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I opened all of Chris pages...

Clicked on File

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Dear Andy,

Yes it's getting cold now everywhere...

If you want an advice : wait until ramadan is over to go to marocco,

because it's a real mess.

You have a nice place in spain, call Tarifa. it's a little town on the

souht of spain, and from there, you can take a ferry to tanger.

Lot of people don't know this solution, everydody goes to algeziras,

but Tarifa is nicer. It's plenbty of surfers and bio-bars with fruits

juices, you see what I mean ?

For marocco : nice beaches are in the north, of course, but sun is in

the south, after the atlas, around ouarzazate.

the temperature is 27° C during the day, but 12 when the sun is down.

Yesterday : big storm...

Hope I can see you if you stop by in marrakech.


Hi Andy - Gabriela is a Babe!

Sorry to hear about your passport and her plane ticket. Boo Hoo!

I knew it was cool and rainy in Spain (and Portugal) right now, but

shouldn't have assumed you were aware of that. No travel guide? I

keep running into this site so I will point to it, I guess. It's got less

that glowing reports from some Moroccan places so I give it some credibility

(the good and the bad get equal coverage). Anyway it tells how to take the

Marrakesh Express! Twenty bucks (or Euros) I think. The "Travel Tips"

section makes a good mini-travel guide itself , but I'd think

downloading the whole site to a thumb drive will make an interesting read. Here

are some the URL's from there.

Heard of this place, Essaouira, Morocco? The beach.

Essaouira was where Jimi Hendrix (Jimi owned a Hotel there - still there)

and Bob Marley used to hang out for extended time. It's where Jimi

wrote about in "Castles in the Sand", because that place really exists.

Maybe it's still a little like Goa, but on the smaller, less congested side

for a Moroccan burg (no smog) and not entirely westernized for European

package tourists, like this beach town called Agadir.

Their little travel map:


- cristobal s


I am on the way to Morroco, I am placing this in the blog for easier access.

I will click and go see. Algeciras is my destination now on the Spain side. I am in a T-shirt with the same same but different Thailand saying sitting on the floor of the bus stop in Fuengirola.

Very modern, but not helpful at all, the El Cid hotel down the street wanted 22 Euros for a room with no TV and then I went to rent it, he said that normally the day of rent starts at noon.

So he would give me the night of the 7th. But when I paid and wanted a receipt for the night of the 7th he would not give me a receipt. He was brain dead so I go my money back and started to book for Algeciras, Heidi my friend had a party or something, but she is not putting enough priority on my meeting up with her to waste my time. So what ... so what.

I had a great time with Gabriela and she went to the Bus stop with me and game the Argentina cheek kiss goodby. Great person.

I will publish again before losing the wireless or my battery.

My bus leaves in 15 minutes.


I have just arrived to where my friend Heidi is living, I guess she is partying all night so is not available. I have no idea and really am not keen on the idea of hunting for her.

There is WIRELESS FREE connection here at the bus stop.

I leave at 8:15 for a city in Spain by the name Algericiras // I hope I spelled close. It is close to Gibraltor. It is the place where the ferries cross to Morroco as best I can determine. I will publish this before I lose a connection.


Madrid Cat Hostel Breakfast 8:47 am Saturday 6, 2004

Nothing like a croissant and MTV to wake the kids up in the morning. I am in the Cats Hostel Flophouse bar for morning free Breakfast. It is more or less OK, the normal Bread and Coffee, he has cereal but seems to ignore the cereal for everyone unless you press the issue. But the croissant is excellent, but this universal small Hostel breakfast is missing the jelly, unless I have not found it but for sure the jelly is not within throwing distance.

The bartenders is Poland and speaks moderate Spanish, but this is ok, because none of the travelers appear to speak Spanish except for the Argentina travelers or the Spain people that are staying here. Mostly German and British travelers, The place has a lot of German on a weekend trip to the city to shop or drink. With the invent of the cheap airlines like there is now a new class of traveler.

WEEKENDERS - The jet traveler.

