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388 U.S. DOLLARS Bangkok Nepal Brussels

I am buying the ticket for 388 when Mr Joe stops talking.

I will follow the path I noted before.

NEWSLETTER SENT TODAY - Manila Philippines

Lots of photos and information about the Banaue Rice Terraces.

A wonder of the world.


I really like this country, great place to hang around.

Too many scams, but just do not talk to people you do not know

or for the most part do not believe anyone.


There is an internet cafe across from the Melate Pension hotel in Manila.

Open 24 hours.

Connection and help for your laptop

Cost one dollar per hour.

Super fast.

Lets me upload and download with SMTP

The only one I have come close to that is this good is the one at Earls Court Tube Stop in London.

Beijing China has a really good or big one, but not sure on connecting of the laptop.

This in comparison to Thailand is no comparison.



This travel agency is on Adriatico in the Malate area, the more or less center of the backpacker universe. This company has about 10 agents so who know if they would return an email. There is an exit fee of about 10 dollars US, and maybe another 10 dollars U.S to add to the cost, so add 20.

This is an obnoxious country like the US where the cost of a ticket is cheaper to buy roundtrip, and a one way can be very costly.

NOTE: The prices are for a guideline and not for use, the date of this posting is important.

NOTE: I have learned that you can extend your visa on the Islands of Baracay or Palawan by going to a travel agent and paying 40 Dollars for I think 38 days.


Friday September 10, 2004 3:16 PM

I am now in an air-conditioned dorm room, there was a Japanese girl that was in the room before and she went to catch a boat to Baracay. The Japanese do not speak English well, and sometime communication is humorous.

I ask her,

“Do you lie in sun and get tan on Baracay?”

After a few ways of saying this in different ways she said,


I thought instantly shade, because this is the word for shade in Spanish, I said,

“You lay in the shade o Sombra.”


Ok, so she speaks Spanish better than she speaks English. She left for the pier and now is back because she became afraid that when the boat returned to the dock after her trip it would be dangerous. The boat would return at 3:00 am in the morning and she says it is very bad slum area next to the boat dock.

So now, I have my Japanese, Spanish speaking roommate back with the sleepy eyes, which designs furniture for a living. Ok with me. Her name is Mika. Dorms are great ways to meet people.


Friday September 10, 2004 5:10 AM

Quality of travel has everything to do with a good room and good friends, but mostly good friends; I can deal with a bad room if the people inside the Hotel are good.

I have found a new Hotel, I think the name is the Friendly Guesthouse, but I will be certain later today. I will move there even if I have to stay in the dorm, it is so much better there is no comparison between it and the

MALATE PENSIONE - Good but the Friendly is better.

It is just across the street and towards the water from my present Hotel on the fourth floor of the building, the bad part is the advertising on the building is not good, just chrome letters saying Friendly Guesthouse or something about a guesthouse for backpacker made by backpackers.

The Malate Pensione has a Web Page


I forgot to say one reason I am leaving. My room is very clean in the Malate Pensione but the mattress smells or the bed, room or something really stinks like a body odor that has permeated the pillow and mattress, it is just too obnoxious to handle. I could move rooms but I have paid 10 dollars for this room and feel cheated, that is a huge amount of money for this bad of quality of room. The mattress is very soft and nice and exceptional but smells.


I had some my first really informative and helpful conversations last night about the Philippines, it was great. Nice to learn the inside scoop about the place and not just read or observe, but some collaboration on my thoughts.

On older man that does business here said,

“I have no use for Philippine men, the women are 70 percent ok.”

I am getting the feeling these men are Mexican friendly, or they will be you best friend and steal everything when they make you their friend, I have already been involved in situations that I am sure were scam or starts of scams. They try to bring you into their friendship too much, and for no clear reason.


If a person walks up and wants to talk to you for any reason in the Philippine do not for any reason go with person, especially the men. They will come up with something they really want to show you.


Thursday September 9, 2004 2:08 PM

I checked into my room in the Maleta, Pension, the dorm is 250 and the room is 550 or 10 Dollars U.S. I am only here a couple of days and want to finish my newsletter, I suppose if I was staying longer I for sure would look for a cheaper place, although this is nice.

Very Small and not TV by clean, while last night in Angeles I had Very large, TV and dirty. Therefore, I guess clean means more money. Oh yea the New Liberty in Angeles was probably safer as I had my own hasp on the door. I will lock my bag to the built in desk. The bed is exceptionally soft and good. This place has a feel of an old Spanish house.

I Carmen I paid 20 peso for internet and here is 60, so pretty high for internet, I would say in the normal areas they probably pay 20.


