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Philippines Street Children Search

Philippines Street Children Search
So you want to learn about Travel, welcome to the world of Travel. I have become an expert on street children and their habits quite by accident. Maybe it would be better to say, street families. You search for street families’ right before the sun rises, they will be sleeping in the street, go figure.

This little cute thing volunteered for a photo yesterday.

Malate Ermita Mabini Philippines
Southeast Asia
Sunday, September 27, 2009

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Maybe we could have an American Street Child Idol, you know, like the American Idol with a Twist. I want to enter this cute little girl who resides somewhere on Mabini Street in the too
“Too Cute for Words” contest.

The Search for Superstars of World Street Children

There are many NGO’s that work with Street Children; these up to No Good Organizations allow you to donate money so you relieve guilt. I am not sure why people feel guilty when they see street children, but I am positive most do, I for one, feel a little compassion mixed up with annoyance.

The Story of this Child
I was walking down a street in the aftermath Typhoon Ondoy. I am sure CNN and BBC would label and the wrath and destruction caused by the Typhoon.

I thought to myself,
“What a great test of find street children.”
"If they are sleeping in the streets now, the truly are homeless."

Alcoholism is the cause of the majority of Street Children on planet earth. What happens is this, the NGO people getting drunk all night, then sleep until about noon. The then go out searching for Street Children. Well, Alcoholics arrived confused, live confused and write up zealous statistics about street children. I would say there is one-fifth the amount the NGO wants to collect for, poverty is always overestimated.

2:00 PM, early afternoon, a NGO person walks up to 10 year old boy,
“Are you a street child?”
The boy looks sad and pleading,
“Yes, I need money.”

The alcoholic NGO has made street children out of bums.

Now, as I turned the corner walking in the middle of the street to keep my new shoes clean and out of the water, I spied this little girl over by a store window. The child comes toddling over to the edge of the road, I stop and look around. Hmm, where is the mother, for some reason there is no mother. It is wet and dirty where I am at, or just the normal Malate area with a lot of water. Where is the mother of this small child?

I can see the girl is defenseless. I pull out my camera and take two photos. There is no mother protect here, there is no mother to come chasing me down demanding money. The little girl is too young, not sure, how to hold out her hand yet so I walked up and gave all the change I had in my pocket. It was sad, her, little hand was too small for this amount of coins.

I was about to give here a 100 pesos, but two street urchins, the full size versions came running up and demanding money. I think they would have rolled the little girl and taken her money if they could.

Street Children can be found in early morning.
Street Children sleep in the street.

If you want to search for Street Children, you cannot be an alcoholic and sleep until noon. You must wake up around 5:00 am and walk around right before the sun rises. If you are really brave, walk around 4:00 while it is still dark, but the photos will be difficult.

I enjoy taking photos of street children, it is basic, and they are cute and lovable in most ways. Life is basic, simple and primitive, I am doing what I can, no more, no less, and my life is at street level.

Is there a solution for street children?

Is there a solution for Poverty?

NGO’s feed us tons of guilt relieving crapola sandwiches, you can donate money and the up to No Good Organizations will drink more.

What is the solution to poverty?
Truly simple,
Social Security and Pension Plans

I am tired of explaining this, nobody cares.

This is a street family in Manila, Philippines; this type of photo is incredibly easy to take in the Philippines. People who are street children sleep in the street.

I never found the mother of the small girl, ok, I admit it; I walked on down the road and forgot her. I do not deny it, I will do my best to forget her, and maybe it will work. I am sure I will forget her, there are too many of these little children living in my brain. How could I remember just this little one, she is not important.

Do not send money, 11 years of travel, there is no solutions at street level. Is there a United Nations program to force countries into providing social security programs?

I need to go back to Africa where there is less poverty, crime and street children. Sorry, I am not doing good at keeping my mouth shut again.

Philippines Street Children Search

Toxic Shame Cycles

Toxic Shame Cycles
I would be negligent if did not tell a small story about shame while here in the Philippines because shame an inherent part of this culture.

Hiya = Shame Much of what Filipinos do and don't do is motivated by the avoidance of hiya.

Amor proprio = Face Filipinos try very hard to avoid making other people lose face in the slightest.

Malate Ermita Mabini Philippines
Southeast Asia
Sunday, September 27, 2009

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Shame accumulates and resides in the subconscious mind.

