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I have found that I have been thinking too much. This is not a problem for about 80 percent of the world where I normally travel. In the developing countries. They like to take it easy and relax. I like this.

But I find sometime I revert to my Western World mentality that tells me that I am not OK if I do not work all the time. This drives me crazy. Then I start to spend all my time prioritizing in my head on all the things I need to accomplish. Like a Hobo is suppose to do something. That is the idea. Do nothing is the goal of a Hobo. But the world give a lot of social pressure and I can not always avoid it. Europe is just like the USA in this manner, and all the people here work too much. So I need to hide sometime. The beach is good for this, but I am still surrounded by people that have to be doing something.

Even the beach is invaded. With that little stupid cellular or mobile telephone. I go to the beach there are topless women talking on the telephone. I could see this if they was doing business, but the whole world not seems to have a surgically inserted telephone on their ear. In Thailand, where it is worse I tried to take photos of 4-7 people in one spot talking on the telephone.

It makes it hard to talk to people. I can walk up to a person and they get a phone call. The call is more important then the person that does all the work to visit them in person. I need to call them and forget to visit. But for me. I have choice. i can buy this or not buy this idea. But for me the idea of technology is to work less. This the goal of my webpage. To work less. Maybe not at all!


As my page becomes more popular around the world it become less and less stable. That means that it is more difficult to keep the page up and running properly. An internet page is the same as your computer. In reality you are opening a file on a computer, but a file on my server. So you go from your computer to my server and open a file to look at and view. I publish lots of photos and these take a long time to view on the computer. So as the number of people grows that views my photos it become increasing more difficult for the server to SERVE the photos. Lot of people go to small websites of hotels and look at photos or such saying how fast or efficient the page were. This is nice. The average hotel city hotel or tourist type hotel probably has between 10 and 100 people per day visiting the site. My site is not between 800 and 1200 per day. And it is really easier to get them to go to a city in the world or a hotel then my site. I am competing with all the travel sites in the world, and the hotel is only competing with the travel sites in that city.

BUT... If my page is down. It will go back up. The support staff at my hosting company or server will reboot or fix, or change the tires as needed. Sorry for the problems. They are growing pains.


Photo of my daily grind or work I must perform. I go to the beach here in Barcelona, Spain.

There is something about water that make the day good. Most people really are as happy

as they choose to be.


The European Union is quickly becoming the same as the USA.

There are no borders between the countries of Europe.

You do NOT have to stop at the border and show your Passport.

A person can travel and work, or live in all of Europe almost without real restriction.

There may be some legal restrictions, but unless you make yourself noticed by the

government it appears to me that a person in Europe can not move from country

to country with very little worry.

The countries are becoming very similiar to states.

So stop thinking of them as countries. It is just confusing. Better to look

at the as separate states. Of course it is not that simple.

But with the common money the Euro it is becoming that simple fast.

What is Chiraq of France up to?

I am sitting here in Barcelona, Spain relaxing and wondering what the world is doing. I was having a discussion with a Swedish girl about France and she said that he was trying to be the spokesperson for the European Union on his comments to the UN. That he is positioning himself or France to have the big power in the EU. So he needs to assert his power.

I think he has cooked his goose. He has successfully taken France into a position of BLAH BLAH BLAH.

France will soon have to give power to the EU and they will become just a small country as they

really are, and the rest of the world can attain their real positions. 80 Million plus people in France and

talking only from the perspective of white French people does not give him the right to speak

for anything. I see this as a class system war, and he wants to retain a position as King in the world.

Those days are gone.


A little warmer. Cheaper, friendlier, and a beach. Barcelona Spain is Paris with a Beach. It is an international city and full of energy. They have a street called the Ramblas. It is the equivalent of the Champs Eysees of Paris but does not have traffic. The Champs Eysees has 4-5 lanes of traffic making the level of noise high. The Ramblas of Barcelona is closed to traffic and lead right to the world class port. The staging point for Christopher Columbus to go discover America.


After Iraq it is nice to be in a place with no issue. All the Middle East has issue of anger and this is tiresome. I have put together in my head finally what is happening in Iraq. I was very curious because all of the borders of Iraq are wide open. Anyone Arab type person can enter easily. But in reality they totally discourage any Western type person like me. So why is the boder open? Why doe the USA take such a weak sounding stance on Iraq. ITS A TRAP FOLKS

Presently there are thousands or crazy people coming into the country on a Jihad or other crazy ideas. These people all go to the Tikrit area which is the main headquarter area for Sadaams people. The USA has allowed them to control the city. The mayor or head of the area is even an ex republican guard.

Now it is not big news. But every night all around Iraq there are about 30 raids. Where they arrest and capture crazies Jihad Fighter and other Sadaam people. So the border is open. In comes the crazy. They go talk to management, and they are capture. Because it sounds like the USA is losing the war, because they see some victories. They just keep coming in, and the USA has them on a battlefield.

WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction. That information will not be release in book form until just before the election. Time enough to make the Democrat running on this .. WE DID NOT FIND campaign look silly.

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