St Vincent And Grenadines Travel Stories

Newsletter Sent from St Vincent Grenadines Bequia

I am sending the newsletter with a couple hundred photos.

I am Bequia, leave tomorrow for Barbados.


I am not a Guidebook

I am not a guidebook, this is a journal of my trip.

I am annoyed by the large number of person writing crap sometime, there are some real anal idea about what is possible and not possible, I am probably putting up more information on the planet than about any traveler that is REALLY traveling. I am in some internet cafe, working around multiple crazy problems.

Hard to post photos, the server is slow. This link below is a funny post though, what the world does.

Blogger is not posting.

My host is now working.

On and on, I am glad to annoy persons sometimes, read the comments.

What the bigger problem is person that have blogs are trying to make web sites, they are not just posting their thoughts, the write, rewrite, try to position themselves, lie, create crap, I just post what I am thinking and let if fly, I am not perfect, however for sure what I am posting is how I think, I for sure make mistakes.

IF a person relies on a guidebook, a page, a reservation they will be let down. I was laughing the Bella Vesta hotel in Kingstown has been closed for maybe three years, however is still in the guidebook. I do not think this is bad, I do think Lonely Planet does a pretty good job, however the world does change. If they do not figure out what happened, so what. Change, mistakes, problems are normal for travel.

St Vincent to Barbados Flight

St Vincent to Barbados Flight
Cost: 36:60 includes tax and is an e-ticket

Easy to buy online, need to have your passport number and expiration date, and you could buy the ticket without being the perosn on the card.

I purchased an airplane ticket online from Kingstown City, country of St Vincent and the Grenadines to Barbados, I do not know what city in Barbados, however so what. I am leaving tomorrow, I was going to go to Kingstown and check out India Bay in hope of finding Bikinis, however everything worked out perfect and I can go to Barbados almost directly from the boat from Bequia to Kingstown.

My search continues!

It is sad, there are many wonderful beaches, the water is blue, the days are hot, however the beaches are almost empty, unless you are searching for white person with socks and sandals, then you are in heaven here on Bequia.

The Julie's Guesthouse at 68 EC is great value.

An Iceland man of 25 left today, so that was it, no conversation at all, sort of stressful here in the Laroc Internet Cafe as too much of too much.

Caribbean Where to Go

Caribbean Where to Go

I am trying to figure out where to go, I am somewhat lost, and I thought for sure the way people were describing Bequia it would be full of person hanging out on the beach. I am going to take advice from persons under 25 with dark tans, single and not couple. There is not many of this type around beside me, and I am over 25 so it will be hard to find. There are a couple young guys, one from Sweden and the other from Iceland here; they are good guy, hard to know why they keep hanging around. The both have been here for about a week, not much to do.

My only plan now it to go back to Kingston where there is a more interesting cultural view of St Vincent and the Grenadines, stay in the Adams Guesthouse and wait for a plane to Barbados.

I am trying to send my newsletter, every time I move it delays or slows down my ability to keep proceeding. I am spending a lot of time packing and unpacking, much more than normal because of my extreme boredom. I keep leaving, normally about every third move I do not want to leave. I have not had one location except for Bogot� since I left, where I did not want to leave. All the Caribbean spots so far have been a no go, do not return, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars type places for me. A place to drink yourself silly and commit suicide for the most part. It would be too expensive to drink yourself silly on second thought.

Oh well, maybe I could figure out a path to Brazil.

Aruba must have more people; it is closer to the mainland South America, maybe Curacao or Aruba have some people. I met another person from Guyana today and this sound like a good move. I can buy tickets to Guyana easily from Barbados.


Like being in at a shuffleboard tournament in Harlem, I have never been to Harlem and not sure why I am here.

Another day, another empty beach

Day two Bequia, Zero Bikini Island, unless you say them two very fat French girls with thong bikinis, I had to look away to keep from laughing.

Thanks "Life is good"
Andy the
Travel Journal

1832 Travel Blogs

I have blogged 1832 times, I think it is time to make a little different, I am having a lot of problems getting it to post, never can isolate the problem., maybe my host, maybe the local internet connection.

No See Um Attack

No See Um Attack

I am being attacked regularly by the - No See Ums. -

A - No See Um - is a small bug of some form, and literally, I cannot see them, however I have known about the No See Ums for years. I am debating, normally I would say the ants are the worst type of insect, cockroaches are scary, spiders are menacing, and centipede will make me jump off the floor. However, normally and ant is insidiously in my bed, crawling on my body, too small to see, maybe is a mite, however they are bad. However, I can clean my bed, I can sort of scare them off, no see um are not normally a problem.

A No See Um comes out mostly just before and after sunset and sunrise as best I can surmise, this is the time when I am very active, I have my feet hanging out. A No See UM for some reason goes after the ankles and calves. Not normally higher and are biting, a person will often ignore believing they are just having an itch. I however know the feel, it does not stop, as if something is biting, it is sting feel.

The Caribbean so far is full of them.

I have never had so many No See Ums in my life; it may be something to do with an island and water situation. In Pie De La Cuesta, Mexico, there were plenty of No See Um and there was plenty of water. I was on a spit of land that went out into the ocean 20 some kilometer and on both sides was water. On an Island of the Caribbean it is pretty much the same, you have a small strip of land with water on each side called an Island.

