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Kingston Town Saint Vincent Island and Port

Kingston Town St Vincent Island
Saturday 3:24 PM 18 of February 2006

Description from the Encyclopedia Encarta -

- Kingstown, town, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, capital and principal port of the independent state, in the southeastern Caribbean Sea. Located on the southwestern coast of Saint Vincent Island at the head of Kingstown Bay, it has an artificial deepwater harbor and handles exports that include bananas, arrowroot, and coconuts. A nearby airport handles flights to other islands of the West Indies. Kingstown has a museum, an Anglican cathedral, and a botanical garden (established 1765) that is the oldest in the western hemisphere. On a promontory north of the town is Fort Charlotte, built by the British in the late 18th century as a defense against French invasion. Population (1995 estimate) 16,132. . (2)

Description from the Lonely Planet Caribbean -

- Kingston - a sweaty city of winding streets and boxy cement structures - is the capital and commercial center of SVG. The city does not go out of the way to cater to tourists, but has everything one might need -------

I have left the bubble, normal people, nice, helpful, and full of history, a treasure trove of small streets, great architecture. I am in some great homespun guesthouse on top of the world overlooking the bay of Kingstown Town. Whether I shall call this a Town or a City is my debate, I am sure in the history, this word town had more meaning.

I wonder, does this mean - Kings Town or the Kings town, or Kingston. I am curious about the history, this is a birthplace. I am missing out the storyline, somewhere underneath the hat of some tourist trap I believe is the history.

Before I got on the plane from Union Island to St Vincent Island, and landed on top of the hills looking over the bay of Kingston, I was talking with a man from Montreal. Born or raised I believe in Ashton, Union Island, he was explaining as a boy he worked in the USA harvesting crops. He explained how they would come to the islands and recruit persons to go to the USA to pick various foods. He said he worked in Indiana picking tomatoes. There were man injustices done to these person, as the Caribbean workers did not understand the USA, therefore it was possible to keep them in the dark on what the correct pay, treatment, etc.

Great conversation and history of the labor evolving while I listened. A thrill a minute listening to his stories. One of the lead into how there was a store provided where the workers could buy clothing, shoes, supplies, on credit, then each week they needed to pay the money back to the store they earned.

- I owe my life to the company store -

- I load a sixteen tons of number nine coal, another day older and deeper in debt; I owe my soul the company.

- Saint Peter don?t you call me cause I can?t come, I owe my soul to the company store -

I cannot remember, maybe Jimmy Dean, a childhood memory of the only songs my parents ever played, that and beautiful dreamer.

Nonetheless, I owe my soul to the company soul.

I am thinking, this is a what a - TOURIST TRAP - is, a way they make you owe your soul to the COMPANY - Strange as it seems, I feel like I have walked a little, I am banging at the door. I am trying to leave the company store, I was in the small corner of or a town called - Ashton - on Union Island, it was a taste, I could see outside the film of the bubble, there is a life where Rasta is not the language and people are real.

I was discussing with the lady and the man in a small restaurant outside the Airport of Union Island. The not so nice, not so friendly lady that worked there finally loosened the grip on her - I CAN?T BE BOTHERED WITH YOU - Attitude.

I felt it, I could feel it, she does not like tourist. I feel the same, I can empathize, I am a tourist, I am a traveler, I am something, however I am not fitting in completely, maybe half. Most of the tourist are very friendly, easy going, lost in the haze of the TWO WEEKER - I am on vacation, I have to love this place, they dream about buying land, doing really stupid things, living in paradise, the only place they probably had sex with their husband or wife in the last six month. Before that, they were too busy.

Nonetheless, the chub said,

- None of the locals gets the money -

None of the locals benefits from the Resort Money, not totally true, probably the only money coming into the islands in many ways. This would be a wasteland without the tax money extracted for the rich to be richer. In the end, they must provide some streets, stores, water, sewer of the tourist could not be tapped.

I do feel sorry for them in a way, there are no obvious forms of income, and there is not enough tourist spending money to be profitable. This is high season and rooms are very easy to find, I am not sure about the resorts, they may be full, however they do not leave the resort if this is the case, which is the goal of a resort.

