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Singapore Hostel

I am in the Summer Tavern Hostel in Singapore, as best I can tell I am in the middle or very close to the high end or Five Star Tourist Bubble. I think even the 7-11 is expensive.

There is a canal and a bridge and many very tall building, I would put a photo on right now, however the too clever computer is keeping me from doing anything but type. The internet is free so that is good.

I walked into the Tourist Bubble across the bridge the first 6 times because it is beautiful, however about one hour ago I walked away. I actually felt like I left the stainless steel fridge I was in and saw real people. Shopping is what I think tourist do in Singapore as it is like shopping in Chicago with India, Chinese and I suppose Singapore people, however they are not obvious.

AWAY from the tourist bubble I found smaller more historical building and a flavor that does not feel like stainless steel or maybe sitting on the table with that small gown at the doctors office.

I like culture, stainless steel is not my type of culture. Colonial type would so, Mubai was more interesting.

I am thinking about moving, the only reason I stayed in the Hostel is my friend Steve a sort of Internet expert however the worlds most disorganized person knew where this was, therefore when he came to meet me he was only one hour late and not one day because he came to a place he knows.

It is number one in the, I saw this and I know, this means I will not like the place.

The Hostel is clean, simple, nice, no kitchen and no TV, I guess it has a TV, however it is one those you would have fight with over the Staff. This India and Chinese boys rule the place. Everyone is nice I am still waiting to leave as everyone in the Hostel is doing the same.

I got this gut feeling there is at least one home type Hostel or better Cultural experience than this.

I will sit on this cold sheet of paper on the edge of the doctors table... and wait for the doctor.

AAAGH the Owner is from Jordan and I am listening to the Islamic Prayers, 20 percent of the time the prayers are beautiful and nice and the other times they are offensive. Like we have anyway to escape with the invention of loud speakers.

Great Advice on Factories in China

I was jabbering away with this very well traveled Singapore woman on the Tiger Airways flight from Bangkok to Singapore. I started telling or asking about my backpack making project. I said I was going to South Korea or maybe Japan to look for some products, and she said,
"Why not China?"

Well, many people in the world China is the answer to all problem, however this is a huge country and not an easy country to just go visit. A good visit would take a year.

Well, I asked here,

She said

This is Chinese to me so she wrote it down.

It is just outside the Hong Kong territories, what a great place to have a Factory, you can send stuff across to Hong Kong and westernize the deal very fast. Hong Kong is the northern version of Singapore. Same Same but Different.

Never underestimate the value of jabbering or is this jabberwocky.

Best Zipper Slider I have Seen

I am not sure if I have pointed out this zipper padlock slider I found or discovered on a backpack in Israel. It was on a person from Canada backpack and a North Face Bag. I see many North Face bags however most I see are copies or fakes.

This zipper is the best I have ever seen.

If you look at a zipper the normal loop part is just bent over, not one piece. this is an extreme good zipper if made of good metal.

I am going toward South Korea or Japan in my quest to find the who of this zipper.

Who manufactures this zipper!

Cheap Hosting Wanted

Not a normal post, however I know there are some really smart people out there, I am wanting to test a couple of hosting companies with some of the web sites we are constructing. We need Sql database capacity.

I need host that someone believes is perfect. To me the perfect host has a great support system with a queue ticketing system, a forum and reply to emails within a couple or hours. They also have to reply to all tickets, not skipping any question.

Cannot be a reseller and priced under 10 U.S. dollars, NOT a Windows Server.

IF you are techie, then you should be able to post this in the comments, this would really help me keep all these host located in one place to peruse. Note I am looking for my regulars to write or comment, I will trust you more. I have a great host for we have a need of diversification though for protection.

If you have already written me about host, please comment again, I am on the other side of the planet, hard to stay totally organized.

White Sox in the World Series

I am excited, if I got it straight, the White Sox will be in the World Series in the USA, my father is in Heaven. Nothing could be better for me, I think this some of the best news I have heard in years. Nothing better than to have you Mother and Father happy, so the world is a good place today.

I am in Singapore

I am in Singapore, there appears to be very few Internet Cafes, I do not think I will be able to blog easily because the computer in the Hostel has stopped my USB thumbdrive from working. I normally type offline and cut and paste the blog onto the computer.

Singapore is sterile so far, boring,unless you never seen a sky scraper, then it would be pretty spectacular. Like Chicago with every speaking bad English, with a Chinese accent.

Nobody seems to be a native or born in Singapore.

I am totally cluesless to know what to do, I suppose I can go take pictures of Starbucks. I hear there is a beach, however I must take a bus or train or something to go there. I am ready for Manila.

Flight to Singapore

I will leave tomorrow morning for Singapore, not very excited about Singapore, however you never know, maybe I will love it. I am just doing a test run to Singapore, not really trying to visit the place. I am just going to see what the place feels like, I suspect it is overpriced for an Asian country.

It is ok, all countries have value, just some less... hehehe

It is raining in Bangkok, seems to rain every afternoon the last couple of weeks.

I am excited to return to Manila in the Philippines, I like Manila and especially thinking about them Midgets sell them tasty Shawarmas at their restaurant.

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