Example of Toxic Shame Cycle:

A person does something that is socially unacceptable, like beat their wife, commit adultery, get drunk and puke on floor, etc.

The person who committed the shameful action hides from the his or her friends who witnessed the event.

The person tries to keep friends who know from those who do not know, so they cannot discuss his or her shameful action the segregate their friendships.

After about three months the person slowly forgets, water passes under the bridge, everyone looks the other way and all is forgot, forgiven and life goes on.

Now that all is safe, the friends get together, the shameful person does the same action again and this will continually repeat.

I have friends that act like jerks, and then proceed to hide from me for about three months.

When the pressure of shame builds up, sometime a person opts to perform a geographic cure, they may move to another location, even a new country because,
“Life would be different if I left the problems that caused this.”

The Philippines is a great place for people who feel great shame, nobody is going to challenge you, ask you to stop, even focus on. There is a gentleman’s agreement,
“I will not talk about you, if you do not talk about me.”

Observe both the Expats and the Filipino people, there is a flame burning under the surface.

MY Niger Shame, - The Shame of Passing Judgment, - Flying Blind with Shame and Pride, - Traveling Without Shame

Toxic Shame Cycles

Typhoon in Manila Philippines Video

Typhoon in Manila Philippines Video
Enough of me sitting around the room here in Manila waiting for the Typhoon to end. I grabbed my umbrella and took a walk; I made it about two city blocks. I was searching for children playing in the flooded streets of Manila. Here is a good video explaining how a Typhoon confined to my Hotel room.

Here is example page of what I was searching for, happy Filipino children playing in the flooded streets of Manila from a prior trip.
Philippine Flood Photos

Malate Ermita Mabini Philippines
Southeast Asia
Sunday, September 27, 2009

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If you do not see a video here it is because you are reading by email, click here to see video.

People often belittle me because I always carry an umbrella, there is no point in me explaining why a tourist needs to carry an umbrella, there are people that believe it never rains.

Typhoon in Manila Philippines Video

No Double Clicking Travel Tip

No Double Clicking Travel Tip
I was on today attempting to purchase a plane ticket from Manila to Fort Wayne, Indiana. The cost was 714 U.S. Dollars and I decided for many reasons to lock it in. I completed all the information, next screen, next screen, and finally was at the gate.

Time to press the button and purchase.

I pressed the button.

Malate Ermita Mabini Philippines
Southeast Asia
Saturday, September 26, 2009

Buy the Same Gear as Andy uses… Sold at three times the price, sorry.


It says my connection is broke, I go check my connection, I appear to have a good connection, and who know why this happened.

I click back; the correct page appears, as before, all the information is there, but I know better, I am not going to press it twice hoping to see a result page. I know my own sites, maybe it submitted, maybe the problems is with the result page.

I do not want to pay 714 Dollars twice. To error on the side of caution, I will wait for 24 hours, then call up, log in, do many double checks, and then try again.

Bottom line, to unscrew a problem on the internet is 20 times more difficult than to be patient and try again after I am sure I did not purchase a ticket.

The world of business makes huge amounts of money off your lack of patience. It is an ugly and clever game the world has decided is acceptable business practice.

Who know what happened and why, but I am a patient person, I can stalk the good prices, I am predatory, I refuse to be the prey.

The Million Dollar question is this, today is September 26, 2009. I want to know, will the prices go down or up after October 1, 2009. I know I can get better prices on plane tickets normally if I wait until the last day to purchase, but I am not open to that game this time. I could easily wait until the first day of October to buy the ticket.

The whole system is meant to give you immediacy to purchase, a person never wins, and we just make the best possible decision from many bad choices.

Note, Travelocity and all internet pages that take purchases can stop this; they just need to stop duplicate actions from being repeated twice within say a one-hour period.

I am not going to be the one to test and are my two favorites sites for plane tickets as of 2009.

No Double Clicking Travel Tip

Parrots are Sane

Parrots are Sane
As best I can determine, Parrots are not crazy, however I will feel crazy if I write about the photos below and they are not Parrots.

I hope these are Parrots, if not, for the sake of the story, I am going to call them Parrots, from now on, please assume these are Parrots.