Ok, so there is a Channel a tourist track, a railway being set down where I am having trouble removing myself, the taxis at the airports are worthless, it is difficult to find a person that does not see me as just a dollar sign. Here in Kingston, they do not care I am a tourist, traveler, they are happy to see me, interesting, a great feeling. The are not talking to me because I have money, they are talking to me as a human, not a dollar bill.

The tourist trap is like the company store, it is a round trip, circular motion, a roller coaster ride, which goes up and down, however you just keep paying for another ticket and the view never changes.

There is history buried under the tourism.

Photos Union Island Grenadines

Photos Union Island Grenadines

Sauce on the grocery shelf, I think the world needs a sauce of the world restaurant.

Green, Orange, all sorts of colors of sauces in the Caribbean Islands.

This says that American Privateers came here, this is a type of state authorized pirate, hmmm. The USA has Pirates.

Water tank along side the down from the water that come off the roof with rain, the one girl said they wash and drink in dry times of the year.

The older version of the same water tank, like a cistern in the USA, however I only seen them, not familiar with how they work in the USA.

Old and very interesting window, great doors, and shutters, colors intertwined into the world of architecture.

Almond Essence Vanilla Essence Lemon Essence, new to me, however sound tasty.

I like normal culture, this is the guesthouse where I should be staying Kendricks for 40 EC, located at the crossroads just up the pier area from the boat that arrives from Carriacou. A special place with dominoes and normal person that will talk with me or you.

Betty, her older sister called at me as I was walking the road back to Clifton, then the sister started to call the other sisters out of the woodwork, I guess this one came out of the shower, I did not mind, and she did not mind, very interesting and great view from their home.

I thought this looked like Volcanic rock?

Blue colors with a reef, a great view from a sailboat or yacht.

Union Island

Union Island

I am in a love and hate situation, I have actually met four persons on this island that see to care I am here. Tafari, Janis, Cindy and Bert, probably got the name for Bert of Bertram wrong, nonetheless I have met some very nice person.

On the other hand, the big drug dealer offered me a Marijuana Cigarette openly in the middle of the street at about 8:30 in the morning as I was walking around looking for a better hotel, he is big, obnoxious, and assumes I love his type of - hey you - culture, I despise this type of person, like a reminder of all the alcoholic dysfunctional dreams and lives I have lived.


There is a saying the something to the effect that the devil you know is better than the devil you do not know. I am alone here, there is an excellent room, part of the same hotel, which is half the price, 50 EC and has a kitchen for me to use to cook. They had to open it up to show me, it was totally locked shut and not in use, however if I move there I will be isolated, my gut tells me the drug dealers, a big group that hang or - LIME - outside the Clifton Beach Hotel can tell,

- I think they are trash -

Since I am not good at lying or shining person on, they know and can feel, what I think, if I moved down there I would be alone and a target.

This is the boat I took, with a man by the name of John Waldron from Carriacou to Union Island, the cost was 20 EC and an excellent trip, part of the local culture that was wonderful, I am wanting to return maybe to the area called Ashton to see the area, it is a part of the Caribbean that I think is hiding from me, the normal fishing, living and outside the tourist bubble.

This is the standard way to travel the Caribbean, bring your home with you; I think this is standard fare and the more or less backpackers of the Caribbean. I would say for the most part, there is only tourist grade backpackers, only person who are on a path that has a determined time frame, the have decided the amount of time they will spend before they came.

This is the feel, I stuck my head out of the window of the John Waldron boat, there are these pointed peaked hills, very strange and different, and I do not understand the topography here, quite different.

A wooden sailboat, the flavor of life I am looking for and have not found, maybe I was dragged away from it at the pier where the boat stopped on the John Waldron boat, and I did not find a name on the boat.

Barracuda Ferry

This boat must come and leave about three times per week or something, I would be very careful, the cost is 40 EC and seems to be a good deal. I purchased a plane ticket for tomorrow for 95 EC, I would love to take this boat, however seem bleak and lonely without some companionship, I opted to get the hell out of Dodge quicker.

This is the main street, to the right of this photo is where the three times I left the hotel and three times, I was accosted for drugs last night.


Aagh, who need this.

I think this person has to be the naturally nicest person I have met in the Caribbean, her name is Janis, she works in the Kings Landing Hotel, I wanted to move in there just to talk with her and relax, 65 U.S. Dollars a night is high for my blood, plus I am all ready safe, I do not like to move from safe. I know this hotel is good, Janis is good, I just do not want to pay 25 dollars more, I am already paying 20 dollar more tonight than the room has value. The best room is the annex area of the Clifton Beach area hotel for 50 EC; it is just not so safe as one person.

