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Kingston Town St Vincent Island

Kingston Town St Vincent Island
Saturday 3:24 PM 18 of February 2006

Description from the Encyclopedia Encarta -

- Kingstown, town, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, capital and principal port of the independent state, in the southeastern Caribbean Sea. Located on the southwestern coast of Saint Vincent Island at the head of Kingstown Bay, it has an artificial deepwater harbor and handles exports that include bananas, arrowroot, and coconuts. A nearby airport handles flights to other islands of the West Indies. Kingstown has a museum, an Anglican cathedral, and a botanical garden (established 1765) that is the oldest in the western hemisphere. On a promontory north of the town is Fort Charlotte, built by the British in the late 18th century as a defense against French invasion. Population (1995 estimate) 16,132. . (2)

Description from the Lonely Planet Caribbean -

- Kingstown - a sweaty city of winding streets and boxy cement structures - is the capital and commercial center of SVG. The city does not go out of the way to cater to tourists, but has everything one might need -------

I have left the bubble, normal people, nice, helpful, and full of history, a treasure trove of small streets, great architecture. I am in some great homespun guesthouse on top of the world overlooking the bay of Kingstown Town. Whether I shall call this a Town or a City is my debate, I am sure in the history, this word town had more meaning.

I wonder, does this mean - Kings Town or the Kings town, or Kingston. I am curious about the history, this is a birthplace. I am missing out the storyline, somewhere underneath the hat of some tourist trap I believe is the history. Which King?

Before I got on the plane from Union Island to St Vincent Island, and landed on top of the hills looking over the bay of Kingstown, I was talking with a man from Montreal. Born or raised I believe in Ashton, Union Island, he was explaining as a boy he worked in the USA harvesting crops. He explained how they would come to the islands and recruit persons to go to the USA to pick various foods. He said he worked in Indiana picking tomatoes. There were man injustices done to these person, as the Caribbean workers did not understand the USA, therefore it was possible to keep them in the dark on what the correct pay, treatment, etc.

Great conversation and history of the labor evolving while I listened. A thrill a minute listening to his stories. One of the lead into how there was a store provided where the workers could buy clothing, shoes, supplies, on credit, then each week they needed to pay the money back to the store they earned.

- I owe my life to the company store -

- I load a sixteen tons of number nine coal, another day older and deeper in debt; I owe my soul the company.

- Saint Peter don�t you call me cause I can�t come, I owe my soul to the company store -

I cannot remember, maybe Jimmy Dean, a childhood memory of the only songs my parents ever played, that and beautiful dreamer.

Nonetheless, I owe my soul to the company soul.

I am thinking, this is a what a - TOURIST TRAP - is, a way they make you owe your soul to the COMPANY - Strange as it seems, I feel like I have walked a little, I am banging at the door. I am trying to leave the company store, I was in the small corner of or a town called - Ashton - on Union Island, it was a taste, I could see outside the film of the bubble, there is a life where Rasta is not the language and people are real.

I was discussing with the lady and the man in a small restaurant outside the Airport of Union Island. The not so nice, not so friendly lady that worked there finally loosened the grip on her - I CAN�T BE BOTHERED WITH YOU - Attitude.

I felt it, I could feel it, she does not like tourist. I feel the same, I can empathize, I am a tourist, I am a traveler, I am something, however I am not fitting in completely, maybe half. Most of the tourist are very friendly, easy going, lost in the haze of the TWO WEEKER - I am on vacation, I have to love this place, they dream about buying land, doing really stupid things, living in paradise, the only place they probably had sex with their husband or wife in the last six month. Before that, they were too busy.

Nonetheless, the chub said,

- None of the locals gets the money -

None of the locals benefits from the Resort Money, not totally true, probably the only money coming into the islands in many ways. This would be a wasteland without the tax money extracted for the rich to be richer. In the end, they must provide some streets, stores, water, sewer of the tourist could not be tapped.

I do feel sorry for them in a way, there are no obvious forms of income, and there is not enough tourist spending money to be profitable. This is high season and rooms are very easy to find, I am not sure about the resorts, they may be full, however they do not leave the resort if this is the case, which is the goal of a resort.

