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I am wanting to go to Israel from Morocco by land.

With Arafat dead, there will probably be a small civil war in Palestine to see who is the next Mafia boss. This is good because he had too much power, but not good for me to travel to Israel... aaagh!


This guy is from Tarfia Espana, y muy bien.

No se, Guapa.. For my loyal fans... !

This was the only girl on the beach in a bikini. I captured the moment.

They are pulled up and down the beach with this Kite or by the wind, they flip it over to go the opposite direction or something.

Me trying to lay in the sun and dry my clothes. One load cost 5 U.S. Dollars, and the room is too cold and too humid to allow them to dry... Mildew here I come! I will go dirty before I pay 4 Euros to dry one load of clothes. Morocco here I come.


Me jumping on top of the search.. Titles!

I am going to take photos I hope soon of the wind surfers, kite surfers, and the surfers, plus a few fisherman with long fishing poles. The beach is really cold, but very nice. A very good beach, but not enough bikinis.

I was thinking that I really have no idea what other bloggers do, and that is why I claim ignorance. I am not sure how to use the RSS feed of my own blog, and to me this is a Travelogue. I am more or less and expert at how to get in and high on the list, but in reality I am just Joe Blow traveling the planet and looking at girls. Grateful I do not drink or do drugs, or for sure I would be dead by now.

People keep asking if I am going to Morocco to smoke hash?

I really hope there are more reasons to go to Morocco than to smoke Hash.


To continue....

I am not rich, but am starting to upgrade from the 3 dollar room to the 5 because of a new type of advertising on pages. Plus other advertisers of which I am forever grateful to have. My life is perfect.

But the internet cafe...

Opens at 10

closes at 1

opens at 5

and closes at 8

In some cheap countries they are open 24 hours, like Manila, Philippine, and in the modern countries I spend all my time and money trying to get some work done because they are too clever.

I can only send 10 emails at a time through their system or it blocks them.

Verizon in the USA blocks everything so I can only write online.

Why am I telling you all of this.... I am out on the road, and not sitting behind some super charged computer eating bon bons, I am eating egg sandwiches I can cook in the Hotel. The Facundo Hostal .. that is spelled correctly...! In Spanish the word for Hotel is Hostal, and it is not a Hostel, but has a kitchen, so I think this is better than the stupid flop house Hostels of Europe that have a bar down below.

I always working and having to do the work twice because the computer break, or they close, or the time goes off, and it reboots itself. That happened in Madrid. Life is not as simple as some of you sitting around eating bon bons think.

So do I care about comments. I cannot be bothered! I like the helpful comments, and the ones that want to add to the situation, but the majority are just lost and clueless individuals. Your comment is great and that is why I am answering it. Because it is basically what people think the normal blogger wants. The normal blogger want to be famous. That is why the has a profile place to put our picture. I want to have more than my share of hobo money, and not more. I do not want some dingaling coming up to me in Tarifa and saying hello, because he or she wants to saddle up to famous. Fame is curse, I do not have my photo on the site, and when I make a mistake, I try to remove it.

I want enough money to travel.

I like to travel more than I like to Blog.

I have never kept a journal or diary, or whatever you want to call this, until I went to Iraq and thought I was creating or making original comments. There are not many travelers that go to Iraq. I try to stay on the cutting edge of travel and adventure, and not on the armchair of life.

So if people want to comment and add something to life... GREAT.

If they want to be mean, then let the world know there are mean people in the world and the Holocaust can happen again!

If people want to ask questions, that is OK, and expected.

I am making enough money to pay for the internet and life is good.

Wish I had a girl to travel with me sometimes for companionship, but I can not complain, my life is great and thank all the good Gods of the world.

Note. I put Tarifa as the title, because that will probably put me up in the top 5 pages of in a few months. Just some webmaster info.


Hello world,

I received this post or comment in my Yahoo Mail account box today:

Andy, arent you surprised, if not perturbed, by the fact that you hardly get any comments at your blog.Are you very rich?