I am in Manila

I need to price tickets for my next trip here and do some research so I will spend a few day in the big city of Manila. I need this information for my next trip here for 2-6 months.


Thursday September 9, 2004 6:55 AM

What path?

What itinerary?

Which direction should I choose?

This has been a question for me for years and I have approached the question in many ways. I have made multiple pages on these subjects. In fact, my whole site is designed to help me to make this decision.

I have 150 categories that are topics or questions that I need answered to go to anywhere in the world.

However, in the end the simple answer is I need

1. Transportation there.

2. A Hotel when I arrive.

Then I need to go do something fun.

The bad part is after I arrive in a location what may look like fun in the guidebook or what I think is fun is not fun. I am here in the Philippines for a reconnaissance mission. I want to collect information so I can return and enjoy.

This country is absolutely in need a route.

Someone needs to explain to me a path, or I need to learn a path.

I will make a page soon on all the countries of the world.

I then want to know where other travelers are to help me when I get there.

I need to have enough Visa time and a way to enter or leave the country with transportation. Transportation is the problem on coming to the Philippines. I purchased a round trip ticket into the country for 30 days or less at about 240 round trip.

This is a good price, but I should have purchased a ticket for 3 months. But what I really needed to purchase was a round trip ticket from the Philippines but I want it…


I want to be able to leave when I want anywhere in the next year,

I want to stay as long as I wish and leave.

I usually buy a one-way ticket but I normally have a way out of the country by land, I have to fly out of this country, I suppose I could take a boat but I have no idea on boats to Vietnam or Hong Kong, but that is possible I suppose.

I did not purchase a one-way ticket here because I was afraid of the cost to get off the island. Yesterday I went to a travel agents office and maybe I have been guaranteed I am correct. I only have gone to one office, but they wanted me to pay 350 for a one-way ticket to Bangkok. That means if I want to say here I need to pay 350 dollars, but this is also a lie or misrepresentation. They have that silly round trip tickets are cheaper thing, so I can purchase a ticket for 250 round trip more or less to Bangkok. But I do not want to come back.

IF I could purchase a ticket for 150 dollars I would think that is good deal, and I could have purchased a one-way ticket here and leave when I wish. So the Philippines become extremely costly in comparison to the rest of Southeast Asia to enter and leave.


A 21-Day visit to the Philippines is ridiculous; I can barely find the place. I need two months minimum to see this place, and really, you need 3-6 months.

I am going back to Manila to see about plane tickets so I can come back and see this place again. As it sits, it would be better use of my money to fly back to Bangkok now and buy another ticket from Mr. Joe. I need to check with him how much it cost to buy an open ticket to the Philippines.

But I am trying to find a path or a route to take. I am trying to plan my itinerary for this country. 7000 islands does not make this easy, so I need to either do so much research I go crazy before I enter or just wing it and pay a lot. But I am also in the business of figuring out the problems and solving them for my readers.

So far the Philippines is priced right for

Hotels inside the country are cheap enough. 3-7 dollars per night possible.

Transportation inside the country is cheap enough. Around 7 dollars per 12 hour jump, 20 dollars to get to an island by boat.

Visa renewable for about 40 dollars for 38 days, I can renew it here for 2500 Pesos here in Duo or Angeles, I am not sure if this is legal or not, but Manila is in the center of this place and I can return there easily and naturally after any 38 day stint.

I need a PATH to follow on each bigger island area.

Luzon, Palawan, Cebu, Samar, and maybe if you are brave Mindanao where the crazies are doing the Islamic thing.

There are probably many areas but I do not know and that is what I am trying to discover.

I have not found the center of the backpacker universe for this place, and really have not found anyone that knows much of anything. I can probably find people that know where the girl areas are.

But centers are hard to determine. I would say the Maleta area is more or less the center in Manila.

If you know center for the Philippines post here:

But my big problem is still the plane to and from the island. I can just pay through the nose and come one time or I can find a path that is cheap and come again and again. Or pay a lot and come again and again.

I will write my friend Mr. Joe in Thailand and find out how much for a ticket round trip with an open end for 3 months to 12 months, which will help me make my future trips.

I am planning to make a tip in the next newsletter on how to do reconnaissance of a country. All my writing is always a work in progress and I learn and discover as I go or afterwards. Sometimes I need to collect information for year, and even visit multiple continents before I would feel the least bit confident that I am correct.


"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."


I see and listen to a lot, but do not accept, although I am sure people misinterpret because I am not more judgmental or too judgmental at the same time. I am much more judgmental in letters and the blog than in real life, because all persons deserve a just chance.