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Rain or Shine Taiwan Umbrellas

Rain or Shine Taiwan Umbrellas
A Typhoon just blew over Taipei, from my perspective mostly a lot of rain, and because it was raining I thought about umbrellas.

I happened upon a store that only sold umbrellas and assorted rain gear, a truly interesting store.

Taipei, Taiwan
Wednesday, September 17, 2008
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The sun is shining to today, and as best I can tell, the country of Taiwan uses umbrellas rain or shine. I would suppose 50 percent to stay in the shade and 50 percent to keep their skin as white a possible. Generally the majority of Asian people try their best to stay or become as white as possible.

Hmmm, the sun is shining, however the people are still the same, I was passing a lady as she walked out from under the shade. She opens the umbrella like she is avoiding rain, then lowers the umbrella when she went back into the shade.

I felt a little funny, hmm, it is not raining, I stereotypically only think of using umbrellas for rain. A nice sunny day, however many people still have their umbrellas.

I walked up to this store and with sign language motioned that I wanted to take a photo, they say sure. Then this man came up to ma and started talking in English. Quite an amazing selection of umbrella here are this store in Taipei, Taiwan, and for sure there is a demand.

Take a close look at this photo, above the entrance he has umbrellas embedded into the wall.

I feel like a Mary Poppins movie, there are these umbrellas stands at the entrance to most establishments, including 7-11.

I carry an umbrella in my Traveler Bag 100 percent of the time and see is as silly not too. Whatever you do, wherever you go there is rain, I do not drive a car, there is no way to escape the rain. Rain gear, ponchos and other type are inconvenient. I also carry a poncho, however use it more as a tarp on top of buses and a blanket on my bed, very seldom for rain.

I have always carried and umbrella in my Travel Bag and I will always continue to carry one in my bag, some things in life just make sense.

Rain or Shine Taiwan Umbrellas

Burning Paper in Taiwan

Burning Paper in Taiwan
There is what I believe to be a religious ceremony performed in Taiwan, and I truly do not understand what they are doing or why.

Taipei, Taiwan
Wednesday, September 17, 2008
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As best I can tell, they take this little container and rip up the paper below and throw into the container to burn.

The same as all religions, there are ceremonies of worship, as best I an determine this is a Buddhist type ceremony, however very much different than in Thailand.

From a distance, this looks like Monopoly money, as if they was throwing money into the container to burn.

I was at a store here that was selling all this various type of paraphernalia.

Burning Paper in Taiwan

Question for Readers on South Korea

Question for Readers on South Korea
I will leave soon for Seoul, South Korea and I have no clue where to go, it feels like everyone that goes to Korea is going there to teach English.

I am looking for the Travelers Ghetto, the place where people hang around until the are so far lost they never go home, I figure this type of person knows better than average.

Taipei, Taiwan
Wednesday, September 17, 2008
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I am trying to read between the lines, figure out the truth in a maze of misrepresentation. I am happy to say, “” is presently a player for Seoul, this site has a lot of potential that so far not even close to reaching.

However Seoul says,
“Seoul's unofficial backpacker district is Anguk (subway line 3), located just to the north of the city center.”

Now, I do not know where the city center is, I do not know one neighborhood from another and I am lost, but experienced.

I downloaded the Lonely Planet purchase by the chapter and I fear we got a limp wrist tourist that is writing for Lonely Planet on Seoul, he or she so far seems to avoid the under belly of the city at all cost. This is the sure sign of a true tourist, never wants to see the real country only the dreamy too full of crap to be real writing style.

I got on to get a range of prices, normally thinking the higher the rating, the more the wankers, however a good way to learn the price ranges that are expensive. I know normally what is in is not the cheapest, so I have a way of getting a target price for a room and go down from I laugh in Europe, the higher the rating on the more I am sure it just one big drunken flop house Hostel. However, still one of the few cheap hotel booking sites on the planet. You have to be extremely careful on this site on prices, they really are sneaky.

I want to know, is Seoul's unofficial backpacker district Anguk? Or is this just some too excited person who went there on time and met a Korean Girls and got laid in this area?

I do not want true culture, I want to go where the most drunk English teaching people are hanging out that can explain in harsh terms the country of South Korea without the rosy glasses on to edit reality.

Question for Readers on South Korea Screen Sharing Screen Sharing
What does Andy of do when I have small computer problems that just seem to baffle me?