Ok, so there is a Channel a tourist track, a railway being set down where I am having trouble removing myself, the taxis at the airports are worthless, it is difficult to find a person that does not see me as just a dollar sign. Here in Kingstown, they do not care I am a tourist, traveler, they are happy to see me, interesting, a great feeling. The are not talking to me because I have money, they are talking to me as a human, not a dollar bill.

The tourist trap is like the company store, it is a round trip, circular motion, a roller coaster ride, which goes up and down, however you just keep paying for another ticket and the view never changes.

There is history buried under the tourism.

Bequia Island

Bequia Island

Monday February 20, 2006, 2:58 PM

I am now on the Island of Bequia, one of the Islands of the country of Saint Vincent & The Grenadines.

Pronounced - Beck Way -

Bequia has a great feel about it, only one hour away from Kingstown by boat, it really and easy hop, not difficult in the least to come here. Julies Guesthouse is just in front of the boat pier so very easy to find the first cheap place on the list. I am going to gag, hard for me to say 68.30 EC Dollars or about 28 Dollars U.S.A. is cheap, however around this price is cheap so far in the Caribbean. My room is definitely, what I pay 150 Baht for on Koh Pha Gnan, maybe a hair better. However, just the same at the end of the day, on that Island I have a private hut, and not a room in a row.

Leaving Kingstown City, Country of Saint Vincent and The Grenadines Island I could see clearly what I believe is the Volcano on the Island.

This is probably a Sailboat or Yachter dream place as the harbor is extremely calm and putting down anchor looks to be simple. I would guess that 90 percent of the business here is yacht people. I was worried when I got on the boat and only 4 other tourist types were on the boat, but who can say, maybe they are all hiding.

This is maybe the ideal bay for a Yacht in many ways, you can just drop anchor, go onshore with the dinghy, walk the beach, shop, or eat at many small made for tourist restaurants.


I have found ZERO bikinis of not so far, I would say this is a more or a pale white folk with a big boat Island than a bikini lay on the beach island. I am hoping I am totally wrong and they are all on a beach just around the corner. My gut says no, there are no proper bikinis beaches here. Actually so far, the island does not have much of a dry beach, more or a shoreline, and not much dry sand. I am going to walk around and explore. For sure, this place is 10 times better than Union Island and does not even compare. There are beaches where the hotels or restaurants cluster or walk their way down the shoreline. This is Bequia, you can walk from place to place, restaurant to restaurant, however you cannot walk from Hotel to Hotel because I think all the tourist are yachties sleeping on the boat.

Hotel Annoyances

Hotel Annoyances

There are numerous Hotel Annoyances and many time I leave a hotel, it is interesting though if you would talk to a hotel or guesthouse owner about a problem. They will often say,

- Nobody every complained about that -

I say,

- I am being nice, instead of just leaving I am trying to tell you-

It is warning right before I leave, however there are also reasons to leave that is out of the control of the owner.

I am in the Leslie Guesthouse and a man or boy next to me is 24 hour per day pot smoker, not an uncommon thing here in the Caribbean for a local. The Leslie guesthouse is nice, has a kitchen and cheap at 65 East Caribbean Dollars, about 26 U.S.A. dollars. In South America for the same price I would be living in a life of luxury, I am in the normal 3 dollar room on the planet and paying 25, it is even worst for most room where I pay 35 dollars and live in my normal 5-8 dollar room.

The problem is not that he sits in the room, walks around the guesthouse smoking marijuana on a 24 hour a day basis. The problem is I think he is deaf, or he has been listening to music so long his ears are now bad. It is possible he has one them Ipods in his ears and is trying to watch TV at the same time, whatever the case I need to hurry. I just quizzed him and I am not sure he is leaving, the owner said he is leaving, however this man is in a haze, I do not trust he is leaving.

I am going to go to Bequia and escape pay double the price, and I HOPE I am on a beach with bikinis. I have been assured by about persons who say the beaches have many persons. I feel obliged to go do this.

I am looking for a good beach in the Caribbean and it seems negligent to not go to this beach and give it a chance. I know most are fools gold, however this must be better, if not I will spend one night and go to Barbados as fast as possible.

IF I do not make to Besquia today, then I will go to the Adams Hotel close to the airport, I am told it has a kitchen also.

