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3-5:30 Open - Go figure on Consulates

Went to the India Consulate in Barcelona.

Hours are 3-5:30. I was there in the morning. I went inside anyway. They was nice can told me that I needed to go Madrid, because I was from a foreign country. Like I say, I really have no idea what a consulate does, and I am positive they do not work too hard in any country. This is the sign about the beeper that opens the gate. The gate was open so I went inside. Embassies and consulates are not the place to be timid. They can give you the run around faster then anyone. I can be outrageously obnoxious at an USA embassy. The one in Thailand went to lunch at 10:30... I say some thing about that being a bunch of F·$" Sh"· and they opened it and gave me more pages. But I am probably one of the few REAL American citizens that every enters.


There is a sign next to him that says MUSICA AL METRO - More or less, Music of the Metro.

Passeig de Gracias path.


Almost forgot to tell you about my trip to the Picasso Museum. The price was right. 5 Euros to enter. If I had paid 10 I would not be a happy camper. The place was OK. I did not see any paintings that I would recognize as his from seeing in the past. Maybe they are all owned or in Paris. Who knows? I thought his paintings were depressing in the Barcelona museum. There was very little of this cube type painting that he is known for, but more of real type images, and less surreal. But in the end the streets around the museum were fun to visit. I was not able to take any photos of the inside of the building. They always say the flash hurts the paintings. I think it hurts the sales of photos on the way out.

There was a lot of export - import type stores on the streets around the museum. They had all sorts of India, China, North Africa. I am not really sure where they come from. But they are trying to import stuff from their home country to the country of Spain. They were selling stuff wholesale. Maybe?

There are lots of vendors selling things here that I have seen in the home country. For example I see lot of Ecuador bags and Indian type stuff. Good for Souvenirs but not much else. Maybe for hippie wearing, and the dreadhead, tattoo people. But great to sell in tourist areas. People get a souvenir of Barcelona, made in India or Ecuador. Very good for the economy of Ecuador.


I have to get a visa or go the embassy of India to enter the country. I guess I cannot just fly in and get a visa. So I am out searching the net for Embassies in Barcelona or in England. They have one in Madrid, but that is not close. I am not sure if the Barcelona Consulate will give me one. I have the address finally. I have will go try to find it Monday. That will take at least 1/2 day and will make me need to eat an ice cream cone.

But I have also found 3 place in England to get this India Visa.

High Commission of India India House London

Consulate General of India, Birmingham

Consulate General of India, Edinburgh

It is suppose to be done the same day if I go in person. I hope so, because to travel around in these countries is expensive. I never can figure out what the difference between a consulate and an embassy is?

I put all this stuff here so I can find it easy.

I am going to Bristol. It is interesting the Lonely Planet map does not have Bristol, but the CIA map does.

Embassy Info

Database of Embassies

India Embassies in England

Why the CIA fact book is good.




At a topless beach life is comedy. I get there pretty early. The show starts. People start arriving. Today was a hot day and the sun gave your skin that warm tingle. I am sort of greased up with the baby oil. I am pro at getting tan, and am a brown boy now. But back to the babes. Ok. So I sit around and the beach is great place. It is always about 75 percent females on the beach. Which is too low for me. Should be higher. But what happens as the girls arrive is always humorous.

There is no changing room on or near the beach. So they will arrive fully dressed. They take a beach towel and wrap themselves in the towel. They then proceed to change their clothes under the towel. Now one of my favorite quotes is the question or statement.

¨Do you know what a womans greatest asset is?

.... A mans imagination.¨

So here is a wiggle and a shake, and other strange movements. Trying so hard to not look obvious that they are changing into a bikini. But here is the good part. They get the whole bikini on and then...

They lay down.

Take off their tops and I think.

All that work to put on the bikini and off it comes.

I sort of or really like the previews better then the actual show.

Note - The guys do the same show.

Truthfully folks. I like the normal beaches more. People talk more and are friendlier when they do not have to put on a show. I better rephrase that. I like a beach where they wear their tops. I think topless is probably normal in most of Europe, or with Europeans. It is just culture and customs nothing else.


I am out snooping around the internet. I have free internet on the weekends in the apartment or room I have lived in for the last 2-3 weeks in Barcelona. So after getting a lot of sun and trying to look younger by being very tan and blue eyed I came back to the homestead to use the internet. So I am looking at all the blogs in that Article.

What a kick! Oh well...? So...? Be nice Andy... Aaagh. OK Mom.

I will stop now. Ok.. I have one comment.

The take that spell checker serious.

Hows that? That was nice. Huh?

Now that I have a Blog, I spend all my time trying to understand what I have.


I am hoping life in India is similar to South America or Southeast Asia. Cheap.

A mistake or miscalculation in Europe cost me 25 Dollars.

A mistake or miscalculation in SA or SE Asia cost 2 Dollars.

If you miss the bus, you get lost, you are hungry, if you need a room?

2 Bucks.

Maybe a stretch and 5.

I love the feeling of being a rich Hobo. In Europe I am a poor Hobo, but in most countries of the world I am rich Hobo. Make life feel secure and safe when you have enough money to chase girls...Oops. Eat and find a room.

Chris Sent this to me

"...and now for something totally different" [Monty Python]

Koyaanisqatsi. I just think it's a cool word, so there you go.

[1.) Hopi: "Life out of balance" 2.) A Godfrey Reggio movie, 1st of 3 in the

Qatsi trilogy: i.e, Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi and Noqoyqatsi]

Powaqqatsi, the second movie might be right up your alley. A look at

faces of the 3rd World, impacted by contact with the 1st World. Thought you

might not mind hearing (JeJeJe)

...something like 'Travels with Andy' -- but the Movie. Here's a website:

bla bla bla,



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