I ask Boy Genius from India to help me, however he is in India, and I am in Taiwan. We use a program called that allows him to remotely get on my computer and fix my problems.

Taipei, Taiwan
Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Blog of Andy --- --- Travel Bag Design Survey --- Professional Traveler Bag

I learned many moons ago, do not play with computer configurations, do not download programs, do not play with the computer. I know very well if I have computer problems out here in the wilderness where no English to be spoken countries like Taiwan, I would be up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

If I needed my computer worked on here in Taiwan where they speak Traditional Chinese, I would not even be able to explain the problem to them.

I have finally conceded, I must have a great backup of my computer, I now have a 250 Gig Hard drive, because in the end with truly huge “Blue Screen” problems I would be on the plane to Thailand or the USA to purchase a new computer.

However, for a few simple baffling problems, a good TRUSTED computer friend, associate, or employee could help with

Real Examples:

I had some pesky adware on my computer, little advertisements that act like viruses and pop up on my computer.

Boy Genius was able to get on and remove them.

I added an extra Gig of memory to my computer, my computer now become so hot I can burn my hands or it shuts down.

Boy Genius has got on the computer two times using to try to throttle or slow downs the processes on the computer.

Well, I have been the receiver, never the fixer, I tried to get onto Boy Genius’s computer, however it did not work, I have no idea why.

I truly wish it was possible for me to get onto my Mother and Fathers computer using this program. It would be very useful, however this program is too complicated for them to use.

However, for the executive that is bright, however pays people like an IT person to learn all this un-needed knowledge, this program is great. I guess you can say, if you are good at computer, however not super good, will allow your super good friend to access you computer with the least amount of problems.

There is a pool of people on their site that will also help you, I vacillate between a good idea and a bad idea. It is truly dangerous to allow the wrong person to touch your computer. The more complicated problems is 90 percent of the people who think they can fix a computer, really are also clueless.

NOTE: I have thought about it for year, most people buy new computer because their computer become slow. I will take this time to recommend another program that Boy Genius turn me on to and I use DAILY.

Why, it is because your computer is dirty.

The solution is to download this free program called,

It will clean you program,

PLEASE uncheck the one about,
Or you will be typing in all your usernames and passwords because it will clean up where you do not want cleaned. would be a good way for you Son or Daughter to get on your computer and configure complicated programs like you should be using, however just do not understand.

FrontPage 2003 Help and How-to - Microsoft Office Online
Bookmark Publisher
CHAT-Google Talk
CHAT-Yahoo Messenger
CLEAN-COMPUTER- - Keeps Junk Files off Computer
CrossLoop - Download
CSE HTML Validator - Professional HTML Syntax Checker and HTML Editor
CSE HTML Validator Lite Upgrade Information
DOWNLOAD-Download Slowly and Resume
DOWNLOAD-WinZip® - Download Evaluation Page
EMAIL-CLIENT-Foxmail 6.0 beta 4 - Foxmail is a compact, yet very powerful email program with many useful features and a pleasant in
ENCYCLOPEDIA-Microsoft Encarta - Premium 2007 Overview
File Renaming RenameStar 2.0 Tom
FreeCommander - freeware file manager
FTP-Program-GlobalSCAPE - Store Home
GRAPHICS-PROGRAM-Paint.NET small Graphics Program
HTML-EDITOR-Frontpage - Make Webpages
LANGUAGES- Transparent Language - language learning software, translation software, and more
Notebook Hardware Control (NHC) - Homepage, Downloads, Help, Docu, FAQ, News -
Order Macro Express Macro Express
Paint Shop Pro -
PHOTO-RENAME-Tom Meinen's Software Page
RENAME-FILE-FOLDERS JoeJoe's freeware utilities - [Rename Master]
RenameStar 2.0 - RenameStar will quickly and easily rename large numbers of files. - Softpedia
TELEPHONE-CALLS- Skype. Take a deep breath
VeryPDF - PDF Writer, PDF Creator, PDF Converter, Convert PDF to WORD DOC, HTML to PDF, PDF Editor Converters
VIRUS AVG Anti-Virus version 7.0 Product Download
WinZip® - The Zip File Utility for Windows - Zip-Unzip, Encrypt-Decrypt Screen Sharing

Less Glitter and More Gold Today in World

Less Glitter and More Gold Today in World
There is the ability for promoters and marketers to sell glitter and not gold. I woke this morning to learn the USA stock market was receiving it punishment for not making sound investments.
Taipei, Taiwan
Tuesday, September 16, 2008
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I am sure many people are sad today as the USA stock market dropped by over 500 points.

