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Water Skiing in Poland

Water Skiing in Poland
Photos of Water Skiing in Augustow, Poland

They Water Ski on one of three lakes that surrounds Augustow, Poland by a large cable system that goes around in a large rectangular circle. It is a great idea; I believe the price is about 1-dollar ride, or about 25 for the whole day.

This is the transfer or corner where the cable is started, the people skiing start at this point.

I believe they connected to large rivers here by a canal, Lucas said they used the canal as a form of transportation to float logs cut from the local woods.

Walk on the Zebra

Walk on the Zebra
I think this sounds funny, however so does saying
“Don’t Jaywalk.”

Although my reading the dictionary says the word Jay, come from some early 20th Century meaning of a heedless person, a person that does not heed or obey.

I do not heed your warnings.

While walking with Lucas and his girlfriend, both Polish people from the town of Augustow, we walked along many streets. Lucas said,
“We need walk the Zebra.”

Something not perfect English, however I finally understood his implications, there is a section of the road where they have drawn Zebra like lines on the road. This is the crosswalk and safe to walk.

This is good, to
“Cross at the Zebra.”

Probably a great way to teach children to be safe, however, I am wondering and from now on, I will always looking to see if the lines are like the Zebra.

Augustow Poland

I have arrived in Augustow Poland, a smallish city just inside Poland. I have hit the mother lode, I am in the home of a family and the son is explaining Poland, showing me maps, and now has figured out where Orland, Indiana is located in the USA.

I rented a room for two night for 60 Polish money, I think it is about 10 Dollars U.S. per night, I have not figured out the conversion exactly.

Ramas in Marijampole Internet Cafe

This is Ramas from the Marijampole, Lithuania Internet Cafe.

This is real time blogging, I am just finishing up sending my newsletter, now I go to Poland at 2:00 PM.

This is my bags, I have them connected with a padlock, very dangerous to leave bags sitting around in Internet Cafes. Especially here. I FEEL VERY SAFE - When I feel safe, I am extra cautions, this is when you always have problems.

Waiting for the Internet Cafe to open, note I have my laptop bag out because I need it to fix some HTML in the pages I am making or the newsletter mirror page. Normally it is inside the one smaller bag.

I connected the bags, ran across the street.
Pretzels Breakfast of Champions.

It is very easy to buy beer here, a piece of bread is difficult.
Reminds me of Florida in the USA, I am not sure, however in the past you could buy beer at Gas Stations.

Travel Newsletter from Lithuania with Photos

Travel Newsletter from Lithuania

Photos of Lithuania in the newsletter just sent, to read online go here.

Waking Up Angry


I am frustrated with the people of the world some days, I awoke
this morning angry. My mind has worked all night obviously thinking about
the comparison between Srebrenica, the town in eastern Bosnia and
Herzegovina where they are mourning 10 years after 8000 People
Killed and put in a mass grave.

I went to Iraq 35 days to see what the USA is doing in my name.
I witnessed the genocide graves of 2500 Iraqis murdered by Saddam
Hussein. There is suppose to be over 30 of these sites in Iraq.

75,000 people, that is 75,000 people that was murdered in
Iraq by Saddam Hussein. I witness the 2500 people, I seen
what he did, I am very proud of what the USA and President
George W. Bush is doing in my name.

This is what he is stopping are people so blind they cannot
see that Srebrenica should be stopped. That is what the
USA in Iraq is doing, stopping the murders, and the loss
of USA boys is worth the cost.

Many reading this are so jaded, they believe I am making
up and creating lies to make money. This is mean spirited,
hard to imgagine, I do not need you in my world,

I do not need your friendship, I really do not care if you like me.
I do this letter and make a web site to help people travel
sometimes it makes me happy, and sometimes I am sad.
I enjoy my life as I wish and do as I wish.

The goal of these newsletters, the blog, and posting all
of these photos is to explain my little Hobo Travel World.
To make money with the website so I can continue
to travel the world and witness the good and bad in
all of us.

Life is Good

I went and labeled some more of the photos, I can tell I did not deal with this Iraqi thing the way I thought I did, the photos are sloppy, the pages are not completed, it is a mess. Sometimes when you see things like a German Concentration Camp, or Pol Pot and his Genocide in Cambodia, you really do not want to spend a lot of time.

Hanseatic League

Hanseatic League
The other day in Vilnius a man from Norway asked me,
“Are you interested in History?”

He already knew I traveled for Eight Years, so to me this was obvious, could a person travel to various countries without having an interest in History, I do not think so.

On the other hand, do I have any overwhelming desire to know history, no; not really, I am more interested in how things work. I like to know how a world functioned, how did they do this with no telephone?

I was doing the follow the string searches in the Encarta Encyclopedia tracking down this endless path of Enclaves or places countries settled. I need this to sum up all the places in the world to visit, and hopefully I am not right on top of a place and miss it.


This is an example of hmm… checking.

Who knows for sure, I guess it is a region or maybe a new type of political entity called a…

Duke or duchess’s territory: the territory over which a duke or duchess has jurisdiction. Also called dukedom.1

Ok, I am going to classify this as a country, not because it is so much a country and the Encyclopedia is not clear. I think we should say they owe allegiance to whomever the pay taxes to, however maybe this place pays to France.

The bottom line is this, when I meet a person from Brittany, they expect me to know this area and they consider themselves from Brittany, like this is a country. I am not going to slit hairs on this, it is really a place, and the United States cannot understand the loosy goosy forms of government that exist in Europe, autonomous regions etc.

Back to the Hanseatic League, this is a guild or group of trade people in the medieval times that had about 100 cities. When I was in Tallinn there was a guild house, however it got very sketchy as to the significance. Well from a historical point of view a group of Europeans, organizing for a couple of hundred years to trade and making rules is a functional or organizational nightmare. How did they communicate fast enough to remember a consistent or contiguous line of reasoning, quite remarkable to me?

Look it up in my new big favorite.
Hanseatic League

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