Malate Ermita Mabini Philippines
Southeast Asia
Saturday, September 26, 2009

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I woke up around 5:00 am here in Manila, Philippines; it is a great time of day here. It is almost the only time the roar of the street noise is at acceptable levels for a good old Indiana Farm Boy like me, these city folks love chaos. I think they get an endless endorphin rush from the sound and vibration, constant mental stimulation so they do not have to admit or see they are nuts.

Well, I worked on the computer until 6:30, took a great hot shower, and then went down stairs. Ooops, Tropical Storm "ONDOY" is here, the day is rainy and the locals say, “Typhoon.”

I am putting in my vote, the Philippines has more rain than anywhere I have visited, only Coca Ecuador on the road leading to the Rio Napo felt rainier.

I try to accept the weather, I cannot change it, today is a great day to see children in the Philippines playing in mud puddles and all this water washes the trash into Manila Bay where it belongs.

Philippines Weather

There are never starving people in places with too much rain, poverty however is normally rampant, there just is no challenge.

What about the Parrot

I went down stairs to go for a walk, the weather is miserable, so I sat down at the bar that is maybe open all night in my hotel. Two Filipina girls and a Swiss guy are giggling and eating, the Filipina girls have rice something and the Swiss guy is going to eat a club sandwich. Another Swiss guy is sitting on the other side of the room angry with the girls.

I ask,
“French or German?”

He says,
Hmm, one of the rare Swiss ones.

All four of these characters in this Filipino Soap Opera have stayed up all night. I try to have a normal conversation, however the Swiss person is determined to stereotype me, which is ok, I just need to prove him stupid… Nevertheless, I cannot, he is too drunk to think clearly.

He said something like,
“Americans do not understand the world because they only speak English.”

I said,
"Je Parle Fransais,
Yo Hablo Espanol
Poot Pasa Thai
Fala Porteguesa
Backit Hinde"

I cannot spell, but I can say the words, and I threw in the Fala Portegesa to build up the bigger pile of bullshit theory argument. The bigger the pile, the more correct, truly illogical but works on normal drunks, talk until you wear them down is another theory.

I truly hate learning languages, too much work, but an occupational hazard of my life. (Note, I think 7 out of 10 Lonely Planet writer are Americans, probably gay ones, but they are American.)

On and on, never-ending noise, the two girls both have a child and are nice girls in a 1000 Peso way, never married, but tagged and bagged. One has a baby with a Filipino man; the other had a baby with a man from Holland that is nowhere to be found.

Turn off the Philippine Soap Opera Please
I decided to turn off the soap opera, I am up to my daily quota of stories and it is not even 8:00 am yet. One of the best reasons to come to the Philippines is to listen to the “True Believer” stories. People that truly believe they are sane, the “Catch 22” movie and book live and living in Manila, this is reality, nothing better for a daily rush.

I found this man on the corner of Adriatic and some dirty street corner here in Manila. I think one of the best reasons to walk around is to learn how people make money. If you understand the who, when, where, what, why and how of making money in other countries, you probably understand one percent of the culture.

I took all these photos, plus a few more that did not turn out and the man never knew I took the photos.

Situational Awareness
On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being best possible “Situational Awareness,” I would give the Filipinos a 2.

Africans would get a 7, this is why Africa is great, and I feel like calf being fed to the lions in Africa. In the Philippines, I feel like a giant stepping on Lilliputians, excuse me, hello, will you move or I will step on you! The adventure starts when I feel uncomfortable.

Hmm, I could go the country of Lilliput.

I am sure the Philippines has worn my mother out, I must include a few photos with these rants to allow here a mental break. She really needs to learn to click away. When I need some sanity, I go take photos; more or less, I am walking around taking photos all day here in Manila. I do not post the majority. TMI, too much information and I get too much hate mail already, if you cannot say something good, better to write a book where people cannot write mean emails.

Parrots are Sane

Nomad Travel Journals

Today I joined a travel social network, one of the questions was,
“How I like to travel?”

I had two choices that were close, I could check Adventure Travel or I could check Nomad. I final decided to check Nomad even though I now the word way over the edge cliché and for 99 percent of people who check just pure bullshit. Then, I have checked the word Adventure, this also makes me nervous. My definition of Adventure Travel is when a person goes somewhere or does something that can kill them. Normally the place that people get angry when you talk about.

When I say to friends, I am going to Africa, they get angry, they often instantly say,
“I would never go there.”

I often will say,
“This is ok, you do not have to go. I am the one going, you can stay home.”