This is a new phenomena for me, although I noticed this type of traveler in Amsterdam as lots of Irish were in the Naught Nellie Hostel for the weekend and partying the night away. I suspected they was not the normal 2-3 month European Backpacker tour person, but I was not sure and really did not care as they were slappers and Lager heads.

Note: The whole breakfast crowd is watching MTV and not talking. The loss of a good mind is not a pretty thing.

The weekend travel person is a new type of traveler, as they are not trying to save money, plus they


Here is this guy in the next room clattering or making noise trying to enter the room. Finally, I hopped out of bed thinking it was my room, and might as well help the person to enter. There was and older gentleman and not in any way typical type person for a Hostel taking a tripod camera into the room. I did not think much about that as there are lot of people with these camera and who cares, but when he set up to take a photo of the bed. I realized as I walked to the bathroom that this was not normal. I take a photo of the beds, but I do not set up a tripod to do this, I just point and shoot. But he was so intense and full of himself doing this; I had to go and get my camera and take his photo. I asked him in Spanish and in English what he was doing and he answered in English and in part in Spanish what he was doing. I am not clear on what the language problem was, but nonetheless I finally figured out he was taking photos for a web site about Madrid or for Madrid.

He is not living in this room; I have no idea why the management did not help him into the room better. There are these very obnoxious and makes me glad I do not drink electronic locks that are difficult to open, so everyone is meeting everyone as the ones that have learned how to use the lock are helping the new people that enter the hostel to learn. They are a pain and to the tune of 10 Euros, the deposit on the plastic card they use them. I suppose they are ok, but I thought these plastic cards in hotel were to get rid of the cost of losing a key? This is probably a moneymaker, the 10 Euro deposit.

Well the old person in the room was nice, and I told him. I have a web page also, but he seem oblivious to learning about anything other than his job, so even though I think he was discovering travel information me telling him that I have a travel web page did not phase him.

I will tell you why, 99.99 percent of travel web pages are crap, and in many ways so is mine, so why would anyone care what happens with a web page. They are for the most part worthless so who would care. I do because I am making very good hobo money now, but that is a different thing than someone that wants help from a Webpage. I am constantly frustrated with the over abundance of worthless travel sites. No efforts empathize with the tourist or traveler and provide anything more than pictures, and not too many at that. I take hundreds of photos because for sure, a photo is worth a million words, and 100 are worth 100 times more than one. I suspect this person will only put up a few pictures of the Cats Hostel and not enough to truly understand this place….aagh, I did not want to take photos of this clean and sterile place, but for sure now, I have talked my way into a corner, where I should take photos.

When you enter a hotel or hostel they often have a line that ask,

“What is your profession?”

I am always filling it out now as “Writer.” I would go into a panic if I was a hotel, but that has only go attention of the Blanca and White something Hotel in Banos Ecuador and everyone else on the planet seems to ignore the answer. Fun and more fun on things like that, but who listens anymore as everyone is so busy, they have no time to listen or read the answers.


I am very glad to leave Madrid, although it is clean, bright, and friendly it is too cold for my blood, and in the end just another big city. The culture is European and very close to the USA culture so Mas or Menos the same. Europe is just a hair different in most way than the USA, and on the cultural continuum they are so so close that hardly worth talking about. The biggest differences are in the buildings and the hour their work habits. For sure the Americans work more hours and have a better quality of life, while there is a lot more small cultural differences in Europe. I guess they are getting invaded by Africa, India, and Asia more than the USA, and this is big cultural change. If you listen to people complain about the country of Turkey trying to join the European Union you will see that nobody things the Muslim countries are the same as Europe. I do not see them as a big difference, or enough of a difference to say they should not be allow to enter. But then again I am in favor of merging all the countries of North America under one umbrella union and getting rid of the border all together. Why not share our wealth and make the whole North American continent richer at the expense of the USA worker. Why does one a person in Mexico or Guatemala need to be that poor? There as some slightly poor people in other countries that need a job and food. Not a lot, and nothing tragic, but for sure America is fat and need to share the food.