--Posted by Anonymous to Andy HoboTraveler.Com Travel Journal at 11/9/2004 11:04:31 PM


The comments although appreciated are the last thing on my brain. I am trying to get to Morroco and trying to reduce my daily cost of living from 20 Euros or about 25 Dollars U.S. to about 10 Dollars. I am really out here traveling and very fast recently.

I am trying to wash my clothes as these money gougers want...

6 Euros to wash a load.

4 Euros to dry

That is 10 Euros to wash and dry one load of clothes.

My room on the weekly rate is 12 Euros per day!

The internet is 2 Euros per hour, so to answer this cost me about one-half Euro.

The keyboard on this SPANISH computer had the keys for / Ñ and other letters moved to different locations so I have trouble typing. Then people want me to check and double check the spelling. I had to write and send from my mail box the other day and I do not have spell checker on that either.

Basically I am a traveler and not some fat guy sitting around in a room hacking, playing war game, or chatting dirty to some girl on the other side of the plane they can never have. I am on the other side of the planet in some Internet cafe where they could care less I am here. I change computer daily, and never know what the next sand trap is located, the next land mine, or what will happen. I am in the processs of copying photos from my3.5 disk of the Mavica camera to the hard drive of this computer. I have some ASIAN copies of real disk and they are all sorts of problems. I am hoping I do not lose photos. I was very upset when I lost my best Rhino photo in Nepal on a computer.

The world is not a perfect place, and either am I, so in my point of view I should do my best and let the world do what they will do.

PLUS there is a mass lemming problem for blogging. I have only had that comments thing up for the last month or so and that is when people could start to comment. Most comments are anonymous and they take delight in provoking, but I figure people would rather read jerk comments, so I leave them up and do not delete. The internet is an anonymous animal and unfortunately a lot of people thrive on being mean.

I am going to publish this before I lose it, I almost hit the power button with my foot. I did this yesterday.

ARCHEOLOGY 2005 in Indonesia

I have been trying to learn or figure out a way to find Archeology sites, not the old one, but the new ones. Just recently there was some little small figure they compared to a Hobbit found in Indonesia.

I have discovered a way with google alerts

I can put in my topic like say Archeology and it sends me an email I think DAILY about the news on this subject. Pretty cool and a good way for me to follow some topic.

It sent me this on Archeology:

Check out on this page I have posted some of the Alerts


I am trying to learn about Libya and Algeria so I have also used them words. Why this is so good is when you are traveling especially to the dodgy countries like Libya or Iraq, or maybe you are worried about Nepal you can stay as current as possible on breaking news. I have people believe or they think for instance because I am in Spain I know more about Spain than other people. I know some interesting culture, but I am totally oblivious to the news of Spain... It is all Spanish here! The world TV is better or the internet, but I am not on either of them source long enough to understand the current events or news.


I met Oren from Canada while in Varnasi, India. We ran into each other again in Bangkok, Thailand and in Cambodia... Etc.

His blog today that is on was pretty poignant explaining the situation in Israel. I am on the way I hope to see him...

My route is tentatively

Morocco - Algeria - Tunisia - Libya - Egypt - Israel... Depends on stamp of passport for Israel. It is possible I will stop in Sudan, but the Visa seems a pain.

Oren wrote a very good explanation on how to deal the stamp issue when going to Israel where there are countries that will not allow you to enter if you have stamp on your passport from Israel. It is on bottom or before the submissions.


TARIFA SPAIN November 2004

6:28 pm Sunday November 7, 2004



Another day in Paradise

I am in Tarifa, Spain, it is located on the very tip, and maybe as two USA missionaries said, it maybe the closest point to Morocco from Spain.

(Having real trouble with spelling Morocco… one or two R’s)


Not a Hostel, but a Hostal, it is the word in many Spanish origin countries where they mean Hotel. It is hard to be certain but in some of the Central or South American countries they used the word Hostal and it was a Hotel. Probably dragged the word there from this region of the world.

