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Plus On Cell Works Grenada

Plus On Cell Works Grenada

There is a + ( Plus Sign ) on the cell phone, I can HOLD down the key and it will make a PLUS.

This gives me the outside connection for another country, I then dial the country code, and hope something works. I called Thailand and it worked, I was amazed, to call by telephone to the USA is normally difficult, to call the other countries on the planet becomes work. I almost always start one or two days ahead testing the systems to see if they work before I would ever make any telephone call. I believe most person are only trying to call one number.

Here in Grenada they advertise Bmobile, Digitel, and Cingular systems, I am not sure what Digitel is, however I purchased the Bmobile from the Cable and Wireless system. Note the guy in the Cable and Wireless place said that the PLUS would not work or maybe he did not really know what it means.

Geography 101

Geography 101

I feel like I am in some Geography course in University and there is no teacher, I have to learn by home study. Geography is not clear to me, I know these sounds like a typical American thing, and however I am sure I know Geography ten times better than most. However, there is so many spelling or interpretations of these Islands in the Caribbean and names it is hard to understand where I am located. I have words like - Windward and Leeward and West Indies, and Greater Antilles and such, these words meant something to someone, however I have to slice, dice, chop, and ground them until I understand them. I know the person that use them are just associating the name with the areas and not trying to understand why.

Example: Why is the Middle East call the - MIDDLE or EAST, there is always land east of any location on the planet. Does it have to do with the Greenwich Time line, with England being the colonization country, the propagator or English? What does all this mean, I am always trying to clarify and understand. It is only good for cocktail conversation and in the end, I am sure nobody cares about the name, except for the person living or visiting, and I doubt on the latter.

I have this masters list of countries, I try to sort, define, add different ways they say this, like the formal way, the common way, the abbreviated way of writing or typing. Then you go the non-roman way or the transliteration ways.

Oh well, eventually I will reach that plateau where I have exhausted all possible ideas on how to expand this list. I want to use it as navigation thingy on my site, I am going to have to work from what is positive, and then work on what I am negotiating with myself. For example a person could type in Saint Vincent or St Vincent, not the same, however the same, needs a clarifying identifier.

How would you like to be Christopher Columbus and have to think up names for all of these places, even if they were tempory just for conversation with the crew.

Paradise Beach Carriacou

Paradise Beach Carriacou

I went by small van bus to Paradise Beach here on the Island of Carriacou part of the Grenadine. A peaceful, quiet, and empty beach. I am single, not married, not traveling now with anyone; however, I feel alone and lost here. I cannot be bothered with the Rasta types; the Ade�s Dream Guesthouse is perfect, the kitchen, water cooler with both hot water and cold, and my own food locker. A balcony on the back, on and on, the only problem is the prices are still five times the Southeast Asia price for the same. I want a beach where I am not alone in Paradise.

I am considering leaving and flying to anywhere but here; I can always return with a girlfriend and enjoy the place. As I stand now, I think I will go to St Lucia, then to Barbados where I believe there are a lot more tourists. I am hoping there will be enough people to make conversations possible.

Where to go, people compare their two weeks vacations to my never ending travel life, they visit two countries outside the USA and they believe they know every country and can say they was in the best country on the planet. People get excited by visiting anywhere, consider it the best. I do not get to go home and stop the place from being in my mind, there is not an end, the only way to change is to give up on a location.

Carriacou Grenada by Osprey Ferry

Carriacou Grenada - Start of Grenadine Islands

Wednesday February 15, 2006, 7:43 AM

I arrived yesterday by the Osprey Ferry, it left at 9:00 at the main bay of St Georges, Grenada, it took about 2 hours of misery to arrive to the island of Carriacou. I read my GPS and it say we was going about 26 Nautical Miles per hour, I need to change it back to normal miles. I ate a food called Channa before I got on the ferry and lost it in the toilet on the way. I think it is more or less 30-50 miles distance.

Once I arrived in the small port city, I think the name is Hillsborough; however, it is the village at the end of the trip. I turned left and walked to Ade?s Dream Guesthouse, they have a room for 60 EC with no TV or Air, however private room and a kitchen to use. Before I rented the room I walked to the Peace Haven, it was the same price, however a little more busy, smaller, and not internet inside the store. I think I could negotiate a longer stay cheaper there or in a better with TV in the Millers just farther down the main street.

Every van driving by wanted to take me to Paradise Beach or something, I will go there today. I am told by the not so helpful, get out of my face customs person that the boat to Union Island, Grenadines leaves on Thursday in the afternoon. Today is Wednesday, therefore I will leave tomorrow, I believe it only leave two times per week. Monday and Friday, however I am not sure.