Bottom line, I think the world need to Create more Michael Moores that worked for Auto Factories and lost their job, so that poorer countries could be elevated out of the stone ages. Plus he is way to fat and represents the worst of the USA, and nothing of the best.


# 3 OPENED in my life.

I have gone to a few USA Embassies in my travels. Twice to the Embassy in Quito, Ecuador to see about helping a couple of Ecuador girls to enter the USA to no avail. Twice in Bangkok in different years to get extra pages in my passport and now to the USA Madrid Embassy.

I have successful got them to open the embassy and service my needs, probably because I am the 1 in 200 that is really from the USA. The only reason I have had to do this is the asinine hours they keep.

Today I had the most trouble, as they made me walk across the street from the Embassy to use the pay telephone to call the Embassy to say I wished to enter. Luckily, I speak Spanish because the front entrance people spoke zero English. I still hollered at them in English to let them know they were dealing with some homegrown and they were Pendejos in their language.

Nevertheless, they tried their best to make me leave, but I stuck them out and kept talking English until the woman was frazzled and in typical third world fashion probably thought I was someone important and told the guard to let me in.

She proceed to tell me I was to get a 3 month temporary passport and I started to give her a hard time and a REAL American jumped in to help, and he finally was a great guy and listened. He was from Bloomington, Indiana and told me he could give me a one year temporary Passport. The lady was bitch and never let up, so I never let up, but my theory is punish anyone from your own country, (She is not from my country, she is from Spain trying to work for the USA.) that does not act like a good citizen. I was on USA ground and a safe haven in the middle of the desert. Nobody spoke English except for the last person I got to, and this is extremely ridiculous. But for the sake of safety, I will admit if they bomb the embassy as I have said before they will only get foreigners, or screwed their way to citizenship, citizens.

On walking back, I met a nice guy from Bolivia that was politely commented that when the USA people leave the USA they become like the locals. This is sadly extremely true, and in Mexico they used to complain that the USA people not only learned how to be corrupt, they also learned how to do it better.


I have now met two people that needed to get a USA passport outside the country. Both the girl in Bolivia I met and I, and both of us got it in one day. Hehehe So good job USA in a stupid way. Got the job done, but I am tired of the people working not speaking English. Contrary to any excuse, there are many people in Spain that also have learned English.



Airport in Amsterdam

No mans land is when you have left a country but have not entered the next country. This is a place where the laws of the world are vague. Places where the smuggler set up stands to sell goods, or occasionally a Casino pops up.

I am in the Amsterdam Airport, but not in No-man land, as I am traveling inside the European Union. I do not understand Europe and the passport controls to enter Europe are almost nil, I just handed the man my passport and entered, I do not think he even stamped the thing… Does that mean I can stay forever? The custom are almost non-existent, and my belt buckle, billfold, and two flash drive hidden in my secret pockets have been clearing the metal detectors or people that would pad me down for weapons very easily, although the did stop the Arab looking people more than the white people, but that makes sense.

I suppose there are some Russian Islamic crazies that would blow themselves up to make their point also, although I am still amiss of the point.

But here I am typing away on this permanent recline chair. I was going to use the internet but the cost here is about the same as room, so I will save up the blog and blog you later.

President Bush is now the President of the USA. I am wanting to know or hoping that Arafat has met his maker and the world can be safer place. Castro and Arafat would do the world a favor by kicking off, and liberating their people from the mindset of fight. The both love to fight, and this makes their regions or countries in constant turmoil.

I will fly to Madrid in about 5 hours, and maybe I will sleep in the airport, or if the place feels easy, I will go to a Hostel, who knows I may just get on a bus or train for somewhere else. Only thing that hits my hot spot about Madrid is Bullfights or maybe girls, although big cities are not places to find nice girls.


I am frustrated and ready for some beach and book time, enough of this Europe crap, time for some easy life. Life is a beach or a cheap country in my mind. I am tired of looking for reservations and trying to find cheap room. I am heading south MUY PRISA

Very fast I will be in Morroco and hopefully a place full of French girls and cheap run down hotels, or just a normal place to live.