However, all that glitters is not gold, and when the spin of promoters and marketers sell glitter, there must come a day when the genie comes out of the bottle.

Less Glitter and More Gold Today in World


I have seen a term used often to describe travel rooms,

I find this term a pre-meditative desire to be ambiguous, to even use the term seems ludicrous, as I truly believe the world,
“Cannot be bothered.”

I found an extremely curious and appropriate categorization in the online Encyclopedia for this French phrase.

Taipei, Taiwan
Monday, September 15, 2008
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If you search for “en-suite” in, you will automatically arrive with NO “disambiguation” arrive at the word BATHROOM. Quite hilarious to me, I think we should more appropriately use the world classification and sincerely pretentious.
“la toilette”

Anyway you do in Wikipedia you end up in the Bathroom, or if you are a seasoned traveler and tired of having the Europeans annoy you, you will finally capitulate and stop saying the word “Restroom” or “Bathroom” and replace it with "Toilet.”

I like restroom, not so harsh, however for he sake of disambiguation I use the word “Toilet.” now because it is globally understood.

I truly believe the word “En-suite” belongs in the Toilet with all the other too vague and confusing terms in the global world.

So what does en-suite mean? Still not too clear to me, however I believe the use of the term is analogous to the USA people using the term “Restroom.” We really should not use this term in a global world, it is un-clear to the world, we need to use the word “Toilet.” However, I think the Brits have somehow hooked on to this Frenchie word, and use it to describe something…, I will never use the terms, except when I am speaking French where it is appropriately used.

So if you are curious, go to this page that I think may explain it, however take care, they lost me… hehehe


Bathroom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
en suite - Definition at Your Dictionary
en suite - definition of en suite by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.
en suite British Use and maybe why


More Traveler Carry Computers

More Traveler Carry Computers
The TaiwanMex Taipei Hostel has two different building, I went over today and visited the other building. I was surprised to find, that 8 of the 10 people presently in the this building have Laptops and want to connect with WIFI Wireless Internet Connection.

Taipei, Taiwan
Sunday, September 14, 2008
Blog of Andy --- --- Travel Bag Design Survey --- Professional Traveler Bag

I went over to help fix a small wiring problem, I was fortunately able to fix the WIFI internet problem, and suddenly everyone was clapping.

I remember traveling 10 years ago where nobody but me had a computer. This is the new world, and we are connected, transforming a want into a perceived need.

I made it out of the Hostel building, I successfully refrained from making any American Jokes about fixing problems.

I think there was a Japanese kid over there who could have fixed the problem, however I suspect that “saving face” problem stopped him from being able to try.

There are Typhoon rain storms today, so the internet need to work.

Mobile Office

More Traveler Carry Computers

Making Friends in Taiwan Hostel

Making Friends in Taiwan Hostel
The number one reason to live in Hostels is NOT the cheap prices.

Taipei, Taiwan
Sunday, September 14, 2008
Blog of Andy --- --- Travel Bag Design Survey --- Professional Traveler Bag

The value of a Hostel is you get introduced to the world, here in Taiwan at the going by the name of TaiwanMex I have on a regular basis spoken with,
- Finnish Man studying in Chinese
- Two Korean Girls on Vacation
- A Hong Kong couple on four day visit to Taiwan
- Three Japanese boys, two studying and one on vacation.
- USA black man, truly a culture that is becoming foreign
- Mexican, Raul the half owner of the Hostel
- Taiwan Magos, the women half owner of Hostel

A Hostel is a good place to accidentally meet people, a great way to meet the world. I am lucky Magos is from Taiwan, this in some ways the most difficult culture to meet in a Taiwan Hostel because the Taiwanese people do not have a reason to live in Hostels.

What I really wished the world would recognize about a Hostel that is so wonderful is the community spirit. Because they are often homes, we share a television, a kitchen, and the shower, we share our lives together and this is a good thing.

Note, I have a single room with air conditioning, however it does have a shared shower, the room cost 600 Taiwan whatever’s and dorms start at 10 U.S. Dollars.

Where do people of the planet meet in the most disarming way?
“The Kitchen.”

I just exchanged email address’s with the Hong Kong couple, it was a good day.

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What is a Hostel

Making Friends in Taiwan Hostel

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