Carriacou is a very slow, laid back, Rasta type place, with a lot of very nice small-scale building, it is a seaside village, with a nice beach along side both sides of the pier. Nobody seems to sunbathe on this beach, however maybe a nice place to walk on in the mornings. I was happy the Guesthouses all here seem to think they should include a kitchen, the Ade?s Dream Guesthouse is amazingly organize, private bath, and a balcony, kitchen, internet and store below. I walked down to the not too friend John?s Unique place, it was the same cost, however also includes a TV for 60, however they had no room, not friendly, and I do not think they have a guest kitchen. I like to stay in the center of older areas or the center of the cities so I can meet the local culture.

The Caribbean area of the world seems empty of travelers, many tourists on agenda trip, busy and quickly trying to have a vacation.

I expect everyone that is in this hotel last night to leave today or the next, it always appears to be a 1-2 day and out country. Like Europe in this way, everyone only smells the place; they do not get to know the place.

Organizing Travel Path

Organizing Travel Path

I am organizing a travel path checklist or form I can fill out to log in my travels from Hotel to Hotel. I am more positive daily that a person should worry about how to jump from Hotel to Hotel more than they need to focus on the city. If they couple up a city, the reason you are going, the hotel together, however realize the hotel makes the trip good or bad then life is good. I am having a devil of time creating all the variables or questions needed, there are so many small questions that need asked and not forgot.

Connecting the Dots.

The normal problem with a guidebook is this for example, I arrived in the Grenada, Airport, and I wanted to go to the Mitchell�s guesthouse in St George.

Sequentially I traveled.

Grenada Airport

Taxi to St Georges

Taxi to Mitchell�s

There is a chain of events that happened, hard to log in all of them, it is much easier to just give a bunch of guidelines and try to connect them. In the end, the bottom line is you start at your hotel, travel by taxi maybe to the form of transportation, board this type of transportation, arrive in the next city, and then find transportation to the hotel. If you wish to look around then life is more complicated. I look for zones of hotels. This is why an all-inclusive resort that picks the person up the airport is so popular, there is nothing to figure out or how to travel is not needed.

I am making a step by step form that a person could fill out and it would take a person from porthole to porthole, hotel to hotel and have all the hopefully needed questions to guide a person or a travel writer how to explain how to travel. I then could have persons post how they went from city to city or hotel to hotel and not leave out a lot of very important information. I believe I want to pay persons to do this; therefore, I need to create a methodology for the average Joe Blow to complete. The best travelers, often are disorganized in a way, however good at finding the best deals, they go on instincts very well.

Cell Phone Saves Money on Hotels

Cell Phone Saves Money on Hotels or Guesthouses

The operative word here for savings is the word - Guesthouses -, hotels means big money.

Getting a reservation means I would pay a fortune, to find the Mom and Pop Guesthouses is my best option, however if they are not in a group or cluster, say there is not a street as is common where all the cheaper hotels or guesthouse are located it can be a problem. Sometimes there is only one guest house in the area, then a long walk to the next. I have about 80 pounds on my back and front, I do not like to walk. The taxi systems are expensive, unreasonable and not helpful, the small van size buses so far appear common, they are more helpful, however so far most Caribbean people look at me like - I cannot be bothered, get out of my face -.

However say I am at the airport, or the country before, I can call three guesthouse, or better yet I can email them and ask them to call me back. I doubt they will either read the email or call me back, however, the really sharp ones would. Most Guesthouses would put an email however never check it, they will answer the phones in some countries. I expect in the Caribbean they will answer the phone, land lines so far are common. I can call, NOT get a reservation, however check in, see what the guesthouse has to say, is there a room, will the pick me up, can I save on TAXI fare? However it takes a big saving to pay for the 50 dollars it just cost me to buy the SIM CARD and time on the pre-paid card.

The SIM is supposed to work for 5 countries or more, who knows for sure, however, I can try.

MY METHOD of finding guesthouses is more or less this.

1. Find Cheap ones in Guidebook.
2. Search for Mom and Pop listing page for the country on internet.
3. Read the guidebook, read the list, go on my instincts, older areas are cheaper than new. Take a taxi to one of the guesthouse or take the van if I can fight away from airport. I now going to try to take ferries to escape the taxi scammers.
4. Ask person in the hotel, on the plane, on the bus, in the airport for recommendations.
5. Arrive early enough to take my time and find a room.

The cell phone will save on paying two TAXI fares because I go to a full guesthouse.
I can check the prices and go to the cheapest.

On Carriacou Island

I am on the Island of Carriacou in Grenada, the internet it stopping my thumbdrive and I cannot use yet, I will send all the update when I hope to connect my computer.
All is good, small village off the Pier, I leave for Union Island tomorrow in the Grenadines and a different country.

Thanks "Life is good"
Andy the
Travel Journal


Thanks to the Star Tribune Newspaper:

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Replied to my Nephews for their school project.

Time to go to the beach to check the scenery, last chance for the Grand Anse here in Grenada before I downgrade it to a 3 on a scale of 10.

Life is good!

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