IF you know of any Hostel on the Spain side of the Channel or an easy jump to Tanger or Tangiers or however you spell it, send it on...! I am without a guidebook and confused. Oh well, nothing 40 dollars a night for a room cannot solve, but 10 dollars would be good.

40 Dollars is about 12 day in South America or Southeast Asia for me, hard to pay when you get used to some beach hut for 3 dollars a night, something always seems wrong.

I know only tha Morroco is some type of Islamic country. Formerly the French had their nose around there, and as normal the French go and visit former colony areas.... this is good.

I will park it soon and update on my hundreds of photos.

My friend Gabriela said it is better to say,

Hola Guapa

as opposed to

Hola Chica

But she answers both, but say I say Guapa the wrong way.

Chica is girl or maybe like chick or young girl.

Guapa is slang more or less for Beautiful.

I have spent the day roaming around with her and looking at people and building. Buying shampoo, making telephone calls, and walking. Lots of Donar or maybe Turkey food here, I have not seem much Spanish.

The Hostel is nice, and I can say it is one of the better ones. The price in Europe is alway too high for the value in my view. Who wants to pay 15 Euro or about 20 Dollar to sleep in a room with an Argentina girl... ooops, maybe that is good.


I have written the blog now 3 time and 3 time the computer here has screwed up because of pop up blockers and other not so clever devices.

I am going south and probably to Morroco soon, too cold for me.

Man in Cats Hostel taking photos for

I told him I had a big travel site, but that and 3 Dollars USA will buy you a cup of coffee.

Mayor Parque or something. Some guy sing Stairway to Heaven

But or drunk in the Mayor Square. Cheap place to sleep.

Shared the room with this Argentina girl named Gabriela. Very nice girl.


Europe is about the same as South America in my opinion.

This made over format of a older Spain or Moorish building is the beautiful Cats Hostel in Madrid.

I am going to publish this before I lose it.



I am Safe and Sound in a Hostel in Madrid...

I have all my money and debit cards, etc.

I have everything I need, except my passport.

Last night I had my passport stolen out of my side

pockets of my travel pants. Of course it also possible

that I place it down on something and forgot it, but I

suspect I got pickpocketed on the Metro, or Subway

here in Madrid. The reception or manager of the Cats

Hostel said it happens all the time and since I have

stayed in Barcelona for one month before I am about 85

percent sure I was pickpocketed.

The people in Barcelona always said, it is not who has

been robbed, it is

¨Who has not been robbed.

I feel really foolish as I try everything in the world

to minimize this happening and this the first time I

have had a passport stolen. I have though learned a

lot about what I should have done, and why maybe this

happened and how to stop it in the future.

My wallet was in the front secret pocket, but my

passport was in an around the neck pouch, and because

it is too large to put in a secret pocket it was not

in one of them. I needed to separate the recipts,

passport pictures, and etc from my passport and carry

my passport in a secret pocket. I do not do this

normally because I afraid of sweating and ruining the

passport and I never find a plastic bag the size of my

passport. Oh well, I will go to the embassy today I

hope and see about another.

I got on the internet now hoping that someone would

write and say they have my passport. Nobody wrote, but

then again, I realized now that I should have had my

email address, telephone and such taped onto the

passport and then I could maybe get it back. Right

now it would be a lot of work for someone to try to

return... So I have a lot of should haves...


I am using the

-Send from email option of to send this. I

am hoping it works. I have logged into blogger, but I

cannot go to the page to write a blog. Who knows what

is wrong, just another glitch in life in a couple of

day full of glitches.

IT is very cold here and I was going to skip Mardrid

and go south to Malaga, and at the bus stop I realized

I had not passport. aaagh!


Note to my mother...

Hello Mom and Dad,

You said that is down and you had to write

me from the Library, but you can read my blog.

This does not sound like a computer problem, it sounds

like a Hotmail problem, but then again the hackers are

always playing the rich against poor card and trying

to hack the big sites. I am pretty sure that Bill

Gates owns so they think they are clever

or too smart when they do this.

