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I personally witnessed this a year ago.

This the right war and the right time, before Sadaam could get in a Nuclear war with Israel and kill the Middle east in a day!




I have never fixed the pages because who want to think about this.

It could happen here next. A great reason to have your son or daughter sacrifice their life



Thanks Andy of

I really do not want to hear any crap about why this and why that and why this is a wrong war, I was there and it should have happened 12 years ago, when Sadaam snubbed the world.

The world needs some warriors, and real me again.



I have the ability to see where visitors come from to my site.

Good or maybe bad this has become somewhat daily habit for me, I go and see how many people are visiting my site and then see where the came?

This is fun and sometimes the pages that have links to my site are fun, very strange group out there in the world of Internet Webmaster. Plus it is good fun to see how people talk about me as sometimes they make me an expert, sometime the make me a philosophers, sometimes a photographer, and on and on. Sort of a uncensored ability to see how people perceive my site.


I have found traffic coming from this site a couple of time, but before you click on it, I want to say that the guy is nuts. He wrote me and started to tell me why the mass grave I looked at and photographed in Iraq was not true. I tried in the first email to say that this was not a funny thing and that it was extremely real, then he proceeds to start on the conspiracy theory of all life. Then more or less he started to say I was a liar. So being that there are lots of crazy people out there that email me, I just stopped this stupid email correspondence.

He was already prejudice and was searching for his own answers and not the truth.


I have discovered that liar never trust people, because a liar know what they would do, they would lie. It is hard for a liar to believe that everyone is not like them.

This is a funny link that lead to my site, it is sad to me that some photos and a story that I cannot hardly think about without starting to cry could be so abused, or misconstrued in the name of some misguided need.

I have no idea why Journalist and people want to do this, and really do not care. Truth has a way of winning over lies, and eventually the truth prevail. I am unfortunately a witness to a mass grave. I cannot say for sure anything, it was obviously a place where something evil happened. Can I say that Sadaam did it, I am not sure, but it takes power to kill that many people.

Are there bodies under the clothes photos I took?

I feel 99 percent sure, why?

Because this place was only discovered by me and Peter because our Taxi driver was told by a translator the location and he talked with multiple neighbors to the location until we finally located this. It was an un-marked grave site, nobody but the diligent could find this site.

As for the people that believe this is all conspiracy.

I am 100 percent sure, not 99 percent sure that the people of Iraq hated Sadaam and we are they liberators. Do they want to control their own country? Of course, that is normal human desire, so they want us to finish our job and leave.


I am not sure what to say, the world has turned into a big soap opera. I am in the USA for 3 more days and then to Europe, then I can avoid being inside the soap opera.

Why the USA is a soap opera?


There is this really stupid news story about a guy name Peterson or something like that may or may not have killed his wife. Everytime I ask someone...

"Why is this guy on the news?"

People start to explain the soap opera story, this is not and should not be on the top of the new of CNN or any other station. This is not good journalism.


Kerry is promising absolutely dream wishes for the country.

Cheap Medicine.

Stop Iran

Stop North Korea

Stop the problems in Iraq

Blah blah blah

Why are these soap operas?

Well, I do not watch soap operas, but sometime you are near one and hear what is happening on the show, and I end up saying,

"What is happening?"

I cannot believe what the person is doing or saying on the show, and why in the world would anyone want to watch this fantasy.

This is what has happened to me with the Peterson and the Election 2004, I catch myself saying, "What is happening?"

As I cannot believe that journalist are sitting around discussing or prognosticating about the Peterson trial, then....

Who can believe what is on TV about the Election.

There is not limit to the silly promises being made. I have had to stop listening because I would not believe any of these promises are even possible in my best dream. These are fantasy promises and people buy this crap... aagh.

So like a Soap Opera the characters start to become real.

Europe is watching like a soap opera and the Guardian Newspapers rag is getting involved.