Hotel owners are a little slow, when a person leave after one night there is a reason, a person does not complain, they are not brave enough, they are angry, the just leave.

Poeple that stay are saying good things about you hotel and are not very helpful, the ones that leave can tell the owner how to improve, personally I believe that only about 1 percent of the owners would care.

220 110 Electricity

220 110 Electricity

It is normal for me to change back and forth between 220 and 110, in reality, the changes are almost negligible for me, I notice, however I do not care. However, I have started to care and notice, a little from fear, a little from confusion; I am subliminally noticing and now actively noticing and observing, getting curious, exploring and trying to figure out what they are doing here in the Caribbean or presently St Vincent and The Grenadines.

Electricity Evolution

There are two major types of plugs, one I would call the slotted or the USA version.

Second is the German or 220 types.

Round European 220 Type of plug.

This is an adapter that converts a round plug to a slotted plug; you can use a pencil or key and use this plug in an English plug outlet. You push into the ground and it will open the square type English plug below.

The third of note, not of much value, however impossible to avoid is the England version of electrical plugs. It is a square thingy and obnoxiously proper in probably electrical theories. I would say the English version is the best from a safety, theory, how to use, make sure you do it - PROPER - many of thinking. However, it is also the most complicated and difficult to work around in a way, not really; however, it can stump a person until the figure out the concept of the English Plug.

I am on the Island of St Vincent; I just left the Island of Union both in the country of St Vincent and The Grenadine. Here on Saint Vincent I plugged in my one cup coffee cooker and it took a long time to heat the water, it takes longer with 110.

I then had stopped in the store and purchase what I assumed is a 220 Light bulb as mine blew when I think a 110 Light bulb was on a 220 circuit on Union Island. I am trying to use the light here and it is very dim. What an unusual maze of electricity, I am seeing what I believer are some huge inverters or converters, I am not totally clear, I think they call it an converter when it takes 220 and drops it down to 110, nonetheless, there are some huge coil like units that seem to change it from 220 to 110.



Electrical engineering device converting current: a device that changes direct current into alternating current and is commonly used on boats to operate devices such as radios from batteries


1. reverse arrangement: to reverse the order, position, or arrangement of something

2. make opposite: to change something to its opposite or contrary.


1. technology device that converts: a device that converts something, for example, an electrical device that converts alternating current into direct current.

There is a small danger here, not a huge danger; I have a computer that goes both 220 and 110 by the little transformer. Aagh, another word.

Inverter or Converter cluster here in Kingston St Vincent and the Grenadines, it somehow makes 220 into 110.


1. electricity device for changing electrical energy: a device that transfers electrical energy from one alternating circuit to another with a change in voltage, current, phase, or impedance

I think the computer one takes either 220 or 110, then changes it to 19 Volts or something more or less this way, I am not sure if AC or DC - Alternating Current or Direct Current, I would guess alternating current because my computer is not grounded in a normal 12 Volt way.

How this is danger is for a tourist that must have the cheaper devices like a hair dryer, an electrical heater, or maybe an electric razor, I also think a TV. Most of these devices are sold to be used in a 110 country or a 220 country. Modern Electronics like a Video Camera, Cell phone or Computer are sold to work with both systems interchangeable and the converter, inverters cause more problem when used when not needed. My computer is for sure both and I believe any computer manufactured that is a LAPTOP, not a desktop is interchangeable. On the back of the little black box on the cord or inline on the cord will say something like 240-110 or something I have no clear memory.

This is the transformer box that is in the line of the electrical wire of a laptop computer; on the back of the box are instructions on how it works with both 220 and 110.

This is the close up of it saying the electrical 100 to 240 Volts

What a bunch of work by accident, a complete thought it difficult to have in life. I find that I think, trace the threads of ideas, concepts down the line, a chain of events. Slowly I put together all the essential facts, data, information in a curious project together in my head until I am clear. However, than the problem is all the photos, information I have collected and scattered in many locations, randomly collected, however there and could be if I had the time grouped together and explained in one internet page. However, there is only so much of my life or my curiosity I wish to explain. I know that I am endlessly curious; however, I am not endlessly motivated to explain. What a person will do to explain for money has a limit. I would for about 50 Cents per hour, I will earn if I am very lucky about 80 Cents USA for putting all these photos on a page, if I am extremely lucky I will make that for maybe 4 year, therefore I will make about 2 dollars per hour.