But maybe try going to this link.

Or try typing in and not using the


I am fine, and the Hostel is very clean and nice. It

is supposed to be the number one Hostel in the world


I suspect to translate that it means they send the

most commissions to but I am Jaded and

although extremely nice, it is by far not the best

place I have stayed in 8 years of travel.

Platypus Hostel Bogota Colombia BETTER

Grand Hotel Quito in old part of QUITO BETTER

La Espana in Lima Peru maybe the best all around

Hostel.. No kitchen.

It is even hard to get on my list when all it give me

is a dorm bed and no kitchen to use. The Barmy Badger

at the Earls Court tube stop in London is better.

This is very very clean and made to look culturally

nice, but it is still a flop house Hostel. Bar down

below and dorm beds up top. BUT it is very safe and

clean for a flop-house. Plus they have beds, and that

is alway good in Europe where I believe you should

ALWAYS get a reservation. has their

affiliate program on page, or my likely I have agreed



The man here in the Internet cafe has to put more time

on my computer and he says it has to run out before he

can do so. I am in extreme danger of losing this. I

have copied and pasted to the notepad on my USB, but I

am still wanting to type...

IT stopped and proceeded. It is alway a bad idea to

type a long email or blog because I can lose the whole

thing if the power goes off or other misc stupid

things. Like what just happened, but he was correct

and it did work, but NEVER trust them. Copy and paste

to notepad and save on the computer. I saved luckly on

my USB.

So the Cats Hostel is very nice, but I am stil amiss

to find the kitchen. Any Hostel without a kitchen tha

cost me 15 Euros is not my favorite. They are really

rating the best party Hostels. I have not came up with

a good way to get a good quality of life Hostel. A

very good hotel or hostel like the Barmy Badger in

London will have regular people that never leave.

Because all the services and the price work together.

But the University students come to Europe to party

and that is what they get.

I could talk all day about what is good and bad about

a Hostel. This place is ultra modern, and that annoys

me because I cannot find Madrid culture there. I like

the feel of a Old delapidate, but real building like

the La Espana in Peru. Still very good, but old. I

suppose they would say the Cats is old, which I was

laughing to myself. ... I am back in south America!

The is a sign in the toilet that says.

¨Do not put paper down the WC.¨

WC is for water closet, they mean in Amerian language

the stool. So as always, in my normal toilet civil

disobedience.. I flush the paper. I hope it clogs and

all the countries in the world put in adequate pipes

to handle the toilets. In Panama you can flush the

paper down the toilets and there are signs telling you

to do so.

My room is cold. Madrid is cold. I thought it would be

warmer and made a big mistake in not bringing a

jacket. I will hibernate and work on my computer until

I get new passport and go south.

The reason I keep going off on the Hostel is because

the idea of a Hostel was first thought of as place

where your son or daughter could send their children

and it would be safe and cheap in a expensive and big

city. This place is safe, but it is expensive at 15

Euros or about 20 USA dollars.

I just hate having a bar in my house.


I will go to Chubbies Restaurant here in Orland, Indiana at 6:30 am with my parents.

They will take me to the Pilot gas station at the corner or I69 and the Indiana Toll Road to leave for Chicago at 8:20

Leave from Chicago to Amsterdam on Delta Airlines.

Leave from Amsterdam to Madrid tomorrow.

Then stay in Madrid for a few day.

Probably go for Portugal and down to Morocco.


I am not going to be around to finish watching the election results, but my instincts tell me that Bush is the winner and hopefully this drive the Europeans crazy.

Americans do not like to be told what to do or think.

Hard to understand the USA culture, but for sure the American culture loves a fight, and nobody better tell an "True" American what to do.

Ironically New York and California in my opinion are not true Americans. They are a bunch of looney tunes that need to get over their idenity crisis. I always tell them world, it is the good ole boys in the Midwest that elect the president and those out in Boston, LA, New York just make a lot of noise like children.

Damn, they just said by the Republican on TV while I am typing that Bush has won, he is beating me to the punch by one minute.

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