This is Bert, I have no clear idea what he is doing, he says he is from New York City; however, he seems to be working here. He is in the Tourism Office, Janis sent me to talk to Cindy below to get a CD Rom of all the Hotels in the Grenadines or SVG as they abbreviate. He asked-

- How are you enjoying the island? -

He wanted me to give the bull S@#% answer, I should have just said nothing in the end he did not like to know that I did not like the drug dealers in the streets. I look like a person that would do drugs, my hair is long, I am HERE, that is enough provocation to offer me drugs, and I am walking around alone. What can I say, I look younger than I am, mostly the place is full of OLD couple, maybe over 60, I feel very young here.

The man does seem though to want it to end, however he just acts as if they cannot stop this type of problem. I think they need police.

This girl is great, she is like Janis number tow, excellent, happy, smiles and I feel very honest, she will admit what is real.

I have been cracking on them, asking or bleeding information on the travel writers that come here. This is how it works, hard to figure out, especially if you are on not on the take.


A travel write earns nothing, not enough to feed a squirrel, they earn their money in two or three ways and mostly I think they just want to be famous. However, they can come to an Island like this, prepare for the trip by talking with the tourism departments, sell the hotel industry down the river. Portray themselves as working for some major magazine, newspaper, travel agency, tour company, in some way say,

- I am special; I will write you up, make you look good -

One person, I do not want to get them in trouble, this is dangerous for them to discuss with me, I could by accident get them fired. All this hush hush stuff is suppose to always be talked about with reverence, a person is suppose to say,

The have travel writers extort free room, picked up at the airport, made to be guides, do this, do that, suck up, or be inferred, said to,

- I will write a bad thing about you place -

Bert asked, or said,

- You will say good things -

He know the scoop, older, knows that his job is get good public relations, however he probably has not ever met a person that had no desire to be a travel writer, to get free rooms and just write what he thinks.

I said,

- I just write what happens, good or bad-

Cindy said,

- Truth is always the best-

What a great woman, this is perfect.

Nonetheless, travel writer get many a free press trip, free this, I do not know how would ever feel like I could trust a travel writers. Even if I paid them, I would have to know, they can get free what nots if they sell it right. I was telling Craig this, I am afraid, I do not know which way he will go, or how he will portray his site. A person can sell anything to anyone if they want to over promise.

Here is the link to a website that offers many press or travel writer trips, many pay to offer, public relation type thingies, I have been receiving them for year, sort of just ignore, very seldom read, however fun to see what the other side does, and how they fund their travels. I am sure the Caribbean is a top suck up to travel area.

This is Tafari, works in the Clifton Beach Hotel, I like him, the lady at the reception was more than willing to put me in the noisy room, even though I was saying, I do not want to be above the bar.

HE HAS PROMISED, the place will be quiet tonight, he says his jobs is to help clients, I want to trust him, I hope he is correct, I did not move. I wanted to move, however better to stay safe from being robbed, this is a better insurance policy than to move and risk being robbed just to save money. Two years ago, I could not even be here, the cost is extraordinarily high for the pure world value of rooms.

I will see what the sound level is tonight, the music did stop at 12:30 last night, he said 11:30, however every body on the planet needs to know the Manana Syndrome, time is not what you ever think or hear.

Priority Traveling

I am leaving tomorrow morning for St Vincent, the main Island of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Island group, I have no idea where the paradise is located, however I do not believe MY TYPE of paradise is here, I want to find a place where there are people on the beach. NOT just a couple token person, a real beach with lots of persons. A young person beach, not a old persons beach, a place where I can enjoy life and relax, read my book.

I am here to enjoy life, I have to keep reminding myself, I go into find a cheap path for backpackers mode, and forget to try to work to find some fun things to do here, it is not obvious.

I am not sure how to find anything of cultural interest, I do believe if I worked at it, I could find some snorkeling.

Union Island St Vincent and Grenadines

Union Island St Vincent and Grenadines

- If you want to go to another world -

Nothing more accurate could have ever been said, I want to be anywhere but here.

