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I think now about the weather daily. There is nothing worse then being in a place for a month and having terrible weather. Europe is hard for me to judge. When I looked at the construction methods and home in France it looked like they have very warm winters. But they in many ways appear to approach heat like a underdeveloped nation. Just because a country appears modern mentally, does not mean they are really modern. The heating systems in homes or apartments would have me freezing in Paris... IF the winter is the same as Indiana. They are almost exactly the same distance above the equator as Indiana. But there are factors like wind, oceans, and mountains that also change this. Plus the altitude.

I have learned how to live reasonably in Europe and there is a temptation to stay two or three months here in the warmer countries. Then go to India for the winter. So I do lots of research and thought on the weather and where would be nice to travel and stay for a month. For sure Portugal is on the list.


I am in Paris with a beach. Plus they speak English. Nothing is better then going to the beach and reading a book. There is a Statue of Christopher Columbus at the port that I will take photos of it today. He staged is exploration of the New World from here.


This morning I woke and went into the kitchen. Made a cup of coffee. A fresh breeze is entering the window as the sounds of the day starting in Barcelona rise and my world awakes. The apartment is on the side of a hill and strangely Barcelona feels like a small pueblo in many ways. But I am grateful to have a quality of liife today that make life very good. Todo Bien.



This is my second time to Europe and I am now more sure then ever that if a person travels in Europe they should be prepared to walk. I suppose with certain tours you can avoid walking, but for the normal poor country touring backpacker this type of travel murder. I have probably already walked with full backpack further in Paris and Barcelona then I would walk for one year in South East Asia. That does not mean I don’t walk a lot in Southeast Asia or South America. But I normally do not walk with my backpack. I take a taxi for a dollar to my room and park it. A Taxi here would cost more then the room in Europe so I must be very careful in my planning. This distracts from the enjoyment of the travel because I am constantly prioritizing and evaluating my options. There is a loss of spontaneity.

What this mean for the backpacker. Pack as absolutely light as possible to do Europe.


I have only been in Barcelona, Spain for one day and already I have settled in and found a home. It was possible to rent a room for 300 Euros for one month. A person by the name of Isabel was advertising on the internet for temporary roommates. The apartment has 3 bedrooms. Isabel use one, I now have one, and a girl and guy from Sweden are using the other. It is very home and I can look out over the tops of the building and a fresh wind blows in the window. Very open and happy. I am happy.

There are beaches in Barcelona on the Mediterranean Sea and I will go and explore them tomorrow. There is a metro here also, and very similar to the metro system of Paris. I am not clear, the word metro in both locations could signify both the bus and the subway. It may be possible to interchange the tickets I purchase. A month long unlimited ticket cost 35 Euros and a ticket for 50 rides cost about 25 Euros. Like Paris this is very efficient and cover the city very well. Now I just have to decide on which pass to purchase and I will have my room and transportation figured out for the month. I am planning on using Barcelona as my base to explore the area. Probably the area within a 200-300 kilometer distance of the city. It would be very easy to go to cities either for the day of for a couple of days, travel light, and return back to my new base.

LET SEE ? What do I think about Paris?

There are more real estate office then I have ever seen in my life.

There is a balcony with a view everywhere.

I would like to stay, but need to find a rich girlfriend.

It is Latino to the blood. I will not go into this to save on the hate mail.

The belly takes on a new meaning.

They do not need tourist.

It appears that only the people in the tourist industry are real jerks.

There are tons of blond girls with blue eyes.

I am never positive if they have long noses or not.

The braided hair has reached Paris just find. The corn row stuff.

I tried to trade 10 American girls today for 1 French girl.

The boy said he would have to see them first.

“Blah Blah Blah” has a special and real meaning in the French Language.

Who would drink coffee in France. Too expensive.

I think they spend all their money on food in restaurants.

McDonalds is doing a BOOMING business in France. It is hard to believe how many people go to McDonalds.


I can sit here in the Gare de Austeric or Train Station in Paris and wait for the train and getting in a little Blog time. This train station is really a mix of cultures. I think all of Africa came to visit. They do not have to worry about Americans. This computer has a lithium battery and can recharge and hold a charge. The old nickel cadium batteries were not worth putting in the computer.


77 Euros for an overnight train to Barcelona Spain from Paris France. This will save me the 25 dollars for a Hotel room and get them out of the country. I really do not want to leave, but there seems to be no choice. Either go broke fast in Paris or go broke a little slower somewhere else. I am trying my best with a the help of Natasha a friend and reader of this noise to get a room in Barcelona for one month. There was an advertisement for a room on the internet for 300 Euros. Just what I wanted to pay for Paris.

I looked at the map on my computer and saw that it was located on the Mediterranean Sea and that influenced my decision. The border of Europe are wide open so there is a possibility I could stage a jump from Barcelona to the Manaco area. That place of the rich and famous. I will keep doing my research.

I am going to go to England and pick up the Petition from the Mosul Scholars that invites the world to visit Mosul. He stopped in Mosul, Iraq and picked it up for me.

The tentative plan is to work my way to Germany and stop and see Sabine a girl I met in Ecuador a couple of years ago. Both Peter and Sabine are going to teach me how to sleep on the floor. I know Peter will love this idea. Getting an American below his foot would make his British heart happy. He is a good guy even if he let Peter think to much and gets us in hot water in Iraq. On hindsight we know it was safe. But at the time we did not.



I have people who want to know why the newsletter or the blog is late?

Or why there are sometimes links broken? Or lots of other problems?

I carry my computer in a backpack.

I publish all my photos, webpages, and newsletters from internet cafes.

For instance in France it has very few internet cafes and they are very far apart.

The keyboard is different and I cannot change it. So I have to type slowly and look at every key.

There are so many complications in writing a newsletter and publishing webpages while traveling

that it is almost impossible to limit. This is while I am one of the few in the world that does this.

Most go home or live in one location. So please remember I am not in Kansas anymore and there is

no place like home! At least to make webpages easily.

Andy arrives in Barcelona, Spain

I arrived by slow train. 77 Euros.

Trying to send newsletter and fix things. SNAFU

But Life is Good

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