Michael Moore the fat hero of Europe has a following... Fantasy

CNN and BBC are 24 hour a day Soap Opera scripts.

Make up some controversy, make it somewhat believable and the make all the characters fight. In real life all the people in all situations are not arguing, only in a Soap Opera.

Yep, and Jimmy Carter can solve the problems, just like he freed the 300 hostages in Iran...


I am trying to pound out a story on my computer for my newletter. I am behind, too late, time is going on and on, and I have not told you folks in a newsletter what I am doing. Contrary to some mis-guiede belief, what is in the blog is not necssarily in the newsletter and what is in the blog is not in the newsletter, sometime it is close, but not the same same, it is different.

You really have to read the newsletter to see the photos easily, but I wrote this story and I am excited to tell you about Elephants, so here is another rambling story of mine about the Elephant, and before I have time to change it here is the uncensored meat of the story.


I have had a few experiences while traveling that have my attention, not just a gaze and a wonder, but sometimes there is something that takes this old jaded traveler and wakes me up. The trip I took recently to the Royal Chitwan Park in southern Nepal did this; it took me to the highest alert stage on the travel index.

A similar experience happened in Pie de La Cuesta, although that experience is not easy to experience to repeat. I would go for a daily morning walk down the beach, then one day I walked out my bungalow and sleepily wandered down to the beach. It was gone, like a huge shovel, held by the hand of God came down and scooped up my pile of sand and took it away. The residents of the beach were using ladders to lower themselves to the water level. My nice soft sandy beach had been dredged away and would take months to resume it former stature.

This is want puts my travel senses on alert, and one reason I am looking to go visit an active Volcano. There was so much sand moved you would say to yourself,
“This is impossible to a happen while I was sleeping.”


So everyone has seen an Elephant, in the zoo, or walking around giving a ride to children. This I now realize is an insult to the Elephant, it now almost give me the same feeling of anger when some young 22 year old wanna be rich and smart starts to dis-respect the extremely slow older man of wealth and fame, but past his prime and kicking over 80. This older person is a proven asset to the world; the new wanna be is un-proven.

I have visited the Jungle in Costa Rica, the Jungle of the Amazon River, went into the Jungle on the island of Koh Tarutao in southern Thailand, Ecuador, Guatemala, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines and on and on…

Truthfully, there is no way to visit the pure jungle. It is not a place for people; it is a place for animals and birds. The real jungle is too thick, too much water, to many thorns and mosquitoes and is beyond the will of a modern man. I often carry a machete if I get near a jungle just so it is possible to get in a fair fight with the jungle. I need an army of tools to attack the jungle, or…


An Elephant I have learned while looking down from up on top of a mountain of moving power that and elephant take a look a the jungle and says to himself,
“I can’t be bothered”
Then proceeds to walk ignoring, but scaring the crap out of me as it just walks toward what seem to be a wall of green trees, brush, grass, and every way the world could grow too much green stuff and somehow we move it. Wow, hard to explain when it takes it trunk and removes a tree big enough to put any tree hugger into an ecological spasm what it feels like? This is like the power of one of them tanks I seen in Iraq, when they turn on the jet engine inside or maybe a bulldozer when you buy the giant economy size.

This Elephant, me, a Park Ranger, my friend, and the driver that kept hitting the Elephant on the head very hard for some unknown reason were chasing down Rhinos. Looking down, turning, spinning, and changing direction on a fast and furious quest to see the Rhino, before it took off. A Rhino is afraid of an Elephant and so am I, but an Elephant is afraid of a Tiger. I am afraid of a Rhino and in that one day I learned that in the Jungle, I am not capable of defending myself alone. I need an Elephant, money, guns, and lawyers…

A Rhino will sit down and smash the grass, big feet, tracks, broken trees, and walking down the river and climbing to the other side. An elephant does not care if the hill in front is straight up, it will proceed to climb, and the riders just hold on and hope. Please do not fall! Nevertheless, the animal is sure footed, and I am sure better protector of my frail body than even Tarzan. So from our safe perch we seen what I have learned from reading to many Wilbur Smith books is called spoor, we was following the footprints or spoor of the Rhino.