I wish Africa was dangerous enough to call an adventure, I am thinking Detroit, Michigan would be an easy adventure destination.

A Nomad is a person that wanders from place to place, this is easy to say, and money normally stops this, I instantly have mistrust for anyone who tells me they are Nomad. I just check this off when I joined the social network, maybe I do not trust myself. I am sure going to take a skeptical introspective moment, this is the moment folks.

Well, I am going to use it today, I feel a sense of relief because I am allowing readers to choose where I go. I can honestly say,
“I am wandering the planet.”

I have residual money earned from this website that is sufficient to go to any country. I am not in control of my destinations, I am indeed going to wander, and also wonder where I am going.

I think the word Nomad is a cliché, but I suppose it now will pass my personal level of honest inspection. I am becoming a Nomad, I am happy to relieve “Planning Pressure,” to allow readers to decide is less stress. Too much freedom is beyond the powers of a normal man to accept, they search for routine, they want a boss. Making choices is work, I truly do not like to make choices, I just like to go, it would be incredible if I never thought about money.

Retired people on pensions can wander the planet, they have a never-ending supply of money. When I read another travel who call themselves a Nomad or a Wanderer, I think to myself,
“I wonder when they run out of money, I wonder when they will stop wandering?”

Malate Ermita Mabini Philippines
Southeast Asia
Saturday, September 26, 2009

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I am a recovering alcoholic, I am mentally ill, I stopped being a drunk 22 plus years ago, I am in remission. I am able to stay sober because I developed a regime of being rigorously honest.

Bottom line,
“I say what I am gong to do, and do what I say.”

That is truly a torturous comment, trust me, I can only achieve that about 90 percent of the time, most just get drunk to relieve the guilt and stay that way, it is easier than being honest. Medicate the guilt, this is our world.

Bottom line,
“I am who I say I am, whether real or unreal.”

If I tell you I am a bad guy, I am a bad guy, if I tell you I am a good guy, I am a good guy. A person stops to function when they say they are a Nomad and they know it is a lie.

Are There World Nomads
Nomad My Pet Peeve Word


Which country do you want me to visit

Which country do you want me to visit?
Readers of this Travel Journal can now vote for where they want me to go. I have visited 85 countries, traveled for 11-12 years; it is now your turn to decide.

Which country do you want me to visit?
Which countries have I already visited?

Vote today and send me somewhere… your chance to tell me where to go. This is real, this is not a joke, and I can go anywhere and do anything, you choose the country.

Relax about this new page, this is a work in progress, designed by Boy Genius in India, and it will evolve. I find making new Internet pages fun, I am putting this up today because I know how this works. Techies for some reason make things work better after they go live, so today it goes live. Hehehe (Techies or coders are an enigma.)

We can add features you request, so ideas are wanted.

Malate Ermita Mabini Philippines
Southeast Asia
Friday, September 25, 2009

Buy the Same Gear as Andy uses… Sold at three times the price, sorry.


This is fun, and is meant to be fun; I am willing to allow readers to decide my fate. I love to travel, choosing countries has become increasing complicated for me, although I care a little, I do not care a lot. I do not have big dreams anymore, I have already went to my dream countries. However, I know many of my readers do have dreams, therefore from now on will allow readers to send me to their dream countries?

Problems to Solve
Money is the big problem, I think I earn enough.
Visas can be almost a stopper, but as best I know, there are ways.
Danger is fun and manageable; there is no country that is out of bounds.

I have been to Iraq, so you know I am up for this game.

Have fun with this and explain your vote with comments. This is going to work is something like this, when the correct number of votes have been made, we will choose the top 10 countries. Readers will then vote again, and then we will close votes after a reasonable time and number of votes.

We never know how these projects will fly, however I am 100 percent committed to this idea. I can continue to travel, continue a path and when the readers complete the vote, I go.

Too much fun, and a great adventure, we can share this adventure.

Which country do you want me to visit?

Prepaid Flash Chip Broadband Internet is Here

Prepaid Flash Chip Broadband Internet is Here
Happy Days are here, the world is finding an acceptable standard for Internet Access. Soon every small child will be sitting in the classroom downloading porn as the teacher talks, soon every person in the Philippines will be able to tell you about their sick family member and ask you need to send them money. It will be soon be up close and personal and you must trust them, you will be able see them with your webcam, this is too much fun.