My computer Encyclopedia Encarta can translate different languages, but does not have the word HOSTAL, this word has been everywhere as I have moved around Madrid to Malaga, Marabelle to Alageciras to Tarifa on the sides of maybe Hotels, but with the name Hostal.


I am having a wireless connection show up on my computer, but I have not been able to determine if I can hop on an internet connection. I believe a lot of people have a wireless connection, but do not have 24 hour a day internet access, as many would in the USA. So there are lots of wireless computer connect in peoples houses, but no connection to the internet.

Time to make a page on how to connect to a wireless connection!

I have paid for a week in the Facunda Hostal here in Tarifa, Spain with the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean within cannon range of my room.

My 5800 mile trip in 4 days from Orland, Indiana to Tarifa, Spain including the time it took to replace my passport that was stolen on the Train in Madrid. Never for a instance think that Europe is safer than South America or even the inner cities of USA…


I will probably .. Maybe, or who knows stay here for a couple of weeks, unless Portugul tempts me too much.

This has got to be the point where the Christians separated the world from the Islamic word by the Sword, gun, musket, or cannon… maybe a few rock thrown. Now there is another type of invasion. Sadly I saw or a Bolvian man by the name of Alejandro pointed out where there was a terrorist bomb at the Atocha Metro stop that killed around 200 Spain people and more or less scared the Spanish people out of Iraq. Not a good move on the part of Spain, because it just shows they can be manipulated by terrorist. Never a good move to negotiate or run from kidnappers or terrorist or just crazies religious zealots whether Christian Crusader or Islamic Jihaad crazies. Religious zealots cause a lot of problems on the planet, and all in the name of God, I think someone is missing the point.


I had sort of a necessity to go south. I only have one sweatshirt and no jacket, I am tired of carrying a jacket, but am looking for one of them super light jackets like was lost in by KLM on the trip to Istanbul a year ago. I missed my chance to purchase in Katmandu, Nepal, but will snag one again the next chance. Sort of a insulated windbreakers, but very light, maybe all nylon. So what this translates to is I have this smelly, white or crème colored sweatshirt I purchase in Concord Massuachesetts that says,

“Beware of all Enterprises that requires new clothes.”

By Henry David Thoreau

He is one of my adopted mentors, although he was dead a long time before I adopted him as one of my mentors. He wrote the book Walden, it about living simply and not have consumer purchase own you, and you living your life free of being owned by the things you buy. He also said or believe you could live on working about 5 weeks a year, and I also believe a person can work 2-3 hours a day and live very good.

So it is long past the time to clean this sweatshirt, although I am still needing it daily and have to give it up long enough to clean it. I will wash it in the sink tomorrow morning and hang on the roof as an emergency wash measure.

The Hobo has landed and paid 84 Euros or 12 Euros per day to get a wonderful private room in Europe, but almost into Africa. I think 12 Euros is about 14.75 U.S. Dollars. The room was 15 Euros on a daily basis, I committed because I need the space of time to relax and regroup. Plus the guy at the reception or owner has a perfect feel, and he would not stop being a tour guide. He told me how the city worked, where to wash my clothes, where the internet was located, and how to go to the beach on both the Atlantic an Pacific side, where to party at night and how to go look at winery north of here. He was above and beyond the call of duty and only maybe German Escobar in Bogota, Colombia at the Platypus Hostel would match him for help… woo… he was good, Sold me for a week without even blinking.

Life is good, La Vida es Buena.

Time to go look for more bread, I am tired and ready to eat.

If this place had a hasp on the door and a wastebasket, it would be perfect. It actually has a reading light above the bed. I do not have to use the one I carry!

Ooops. I just found the wastebasket. I lock my computer in my new small backpack when I leave the room and chain it to the closet door.

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