What does it feel like when an Elephant breaks into the river, and starts going down river, waving it trunk back and forth, clearing the path, tear the world apart and say, Yo, I be bigger than you, so move.

I think in terms of Alpha theory, red meat, and I will tear off your face, like any good Big Dog, but that Elephant was a bigger dog than I.

Like my friend Mike says to me, Andy if you ever get mad at me, remember whatever got you confused, I am always on your side, even if I am right, or you are right, remember you are right, and I am temporarily insane, I am on your side, and please do not turn your rage or attention toward me. I am on your side.

So for me, I plead in my brain, please be with me Elephant, do not for a second forget I am at your mercy, sitting on your back, you are my protector from Rhinos, the Jungle, Tigers and any other comers!

I was NOT visiting the Royal Chitwan Jungle when I took this Elephant Adventure, but was just outside the Jungle and through friendship, and exploring the world a group of Nepali boys took me for free on this trip. You may be able to repeat with a pay to play trip to the Jungle, but I think it will be less than what the real trip was, note that it did cost me one chicken for lunch, and I paid the one low-caste rice farmer 500 Rupees to take us on an even more frightening walk through the jungle where we seen two Rhinos. I was on foot within 20 paces of a Rhino in the still dark of morning, without enough trees to climb. The Nepal boys kept saying, if we see a Rhino, climb a tree.

I would constantly be counting trees.
Wow, only 5 trees and 7 people.
Wow, only 4 trees and 7 people.
This is not right, no trees and 7 people.
Hey, did you guys see any trees?

There is a Rhino, where is my tree?

For sure ride the King, the Elephant, your protector.
I wish you were there.


Fun to write about things that are intense. There is an adventure in my brain, because I traveled to another place, I try to share it with you, because who would want to see something like an elephant and not tell your best friend?


This is a small tree, hard to take photos when the Elephant is ripping up a 6 incher as the Elephant is in attack mode, and I am holding on for dear life.

A rice tending, low caste family. Not rich, but in some way a lot more socially free to be themselve than the stuffy upper class Brahman. The Brahman have arrange marriages, cannot do this, must do that, have to pay for their brides, the parents, the cousins, and anyone else with a hand out. Poverty has to pay for no one.

Note that I learned tha poverty is defined .. (I think by United Nations) .. as earning less than one dollar per day. These people are probably rich in rice, and poor in dollars. I really have not seen many hungry people, I do see a lot of drunks with no money.

Hey kid, put it back in your pant if you can find them.

For those of you not on the program, or have not figure out the plot.
UP top you can subscribe to the Blog, here is a link to go subscribe to the Newsletter, with both of them you can at least get a clue as to what happens on the road, in never never land that only Peter Pan can really understand or a traveler.

The real world is a lot different than TV, CNN and BBC make it up as they go, I do try my best to not censor my thoughts, my mother said the other day, it is like you start typing and anything that pops into your head you type into your computer... I said, Mom, hard to understand for me how a person would want to edit their diary. Like saying to yourself, oops, that is not what I thought.


There are people I know that are...

On the road...

Have their thumb out...

Running down the road...

Some cannot find the road...

Most do not know there is a road to follow...

I know receive information from a guy by the name of Chris. I realized the other day when talking to another person that me and Chris have never met in person. Me and Chris have a steady onslaught of 1-2 emails per week between us, and on the weak side is me, he gives me tens times the information than I give him, altough I have to admit, I do have some good pictures...

There is a quotes my friend Jeff K used to always say in college to me, and then in the depths of some alcoholic haze I learned about a great book by this name, that was only borrowing the name, but the quote came from Robert Frost, and sometimes you finally get the point, I am not saying I understand, but I am in the competition.