I am in the Clifton Beach Hotel on Union Island; I left Carriacou Island, in the country of Grenada and came here by boat,

There is Karaoke in the oceanfront side of the bar, I have tried to ignore, however I was trying to avoid the front room, however the lady said there was not another room, therefore I tried to work with them, I am in one of the worst rooms in 9 years of travel.


Three times, I have walked outside the hotel on the streets; trying to do something until the noise stops, three times a person has come up and said,

- I am the man, I have what you need-

Gonga, Cocaine, Crack, Women.
(NOTE: I do not think a nice local girl can talk to me or she is considered a prostitute.)

This is not a new type of offer, except for the crack; I am not normally offered crack cocaine, except now in the Caribbean.

The last time I went out, the man said, I have it if you

- Want to go to another world -

I want to go to another culture on the planet, I am not enjoying being the only tourist, and I can see why everyone goes to resorts. I do not like to avoid the local cultures, however so far I can say, I am not enjoying this overpriced, low value for the buck trip into the Caribbean. There is nothing here about the culture that is interesting.

My thought earlier, was more tolerant, an older very white lady, barefoot, wrinkled face, frustrated come strolling out of the back room area, where I wanted to be. She come shaking her hear, points at her arm, says in sign language, the music is too loud to talk.

- It is 12.-

Then I go for a walk and the man just outside the Clifton Beach Hotel, (There is no beach) says the words I will never forget.

- If you want to another world.

This hotel is 94 East Caribbean Dollars, and is worth 20, and then I could forget the noise.

This is 38 U.S. Dollars.

This is a 5-dollar hotel in my normal world, for this amount of money anywhere including Europe I would be living like a king. My air conditioner in my room dripped water and soaked the whole floor making my backpack very wet. The lights in the bathroom are burned out; the electrical plug does not work.

I earlier thought that Union Island was better than Carriacou; however now I am wanting to desperately leave the Clifton Beach Hotel here on Union Island in the country of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

I am on another deserted island with nobody on the beaches; I do not even have to go to the beach. I know there is no one; there are not enough people here to have people on the beaches. There would be people walking around on the island.

Another no bikini zone, not my idea of beach paradise, if anyone reads and wants a beach paradise, so far from Union Island to Trinidad, there is a no bikini beach zone.

Well, I am not excited, I am the only tourist here, and I suppose the hold wrinkle lady and the one nice French girl with her husband and child. The yachts get to go hide on the yachts; they are all couples, almost a zero independent traveler area.

There does seem to be an excess of frumpy women hanging on the local men.

I need to decide what to do, I guess I will fly to Barbados; anyway I can, then buy a ticket to anywhere but here, enough of living in this world. Like the man said,

- If you want to go to another world -

The Drug dealer here on Union Island has it right, I do want to go to another world. I need to follow my own advice and leave. Every person likes something different, I have been traveling too long to force myself to enjoy or give these place a chance. I have been here for over a month, if I have not, it feel already like two.

Everyone is hiding from the local culture except for the girls here for sex, the yachties hang out only with the yachties, and the resort people do not leave the resorts. I have to admit it does seem like a good idea to go to resort.

In Thailand, Philippine, Mexico, anywhere but here, Palolem Beach, Goa India sounds really great. Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand sounds like an unbelievable paradise for the money, same quality for 5 dollar without this and of this crap.

I am tired; I need to go to the beach for a vacation. Maybe I will fly to Rio for a nice beach on Copacabana Beach in Rio.

Ashton Union Island Grenada

Ashton Union Island Grenada

I am on the Island of Union Island in the country of St Vincent and the Grenadines. This post is out of order because I cannot get the computers to work or publish photos.

I am fine, had a rough night last night in the Clifton Beach Hotel, now I just returned from the small NOT tourist area of Villag of Ashton, 2 miles from Clifton the main area.

Outside the tourist bubble there is a Guesthouse by the name of Kendricks or something, 40 EC, I wish I had found this before I bought the ticket. There are some great people in this non - tourist part of Union Island, I had a smell of something better and found it too late.

Carriacou Immigration Grenada

Carriacou Immigration Grenada

I am told the Immigration office is at the Police Station across the road from the entrance the dock.

I believe this is really on a small alley behind the first building you will see as you leave the pier in Hills Village, Carriacou Island, part of the Grenadines, however still the country of Grenada.