NOW, if I would write about Besquia, Island I will probably make more, however I am not working for money, I am working for the sake of curiosity. I love my job, I like to be curious and somehow carve out a notch of small amount of money. I do know, as I believe a person who takes curiosity and tries to apply it for their whole life will eventually find a position or way to earn enough to survive. If a person can translate this energy to money is a marvel, to actually stay the course is almost impossible. There is zero instant gratification therefore against basic human nature to continue. I guess I am saying there may be a nobility of spirit is some persons like Einstein or Edison who had the curiosity to hold on a belief that they could solve some problems, with no expectation of reward, no logical basis on how they would achieve, or and real belief they could accomplish something. Often not sure why they was proceeding, however just for the sake of curiosity they continued, with a by-product of inventing, discovering or clarifying many issue.

Enough, I have a headache; I need a Sine-aid tablet.

Beach Life or Looking for Beach Life

Beach Life

I have not found the lost beach, that place of dreams on the other side of the planet, I hope it exist in the Caribbean. The word Caribe in Spanish sounds nice, the world Caribbean has a tune to it, like some recurring dream. I still am thinking blue, feeling a little blue, hard to find some sand, blue, blue bikinis, and all them other pastel like colors.

What is happening, I am still wondering where to wander to, I did not think ahead, I did not plan, I would not have ever believed I would have to work so hard in the Caribbean to find a beach full of Bikinis. I know many on the planet; I was hoping to have some variation, hopefully better than the one called - Copacabana - in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I am thinking of this:

Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In Rio they do not care, everyone comes to the beach, all shapes, colors, brand names and looks, it is wonderful mix, and life is good.

Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hard for me to know what is going on in the Caribbean, it is as if I am in the USA maybe, with fewer Americans and more Germans, I am not sure what part of the planet I am located in, or where the place is leading. I am used to having a distinctly different culture than the USA; I travel to find other cultures.

3 Boats from Union Island to St Vincent

3 Boats from Union Island to St Vincent
Ferry or Boat Union Island

I am flying from Union Islands in the south of the county of St Vincent and The Grenadines. However, I discovered when checking out of the Clifton Hotel from the lady there are two more boats than I knew about. The lady asked,

- Are you leaving on the Gem Star? -

Hard to understand her, the English is a different language, however we finally clarified and she wrote down there were three boats that go north from Union Islands, I am not sure which days, or clearly the times, I think they all leave more or less in the early morning of 8:30.

M.V. Barracuda

M.V. Rita

M.V. Gem Star

The M.V. I believe she said means Motor Vehicle, however still hard to understand, she wrote it down as M V, I am not sure after that.

I believe you can get a boat or ferry, I think more or a cargo boat for 40 EC and I think it take 4 hours to go to St Vincent. Probably a much better way to know what the island group looks like, then again a low flying propeller plane like the one I am flying on, could see a lot also.

The three boats or ferries are going north or probably south from the major ends of the country of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Spatula Need for Hotels Guesthouses

Spatula Need for Hotels Guesthouses

I want to buy a spatula, I want to give or send them to Hostels, Hotels, or Guesthouses that have a kitchen inside the accommodations for the guest like me to use. Strangely they often to not provide or have a spatula, maybe they call them food flipper, egg turner, I am not sure, however there is a need.

As a gesture of good will, plus as a way to promote the best way to travel, the hope for hotels, hostels, guesthouses, I could send a plastic spatula like this to hotels, or just leave them in the kitchen. I want to have the world printed in hopefully very durable colors on the handle. I want a white one; this is in marketing terms called a promotional item or something. I would call it cooperative advertising, a way of becoming hooked at the hip, meshed into the fabric of the business, like providing a calendar to the hotel, however this would be a more active inclusion. I hope promote the idea that a kitchen for guest does create a Hobo Home away from your home, I do think person want to feel at home, when they are traveling on the other side of the planet, very far from home.

Caribbean Porter Service

Caribbean Porter Service

Here in Kingston St Vincent and The Grenadines are porters or persons that will stand or set up in the streets to assist person who want to have their groceries, or other types of goods carried back to I think their homes�

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