Where to Go and What to Do

Where to Go and What to Do
I know I am not the only fish in the sea, however for the last week I have been in a constant state of confusion. I think the economic situation is telling me I should be more conservative.

However, what is conservative?

I have a job; I manage two large travel websites, and .

Here is a funny story, I told Jeroen my travel agent in Bangkok, Thailand.
“I am worried about my business.”
He said,
“What business?”

He does not see that I work, as I am always just walking around and talking, planning trips, not really do much work and he is correct.

Thammasat University Rangsit, Thailand
Saturday, October 11, 2008
Blog of Andy --- --- Travel Bag Design Survey --- Professional Traveler Bag

I remember in 2000 when everyone was predicting some problems with the computers over the number change, I knew this had nothing to do with my business and was not worried.

The Global Economic situation is going to affect my life, however, for me it is weird, it is possible the majority of situations are better. On the other hand, worry is contagious and I am worried. I am extremely conservative person with money, I am not a gambler.


1. I am going to hear sad stories.

2. I feel a need to control my cost of travel better, I feel a need to watch my budget closer, and this will make me take safer trips, closer to the mainstream cheap tourist places. (I just was in Japan and South Korea; they reminded me just how expensive travel can be in the developed countries.)

3. Maybe I should cancel my ideas of going towards Australia and New Zealand where it is expensive and try to stay only in the underdeveloped countries.


1. Price of Hotels will go down because of fewer tourists.

2. Price of Oil has been dropping so transportation cost will stabilize or even get cheaper.

3. Exchange rate of the dollar is improving, therefore my money goes farther.

4. Less Travelers, easier to find rooms, easier to walk in streets.

5. There will be fewer tourists and more travelers, the conversation should improve and the quality of life will be better.

6. If I wish to buy a Sailboat, it may be a buyers market.


1. Less people out buying consumer items and maybe they will be in the house surfing on my sites, therefore I make more money.

2 . Hotels will use more because they wish to Hotels advertise Hotels for free.

3. More PHP Coders available for work, I can hire them easier and they will stay loyal better.

4. We are planning to offer free booking service, no commission whatsoever on If I can ramp this up faster, we could.

5. If I am more conservative in my travels, travel on a cheaper budget, I should be able to save more money for rainy days.

6. If I wished to buy land to start a Hotel or Hostel the price of real estate is becoming cheaper.


1. Google’s stock investors may want more money, therefore Google may increase their take or percentage they earn, and I will earn less.

2. If I tried to sell Backpacks it could be a slow market.

I suppose I could labor over this list for hours, anyway I do it, it appears to me that this Global Economic situation is going to be better for me.

However, negative feelings and thought rub off, I want the world to be happy and prosperous.

Life is Good.

Where to Go and What to Do

Thailand Mosquito Net Home Under the Overpass

Thailand Mosquito Net Home Under the Overpass
I pass by a home made out of a Mosquito net as walk under and overpass on the way to a fresh food market here near Rangsit, Thailand.

Thammasat University Rangsit, Thailand
Friday, October 10, 2008
Blog of Andy --- --- Travel Bag Design Survey --- Professional Traveler Bag

I sometime see the owner of this living quarters lying on a couch. I think he is employed as a person who collect plastic bottles and sells them to a recycling company.

This is the overpass; it does make a good shelter from the rain.


Homeless Activists Sleep Under I-4 Overpass - Orlando News Story - WESH Orlando
Last of homeless removed from underneath I-10 overpass - Breaking News from New Orleans - Times-Picayune -
New Orleans' homeless rate swells to 1 in 25 - - Bum Hierarchy of Needs
Under the Overpass

Thailand Mosquito Net Home Under the Overpass

The Growing Productivity Divide

The Growing Productivity Divide
Can you competed in today world as an executive who where a suit?

Here is a simple quiz from Seth Godin who publishes short inspiration articles daily to the internet.

Can you compete Survey

Thammasat University Rangsit, Thailand
Friday, October 10, 2008
Blog of Andy --- --- Travel Bag Design Survey --- Professional Traveler Bag

Note, I do not wish to call Seth Godin’s articles a Blog. He does not write a log of his daily thoughts. I see them more as good short articles written to make money and promote his books. I do wish Blog where really logs of peoples lives, then maybe I could learn how he evolved into the man he is today, who is quite interesting.

Articles are written to explain what we feel we know in life, while a log is what we are thinking about. There is no way in this lifetime I am going to do tons of research to journalize or write a diary.

This may sound strange, however I do get tired of Bloggers writing is active voice, when they should be more passive.

I have been adding the links to the bottom of my Blog because I found a way to do this that is incredibly easy.

The Growing Productivity Divide

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