Boat to Union Island Grenadines

Boat to Union Island Grenadines

I am planning on taking a boat from Carriacou Island, country of Grenada to the Island in of Union in the Island group of the Grenadines, of the country of St Vincent and the Grenadines. What confusion, hard to explain where I am or the country where I am located. A person needs to be a geography genius to know all this not so needed information.

Ok, just above the country of Grenada is another Island, outside the country of Grenada. It is about 10 miles north of here, nonetheless, I am wanting to get on a boat today. I am told the boat leaves on Monday and Thursday at around 12:30, maybe before, so I need to be very careful to talk with the Captain of the boat to let him or her know I am on the boat. (Is the word Captain, a masculine and feminine type word?


There is a huge wind today, I am not happy, I believe there will be larger wave, it is early and time for the heat of the day to burn off the cooler night weather. The day could turn more foul or it could become great. I wish to plan, I believe I will get on the boat if it leave no matter of my fear or waves, I am not afraid of waves, I am afraid of getting extreme motion sickness or seasickness. I will take the dramamine medicine I purchase now, I hope it is the proper amount of time before the trip.

The directions are not clear, it says to take one half to one hour before trip for the first dose and then one to two 4-6 hours and not more than 8 in one 24 hour period. I am thinking the trip is only about one hour in duration. Therefore if this is to work, or have a chance to work, I would think I need to have this medicine in my system. I do not know how it works, it is something that is cumulative, stays or become part of the blood systems or how does it effect. I guess I can try to read my encyclopedia on my computer.

It does not say, there is a need for an offline CD, I was told I would receive one when I went to the Convention last year in Frankfurt, Germany, however I never heard or connected with this idea. I hope there is one that can be used offline. There is this misconception or over how available the internet is, there is no way presently to get on the internet. I would have to be extremely organized to figure this out.

Advice like telling me to get on the internet is bad advice, fails to empathize with what is possible, however is a plausible solution if the world is perfect.

I live in very imperfect world and the world in a dysfunctional way expects the world to perfect, it is annoying to listen to the unreal perceptions and actually dangerous. For example like the people are just poor, the are really great persons, not just bum and can be very dangerous.


2 tablets 5-6 hours now taken before the boat. I hope the boat leaves at 12:30, therefore I will take 2 more tablets one half hour before or at 12 noon. I am hoping to know what time the boat leaves, however there is no positive way as this is just and island hopping boat and there is not even and office or at least the last 5 persons do not know. The Osprey Ferry office lady gave me a brochure to a Boat Taxi, and inferred there is not boat, I do not believe she is that stupid, she knows there is a boat to Union Island from Carriacou and will not tell me the truth. I feel this is part of the cultural nature, the power of knowing something and the withholding of information. I will never learn why persons want to have power more than they wish to help. I only walked in the office and asked. I am aware that I am a stereotype of a person that may have abused the black slave hundreds of years ago and it may just be a layover. I am a Man, White Skinned, Blond Haired, and Blue Eyes, the All American Stereotype, the archetype of a model of what the world keeps trying to hate. I am lucky I am not Israeli, the is another common enemy. To me this all about jealousy, not about reality, there is some reality, however a big fat, minority has an advantage in the modern world and use the trump card. I am feeling more and more that the world is discriminating against me, making my life difficult. Requiring me to be held to a higher level than others, this is not fair either, I do believe all person deserve to be treated equally.

Motion sickness, sea sickness, what a pain in the head.


From Encarta Encyclopedia -
- Motion Sickness, disorder that afflicts many people in varying degrees when they are subject to swaying motions, yawing, and pitching. The disorder can be experienced on ships (seasickness), in airplanes (airsickness), or even when traveling by automobile (car sickness). It is most likely to occur when motion is induced by rough sea, turbulent air, or curving, up-and-down roads. In mild cases it may produce only minimal nausea, and in severe cases it causes vomiting, dizziness, unsteady gait, loss of balance, loss of coordination, and even severe prostration. The disorder occurs because of excessive stimulation of the semicircular canals, a pair of minute organs located within the inner ears. Changes in position are normally recorded in the semicircular canals and transmitted to the brain. Symptoms can be minimized by riding in the center of a moving vehicle or over the wings of an airplane. A number of drugs, including meclizine (Antivert or Bonine), cyclizine (Marezine), and dimenhydrinate (Dramamine), when taken before exposure, are often effective in preventing motion sickness, although drowsiness may be a side effect -

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