Robert Frost (1874–1963). Mountain Interval. 1920.

1. The Road Not Taken

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveler, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could

To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,

And having perhaps the better claim,

Because it was grassy and wanted wear;

Though as for that the passing there

Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay

In leaves no step had trodden black.

Oh, I kept the first for another day!

Yet knowing how way leads on to way,

I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

Thank you Robert

Ok, so sometimes in life there are people that give to you more than you can ever give back, so then your social responsibility is to give down the line. Those who have a lot, must give to those who have less, because we owe this to them, because one day a person with more gave to us.

So ole Chris gives me more than I can return, but I am constantly trying to give, but somesdays I am not sure where I stand, maybe I take more than I give, but nontheless there are people out their in the world that...

Make the road to follow.

I am always feeling I am behind Chris on the knowledge curve, and I suppose I could feel bad or jealous, but what I feel is grateful, that I have someone in front of me, because I do have a lot of people behind me pushing. People asking questions faster than I can find the answers, this is an upline / downline situation, and I try to stay moving.

I love to find people that are smarter than me, in my opinion 99 percent of people feel threatened by smarter people, or jealous, I feel grateful that someone else is making the road, as we need to share the work. (Note, if you do not understand a person they are probably are smarter than you.)

So how did this all start, I went an slept in a the Amsterdam airport, then the Boston Logan Airport, and am proceeding or planning to sleep in the Madrid Airport, so intuitively Chris finds a link to a funny page about Sleeping in Airports.

Like me losing my keys, and for some reason Chris walks up to the door with them. Thanks for making the road.


I really do not like to travel in Europe!

I need a Van to travel in Europe.

I have to micro manage every move in Europe, even in the USA it is always possible to get a place to sleep for under 30 USA dollars, but in Europe you could enter a city where you must pay 100 Dollars for room.

With a Van I could just park it and sleep, after I get so frustrated I cannot handle it anymore. The only sure place to sleep in Europe is on the train. Probably the only reason I can think of to buy extremely costly Euro-pass for the train.

I have finally make a decision...

"Go south for the winter."

I will fly to Amsterdam, wait around in the airport for a few hours.

Take a plane from Amsterdam to Madrid.

Arrive around 2000 hour or 8 at night.

Terrible time to arrive in a country.

So I am going to just go park it in the airport and take a nap, then wake up in the morning and go find a room, when it is safe. I do not think that Spain or Madrid is safe for me to wander around in the night. My friend Jeff had all his bags stolen while in Pamploma where they run with the bulls and for sure when I spent a month in Barcelona it was not who got robbed, but who has not been robbed. Spain is full of petty crime as best I can tell, in fact Europe seems to be competing with South America. By far Southeast Asia is the safest place to travel on the planet.

But I am hoping to hang around Madrid for a couple of weeks, then go over to Portugal to chase some good Obrigado type girls, then off to Morocco, where there is probably a lot of French people, but who knows, because I have never been there.

So I am my next goals is to see if I can find cheap rooms in Madrid, Spain and Faro, Portugal. If I can figure out the best beaches in Portugal then life will be great. Funny how difficult it is to get a conclusive opinion with billions of pages on the internet and all about as honest as a Journalist.


I am tired of the USA election, I like to listen or learn about world news, but in the USA presently it is impossible to listen.

Sadly, everyone seems to believe it OK to lie.

Blame this person, blame that person, they all want to make everyone responsible for the sins of the world. I really do wish the President of the United States had the type of power or control for which he is responsible, but even better yet it would be wonderful if Kerry had even a snow balls chance in hell of doing what he says he can do.

He should get in office, his list of promises is so high that if he even come close the world would be great, but on the other hand if he does what he says he will do to Iran and Korea, the world will end in a doomsday bomb situation.

How I will vote, easy.

Hmm who do I want with me in fight?

Because in the end, the President is only good for war, the congress, senate and all the other liars are going to make the real laws and spend the money.

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