The poor countries are leading the charge, Kenya is online, and now Globe Tattoo from the Philippine has joined the game, Internet with the use of a Flash Chip is here today. You will be able to sit in McDonalds consumed by your middle class guilt and send money with Western Union to Nigeria, say goodbye to expensive coffee in Starbucks say hello to McDonalds internet access.


Soon I can change hotels; I will not need to spend 1200 Pesos in the Manila to have internet in my hotel room. Soon I can say goodby to these drunken Australians smoking cigarette smoking men who need a 12 step program who sleep in a bar that doubles as a hotel adios.

I want to say goodbye, I can go live in a 500 Peso room, and I will pay half and have the same internet access. The cost per hour is 20 pesos, this will soon drop, I am sure, it is still rape priced.

I must pay double the cost to have rooms with Internet, I have a business folks, this is not a game, I need to make money to travel.

Yesterday, I purchased a Prepaid Globe Tattoo Internet Kit in the National Book Store in the Robinsons Mall. I need to be innovative, this device is the middle range, and it is half way between the Verizon BlackBerry Storm and having FREE high-speed Internet in my room.

USB Internet access in Siaya, Kenya, East Africa

I wrote a post about the future of Internet while in East Africa because Kenya is part of the future.
The Future of Internet Access

Malate Ermita Mabini Philippines
Southeast Asia
Thursday, September 24, 2009
Buy the Same Gear as Andy uses… Sold at three times the price, sorry.


This is a long and drawn out article explaining this, Travis sent me this link a couple of months ago, but considered it TMI, Too Much Information. A very good article, but not mainstream, when I was offered the Globe Tattoo Internet access kit in National Book Store, I knew it was becoming mainstream, and not just pay too much to be cutting edge, I want McDonalds level of Internet today, something the whole family can use to get on FaceBook and Twitter and see their daughter in a negligees trying to get a date with a Nigerian guy.

I paid 850 for to this girl, she said she got 100 Peso in commission, the moment I entered the story she pounced on my. I have the money, I have the computer, I have the ability to pay, and she qualified me correctly.

Here is the complete link, it will probably break in the future, these big companies do not know how to make or maintain pages, but for today, it still works.

I went to Robinsons Mall, I have been walking around to every bookstore I can find, I want to purchase the book “Culture Shock Philippines.” Go figure, they say it out of stock, even before they look, welcome to the Philippines. I will continue to enter the store and asking the same question on different days.

I thing this Globe Girl would do better to go to L.A. Café and sell these Kits. Expats cannot read, they are over-estimating the quality here, then need to get more basic, there is a Dunkin Donuts upstairs, go up there may chubby guys with midget women.

This is the future today folks, I can purchase internet access in a bookstore so I can stop reading books, but I cannot buy a book called about culture in the bookstore.

This is National Book Store in the Robinson Mall here in the dirty and nasty city called Manila. Wow, this place is a pigpen compared to San Fernando, La Union.

By the way Chuck, I truly was happier talking about walking around Robinson Mall before you told me about the Expats. I truly enjoy walking around a nice clean mall in the Philippines, anyway I do it, walking around in open-air markets in Africa or the Philippines is a half-slimy feeling.

Now, Chuck has told me about Expat and an Expat that goes to Cebu collaborated. I guess the Expats come to the Mall and walk around looking for hookers. They can pay half price and not buy the beer. I did not know this, I am sure readers thought I was talking in code, some perverted Philippines inside lingo.

I know there is some crazy sitting in an office cubicle in the USA, using the internet paid for by his boss to see a webcam of a Philippines girl. Now, with the help of Globe Tattoo you can have internet anywhere in the Philippines until you finally make your way towards your fantasy., and all the other Soap Opera sites will soon be available on your Smartphone and computer today, not tomorrow.

I on the other hand will be able to get on without interruption, and I can say goodbye to the Expats, go back to the Jungles of Africa and leave them to their Facebook Fantasies.

Note, I am not going to spend two weeks of my life searching for internet; I have no plans to live in the Philippines.

I paid 850 Pesos to collect this tip, someone hit the donate button, that is 17 dollars US you owe me… hehehe

I need to go to Africa; I am unable to keep my mouth closed here. I learn, I always learn, I learn too much, I learn information that is not needed, I observe, I do not stop thinking, I am not doing what you would do if you was here… hehehe

Prepaid Flash Chip BroadBand Internet is Here