On Koh Pha Ngan Island in Thailand or many of the places, they will spray for bugs by the government, of course the legal system, or lack of legal system there is capable of using some better forms of insect killing. I for the most part have not seen the government in the Caribbean. For sure, the police are out to lunch, impossible to find, too busy collecting all the great taxes they extract from all the tourist and hotels. I believe or feel the governments of the Caribbean are some of the richest per person on the planet. They are taxing some of these hotels 15-20 percent and there are no people, therefore the tax revenue compared to the need for public infrastructure, water, sewer, etc is minimal.

The have city water on most of the water, you can drink the water, I am not sure it is safe, however you can drink it.


I really recommend a person read the encyclopedia more than the guidebooks, the guidebooks are opinions and what is real is closer to facts in the Encyclopedia.

I just compared Barbados and St Vincent and The Grenadines to Thailand and Indonesia or the USA.

It is hard to figure out from the statistics anything, however for sure the statistics for countries misleading or confusing. Hard to access the differences between countries unless you could ask questions from person that had traveled in all the countries extensively outside the resorts. There are people that live in 5 Star Hotels and Resorts that are clueless, mostly the persons from the United Nations and NGO overpaid and living high on the hog.

Density, I would feel that the population density of the Caribbean is very low, however according to this the population density of the Caribbean is high compared to Southeast Asia or the USA.

I cannot figure this one out, there are very few people in the Caribbean, it is almost empty in comparison to Asia, however there is a lot to be said for the amount of open lands or empty lands in these statistics.

To me, or in my opinion the Caribbean countries are rich in Taxes, however the people earning the normal pay are paying triple the cost for food compared to the USA and 10 times the cost for food in comparison to Thailand.


The up and coming in my opinion true source of educational status is the connection to the internet. Thailand is much more educated than the Caribbean; however, the Caribbean is much more educated than Central or South America. I would say this stat is pretty much correct.

The USA is about number serving the number of person, not about how many. It is annoying to read these stats. Asia is paying attention to the world more than the Caribbean.

I check out the statistics on Newspapers being read or circulated. There is no doubt that Caribbean person read the newspaper more than most areas on the planet. However, the papers are in English in the Caribbean and they Thai Papers are in Thailand language. I really think the Caribbean and Thailand are the same.

However, literacy is difficult in Thailand as it has letters that are difficult to write, they should have switch to the Roman Characters like Vietnam, and they would be miles ahead on these statistics.

I could prove anything if I wished, however in the end, my opinion is the Caribbean people have all the Water, Electricity, Food, availability to Education they would need, they do have a huge cultural problem as do most with the men that makes them sit around doing nothing more than some cultures. Tropical areas are lazy normally; a good snowstorm would make anyone work hard for their days pay. The Bob Marley mentality has created a roadblock to progress here, as the Heroes are pot smokers and not the Football or soccer players. Better to have sports heroes than musicians as heroes for a country. Big problems in Paradise, on the other hand, I have not found paradise yet. Maybe in Barbados, the Brits have a big influence and less of the French, anywhere the Brits have been is normally a couple notches up.

The Caribbean need to Quadruple its tourist police force, there is some real danger here, my guess is rape is rampant and so are missing people.

Beach Confusion

- You can never be too rich or too tan -

Something said like this I believe by:

Aristotle Onassis
Turkish-born Greek shipping magnate

I am on the Island of Bequia, everyone has recommended I come to this beach, saying it is full.

Yes, it is full of tourist on boat, however there is almost ZERO beach life, at least my form of girls in bikini beach life, there is PLENTY of the sit around in restuarnts, sell you trinkets on the beach life, a great place for old persons who do not lay in the beach. It is actually amazing the percentage of pale looking bodies around.

Leisure is one of my standards of wealth, I was in the internet cafe listing to this overzelous canadian woman tell the staff to keep the door closed as the air conditioning was leaving.

- I think she has lost the plot -

We are on a Caribbean Island, life is suppose to go down to a leisure pace where nothing matter and what if it did, life is meant to be enjoyed, for sure the locals have this figured out they almost do not move. ristotle Onassis was trying or I feel he was trying to explain. The wealth of man comes down to how well he can avoid being busy doing inane or physical, stressful labor.

A TAN is a sign of doing nothing.

RICH is a sign of doing nothing or less.

Rich person do not work with their bodies in motion, they work with their brains in motion, lying on a beach, doing nothing to me is rich, for me to not have a Tan is a sign I am too busy, I do nothing most of the day, I try my best to do nothing, I explore how to do nothing, it is difficult in some cultures and in the Caribbean the boat persons are annoying. They spend too much time working on their boats and not enough time really being rich.

- You can never be too rich or too tan - Not many here are proving they are rich, and I do believe many wish to prove they are rich, however you cannot buy or pay enough to be rich, you have to be rich.


- Keep looking tanned, live in an elegant building (even if you're in the cellar), be seen in smart restaurants (even if you nurse one drink), and if you borrow, borrow big.-

Aristotle Onassis (1900? - 1975)
Turkish-born Greek shipping magnate (2)

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